A standing ovation for Southside.

We believe a happy mouth spreads good word of mouth so we decided to ask the question "Why are YOU a Southside customer?" 



5/09/17    Because of your good food. - FWC, Elgin, TX

5/09/17    Friendly faces, great food! - Michael, La Grange, TX

5/09/17    Your food & service are the best! - Jim, Austin, TX

5/08/17    Food is always good & people are always friendly. - Houston, TX

5/08/17    The food is very good. - Pastor Sephus, Killeen, TX

5/08/17    Good food, great service. - Reba, Brenham, TX

5/07/17    Sausage.

5/07/17    Great taste.

5/07/17    Food was to die for, the bathroom is clean! - Debbie, San Antonio, TX

5/07/17    Great food.

5/07/17    Good food, great customer service.

5/07/17    Best BBQ

5/07/17    Been coming once a month since we were young! - Naomi, Buda, TX

5/07/17    Sausage. - Jesse, Austin, TX

5/07/17    Good sausage, family tradition. - Eugene, Houston, TX

5/06/17    Good food, friendly staff & adequate number of tables.

5/06/17    Food & hospitality.

5/06/17    Great food! Love it!

5/06/17    The food is delicious & the service is great!

5/06/17    Good food. - Kirk

5/06/17    Love everything here to eat. - Austin, TX

5/06/17    We love this place. -Roy, Pflugerville, TX

5/06/17    My family loves this place, it is awesome. - Quianna, Pflugerville, TX

5/06/17    When you take that first bite it's so mouthwatering! - Robert, Austin, TX

5/06/17    Good sausage.

5/05/17    Ribs are good. - Capps Family, Pontotoc, TX

5/4/17      Food is always good. Staff is always helpful & friendly.

5/04/17    Yummy, deliciousness every time.

5/04/17    Everything is lovely. - Vanessa, Austin, TX

5/04/17    I love the sausage & customer service. - Kristen, Elgin, TX

5/03/17    Good place & nice people.

5/03/17    Awesome sausage.

5/02/17    Love the sausage. - Edwin, Taylor, TX

5/02/17    We like good BBQ. - Travis, Elgin, TX

5/02/17    Incredible sausage, delicious chicken, awesome brisket. - Terry, Cedar Park, TX

5/01/17    Treat me like a long time customer every visit even the first.

5/01/17    Good sausage, pleasant workers. - Elgin, TX

5/01/17    Great food, reasonably prices.

5/01/17    It is awesome! - Spuker Family, Grand Haven, MI

4/30/17    Excellent fare. Best BBQ I've had on the road! - Houston, TX

4/30/17    The BBQ is great.

4/30/17    Taste good, fair price. - Noel, The Woodlands, TX

4/30/17    It was amazing. - Samantha, Houston, TX

4/30/17    Good food, friendly staff & great prices. - Mitchell Family, TX

4/30/17    Good BBQ! - David, Taylor, TX

4/30/17    Great BBQ, seating & ice cream.

4/29/17    The amazing brisket, potato salad & you all give back to the community. - Fisher Family, Elgin, TX

4/29/17    Love the BBQ. - Daniel, Buda, TX

4/29/17    Friends & food. - Jim, Somerset TX

4/29/17    Great food, fast service. - Bobby, Austin, TX

4/29/17    Love the food.

4/29/17    Been coming all my life, Kendyl was very nice. - Oscar, Taylor, TX

4/29/17    Awesome food & Eve was awesome! - Jane, Round Rock, TX

4/28/17    Good food & great service. - Frank, Austin, TX

4/28/17    Good food & good history.

4/28/17    Great food.

4/28/17    The meat is wonderful. - Rex & Noelle, Austin, TX

4/28/17    We love Southside! - Elgin, TX

4/28/17    Best sausage & BBQ! - Susie, Pflugerville, TX

4/28/17    Never had better BBQ! - Jerry, Cypress, TX

4/27/17    It is good. - Payton, Academy, TX

4/27/17    Good food. - Sue, Temple, TX

4/27/17    Good food. - Susi, Taylor, TX

4/27/17    Love the sausage.

4/26/17    Good service & great food.

4/26/17    It is very delicious. - Mike, Austin, TX

4/26/17    Good service. - Bryan, TX

4/26/17    The food is amazing every time. The Lapeli Family, Magnolia, TX

4/26/17    Selection, flavor & portions are amazing! - Fred, Denver, CO

4/25/17    We love the brisket sandwich.

4/25/17    Great food.

4/25/17    It's good!

4/25/17    Wonderful food. - Schmidt family, Conroe, TX

4/25/17    The brisket is phenomenal, the staff is friendly.

4/24/17    Good sausage.

4/24/17    Always loved Southside.

4/24/17    Good food, friendly service.

4/24/17    Good food. - Elgin, TX

4/23/17    Very friendly staff. - Lisa, Pflugerville, TX

4/23/17    We love Southside & it's on the way to the Festival.

4/23/17    Best place to eat. - Huntsville, TX

4/23/17    Good BBQ. - Carol, Austin, TX

4/23/17    The food is great! - Simecek Family, Elgin, TX

4/23/17    It's good. - Pablo, Austin, TX

4/22/17    Loved the food. Portions are huge!

4/22/17    Great! - Bailey, Johnson City, TX

4/22/17    Everything was great! - Payton, Monroe, WA

4/22/17    Quick service & delicious BBQ! - Jose, Fort Worth, TX

4/21/17    I love it, lived here for years, I like the customer service. - Gabby, Del Valle, TX

4/21/17    Good Food. - Dale, Manor, TX

4/21/17    Good Food. - Dale, Manor, TX

4/21/17    Awesome!

4/21/17    I love the food & service.

4/21/17    Fabulous!

4/21/17    Taste & customer service. - Garcia Family, Houston, TX

4/20/17    Great food, great service. - Mitchell Family, Pflugerville, TX

4/20/17    Nice fruit punch, great salad and crackers, everything is awesome. - Sidney, 6 years old

4/20/17    Great food. Great food & service. - Priscilla, Taylor, TX

4/19/17    Love the ribs & beans. - Wilbert, Smithville, TX

4/19/17    Good food. - Spradling Family, Austin, TX

4/19/17    Love the food & history. - Schwazer Family, Salado, TX

4/18/17    Deliciousness!! Always good! - Rebecca, Elgin, TX

4/18/17    We love the BBQ & the service.

4/18/17    Best BBQ in Texas.

4/18/17    Always the best. - Bob, Buckholts, TX

4/17/17    The best BBQ I've had. - Samuel, Austin, TX

4/17/17    Good food & service. - Chester, Austin, TX

4/17/17    I've enjoyed Southside for more than 50 years. - Katherine, Pflugerville, TX

4/17/17    Food is always excellent & service is friendly. - Michael, Elgin, TX

4/17/17    Great stuffed potato.

4/15/17    Excellent brisket, turkey & beans.

4/15/17    Been eating here since I was a little girl, Best sausage ever! - Penny, Austin, TX

4/15/17    You are the best! - Tim, The Woodlands, TX

4/15/17    The food is awesome!

4/15/17    The food is great! - Mercedes, La Grange, TX

4/15/17    The customer service & quality of food are awesome!

4/14/17    Good people.

4/14/17    Love the salad & ranch hand. - Austin, TX

4/14/17    The food is good.

4/14/17    Awesome. Sausage & brisket are amazing, & I love the spicy sauce.

4/14/17    It's the best sausage anywhere. - John, Austin, TX

4/14/17    Been coming here forever, it's always incredible. The Fosters Family, Austin, TX

4/14/17    Love the food, people & atmosphere.

4/14/17    The quality & flavor are just what I remember from 40 years ago.

4/14/17    Great food. - John, Dallas, TX

4/14/17    Love the sausage.

4/13/17    First time, very good & will come back again!

4/13/17    Love stopping when passing through.

4/13/17    You are awesome!

4/13/17    Food is good!

4/12/17    Service is good & the food is wonderful.

4/12/17    Everything is great & clean.

4/12/17    Best BBQ. - Houston, TX

4/12/17    Sausage is amazing! - Erin, Round Rock, TX

4/11/17    Service & sausage.

4/11/17    I like the food.

4/11/17    Best BBQ. - Erica, Hutto, TX

4/10/17    Great food.

4/10/17    Good service.

4/09/17    Service - food, kids love the Mac & Cheese. - Lee, Elgin, TX

4/09/17    Great BBQ, fast service, amazing mac & cheese, potato & salad. - Elizabeth, Georgetown, TX

4/09/17    Best BBQ in Texas. - Mendoza Family, Austin, TX

4/09/17    The food is excellent. - Fitzgerald Family, Round Rock, TX

4/09/17    The Jalapeno Sausage.

4/09/17    We like good food. - Matthew, Round Rock, TX

4/09/17    Quality of food. - Lee, Austin, TX

4/09/17    Great food, great workers.

4/08/17    Sausage.

4/8/17      It's pretty delicious. 

4/08/17    Great food. - Taylor, TX

4/08/17    Good food. - East Bernard, TX

4/08/17    Elgin Sausage is the main part or our picnic dating back 90 years.

4/08/17    Good food.

4/08/17    Best BBQ!

4/08/17    Tradition. - Thomas, Manor, TX

4/08/17    Going forever, family tradition. - Amber, Thorndale, TX

4/08/17    Delicious food. - Mary Ann, Georgetown, TX

4/7/17      Enjoy the brisket & chopped beef.

4/07/17    Born & raised in Elgin, it's a great place to eat.

4/07/17    It's good BBQ.

4/07/17    Brisket, pork ribs, sausage are all good.

4/07/17    Love the sausage and blue bell ice cream.

4/07/17    Love it. - Dale, Hutto, TX

4/07/17    It's great!

4/06/17    I like the food.

4/06/17    I enjoy the sausage and blue bell ice cream.

4/06/17    Great food & service. - Austin, TX

4/06/17    Best BBQ in Texas, good service. - William, Bastrop, TX

4/05/17    Taste good.

4/05/17    Brisket & Angelica is amazing. Please give her a raise, she always makes us smile. - Ashley, Elgin, TX

4/05/17    This is some good BBQ. The employees are great. - Frankie, Houston, TX

4/05/17    I love the baked potato.

4/04/17    Always stop for the sausage. - Paige, Houston, TX

4/04/17    Great food. - Kevin, Holland, TX

4/04/17    Anticipation builds up & you know your expectations will be met, friendly folks! - RT, Austin, TX

4/03/17    The taste, the great food & price. - Bruce, Bartlett, TX

4/03/17    Good food. - BC, Elgin, TX

4/03/17    Great food & great service. - Allen, Dallas, TX

4/03/17    Friendly staff. - Joe, Pflugerville, TX

4/2/17      I live close & it's good.

4/02/17    Great young men & women.

4/02/17    It's excellent! - Teresa, Buda, TX

4/02/17    45 year family tradition. - Guerrero Family, Lockhart, TX

4/02/17    Best BBQ around. Worth the hour drive! - Georgetown, TX

4/02/17    Amazing food!

4/02/17    The pork chops!

4/02/17    Sausage! - Shavonna, Houston, TX

4/01/17    We enjoy the scenic drive from Georgetown for your sausage.

4/01/17    We love your BBQ!

4/01/17    Best BBQ! - Julia, Austin, TX

4/01/17    Best BBQ near Austin. - Olivia, Pflugerville, TX

4/01/17    Christy & Paul gave us the best service ever! We love Southside's BBQ! - Michelle, Austin, TX

4/01/17    Christy, Eve & Hunter were a great & friendly team!

3/31/17    Loaded potato, pork steak. - Haslam, Pflugerville, TX

3/31/17    Good food & quick. - Alan, Hutto, TX

3/31/17    Best BBQ & turkey! Love it! - Federoff, Austin, TX

3/31/17    Good service, Christy is great! Excellent food. - Harrison, Dallas, TX

3/31/17    Good BBQ!

3/30/17    The social media pictures led me here, the smell got my attention.

3/30/17    Good BBQ & side dishes. Generous servings. - Nanci, Austin, TX

3/30/17    I love the taste of the BBQ Chicken.

3/30/17    75 years of stopping in for BBQ.

3/29/17    It's very good.

3/29/17    Great job! Been coming since I was a kid!

3/29/17    Family friendly environment, great smiles & love the chit-chat & Blue Bell cones!

3/29/17    We love the food, the environment & the people! The food & employees - love it all!

3/28/17    Brisket & sausage are the best in Texas. Best service! - Rater Family, Valparaiso, IN

3/28/17    Good food, the slammers are great!

3/28/17    Good food, good customer service.

3/28/17    Great food. - Bill, MA

3/28/17    Great service & great food. - Ashton, TX

3/27/17    Brisket sandwich was great.

3/27/17    Good food, friendly staff.

3/27/17    It's good.

3/27/17    It's very good.

3/26/17    Brisket! Ice Cream.

3/26/17    Good BBQ! - Pflugerville, TX

3/26/17    Referred by our hotel.

3/26/17    Lamb Ribs are awesome! - Treanor Family, Olympia, WA

3/26/17    Great service & great food.

3/26/17    Friendly customer service! - Matt, Austin, TX

3/26/17    Good food & service. - Connie, Georgetown, TX

3/26/17    It was great. - Houston, TX

3/26/17    Great food & service! Houston, TX

3/25/17    Food is great!

3/25/17    It's amazing.

3/25/17    Chief Bratton recommends it.

3/25/17    Good food. - Goetz Family, Oh

3/25/17    Best BBQ.

3/25/17    Delicious.

3/25/17    Great taste, best food between Austin & Houston. - Blake, Austin, TX

3/25/17    Chicken & Brisket. - Missy, Cleveland, TX

3/24/17    Food is tasty.

3/24/17    Excellent services.

3/24/17    It's all good.

3/24/17    Ya'll have some darn good BBQ! - Donnie, Leander, TX

3/24/17    Love the brisket & sausage it's great!

3/24/17    Great food. - Pat, Phoenix, AZ

3/24/17    Amazing food, great people, Jim & Rusty were great! - Andrew, Huntsville, TX

3/24/17    Great service & BBQ. - Mike, Bastrop, TX

3/23/17    Close to home & it's always good.

3/23/17    Hospitality & great food. - Elania, Houston, TX

3/23/17    Food is excellent. Employees are always pleasant. - Karyn, Paige, TX

3/22/17    Food is good. - Rick

3/22/17    Delicious food.

3/22/17    Prices are great & food is great. - Richards, TX

3/21/17    Good food, welcoming folks. - DW, Brenham, TX

3/21/17    First time here, we will be back. - Cole, Austin, TX

3/21/17    Best sausage I've ever had. - Bachmeyer Family, Huntsville, AL

3/21/17    This is the best BBQ place this side of the Mississippi. - Andy, New Caney, TX

3/21/17    Good BBQ.

3/21/17    This place is awesome! - Eric, Austin, TX

3/21/17    Good food, no matter what you order. - Christy, Elgin, TX

3/20/17    Food is amazing. - Iris, Dallas, TX

3/20/17    Your food is delicious & your service is great! - Gracy, Elgin, TX

3/20/17    My wife said you guys know your stuff. Well done.

3/20/17    It's true Texas BBQ.

3/20/17    Good food. - Duncan, Bangs, TX

3/20/17    Pork steak was excellent. - Tom, Flower Mound, TX

3/20/17    It's just the best! - Chris, Austin, TX

3/20/17    The food is delicious. - Ronny, Coupland, TX

3/19/17    My dad loves it, we stop every time we pass through. - Rosa, Houston, TX

3/19/17    Ya'll are great! - Big Springs, TX

3/19/17    Best BBQ, Best sausage ever! - Linda, Austin, TX

3/19/17    Great customer service.

3/19/17    Thank you for having such awesome chicken salad, generous portion & fresh ingredients.

3/19/17    Good food & service. - Spring, TX

3/19/17    Great. - John, Dallas, TX

3/19/17    Food is delicious.

3/19/17    Well worth the drive from Austin. - Dirk, Austin, TX

3/19/17    The food is great! - Felipe, Austin, TX

3/19/17    The food is great & the local atmosphere! Great customer service! - Austin, TX

3/18/17    My husband loves the slammers!

3/18/17    All good.

3/18/17    This was our first time and the food was delicious & good price.

3/18/17    All good, the best!

3/18/17    We love it!

3/18/17    Food was excellent.

3/18/17    Good BBQ!

3/18/17    Grew up on Southside. - Gertrude, Austin, TX

3/18/17    Good food. - Sophia, Manor, TX

3/18/17    Good BBQ. - Betty, Austin, TX

3/18/17    Grew up on Southside BBQ. - Ruth, Belton, TX

3/18/17    Excellent. - Rick, San Antonio, TX

3/17/17    Good food & service.

3/17/17    Great food. - Bryan, Hutto, TX

3/17/17    It's the original. - Richard, Seattle, WA

3/17/17    The BBQ is great, & the banana pudding is sooo good!!

3/17/17    Great food & service.

3/17/17    Food & staff are great!

3/17/17    Food & staff are great! - Cristian, Austin, TX

3/17/17    Consistency in quality, service. Friendly customer service. - John, Cedar Creek, TX

3/17/17    Great food! - Jess, Lexington, TX

3/17/17    It was great! - Crystal, Kingwood, TX

3/17/17    The food is great! - Bastrop, TX

3/17/17    Longtime customer, love of your good food. - Roy, Austin, TX

3/17/17    Specifically coming to get sausage. - Lewis Family, Houston, TX

3/17/17    Great food! - Annalyn, Early, TX

3/17/17    Amazing food, great cobbler. - Beth, Houston, TX

3/17/17    Great food & service!

3/16/17    Jim is the best! - Thomas, Georgetown, TX

3/16/17    Good service & good food. - Ankeny, IA

3/16/17    Good food. - Houston, TX

3/15/17    Good service, great food, wholesome family environment. - Ky, Austin, TX

3/15/17    Great food, service & attitudes. Military friendly. - Brett, Austin, TX

3/14/17    Excellent service & food.

3/14/17    Great BBQ! - Cole, Evergreen CO

3/14/17    Good BBQ! I'd definitely recommend. 

3/14/17    Good BBQ!

3/13/17    Food & service are great! - Rhett, Elk City, OK

3/13/17    Quality of food & welcoming employees. - Maines Family, Florence, TX

3/13/17    First time - I love it! Great food!

3/12/17    Great service & food. - Monica, Dallas, TX

3/12/17    Christy & Luis were awesome, good service!! Tracey, Austin, TX

3/12/17    Christy is great! Very helpful.

3/12/17    Great BBQ. - Morgan, Austin, TX

3/12/17    Enjoyed the food.

3/12/17    The food is great and always good customer service. - Granger, TX

3/12/17    Food is really good. - Elgin, TX

3/12/17    Because Yum! - Wade Family, Austin, TX

3/11/17    Austin was very polite!

3/11/17    Plate meats, potato & meat, bread & meat are delicious.

3/11/17    Food is great, fast service, great atmosphere. Amanda, Tomball, TX

3/11/17    Awesome.

3/11/17    The food is delicious.

3/11/17    Food is so good. - Gayle, Manor, TX

3/11/17    Great BBQ! - New Braunfels, TX

3/11/17    Amazing BBQ! - Stephanie, Austin, TX

3/11/17    Good food. - Anita, Taylor, TX

3/10/17    BBQ is great! Kendyl is great! - Juan, Cedar Park, TX

3/10/17    Excellent service! - Bastrop, TX

3/10/17    Jim was the best, polite & a pleasure. Thanks for having him. - Jason, Marble Falls, TX

3/10/17    Customer service is always friendly & food is great! - Belinda, Houston, TX

3/09/17    The food is good.

3/09/17    Cause Southside is simply the best. - Charles, Cedar Creek, TX

3/09/17    Delicious food, excellent customer service. - Round Rock, TX

3/09/17    Good food, good atmosphere.

3/08/17    Love the food. - Marcus, Georgetown, TX

3/07/17    Great BBQ, friendly folks, Bluebell! - Willy, Austin, TX

3/07/17    Good people, good food. Thanks!

3/07/17    Brenda was exceptionally friendly, kind & helpful! All staff are helpful. - Jensen Family, Austin, TX

3/7/17      Consistent food quality & fair price.

3/07/17    Best brisket ever! - Robert, Hutto, TX

3/07/17    Very good! - Yadira, Eagle Pass, TX

3/06/17    Great BBQ, have been a customer for 60 years.

3/06/17    Yummy food, wonderful smell! - Patty, Conroe, TX

3/05/17    Good food all the time.

3/05/17    Great food & customer service. - Mitchell, San Antonio, TX

3/05/17    First time, great food & service. I will be back! - Roy, Austin, TX

3/05/17    Good food, friendly. - Lisa, Georgetown, TX

3/05/17    Good food.

3/05/17    Good food & service.

3/04/17    Southside has great sausage! Pflugerville, TX

3/04/17    Good food.

3/04/17    Mac & Cheese!

3/04/17    Good food. - Bryan, Tennessee TX

3/04/17    Great BBQ, family friendly. - Pam, Kyle, TX

3/04/17    Food is great! - Leopoldo, Elgin, TX

3/03/17    Been coming since I was a kid. It's good. - Brandi, Austin, TX

3/03/17    Great food! - Carolyn, Austin, TX

3/03/17    We like your food, especially your Mutton.

3/02/17    Been coming since I was a little girl, it is off the chain good. - Teresa, Round Rock, TX

3/02/17    Everything is great! - Hayleigh, Round Rock, TX

3/02/17    Good food, grew up on it! - Joe, Elgin, TX

3/02/17    Love the brisket! - Lali, Leander, TX

3/01/17    Food

3/01/17    Keep up the great customer service! - Amanda, Elgin, TX

3/01/17    Great food & service. - Hudson Family, Elgin, TX

3/01/17    Great food, great staff, very friendly & clean. - JJ, Elgin, TX

2/28/17    Delicious BBQ, been coming since I was really young. - Elizabeth, Taylor, TX

2/28/17    Great food! - Sara, Taylor, TX

2/28/17    Great food, friendly staff & always clean! - Marissa, Taylor, TX

2/28/17    Been coming for years, always consistent & good. - Steven, Taylor, TX

2/26/17    Had the ribs, but the chicken looked good. Nice place.

2/26/17    Love BBQ & won't go anywhere else.

2/26/17    The employees are so friendly. Food is delicious & fast service. - Teri, Elgin, TX

2/25/17    Brisket is excellent, tea is good, good color on meat, just good food! - Gay, Columbus, TX

2/25/17    Food & service are great!

2/25/17    Good BBQ, fair price.

2/24/17    Jim was really great & gave us excellent service, he deserves a raise. - Catherine, College Station, TX

2/24/17    Everything tastes really good. My brother brought me here.

2/24/17    The food is delicious, we love the baked potatoes & the friendly service. - Erin, Elgin, TX

2/24/17    Flavor. - Theresa, Austin, TX

2/24/17    BBQ is the best & the staff are wonderful. Jim was very helpful & professional. - Larry, Austin, TX

2/24/17    First time! It's great food & different. - Lionel, Manor, TX

2/23/17    We love the sausage! - Alexandra, Austin, TX

2/23/17    Best BBQ around, AMAZING! - Sheyenne, Taylor, TX

2/23/17    Food is consistent.

2/23/17    The food is excellent, best BBQ around! Sandra, FL

2/22/17    Good customer service. Plus we have been loyal customers for generations. - Vee, Kyle, TX

2/22/17    Have been for 40 years. Parents brought us as kids. - Kevin, Holland, TX

2/21/17    I will definietly come back when in the area.

2/20/17    I love the sausage & employees are courteous. - Manor, TX

2/20/17    Always good. - Austin, TX

2/19/17    Great food.

2/19/17    The friendliness of Jim, the cashier was very helpful & great attitude. - Sam, Houston, TX

2/19/17    Great meat, friendly service.

2/17/17    Friendly service, great food. - Andrea, Round Rock, TX

2/17/17    Friendly.

2/16/17    I like the daily specials.

2/16/17    Been eating here 40+ years.

2/16/17    My first visit, I will definitely be back! Amazing!

2/16/17    It's good.

2/15/17    Tradition that we stop on trip from Nacogdoches.

2/15/17    Wonderful.

2/15/17    Outstanding.

2/14/17    Brisket & sausage. - James, Bartlett, TX

2/14/17    Great food, people, space & ice cream.

2/14/17    Everything was great. Cole slaw was nice & light. - Karen, Ocean City, MD

2/13/17    It is great.

2/13/17    Everything is great, Gonzales, Houston, TX

2/13/17    Great food. - Melissa, Shiro, TX

2/13/17    Good food. - Deb, Magnolia, TX

2/13/17    It's awesome! - Donna, Anderson, TX

2/12/17    It's a good restaurant. - Krystal, Texas

2/12/17    Enjoy the food.

2/12/17    The sausage is the best anywhere. Been coming for years. - Lopez Family

2/12/17    Everything is great.

2/12/17    Good food. - Tianna, Austin, TX

2/12/17    Been coming since I was a kid. - Blake, Georgetown, TX

2/12/17    Great food, ice cream.

2/11/17    Good food & place to meet friends between Austin & Bastrop. - Sue, Bastrop, TX

2/11/17    Delicious food, line moved quick & staff was great! - Michael & Jennie, Leander, TX

2/11/17    Have been since childhood. - Abel, Austin, TX

2/10/17    Taste good & great service. - Cousins Family, Liberty Hill, TX

2/10/17    The food is always delicious & the people are always friendly.

2/10/17    Enjoy the sausage & pork steak, good food & good service. - Oscar, Austin, TX

2/10/17    Friendly staff.

2/10/17    Good food & service. - Paul, Bastrop, TX

2/09/17    Service was great! - Steve, Conroe, TX

2/09/17    Good food & great staff.

2/09/17    Good food, fast service, friendly staff. - Deb, Brenham, TX

2/09/17    Good food, quick service. - La Grange, TX

2/09/17    Good food, my husband loves the lamb ribs.

2/08/17    It tastes so good. - Frederick, Denmark

2/08/17    It tastes very good. - Alberte, Denmark

2/05/17    Best sausage.

2/05/17    Best BBQ in town, so tender & delicious!

2/05/17    Good food, & nice personnel.

2/05/17    It tastes amazing! - Melodie, Temple, TX

2/05/17    Jim brings a good personal touch to customer service! - Michael, Austin, TX

2/05/17    Hot Gut Sausage! Two-meat plate! Shenandoah, TX

2/05/17    Been a customer in the old location downtown.

2/05/17    Enjoyed it for many years!

2/05/17    Quality of food.

2/05/17    Excellent food!

2/05/17    Food, food, & people, the feel of the place & food!!! - Happy eater, Manor, TX

2/05/17    The food was awesome! Sherman Family, Houston, TX

2/04/17    Very good food. - Corvette Club

2/04/17    Great food & service. - Tammy, Corvette club.

2/04/17    Good - we like BBQ. - Corvette Club.

2/04/17    Awesome service & best turkey ever!! - Ava Killeen, TX

2/04/17    Doing good. - Corvette Club.

2/04/17    Love the food. - Alabama

2/03/17     Food was great! - James, Pleasanton, TX

2/03/17     Been eating here for 66 years. Always refer!

2/03/17    You have the best sausage & brisket. - Dayton, TX

2/03/17    Fabulously delicious!

2/03/17    Good job! Friendly service.

2/03/17    Love good food. - Mary Jane, Austin, TX

2/03/17    A friend brought us, it was fabulous! - Leslie, McAllen, TX

2/03/17    Best BBQ - amazing!

2/03/17    I am a native Texan who knows good BBQ! - Tracye, Hutto, TX

2/02/17     It was my first job. I love it here, the small things matter the most here. - Joana, Elgin, TX

2/02/17     It's my dad's favorite brisket place! - Hazel, Lubbock, TX

2/02/17    Love the Elgin Sausage! The sides were delicious! - Robin, Waco, TX

2/01/17     Best BBQ! - J.M., Coupland, TX

2/01/17     Great product & great price. - Toby, Round Rock, TX

2/01/17     Cuz…. Beef…

2/01/17    Sausage is terrific & it's a landmark! - Steve, Oniedo, Fl.

1/29/17    BBQ taste awesome, just like I cook at home. - Lakisha, Houston, TX

1/29/17    Good brisket, chicken & mutton. - Sophia, Bastrop, TX

1/29/17    Great BBQ, friendly people, very consistent. - Clay, Taylor, TX

1/29/17    Good food, good service. - Oliver, Austin, TX

1/29/17    Like the food.

1/29/17    Fresh BBQ.

1/29/17    Good food & customer service.

1/29/17    It's so good. - Harry, LA, CA

1/28/17    The food is great!!!! - Ruth, Bartlett, TX

1/28/17    Great food. - Houston, TX

1/28/17    Great brisket & ribs, love the sausage slammers.

1/28/17    Good food.

1/27/17    Good customer service & excellent food.

1/27/17    Good food & service.

1/27/17    Food & staff are awesome! - Cristian, Elgin, TX

1/27/17    Good food & excellent customer service. - Lancaster Family, Austin, TX

1/27/17    Close & taste good. - Yerico, Elgin, TX

1/27/17    Food is great! - Frank, Houston, TX

1/27/17    Love your food. - Erving Family, Bellmead, TX

1/26/17    BBQ is the best in Texas! - Jonathan, Elgin, TX

1/26/17    Friendly employees & the food is good. - Louise, Arlington, TX

1/26/17    Always good food & lots of space. - Irma, San Antonio, TX

1/25/17    Longtime customer, good food. - Randy, Smithville, TX

1/25/17    It's great! Clean facility! - Jeremiah, Von Orny, TX

1/24/17    It's good. - Wiley, Austin, TX

1/24/17    Good food.

1/24/17    I drove 40 miles to try Southside & I'll be a regular customer from now on. - Christian, Liberty Hill, TX

1/23/17    Great BBQ.

1/23/17    Great food, great service, best BBQ in Elgin. - Ken, Bastrop, TX

1/23/17    Food is great! - Weston, Florence, TX

1/23/17    The environment & food of course. - Denise, Austin, TX

1/23/17    Paul R. was the best entertainer & provided the best customer service.

1/22/17    Great food. - Luis, Hutto, TX

1/22/17    Convenient, consistently excellent food. - Susan, Lexington, TX

1/22/17    Very good. - Tommie, Austin, TX

1/22/17    Great food, service & selection!  - Mary, Houston, TX

1/22/17    Great BBQ! People like Kendyl. - Arnold, Cedar Park, TX

1/22/17    Best brisket, great service, this is the only place we come for BBQ! - Pflugerville, TX

1/22/17    Mr. LaFayette was very helpful, we appreciated his kindness.

1/22/17    Brisket smoked over post oak wood.

1/21/17    Best BBQ around. - Billy, Manor, TX

1/21/17    Great sausage. All of it is good.

1/21/17    Good food. - Meadors Family, Round Rock, TX

1/21/17    Great BBQ especially your sausage. - Kenny, Taylor, TX

1/21/17    Perfect.

1/21/17    Great service & friendly people. - Elgin, TX

1/21/17    Great place, great character, great history. Will be back. - Jon, Austin, TX

1/20/17    Elsa was really helpful, great customer service!

1/20/17    Greatness! - Joseph, Austin, TX

1/20/17    Food was amazing.

1/20/17    I grew up on Southside sausage.

1/20/17    Sausage slammer.

1/20/17    Love the sausage!! - Georgetown, TX

1/19/17    The food is great & great customer service.

1/19/17    I live in Elgin & love it! - Joe, Elgin, TX

1/19/17    Very wonderful meats!

1/17/17    Truck parking, good food. - Joseph, San Antonio, TX

1/17/17    Brought here as a kid, it's still my favorite. - Sabrina, Austin, TX

1/16/17    Family tradition.

1/16/17    Good tasting food. - Tyrone, Fayetteville, NC

1/16/17    Variety of plates, potatoes, etc. It's more than meat on paper and it's all delicious.

1/16/17    The food is always consistent. - Taylor, TX

1/15/17    I like the friendly customer service & pecan pie.

1/15/17    Great food, loved the pork ribs & pork steak. The woman at the register was friendly & welcoming. - Austin, TX

1/15/17    Good BBQ.

1/15/17    Great food & service. - Katie, Brenham, TX

1/15/17    Great food.

1/15/17    It's delicious. - Taylor, TX

1/15/17    Loyal customer for years! We enjoy the great BBQ! - Elena, Austin, TX

1/14/17    We love your BBQ. - Cece, TX

1/14/17    Great food! - Kyle, Austin, TX

1/14/17    We come every time we drive by from Houston. - Stephanie, Houston, TX

1/14/17    Love the brisket & sausage. It's the best. - Temple, TX

1/14/17    Chopped brisket sandwich.

1/14/17    The food is SO good. - Rebecca, Austin, TX

1/14/17    Great BBQ! - Derek, Spring, TX

1/13/17    Because you all are friendly. - Joe

1/13/17    Good food!

1/13/17    Love all your food. - Jose, San Antonio, TX

1/13/17    The food is good & the workers are great! - Taylor, TX

1/13/17    Love it! Good food & service. - Anton, Buda, TX

1/13/17    Good food. - TC, Fort Worth, TX

1/12/17    Convenient, delicious & great cashier! - Trish, Georgetown, TX

1/12/17    Love the food, baked potatoes are the bomb. - Carnecia, Elgin, TX

1/11/17    Great sausage & you actually have fresh salad, very nice staff & clean facility. - Dever Family, Tarkington, TX

1/11/17    The best BBQ! _ Greg, Cleveland, TX

1/11/17    The food is so good & affordable, employees are always helpful. - Henry, Shepherd, TX

1/11/17    I can't get this kind of BBQ anywhere else. - Ann, Austin, TX

1/10/17    Great food & service especially Brenda & Roy, great job!

1/10/17    Best BBQ! - Jean, Pflugerville, TX

1/10/17    Best BBQ in Central Texas.

1/10/17    Reputation, great customer service.

1/9/17      Love the food.

1/9/17      Very good. - Dallas, TX

1/9/17      Very delicious food & excellent customer service. - Nita, Livingston, TX

1/9/17      Great food, service & atmosphere.

1/8/17      Meat. - Ryan, Pflugerville, TX

1/8/17      It's always delicious & reasonably priced. - Jason, Austin, TX

1/8/17      We loved it! - Pflugerville, TX

1/8/17      Excellent customer service! The food is beyond excellent! - Ray, Dickinson, TX

1/8/17      Love the brisket, sausage & turkey. - Dan, Elgin, TX

1/7/17      I like the service & the food. - Theresa, Austin, TX

1/7/17      Good BBQ, plenty of seating, reasonable prices. - Eric, Pflugerville, TX

1/7/17      Good sausage. - Donna, Smithville, TX

1/7/17      It's so good! - Angelo, Liberty Hill, TX

1/7/17      Good food. - Susie, Georgetown, TX

1/7/17      Brisket & sausage. - Elgin, TX

1/7/17      The food is good. Manor, TX

1/6/17      I like it.

1/6/17      The food is good, employees are friendly. - Marsha, Pflugerville, TX

1/6/17      It's the best BBQ in the world, I order it online at Christmas 2016. - Debra, Centreville, VA

1/6/17      Good BBQ & service, friendly atmosphere. 

1/6/17      Food was excellent. - Milwaukee, WI

1/6/17      Awesome BBQ!

1/5/17      Keep up the great work.

1/5/17      Been a satisfied customer for many years. - Paula, Fort Worth, TX

1/5/17      Love the sausage & brisket. It's always good and worth the drive from Austin. - Barbara, Austin, TX

1/5/17      Good food. - Hope, Austin, TX

1/4/17      Good food & service.

1/4/17      The best BBQ in Texas, family tradition. - Jessica, Fort Worth, TX

1/4/17      It's a family place & food is amazing. - The Diaz Family, Round Rock, TX

1/3/17      Great BBQ! - Josh, Round Rock, TX

1/3/17      Love your chicken.

1/3/17      The food is bomb. - Gabi, Pflugerville, TX

1/1/17      Satisfied with food & service.

1/1/17      Good food & nice service. - Elgin, TX

1/1/17      It was yummy! - Laura, Austin, TX

1/1/17      Food was great! - Doug, Killeen, TX

1/1/17      Love the food.

1/1/17      Love the BBQ & great customer service. - Sharon, Buckeye, AZ

12/31/16  Yummy food. - Nathan

12/31/16  Food & live here. - Amber

12/31/16  Food is great!

12/31/16  Good food.

12/31/16  Love the food. - Albert, Round Rock, TX

12/31/16  It's the best in town!

12/31/16  Love your sausage. - Henna, Taylor, TX

12/30/16  Good food, friendly people.

12/30/16  Family feeling, friendly people.

12/30/16  Great food.

12/30/16  Brenda is great!

12/30/16  Sausage & brisket.

12/29/16  My favorite spot, keep smiling! - Geneva, Austin, TX

12/29/16  Love the BBQ & quality. - Sharon, Austin, TX

12/29/16  Like the sausage. - Renee, Austin, TX

12/28/16  Love it! - Michael, Benton, MO

12/28/16  Great service.

12/28/16  Taste & price. - Tim, Georgetown, TX

11/08/16  The sausage. - The Clawson's, Hutto, TX


11/08/16  The food taste great, great customer service, & the restaurant is clean. - Round Rock, TX

11/08/16  Taste! - Frances, Taylor, TX

11/07/16  Good food.

11/07/16  Stopped for the first time, loved it. - Leighton, Waxahachie, TX

11/07/16  Very, very, very good food.

11/06/16  Good brisket. Like the sauce & the price is reasonable. 

11/06/16  Great food. - Perez Family, Tomball, TX

11/06/16  Love the food & the service is great too. - Taylor, TX

11/06/16  Love the food &friendly service. - Beverly, Cedar Creek, TX 

11/06/16  Love it!

11/06/16  Great food. - Ken, Austin, TX

11/05/16  You guys are awesome, with awesome food. - Lauren, Austin, TX

11/05/16  Good BBQ. - Joanna, Manor, TX

11/05/16  I like the sausage.

11/05/16  Always. - Eric, Round Rock, TX

11/05/16  Good food, good customer service. - La'Tasha, Bastrop, TX

11/05/16  The food is great, been coming for 40 years.

11/05/16  Good food, great customer service, the employees are super friendly & awesome, especially Anne Marie.

11/04/16  Been eating here all my life, stop in when I'm in the area. - Kade, Lampasas, TX

11/04/16  Like the sausage.

11/04/16  Food is delicious!! - Round Rock, TX

11/04/16  Delicious food, extra friendly staff. - Anne, Austin, TX

11/04/16  Delicious food. I think I love you. - Brad, Austin, TX

11/04/16  The food is the best in Texas. Have been since a kid. - Amboree Family, Taylor, TX

11/03/16  First time & I like it! - Johnny, San Marcos, TX

11/03/16  We like the food, we have been coming for 65 years.

11/03/16  Love the food. - Barbara, Paige, TX

11/03/16  The service is second to none. - Dr. Hargrove, Manor, TX

11/02/16  Very good.

11/02/16  The taste of the meat is awesome! - Lopez Family, Austin, TX

11/02/16  Awesome food & excellent service. - Paige, Leander, TX

11/01/16  Love the brisket & sausage. - Martha, Austin, TX

11/01/16  Consistent food quality & friendly people. - John, Cedar Creek, TX

11/01/16  Been one for 20 years & always will be. - Patrick, Cedar Park, TX

11/01/16  Stop every time I travel to Austin from East Texas.

10/31/16  Kendyl is a credit to your business, been a customer for years. - Danny, Moody, TX

10/31/16  Great food, friendly staff, consistent quality.

10/31/16  Good food.

10/31/16  It's good. - Cynthia, Bryan, TX

10/30/16  Very friendly staff, love the taste of the meat!

10/30/16  Love the sausage, beans & eating off butcher paper. - Debi, Round Rock, TX

10/30/16  The best BBQ in Texas! - Davis Family, Dripping Springs, TX

10/30/16  Authentic Texas BBQ & great food. - Steele Family, Lakewood, CA

10/29/16  We love your food.

10/29/16  It's good, been coming since we can remember.

10/29/16  BBQ is good & its tradition. - Turner Family, Austin, TX

10/28/16  Been a customer for 65 years. - Kathryn, Austin, TX

10/28/16  Love the brisket, & the best customer service. - Liz, Lyford, TX

10/28/16  I like the turkey.

10/28/16  Great food.

10/28/16  It's the best place for BBQ, hands down! - Ruben, Austin, TX

10/28/16  Good food, Brenda is a great employee!

10/27/16  Awesome food. - Joshua, Georgetown, TX

10/27/16  Good brisket.

10/27/16  We like the good meat, potatoes and great service. Thanks!

10/27/16  Every time I travel through the area, I make a point to stop. - Tim, Houston, TX

10/26/16  My family has been coming for 25 years. - Renee, Manor, TX

10/26/16  Been eating it since I was a young’un. - Dolores, Fort Worth, TX

10/26/16  Been coming for 39 years. - Shelia, Paige, TX

10/26/16  Made a special trip, been coming since I was a child.

10/24/16  Delicious brisket & sausage.

10/24/16  Delicious food, friendly service.

10/23/16  I love your sausage. - College Station, TX

10/23/16  The food.

10/23/16  Like your sausage & brisket.

10/23/16  Great food, great environment, well worth coming. - Morales Family, Houston, TX

10/23/16  Love the food.

10/23/16  Good food. - Paul, Austin, TX

10/23/16  The food is good here.

10/22/16  Ya'll are amazing, sausage, everything. - Chelsea, Houston, TX

10/22/16  Like the BBQ. - Bob & Mary, Manor, TX

10/22/16  Good BBQ. - Craig, Elgin, TX

10/22/16  Fabulous customer service, ultimate BBQ, Friendly staff. - Fred, Vale, CO

10/22/16  Had a wonderful time, food was great, help was polite, checking out was amazing.

10/21/16  BBQ is consistent, flavor is spot on. - Amber, Austin, TX

10/21/16  Today was our first time, the food was great! - Jennifer, Temple, TX

10/21/16  Love your sausage & brisket. - Kristina, Round Rock, TX

10/21/16  Perfect. It's my go to place for BBQ.

10/21/16  Love the BBQ & Blue Bell. - Juan, San Antonio, TX

10/21/16  Great, delicious food, friendly atmosphere, and best ribs I've had in a LONG time. - Erin, Beaumont, TX

10/21/16  It's great! - Austin, TX

10/20/16  My grandparents & mother turned me on to Southside.

10/19/16  Everything is great.

10/19/16  Service was awesome! Food is great!

10/19/16  Wanted to impress my date & it's a nice drive. - Jerry, Apache Shores/Austin, TX

10/18/16  Service was good, very nice employees Eve was very helpful. - Stephanie, Round Rock, TX

10/18/16  Sausage.

10/18/16  Good customer service, Kendyl was very nice. - James, Lexington, TX

10/18/16  Best BBQ & sausage, good personality. - Virginia, Austin, TX

10/17/16  Friendly service & great consistent food.

10/17/16  Love it all.

10/17/16  It's good & Eve is awesome!

10/17/16  Quality BBQ.

10/16/16  Good food, sausage. - Ernest, Pflugerville, TX

10/16/16  Jalapeno/Cheddar sausage, Mac & Cheese, beans, brisket, & BBQ sauce. - Juan, Austin, TX

10/16/16  We love us some Southside!!

10/16/16  Delicious brisket & sausage.

10/16/16  Always good, reasonable price. - Kelly, Pflugerville, TX

10/16/16  Friendly, fast service & mouthwatering BBQ!

10/16/16  We like your brisket.

10/16/16  Keep up the great work, great service & nice people. - Susie, Austin, TX

10/15/16  Good consistent quality.

10/14/16  Flavor.

10/14/16  Customer service was great, food is excellent, just an all-around great place. - Carlos, Georgetown, TX

10/14/16  Because we like it & it's a family organization. - Brenda, Elgin, TX

10/14/16  It's good. - Manor, TX

10/14/16  Food is good. - Manor, TX

10/14/16  It was great!

10/14/16  It's a treat to come here to eat. Been coming since 1955.

10/14/16  Good tasting. - Robert, Round Rock, TX

10/13/16  My sister loves this place.

10/13/16  Good service, friendly workers and great food. - Tina, Austin, TX

10/13/16  It is delicious. - Erik, Spring TX

10/12/16  Great food, peach cobbler. - Bryan, Elgin, TX

10/12/16  Eaten here since the '60's.

10/11/16  I love great BBQ! - Roel, Elgin, TX

10/11/16  The food is good.

10/10/16  Love your sausage. Family tradition for 3 generations. - Lampasas, TX

10/10/16  Like the food & friendly people, service is great! - Joseph, Austin, TX

10/10/16  Grew up eating here. - Joel, Rollingwood, TX

10/09/16  Good BBQ place on 290.

10/09/16  Good BBQ heading back to Houston from Austin.

10/09/16  I like the food. Sausage is different from others.

10/09/16  Everything is outstanding. - Refana, Austin, TX

10/09/16  Great BBQ!

10/09/16  Love the food. - Round Rock, TX

10/08/16  Great food, especially the sausage & pork steaks. - Shelley, Round Rock, TX

10/08/16  The food was really good & I like your BBQ sauce. - Alison, Kyle, TX

10/08/16  Been coming for 50 years. Brisket, sausage, potato salad are the best. - James, Austin, TX

10/08/16  The staff rocks! - Bobbie, Austin, TX

10/08/16  Family atmosphere, food is very good. - Sean, Round Rock, TX

10/07/16  Best lean brisket around.

10/07/16  Had Southside sausage in a tortilla at a ballgame, it was excellent! - Pflugerville, TX

10/07/16  I love, LOVE your food! - Giselle, Austin, TX

10/07/16  Sausage & turkey are seasoned well. - Kevin, Hutto, TX

10/07/16  Food & atmosphere are great! - R.E., Taylor, TX

10/06/16  Good food.

10/06/16  Great food & conversation. - Marty, Taylor, TX

10/06/16  Delicious BBQ, great atmosphere. - Kelly, Dripping Springs, TX

10/05/16  Love the original sausage.

10/05/16  Love the BBQ, Eve & Rachel were very helpful. - Elgin, TX

10/05/16  You all make the best food. - Ralf, Bryan, TX

10/05/16  Great food, very nice cashier, I think her name was Eve. - Rudy, Austin, TX

10/05/16  Best beef sausage. - Cat, Cedar Park, TX

10/04/16  Awesome customer service, Kendyl & Jim are awesome! - Kary, Austin, TX

10/04/16  Love the people & the food. - Bob - Dallas, TX

10/04/16  Love the brisket! - Sandy, Austin, TX

10/04/16  Good BBQ! - Kim

10/03/16  Sausage is fantastic, great customer service. - Rachel, Round Rock, TX

10/03/16  Excellent food, enjoy stopping on the way home from Houston. - Molliver, Georgetown, TX

10/03/16  The best beef sausage & brisket. - Fetters Family, Pasadena, TX

10/03/16  Great food & service.

10/03/16  Very friendly staff, great food, great customer service. - Chelsea, Pflugerville, TX

10/02/16  Great consistent BBQ.

10/02/16  Good food, nice folks. - James, Austin, TX

10/02/16  Been coming since childhood, everything is great.

10/02/16  Friendly staff, good food.

10/02/16  Best food in town.

10/02/16  The BBQ is delicious.

10/02/16  Food. - John, Houston, TX

10/02/16  Sausage is good. - Patrick, Hutto, TX

10/01/16  Good taste. Gloria, Pflugerville, TX

10/01/16  We love the food & all the options. - Kele, Kyle, TX

10/01/16  Best BBQ ever! - Jenna, Killeen, TX

10/01/16  Great customer service, friendly staff & great food! - Christie, Round Rock, TX

10/01/16  Good food.

10/01/16  It's awesome! - Eric, Leander, TX

10/01/16  It's the bomb, really good food.

10/01/16  The brisket is good.

9/30/16    I love beef & it’s good here.

9/30/16    Sausage & brisket. - Anthony, Austin, TX

9/30/16    Yummy meat, the Asst. Manager was great to our kids, thank you it made our night. - Delgado Family, Austin, TX

9/30/16    Best BBQ in Texas. - Van, Austin, TX

9/30/16    I like the brisket & sausage. - Lonnie, Manor, TX

9/30/16    Yummy food, we were hungry!

9/30/16    Tasty BBQ.

9/29/16    Great sausage, love this place! - Bill, Keokuk, IA

9/29/16    Raised on Southside, it's the best. - Hildenburg Family, Pflugerville, TX

9/29/16    The food & atmosphere is great! - Kayla, Austin, TX

9/28/16    The BBQ has been good forever. - Isaiah & khelsye, Pflugerville, TX

9/28/16    Good food.

9/28/16    Love the brisket & Mac & Cheese.

9/28/16    My sister, the pretty drive, the incredible food & the very nice employees. - Ann, Austin, TX

9/25/16    Liz went above & beyond to help me when she obviously had another task, she was great!

9/25/16    Great BBQ & friendly service. - Sonny, New Caney, TX

9/25/16    Family tradition. - Alexander Family, Manor, TX

9/25/16    The food is good & greasy, ya'll have real chairs, not benches.

9/25/16    Always have since I was a kid, my daughter loves the BBQ. - Theresa, Taylor, TX

9/25/16    Love your Mac & Cheese, Ribs, - we come for the mutton ribs.

9/25/16    I like it. - Jocelyn, Manor, TX

9/25/16    This place is great! - John, Houston, TX

9/25/16    Brisket was awesome. - Spencer, Round Rock, TX

9/25/16    We like the food & it's fast.

9/25/16    You guys rock! - LeeAnn, Austin, TX

9/25/16    Have been for 50 years.

9/25/16    The food is delicious, & the service is great!

9/24/16    Good milkshake, great value. - Walt, Houston, TX

9/24/16    Good food.

9/24/16    Everything is perfect. - Vicki, Austin, TX

9/24/16    The food is so delicious & well prepared.

9/24/16    I love this BBQ, nothing compares to it.

9/23/16    Good food. - The Reed Family, Manor, TX

9/23/16    Great food, good customer service, Christy was very helpful.

9/23/16    Tried it for the first time & was wonderfully pleased, everything was great! - Adam, Houston, TX

9/23/16    Food is great! - Bill, Bastrop, TX

9/23/16    Good food. - Austin, TX

9/23/16    It's a good place to eat. - Tony, Austin, TX

9/21/16    Tender chicken, great sausage & glad you have side salads.

9/21/16    So good!

9/21/16    Good food, friendly, easy access from highway. - Kimball, Houston, TX

9/21/16    It's good. - Elmer, Elgin, TX



9/20/16    I come from Bryan, TX to eat here. The food is so good. - Sylvia, Bryan, TX

9/20/16    Longtime customer, I like the BBQ! - Evie, Austin, TX

9/20/16    Food, Jim is a great person. - Bob, Austin, TX

9/19/16    You all are great! - Spear Family, Elgin, TX

9/18/16    Great environment! - Smith Family, Birmingham, AL

9/18/16    Food is wonderful, people are friendly, and restaurant is clean. - Toye, McDade, TX

9/18/16    Great food, great taste! - Aida, San Benito, TX

9/18/16    Food is great! - LA

9/18/16    Very delicious & great customer service, best sausage! - Elaine, Austin, TX

9/18/16    I enjoyed the food. - Lathen Family, Nacogdoches, TX

9/18/16    It is good. - Manor, TX

9/17/16    Everything is delicious. - Grace, Caldwell, TX

9/17/16    Great place, great food, everything is perfect! = Christian, Germany

9/17/16    Food & customer service. - Cheryl, Round Rock, TX

9/17/16    Family tradition, it is delicious. - Yvonne, Friendswood, TX

9/17/16    The food & the staff are great! - Lesly, Austin, TX

9/17/16    Good food. - Norris, Austin, TX

9/17/16    Love the BBQ! - Raymond, Holland, TX

9/17/16    It's always good. - Norma, Del Valle, TX

9/16/16    Good food. 

9/16/16    My favorite tasting BBQ & Bold Sauce. - Audra, Manor, TX

9/16/16    Wonderful customer service. - Abel, Elgin, TX

9/16/16    Great sausage! - been coming since the late '60's. Al - Holland, TX

9/16/16    Good food & service. - James, Lexington, TX

9/16/16    My favorite BBQ!

9/16/16    Excellent BBQ! - Lee, Austin, TX

9/15/16    Good BBQ! - Jessica, Elgin, TX

9/15/16    Great food!

9/15/16    Good BBQ!

9/15/16    BBQ is great! - Kristina, Austin, TX

9/14/16    Love the food.

9/14/16    Great food, friendly service. - Amber

9/14/16    Quality, service & food.

9/14/16    First time here we will come back! Everything was great, very friendly! - Chelsea, Dayton, TX

9/13/16    Great food. - Jeff, Temple, TX

9/13/16    Because it is excellent BBQ. - Harold

9/13/16    Lifelong customer food is really good and consistent- pork chops have been excellent.

9/13/16    Quality, value, service, cleanliness, and just because. - Rose, Austin, TX

9/13/16    Can't beat the service and food. - Lauren, Houston, TX

9/12/16    Good BBQ, right location, fair prices. -Austin, TX

9/12/16    Best BBQ in Texas!- Burnet, TX

9/12/16    Stopped by 1st time today just by chance. The food will bring us back!

9/12/16    Great food esp. the baby back ribs. Tiffany is great. - Sadie, Austin, TX

9/11/16    The food is good.

9/11/16    Love the sausage & brisket.

9/11/16    First time here food was awesome. - Ricky, Cedar Park, TX

9/11/16    Good Food. - James, Dallas, TX

9/11/16    Everything was great. - Lou, Houston, TX

9/11/16    Love it.

9/11/16    I love the food! I like the atmosphere & friendliness of people- very respectful. - Maria, Austin, TX

9/11/16    Y'all are great! We have been coming here for year’s great job. Nice, friendly, and great service. - Crystal, Austin, TX

9/10/16    We have been coming for 30 years.

9/10/16    I have been coming here for 50 years. I love the food. The workers, friendly. - Georgia, Bartlett, TX

9/10/16    This place is awesome. - Joe, Dripping Springs, TX

9/10/16    The friendly staff and good sausage.

9/10/16    A Facebook page was shared. Looked delish!! - Victoria, TX

9/10/16    Your food was awesome.

9/09/16    Best BBQ. - Katy, TX

9/09/16    Meat, hot sausage, wanted good BBQ.

9/09/16    Wanted to try it. Visiting from out of town. - David, Atlanta, GA

9/09/16    Dad grew up in Elgin. - Jane, McKavett, TX

9/09/16    Great BBQ. The best I have ever had. Have been coming here for years. - Cynthia, Buda, TX

9/08/16    Good food. BBQ & sausage.

9/08/16    Absolutely love the food & the employee's make you feel welcome. - Ralph, Belton, TX

9/08/16    Great food. Awesome service. - Trey, Conroe, TX

9/08/16    Tradition. - Robbie, Austin, TX

9/08/16    Great BBQ, nice drive. - David, Austin, TX

9/07/16    Staff members very friendly and good to the customer. Very happy. The BBQ rock. - Kevin, Elgin, TX

9/07/16    Sausage mainly, lamb ribs 2nd.

9/07/16    Good Food & Taste- Bob, Maypearl, TX

9/07/16    I used to come here as a child with my parents and needed some good barbeque.

9/06/16    Food is great!

9/06/16    Taste, service & cleanliness. - Mitch, Pflugerville, TX

9/06/16    Love BBQ & huge cobbler! - Leann, Pflugerville, TX

9/06/16    We love the BBQ!!! - Janie, Pflugerville, TX

9/06/16    We love BBQ & your service is the best! 

9/05/16    Love the food. Love Brenda the cashier! Hunt Family, Houston, TX

9/05/16    Great food!

9/05/16    Make 3-5 trips annually to get sausage. - Ray, Lubbock, TX

9/05/16    Sausage slammers, great service, great atmosphere. Shout out to Jim. - Bobby, Austin, TX

9/04/16    Great service. - Kyle, Kingsland, TX

9/04/16    We make it a habit to come once a month. - Alex, Austin, TX

9/04/16    Because of the sausage. - Alex, Dallas, TX

9/04/16    Great food. - Castillo Family, Pflugerville, TX

9/04/16    Your food is delicious. - Eve, Houston, TX

9/04/16    Great taste! Good value, consistently yummy! - Hilary & Dustin, Tomball, TX

9/04/16    It's good.

9/04/16    Been eating here since I was a child. - Matt, Batesville, AR

9/03/16    Great BBQ Brisket.

9/03/16    The food is well prepared & delicious. Great service! - Barbara, Austin, TX

9/03/16    Great food & environment. - Tay, Fort Worth, TX

9/03/16    Good food. - Sean, Houston, TX

9/03/16    Yummy food on the way to Grandma's house! - Kristal, Hutto, TX

9/03/16    Because it's so great! - Wallace Family, Manor, TX

9/03/16    I love the sausage. - D'Arlen, Pflugerville, TX

9/03/16    Great BBQ!

9/02/16    Good food, friendly staff, no wait.

9/02/16    Good food, fast service, nice personnel.

9/02/16    The BBQ is great! -

9/02/16    The great food, friendly service. - Amanda

9/02/16    Great food. - Houston, TX

9/02/16    Great customer service. - Houston, TX

9/02/16    Mac & Cheese was awesome. - Kris, Austin, TX

9/02/16    Good food.

9/01/16    Food is good. - Adele, Coupland, TX

9/01/16    It's good.

9/01/16    Good food, great customer service. - Silla, Round Rock, TX

8/31/16    First time, will return.

8/31/16    Good food. - Dunn Family, Taylor, TX

8/30/16    Good food. - Jesse, Austin, TX
8/30/16    The food is good. - Frank, Austin, TX
8/30/16    We love everything, been customers since you all were downtown. - Miller Family, Austin, TX
8/30/16    Great quality, good portions, great service, we also like the sides & desserts. - Grable Family, Manor, TX
8/30/16    Good food. - Jesse, Austin, TX
8/29/16    Brisket. - Smithville, TX
8/29/16    We drive here for the best BBQ & amazing experience. - Nathan, Pflugerville, TX
8/29/16    Good BBQ.
8/28/16    Good food. - Mae, Austin, TX
8/28/16    Good food, friendly service. - Austin, TX
8/28/16    Love the sausage, atmosphere & all the food. - Dennis, Taylor, TX
8/28/16    Love the location.
8/28/16    I love the sausage & brisket. - Yolanda, Austin, TX
8/28/16    Juicy brisket, flavorful sausage, tasty sides. - Austin, TX
8/28/16    We love BBQ & it's quick service. - Nathan, Cedar Park, TX
8/27/16    The food is always good.
8/27/16    Exceptional service!
8/27/16    Great Q!
8/27/16    It's delicious.
8/27/16    We love coming here for a good family (kid) friendly meal! - Mallory, Round Rock, TX
8/27/16    Food is good & plentiful. - Laura, Killeen, TX
8/27/16    Good staff & food. - Glenn, Round Rock, TX
8/27/16    Best BBQ in Elgin. 
8/26/16    Always good & excellent service.
8/26/16    Best BBQ in Texas! - Crystal, College Station, TX
8/26/16    Food was great, staff was friendly. - Jay, Houston, TX
8/26/16    Good BBQ, pleasant atmosphere, friendly employees. - Joe, LaGrange, TX
8/26/16    The service, food & overall cleanliness of the place is awesome! - Amanda, Elgin, TX
8/25/16    It's a family tradition, Elgin sausage & brisket! - Austin, TX
8/25/16    I've been enjoying this good food for 45 years. - Martin, Austin, TX
8/25/16    Good BBQ.
8/24/16    Quality & consistency & the smoky flavor.
8/24/16    So good!
8/24/16    The best BBQ! - Jorge, Austin, TX
8/24/16    It's good. Rachel & Kendyl are really great!
8/23/16    Because it is good! - Rev. Neal, Austin, TX
8/23/16    The food is good, the customer service is awesome! - Maritza, Austin, TX
8/23/16    It's great! - Tod, Austin, TX
8/23/16    People like Rebecca in your line, she is friendly and wonderful. - Ryan, Boerne, TX
8/22/16    Because it's yummy. - Tow, TX
8/22/16    Frontier Bank recommended we stop. Food was great! - Ashley, Austin, TX
8/21/16    Everything was good.
8/21/16    The food is excellent. - Cockrum Family, Jarrell, TX
8/21/16    Delicious.
8/21/16    Great job.
8/21/16    Food is good.
8/21/16    Been coming for 50 years, Darn good BBQ. - Flores Family, Taylor, TX
8/21/16    Best BBQ in Texas. - Steve, Pflugerville, TX
8/20/16    Grown up here. I love everything about this place. - Cassie, Elgin, TX
8/20/16    My father & grandpa used to bring me here, everything is great! - Ken, Upland, TX
8/20/16    Love ya'lls sausage. - Lubbock, TX
8/19/16    Been coming here for years with family from Houston for the sausage. - Renee, Houston, TX
8/19/16    It's good & the service is good.
8/19/16    Brisket & sides.
8/19/16    Been forever. - Taylor, TX
8/18/16    I love it! Thanks for the service. - Jacqueline, Manor, TX
8/18/16    Good food, convenient location, Misty is great help! - Brenham, TX  
8/18/16    Family tradition. Great environment & food.
8/18/16    Nice, Ice Cream keep doing what you are doing. - Oran, Pflugerville, TX
8/17/16    Food. Perez Family, Austin, TX
8/17/16    Quality of food.
8/17/16    Great food. - Reta, College Station, TX
8/16/16    Food will bring you back. - Billy
8/16/16    A tradition. Born lived most of my life in Taylor which is down the road. Live in East TX now and always come back for family and good eating. - Robert, Hallsville, TX
8/16/16    Great service/ great people.
8/16/16    Food is good. - Gloria, Decatur, IL
8/16/16    Enjoy the food. - Clem, Austin, TX
8/16/16    Good Food.
8/16/16    Good food, fast.
8/16/16    Great food, - R. Pflugerville. TX
8/15/16    I've been eating here for over 20 years. I like it. - J. Crosby, TX
8/15/16    Convenience.
8/14/16    The food is delicious! The brisket is fabulous! 
8/14/16    Just driving through. Everything was great! - Josh, Port Neches, TX
8/14/16    Food is good & fast service. - Hutto, TX
8/14/16    Ribs & sausage & potato- Kaylee, Mansfield, TX
8/14/16    Always have been- just don't live close- need to expand market.
8/14/16    Drove by and was hungry- Jax, Houston, TX
8/14/16    First time so now I am. - Ray, Cedar Park, TX
8/14/16    Meat is delicious. Mac & Cheese is too.
8/14/16    Because the first time I came here I said I must come again. - Josh, El Campo, TX
8/13/16    First time visit.
8/13/16    Because the sausage is always good- We eat here quite often. - Lynette, Manor, TX
8/13/16    Perfect. First timers. - Brittnie, Houston, TX
8/13/16    Good food/ customer service. - Stephanie, Erie, PA
8/13/16    Delicious food! Best brisket around and friendly staff. - Melissa, Hutto, TX
8/13/16    Excellent food and service. - Jessie, Nederland, TX
8/13/16    Good food & service. - Raymond, Round Rock, TX
8/13/16    Because it's the best. - Mike, Austin, TX
8/13/16    Good Food.
8/12/16    Quality of food. Fast service. Location. - Bertram, TX
8/12/16    I love BBQ.
8/12/16    We always loved the authentic flavor & no pretentions. - Loran, Houston, TX
8/12/16    Life-timer - Cedric, Manor, TX
8/12/16    Because the sausage is the BEST!!!
8/11/16    Good BBQ and like the ride to get out of Austin. - Jasper, Austin, TX
8/11/16    The Food! The service and most of all the southwest feel. - Cynthia, Chicago, IL
8/11/16    Great Food!
8/09/16    Food is great! - Tom, Conroe, TX
8/08/16    Good, I like it! - Rudy, Elgin, TX
8/05/16    Love the sausage & pork steak! Linda, Manor, TX
8/05/16    The food was excellent!
8/05/16    We love this place!
8/05/16    First Class BBQ, relaxed atmosphere! = Paul, Jarrell, TX
8/05/16    Perfect!
8/05/16    Good food & service.
8/04/16    Love the Beef Ribs.
8/04/16    Food & Staff are great! - Mark, Rio Rancho, NM
8/04/16    Your customer service is great, the food is great! - Susie, Belton, TX
8/04/16    Been coming for years, great BBQ! - Michael, Leander, TX
8/03/16    It’s fantastic.
8/03/16    Good BBQ!
8/03/16    Great BBQ, every time I'm in Elgin I stop.
8/03/16    Drive from Pflugerville for yummy BBQ.
8/01/16    Great service & amazing food.
8/01/16    Very good. - Austin, TX
8/01/16    Good food.
7/31/16    Kendyl, Jim & Josh are very nice and caring.
7/31/16    The best BBQ. Dave, Austin, TX
7/31/16    Good food. - Gem, Austin, TX
7/31/16    Good food & Blue Bell Ice Cream. - Taylor, TX
7/31/16    Best BBQ in Texas. - Tondra, Manor, TX
7/31/16    The food is excellent, great attitude & generosity. - Garcia Family, Round Rock, TX
7/30/16    Good food. - Mike, Bastrop, TX
7/30/16    Best sausage.
7/30/16    Love the brisket & stuff potatoes. - Caldwell, TX
7/30/16    Been coming since it was downtown, always good. - Tom, Taylor, TX
7/30/16    It's delicious. - Richard, West Jordan, UT
7/30/16    Great service, good original Texas BBQ.
7/30/16    Great job. - Martinez Family, Del Valle, TX
7/29/16    Best sausage in Texas, I love the BBQ overall. - Essence, Hutto, TX
7/29/16    Meat is cooked to perfection, customer service is awesome! - Sophia, Hutto, TX
7/28/16    Great food!
7/28/16    Everything is great.
7/28/16    The food is excellent. - Daggett family, Bastrop, TX
7/28/16    Love the sausage & brisket.
7/27/16    Consistently good food & service. - Chris, Smithville, TX
7/27/16    Good BBQ & hot sauce.
7/27/16    Good food & service.
7/27/16    Customer for 60+ years. - Woods family, Jonesboro, AR
7/25/16    Good!
7/25/16    Your kids are very nice to everyone. Like the food. - Skeeter, Manor, TX
7/22/16    Tried it once, and I keep coming back. - Gary, Waco, TX
7/22/16    Love the food. -Judi, Austin, TX
7/22/16    We like the food. 
7/22/16    We drive 4 hours to eat here! Best BBQ sauce in TEXAS! - Connie, Bridge City, TX
7/22/16    All Good & High Praise! - Raymond, Eddy, TX
7/22/16    100% Food so good. A friend recommended me to come eat. - Jose, Austin, TX
7/22/16    Food can't beat the food, particularly sausage!!! Jeremy and Amy, Georgetown, TX
7/22/16    Since 1975. - Robledo, Hutto, TX
7/22/16    It's already a 10. - Scott, Valley Mills, TX
7/21/16    Food.
7/21/16    All Good!
7/21/16    Really great BBQ. - Pat
7/21/16    The brisket is so good. - Phillip, San Marcos, TX
7/21/16    Truly the best food in all Texas- Sam, San Marcos, TX
7/20/16    You guys do a good job.
7/18/16    Sausage
7/18/16    Sausage & brisket are the best.
7/17/16    Love the food.
7/17/16    Excellent sausage & brisket.
7/17/16    Our family has been coming for more than 50 years.
7/17/16    We love the food. - Green Family, Bastrop, TX
7/17/16    Enjoy the food. - Raul, Austin, TX
7/17/16    The food, the staff & atmosphere. - Pastor, Round Rock, TX
7/17/16    Word of mouth.
7/15/16    Good food, good service. - Austin, TX
7/15/16    Lori is great, friendly, & keeps the line moving.
7/15/16    The taste of brisket & all the meats plus the service.
7/14/16    Sides are good, bold sauce is good.
7/14/16    Everything is wonderful.
7/14/16    Good food. - Betty, Del Valle, TX
7/14/16    I liked the cashier, super friendly.
7/13/16    My first time, I will come back. - Nelson, Dale, TX
7/13/16    Sausage & brisket. - Manor, TX
7/13/16    Best BBQ, we drive from Taylor to eat here. - Taylor, TX
7/12/16    The food is good, & it's a classic restaurant.
7/12/16    It's awesome.
7/11/16    Very good BBQ, been coming for 10 years. - Maria, Manor, TX
7/11/16    Great service, great food. - Manor, TX
7/11/16    Perfect! - Houston, TX
7/11/16    Food is great! - Judy, Elgin, TX
7/11/16    Really good BBQ! - Austin, TX
7/10/16    The mutton & ribs.
7/10/16    Food is great! - John, Missouri City, TX
7/10/16    Flavor of the food.
7/10/16    Best in Texas, Family always eats here. - Rick, Baytown, TX
7/10/16    First time, brought by family & I loved it! - Rene, Rio Grande City, TX
7/10/16    You are the best! - Paul
7/09/16    Pork Steak.
7/09/16    Everything was yummy! - Ursula, Pasadena, TX
7/09/16    Food was delicious, best decision we made was stopping here. - Erica, Houston, TX
7/09/16    Friendly people, delicious food. - Chris, Manor, TX
7/09/16    Brisket!
7/08/16    I have been for over 50 years. - Frankie, Hutto, TX
7/08/16    It's a way of life! - Toni, Leadville, CO
7/08/16    Good BBQ.
7/08/16    Great food.
7/08/16    The meat is fresh & sides are delicious. - Alvarez Family, Houston, TX
7/08/16    Great!
7/08/16    The food & service are great! - Manor, TX
7/06/16    Family tradition since I was a little girl (for over 2 decades) - Ashley, Round Rock, TX
7/06/16    Great food, staff is very friendly. - Jose, Round Rock, TX

7/04/16    Delicious sausage.

7/04/16    Been a customer for over 50 years. - Pete, Austin, TX

7/04/16    Raised here & sausage is awesome! - Manor, TX

7/03/16    Good BBQ.

7/03/16    It’s very good.

7/03/16    Been coming for years.

7/03/16    Love the BBQ!

7/02/16    Always a good experience. - Natalie, Austin, TX

7/02/16    We like good BBQ! - Bradly Family, San Antonio, TX

7/02/16    Love y'alls BBQ even will drive from Austin. - Maricela, Austin, TX

7/02/16    It is always very good.

7/02/16    Great prices & really good food. - Nita, Buda, TX

7/02/16    Y'alls BBQ is fantastic & we love the service! - Michelle, Austin, TX

7/02/16    Best BBQ. - Richard, Little Elm, TX

7/01/16    Great.

7/01/16    I enjoy the service, environment & overall the food. - Bruce, Austin, TX

6/30/16    Everything is great.

6/30/16    Staff did great with long line and being busy.

6/30/16    Come from Georgetown & enjoy your BBQ!

6/29/16    Great BBQ & atmosphere. - Joseph, Pflugerville, TX

6/27/16    Great! - Kay, Houston, TX

6/27/16    Great customer service, BRENDA has the best smile, personality & attitude.

6/27/16    Wonderful food. - Rebecca Harris, Belton, TX

6/27/16    Good food.

6/26/16    Because it's the best BBQ. - Bobby, Georgetown, TX

6/26/16    Great food.

6/26/16    Love the BBQ - sliced beef sandwich. - Larry, Houston, TX

6/26/16    The food is just good. - Drew, Austin, TX

6/26/16    It was suggested - it was a good call. - Clint, Bryan, TX

6/26/16    Good food. - Austin, TX

6/26/16    I like the sausage.

6/26/16    Food & high quality staff. - Linda, Elgin, TX

6/26/16    I like the BBQ & Elgin.

6/26/16    Food.

6/24/16    We like your BBQ & service. - Rhonda, Round Rock, TX

6/24/16    Love the sausage & brisket.

6/24/16    Friendly customer service focused Christian family. - Bonnie, Elgin, TX

6/24/16    First time and we love it. - G.M. - CA

6/24/16    Sausage is good, been coming all my 68 years of my life.

6/19/16    Good food & service, especially the ladies who serve the sides. - Olga, Redlands, CA

6/19/16    Best customer service & excellent food! - Linda, Manor, TX

6/19/16    I love the meat! - Betty, San Antonio, TX

6/19/16    Delicious brisket. - Soto Family, Austin, TX

6/19/16    Customer & enthusiast since birth! - Ed, Manchaca, TX

6/19/16    Great food, friendly customer service.

6/17/16    Great sausage! - Bailey, Mansfield, TX

6/17/16    Love the food.

6/17/16    Grew up on Southside.

6/17/16    Because it is tasty. - Irving, TX

6/15/16    Good food, knowledgeable service, yummy ice cream, & love the ranch hand. - Paige, Austin, TX

6/15/16    Staff is very friendly, food was great! We come whenever we want BBQ!

6/15/16    It's delicious, I like the different dishes, like the potato & ranch hand. - Krista, Elgin, TX

6/15/16    Good food.

6/12/16    Best BBQ around, love the brisket! - Cody, Hutto, TX

6/12/16    The food is always excellent. - Caroline, Ownings, Maryland

6/12/16    It's great, my father introduced SS in the '70's. - A Trevino, Hutto, TX

6/12/16    The Ice Cream Cashier (Alissa) was very polite and did her job quickly and well.

6/11/16    It is awesome! - Cedar Park, TX

6/11/16    Brisket was very good, very moist & tasty. Person behind counter was very helpful. - Round Rock, TX

6/11/16    Lifelong customer.

6/11/16    Good food. - Austin, TX

6/11/16    Food is delicious & service is great. - Christy, Pflugerville, TX

6/11/16    Because of these wonderful groceries. - Johnson Family, Sadler, TX

6/10/16    The brisket rocks! - Manor, TX

6/10/16    Good food.

6/10/16    Great sausage & brisket. - Austin, TX

6/10/16    Love the food & service. - Melinda, Lubbock, TX

6/10/16    Good food always! - Anderson Family, Austin, TX

6/10/16    All good, been coming for a long time. - Rich, Hutto, TX

6/10/16    Good sausage & brisket.

6/09/19    Good quality, no frills. - James, Washington, DC

6/09/19    Always our first stop when we come to visit family. - Alison, Washington, DC

6/09/19    Love the Pork Steak. - Estrada Family, Pflugerville, TX

6/09/19    I love the food, atmosphere & the service. - Curtis, Austin, TX

6/08/16    I like the food.

6/08/16    Good food.

6/08/16    Taught here 20 years ago, I returned to get some good BBQ instead of mediocre!

6/07/16    Came with my parents as a kid. - David, Manor, TX

6/07/16    Food, food, food GREAT! - Buddy, Austin, TX

6/07/16    Came about 6 years ago. Amazing food, great service! Still remember the taste of the sausage!

6/06/16    The servers are very friendly!

6/04/16    Good service & good food all the time. - George, Round Rock, TX

6/04/16    Love the food & service. - Dennis, Spring, TX

6/03/16    Good tater salad.

6/03/16    The best service. - Jason, La Grange, TX

6/03/16    Nice people, best service.

6/03/16    Good, best chicken, large portions.

6/03/16    Love the mutton, always cooked the same way, always tender.

6/02/16    We've been customers for over 10 years, BBQ is great! - Tim, Austin, TX

6/02/16    I grew up on Southside & its great!

6/02/16    Online reputation even in Australia! - Nathan Family, Sydney, Australia

6/01/16    Been coming for years.

6/01/16    Love the food.

6/01/16    Good food. - Pablo, Austin, TX

6/01/16    Like the food & it's close.

5/30/16    The brisket was very good.

5/30/16    Always came with family as a kid. - Nick, Austin, TX

5/29/16    Food is great & I like the cafeteria style service.

5/29/16    Delicious! - Ramirez Family, Austin, TX

5/29/16    Food is good.

5/29/16    I like the customer service.

5/29/16    Brisket is very tender & moist. - Austin, TX

5/28/16    Food is awesome! - Austin, TX

5/28/16    The food & staff are great, cleanliness. - Reyes Family, Austin, TX

5/28/16    Mutton! - Dante, Austin, TX

5/28/16    Food is swell. - Susan, Austin, TX

5/27/16    Love the food. - Sammy, Houston, TX

5/26/16    Great atmosphere, asked guy in parking lot he said it was the best, we agree! - El Campo, TX

5/26/16    Delicious BBQ. - Will

5/26/16    The food is great!

5/25/16    Love the food, been coming since I was a kid. Family favorite. - Stephanie, Austin, TX

5/25/16    I come every time I come back from Tennessee. Love it! - Alex, Nolenville, TN

5/25/16    Love the food!

5/25/16    Been coming for years from Dallas/McKinney. - Olivia, Frisco, TX

5/24/16    Delicious food & good service. - Michael, Brenham, TX

5/23/16    Good service & food.

5/23/16    We love your food. - Ava, Manor, TX

5/23/16    Good food, Tammy, Round Rock, TX

5/23/16    Been a customer since 1968. Pork Steak was great. - G.A - Leander, TX

5/22/16    Love the sausage.

5/22/16    Been one for 30 years, good food, good quality, and good customer service. - Haverland Family, Round Rock, TX

5/22/16   First time coming here, food was great, as was the service. - Daniel, Austin, TX

5/21/16   Good BBQ, Sausage & history. - Chris, Austin, TX

5/21/16   This place is awesome, came with my Dad a while back, and loved the food. - Robert, Temple, TX

5/21/16   Best Sausage around. 

5/21/16   Always good. Fast & consistent. - Larry, Austin, TX

5/21/16   Great quality BBQ. - Melissa, Round Rock, TX

5/21/16   The meats are delicious. Workers are friendly. - Mary, Austin, TX

5/20/16   Delicious! Good! 

5/20/16   I love the food! - Austin, TX

5/20/16   Excellent customer service. Great environment, been customers for years. - Erika, Dime Box, TX

5/20/16   It's good. - Nicky

5/20/16   Sausage Slammers, brisket. - Carolyn, Jasper, TX

5/20/16   The large portions. Ed W. was so nice came to our table and ask how we were. - Nancy, Houston, TX

5/20/16   Chopped Brisket Potato & Mac & Cheese are great! -

5/19/16   Best BBQ in the State of Texas. Been coming since I was a little boy.

5/19/16   Been coming for 30 years. - Ramona, Taylor, TX

5/19/16   Great food, especially the Ribs & friendly service. - Kelly, Manor, TX

5/18/16   Great food. - Rick, Kingsland, TX

5/18/16   The brisket is insane.

5/15/16   Best place.

5/15/16   Best Sausage around. 

5/15/16   Friendly staff, good service.

5/15/16   Brisket!

5/15/16   We're from Nevada & were told this was the place to go… They were right!

5/15/16   BBQ is well cooked & tastes really good, service is great! Thank you! - Franks Family, Austin, TX

5/15/16   The taste! - Braun Family, Round Rock, TX

5/15/16   Food taste great & dessert is good. - Marjorie, Taylor, TX

5/14/16   Family tradition for 70 years. - Joyce, Brazoria, TX

5/14/16   Everything is great.

5/14/16   Been coming for 16 years. - Jonathan, Manor, TX

5/14/16   It's good. - Charles, Austin, TX

5/14/16   Been coming for 40 years, San Antonio, TX

5/14/16   Born & raised on Southside. - Davis Family, McDade, TX

5/14/16   Because only the best will do - excellent customer service! - Jeanette & Annetta, Giddings, TX

5/13/16   Quality, taste, feels like home when you come in. - Elgin, TX

5/13/16   Food is always hot & great, workers are really nice. - Ruiz Family, Austin, TX

5/13/16   Very good. - Reese Family, Austin, TX

5/13/16   Great food, best BBQ I've ever had! Catering is awesome also! Never disappoints. - Casados Family, Austin, TX

5/13/16   The BBQ is outstanding!

5/13/16   Great food!

5/12/16   We've been coming for 20+ years. We love the food! - New Family, Georgetown, TX

5/12/16   Like coming here, good food & good service. - T.F - Austin, TX

5/12/16   Great food, great service, friendly staff. - Heather, Manor, TX

5/12/16   Everything is great! Brenda the cashier made our day, great customer service & excellent food. - West Family, Houston, TX

5/12/16   Great food, great service.

5/11/16   Sausage is awesome.

5/11/16   Google reviews were good, we're glad we stopped in, very tasty. - Amber & Susan, Pflugerville, TX

5/10/16   Food is remarkable, atmosphere is good as well.

5/10/16   Meat was great!

5/8/16    Like the food. - Hazel, Pflugerville, TX

5/8/16    I love the Ranch Hand!

5/8/16    Brenda is about as good as it gets, super sweet & helpful!

5/8/16    We love the Sausage & Brisket. - Elizabeth, Jarrell, TX

5/7/16    We love the great food! Brenda, our cashier was great! Really nice! - Esmeralda, Austin, TX

5/7/16    Love the food!

5/7/16    First time, we will return, friendly service.

5/7/16    Great food, great atmosphere. - Robert, Temple, TX

5/7/16    Great food and service.

5/6/16    Everything was good, line goes fast & great customer service.

5/6/16    You are A OK in my book! Denise, - Tony, Enrique, Houston, TX

5/6/16     Been coming since the 70's when you all were by the tracks. - Paul, Lubbock, TX

5/6/16     The service.

5/6/16     Thanks for the hospitality. - Lakeway, TX

5/02/16   Katy and Cindy were awesome!

5/01/16   Heading to Houston & like to stop & fill ourselves with good BBQ! Houston, TX

5/01/16   Customer Service is great, everyone is friendly. The food is delicious! - Denet, Austin, TX

5/01/16   Delicious! Good! 

5/01/16   Good food. - Taylor, TX

5/01/16   Good meat, good Sausage, Fantastic Mac & Cheese. - Deborah, Leander, TX

5/01/16   Been a customer for 40+ years.

4/30/16   Great food, great customer service.

4/30/16   Everything is great! Delicious!

4/30/16   Excellent service! - Pearland, TX

4/30/16   Good food, fair price. - Ann, Houston, TX

4/30/16   Good food, good environment. - Shauna, Pearland, TX

4/30/16   Great service with a smile! - Wally, Taylor, TX

4/30/16   Beer & great food! - Georgetown, TX

4/30/16   I enjoy your Sausage, Meat never disappoints. - Denise, Austin, TX

4/30/16   Best Sausage around. 

4/29/16   Great Mac & Cheese, love the crunchy top! - Keith, Conroe, TX

4/29/16   The best Sausage! 

4/29/16   Great food!

4/29/16   Ya'll have the best BBQ! - Mary Ann, Austin, TX

4/29/16   First visit, excellent food & service!

4/29/16   Been coming for 35 years when I come to Texas to visit! - Margaret, Buffalo, NY

4/29/16   Love the Sausage & bottle of Big Red. - Rose, Round Rock, TX

4/29/16   We got here at 8:55 PM & the General Manager made us feel welcome, The food was great, & the service at the counter was great!

4/28/16   It's amazing! - Alec, Austin, TX

4/28/16   The food was very good! - Hallettsville, TX

4/28/16   Good food. - Esther, Galveston, TX

4/27/16   My Stepdad really likes it & it's hard to find a better Sausage.

4/27/16   Love the Sausage & Cobbler. - Sandy, Chattanooga, TN

4/27/16   Enjoy it very much. - Gloria, Pflugerville, TX

4/26/16   Excellent authentic Texas BBQ. - John, Elgin, TX

4/26/16   Awesome Cobbler! My whole family loves it! - Lindsey, Bastrop, TX

4/26/16   I love the Brisket! - Bob

4/25/16   Best Brisket!

4/25/16   Best BBQ joint!

4/25/16   Great customer service. - Robert

4/25/16   Great food.

4/24/16   There is no better BBQ anywhere. - Manor, TX

4/24/16   The food & people like Rebecca & Peter; they are awesome! - Flores Family, Austin, TX

4/24/16   Excellent. - Beverly, Huntsville, TX

4/24/16   Family Tradition - Ochoa Family, Central TX

4/24/16   It's delicious. - Dianna, Austin, TX

4/24/16   Great food. Great servers! - J. Ward, Elgin, TX

4/24/16   Been coming since I was a kid, food is great! - Laura, Austin, TX

4/23/16   I love the food! - Gwen, Cameron, TX

4/23/16   Everything is good. - Chris, Austin, TX

4/23/16   Fresh BBQ every time, Potato Salad is great!! - Nolan, Taylor, TX

4/23/16   I love the Brisket & the Sides,  the Blackberry Cobbler is the best. - Joanne, Pflugerville, TX

4/23/16   Great food! - El Paso, TX

4/22/16   Great taste! Good, friendly service. Chopped Brisket Potato :)

4/22/16   Best loaded Baked Potato anywhere! Great BBQ! - Valdez Family, McDade, TX

4/22/16   I love the food & service. - Hutto, TX

4/22/16   It's a great place! Friendly & clean.

4/22/16   Great food, great service! - Jeanie, Thrall, TX

4/22/16   Love it! - Ramirez Family,

4/22/16   Love the food! - Chris, Arlington, TX

4/21/16   Best BBQ near Austin. Sausage is phenomenal. - Guy, Austin, TX

4/21/16   Love the food.

4/21/16   Consistent, excellent food & service, the servers are great!

4/19/16   I like the Sausage & Brisket.

4/19/16   The food is great & the workers make me feel like I'm at home.

4/19/16   I like the stuff you sell.

4/19/16   Y'all have the best BBQ ever!

4/19/16   Everything is great!

4/18/16   I love the food. - Mark

4/18/16   I love the meat.

4/18/16   I love it always. - Cindy

4/18/16   Food. - Todd, Austin, TX

4/17/16   Very good BBQ Restaurant. - Marcel, Paris, France

4/17/16   Food is delicious, Service is Excellent. - Andres, Katy, TX

4/17/16   Great BBQ! - Reggie, Elgin, TX

4/17/16   Great food, great customer service, reasonable prices. - Leticia, Austin, TX

4/16/16   The food is great! - Beverly, Elgin, TX

4/16/16   We love the food. - Christi, Austin, TX

4/15/16   Great food, good price, very nice employees.

4/15/16   Blue Bell Ice Cream. - Pancho, Houston, TX

4/15/16   Friendly service & great BBQ. Great trainer training the new guy! - Sylvia, Granger, TX

4/15/16   The best BBQ in Texas. – Tiffany, Thrall, TX

4/15/16   Love the flavor of the meat! - Lee, Elgin, TX

4/14/16   We love BBQ & Southside!!! - Mandy, Austin, TX

4/14/16   Good food, we come all the time. - Don, Cedar Park, TX

4/14/16   The Sausage is the best! - Joe, Circleville, TX

4/13/16   We like the food. - Joyce, Manor, TX

4/13/16   Food was very good, staff was very friendly, especially Kendall & Eve.

4/13/16   Best BBQ in Elgin. My Dad loves this place.

4/12/16   It's really good, love the service it is great!

4/12/16   Raised on Southside.

4/12/16   Love the Ribs!! Also, great selection of meats in the Market. - Jorge, Austin, TX

4/11/16   Everything was great, helped very well we were first timers & will be back. - Jackson, Houston, TX

4/11/16   Always get treated very well & food is amazing. - Amanda, Manor, TX

4/11/16   Good Customer service. -

4/10/16   The food & service are great the big dining room. - Estella, Round Rock, TX

4/10/16   Been coming for years, enjoy the Food & Atmosphere. - Frank, Austin, TX

4/10/16   Food is good & good atmosphere. - Tim, Granger, TX

4/10/16   We absolutely loved getting to see the pit & appreciate your friendliness & attention to quality. - Elizabeth, Temple, TX

4/10/16   It's freaking good! Real food, real people, & no corporate corner cutting.

4/10/16   Best food & customer service. Fifth generation to come. - Jackie, Gregory TX

4/10/16   Love Southside since I was very young. - Austin, TX

4/09/16   Great flavors, fantastic service, staff took time to explain to us & we loved it! - Paula, Australia

4/09/16   The food & environment has stayed original & amazing! - Stephanie, Dallas, TX

4/09/16   It's great!

4/09/16   To buy quality meats. - Orlando, Houston, TX

4/09/16   Great BBQ & friendly staff. - Dawn, Buda, TX

4/09/16   Favorite stop to eat. - David, The Woodlands, TX

4/09/16   Love the meat. - Adelina, Austin, TX

4/08/16   Quality.

4/08/16   I love the atmosphere & the food. - Susie, Pflugerville, TX

4/08/16   Good BBQ, great service & wonderful location.

4/08/16   I like the flavor & the service.

4/08/16   Blue Bell Ice Cream, Brisket & Meat Market. - Samentha, Elgin, TX

4/08/16   Great job guys, awesome employees. - Samentha, Elgin, TX

4/07/16   Been coming all my life.

4/07/16   We like the laid back feeling, very comfortable, nice clean restrooms & dining room.

4/07/16   You fed 34 hungry College Students in less than an hour.

4/05/16   Great food, Potato Salad like Grandmom's. - Fort Worth, TX

4/05/16   Because of the great food & hospitality.

4/04/16   Service was good!

4/04/16   Good food, fair price, friendly service.

4/03/16   Good food. - Willie, Johnson City, TX

4/03/16   Love the tender meat, it has a good flavor.

4/03/16   Good food, great service, free refills. - Manuel, Kyle, TX

4/03/16   Best brisket, love the Slammers. I like to cut up with the ladies at the counter they always make my day better. - Shane, Caldwell, TX

4/03/16   We live here & never had Brisket or Sausage this good anywhere else. - Saul, Elgin, TX

4/03/16   I love the food, I travel from Hutto, 3X's a week. - Sophia, Hutto, TX

4/02/16   Great food!

4/02/16   Food is good.

4/02/16   It's my favorite sausage in Texas! - Molly Ann, Austin, TX

4/02/16   MmMm good. - Juan, Oklahoma City, OK

4/02/16   Great food, sausage is awesome. - Kevin, Leander, TX

4/02/16   Good food.

4/01/16   Chopped Beef & Brisket. - Eric, Taylor, TX

4/01/16   Years of great food! - Frank, Austin, TX

4/01/16   Always great BBQ! - Lynette, Austin, TX

4/01/16   Food is always excellent & staff is friendly.

3/31/16   I've been coming since I was a child, absolutely love the Sausage. - Crystal, Manor, TX

3/31/16   Y'all are awesome! - Nathan, Austin, TX

3/31/16   Very good food at very good prices.

3/31/16   Tradition. - David, Lewisville, TX

3/31/16   It's good.

3/30/16   Sausage & Ribs were very well cooked.

3/30/16   So glad we made the drive, Food was outstanding, Brisket & Ribs so full of flavor.

3/30/16   Loved the Ranch Hand, Ed Johnson was wonderful and took the time to tell us and show us your impressive operation

3/30/16   Loved hearing the history. Excellent food & Service. - Flores Family, Henderson, TX

3/29/16   You all give good food & good service.

3/29/16   I love the meat. - Serena

3/28/16   The food is always good. - Heidi

3/28/16   Have the best Brisket.

3/28/16   Perfect order. - Jason, San Jose, CA

3/26/16   Love the food.

3/26/16   Referred by a friend, tasted it, & got hooked. - Christie, Hobbs, NM

3/26/16   I like it, been one for life.

3/26/16   Great BBQ!

3/26/16   Great food, great customer service.

3/26/16   Quality.

3/26/16   Very good food!! - Jason, Houston, TX

3/25/16   For the flavor as well as Beef Ribs, Staff is also very, very friendly. - Donna, Houston, TX

3/25/16   Quick & nice service. - Robert, Houston, TX

3/25/16   Love the Brisket & Sausage! Pork Ribs are delicious!

3/25/16   It's the best BBQ in town, I've grown up eating Southside & always will! - Heather, Pflugerville, TX

3/25/16   It's delicious & on the way to family in Houston

3/25/16   The food is AWESOME! - Sierra, Snook, TX

3/25/16   Good food, good quality & support local businesses. - Daniel, Elgin, TX

3/25/16   First time here, very good experience, Bold Sauce was the best! - Andrea & Anthony, Austin, TX

3/24/16   Great BBQ, great Spicy Sauce. - Bill, Taylor, TX

3/24/16   Love the food! - Daniel, Manor, TX

3/24/16   Been coming for years on our way from College Station to Austin, always good!

3/24/16   Great food. - Brad, Elgin, TX

3/23/16   Good place to eat near Bastrop & Elgin.

3/23/16   Any BBQ 134 years in the making has to be the best.

3/23/16   Amazing Brisket, awesome friendly staff! - Taylor, Buda, TX

3/23/16   Have been for years.

3/23/16   Have loved this place for 60 years. Best Sausage in the world. - Johnny

3/22/16   Always consistent. - Hutto, TX

3/22/16   The food is good. - Carmen, Manor, TX

3/22/16   Bold Sauce, Brisket & Sausage. Everything was excellent. - Patty, Thorndale, TX

3/22/16   The food is great! I love it here! - Georgetown, TX

3/20/16   Service & food were great!

3/20/16   Very friendly family atmosphere. - Rodney, San Antonio, TX

3/20/16   Great, simple but efficient. - College Park, GA

3/20/16   Good food.

3/20/16   Amazing food! Love your beans! - Connie, Round Rock, TX

3/20/16   Best BBQ in the world! - Teena, Elgin, TX

3/19/16   It's great! God Bless. - Melissa, Austin, TX

3/19/16   We eat here every time we come to town.

3/19/16   Great place to eat, atmosphere is good, and food is superb. - Rhett, Elk City, OK

3/19/16   Good food, love the Beef Ribs, you get your $ worth.

3/19/16   It's a good place to eat with friends. Y'all are very nice.

3/19/16   The BBQ taste good. - Skyler, Waco, TX

3/19/16   Love the brisket.

3/18/16   This is the best BBQ I've ever had! - Maddie, San Marcos, TX

3/18/16   Good food.

3/18/16   Very fast, friendly service, great atmosphere, great food, generous portions. Lisa was very helpful. - Maggie, McAllen, TX

3/18/16   Cuz it's good! - Allen, Salado, TX

3/18/16   Good recommendations.

3/18/16   Awesome BBQ!

3/18/16   The Slammers were some of the best eating I've ever done! - Perales Family, San Antonio, TX

3/17/16   Sausage is great! - Sean, Round Rock, TX

3/17/16   We weren't before, but we are now! Absolutely delicious! - Fonseca Girls, San Antonio, TX

3/16/16   Great food.

3/16/16   Good food, great service.

3/16/16   Have been for many, many years. - Betty, Lexington, TX

3/16/16   Service was great!

3/15/16  Consistently good taste. - Martin, Rockdale, TX

3/15/16  Great BBQ for decades. - Arlene, Niederwald, TX

3/14/16  Good experience, good food. - Rod, Bowie, MD

3/14/16  Recommended by a friend, I love it! Been coming for 2 years.

3/14/16  I have been all my life.

3/13/16  We love the food here, it's the best! We thank everyone from the bottom to the top. - Dennis, Austin, TX

3/13/16  We enjoy the delicious BBQ! - Brad, Elgin, TX

3/13/16  It's the best, simply great. - Julian, Austin, TX

3/13/16  Great food.

3/13/16  First timer, excellent food, friendly service. - Josh, Richmond, TX

3/13/16  Wanted to try it, our first time, EXCELLENT!
3/13/16  Been coming for years. - Don, Buda, TX

3/13/16  BBQ.

3/13/16  Keep being awesome! - Melissa, Dickinson, TX

3/12/16  Your BBQ is wonderful! - Hutto, TX

3/12/16  The food is delicious.

3/12/16  We heard it was the best. - David, Houston, TX

3/12/16  The Brisket is delicious.

3/12/16  Good food, good service, great people! - Ray, Round Rock, TX

3/12/16  Your food is awesome! - Geneva, Pflugerville, TX

3/12/16  Good BBQ! - Brandon, Pflugerville, TX

3/11/16  The food is awesome! - Annette, Taylor, TX

3/11/16  Sausage is excellent, Cobbler has the right amount of cakiness. - Travis, Austin, TX

3/11/16  The food is great & the environment is great as well. - Bea, Manor, TX

3/11/16  Good BBQ, love the Slammer. - Glen, Liberty Hill, TX

3/11/16  Delicious food, reasonable prices. - Jennifer, Cedar Park, TX

3/11/16  The Sausage.

3/11/16  Good food. - Elisabeth, Houston, TX

3/11/16  Good food, wanted to try a Slammer today, very tasty!

3/11/16  Consistency good food! – Jeremy, Cedar Park, TX

3/10/16  We love it! - Tami, Round Rock, TX

3/10/16   We were going out of State & wanted good Texan BBQ. - Harker Heights, TX

3/10/16  Love BBQ!

3/10/16  First time, send your great food up to Philadelphia! 

3/09/16  Picking up a Sausage order to go and decided to enjoy a wonderful plate while here. - Joyce, Austin, TX

3/09/16  I like the food, been coming for years. - Brad, Jonestown, TX

3/09/16  First time customer, will definitely come back! Never had BBQ like this before. - Michaela, Ashland, WI

3/07/16  Pretty good food. - Griffith Family, Midland, TX

3/07/16  Good food, great Que.

3/07/16  Sausage, always great, Dolores, San Angelo, TX

3/06/16  Good service & food. - Trinidad, Manor, TX

3/06/16  Always have been. - Clint & Jennifer, Bryan, TX

3/06/16  Always good! Lots of family memories. - Emma, Buda, TX

3/06/16  Driving by, first time customer, word of mouth.

3/06/16  We love the kind staff, & amazing food! - Mallory, Round Rock, TX

3/06/16  Sometimes I just want some fresh & hot BBQ!

3/06/16  Great food.

3/06/16  Love it! - Becker, Georgetown, TX

3/05/16  Sausage.

3/05/16  You're the best! - Kenneth, Cedar Park, TX

3/05/16  Always great, I live in Temple & come every time we go through. - Casey, Temple, TX

3/05/16  It's good. El Chapo, Mexico

3/05/16  Amazing food & friendly faces. - Bonnie, Georgetown, TX

3/05/16  It's sooooooooo good! - Rochelle, Round Rock, TX

3/05/16  Great BBQ - Love the Ribs. - Todd, Austin, TX

3/05/16  Excellent BBQ with generous employees. - Joel, Austin, TX

3/05/16  This is amazing!! - Colby, Pflugerville, TX

3/04/16  The atmosphere is great.

3/04/16  We like the food, just don't get out here enough. - Bennie, Georgetown, TX

3/04/16  Good BBQ, especially the sausage.

3/04/16  Convenience, Quality & Service. - Billy, Pflugerville, TX

3/04/16  Food is awesome. - Leianne, Round Rock, TX

3/04/16  Been eating here since the old location, best sausage.

3/03/16  Great customer service & food, stop at least once a week.

3/03/16  Great service, food is delicious, this place is the best. - Bertha, Austin, TX

3/03/16  The aroma, James, Paige, TX

3/03/16  Great food! - Stacy, Canyon Lake, TX

3/03/16  Good BBQ! Oscar, Austin, TX

3/02/16  My first visit, from Boston, I just had the best Brisket EVER!

3/02/16  Food is great, friendly staff. - Linda, McDade, TX

3/02/16  Great service & food. - Ric, Scottsdale, AZ

3/02/16  We always like your BBQ.


3/01/16  Great service & food. - Randy, Pflugerville, TX

2/29/16  I enjoy the food very much. - Manor, TX

2/29/16  I enjoy real BBQ. - Dennis

2/28/16  We love the salads & baked potatoes. - Michelle, Austin, TX

2/28/16  Food is good. - Elzie, Fort Worth, TX

2/28/16  Most savory Sausage I've ever tasted.

2/28/16  Great! - Camanillo Family, Crockett, TX

2/28/16  Love your BBQ. - Tom, Cedar Park, TX

2/28/16  Good food. - Kasey, Round Rock, TX

2/28/16  Good food. - Lamonne, Victoria, TX

2/27/16  Good food.

2/27/16  Worked here from 1962-1968, loved the food & atmosphere then & am still enjoying it. Well done! - Ray, Pflugerville, TX

2/27/16  Excellent all around. - Cassidy, Pflugerville, TX

2/27/16  Consistently great all the time.

2/27/16  The brisket is always good.

2/27/16  Some of the best BBQ in the area. - Ed, Ray & Kevin, Round Rock, TX

2/27/16  Been coming for 10 years, best around.

2/26/16  Love BBQ, support Local Texas. - Bill, Kyle, TX

2/26/16  We love it so much.

2/26/16  Good BBQ, Sausage, everything compliments each other.

2/26/16  It's always good.

2/26/16  Great brisket.

2/26/16  Been coming since I was a child, now I bring my children. - Jennifer, Georgetown, TX

2/26/16  Love the Sausage, Ribs & Chopped Brisket Sandwich.

2/26/16  Great BBQ!

2/25/16  My husband likes your Sausage. - Felicia, Pflugerville, TX

2/25/16  Always enjoyed the BBQ. - Ed, Brenham, TX

2/25/16  I love y'alls food. - Jessica, Austin, TX

2/25/16  Good food. - Sam, Austin, TX

2/24/16  Great food, great service. - Maria, Kingsville, TX

2/24/16  Love your food.

2/24/16  Food is good. - Taylor, TX

2/24/16  Great food, consistent quality. - Eleazar, Manor, TX


2/22/16   The food is incredible. Love the Blackberry Cobbler. - Feleda, Austin, TX

2/21/16   Delicious meat! The Slammers are amazing.

2/21/16   Great food, atmosphere, & service. - Johnny, Round Rock, TX

2/21/16   BBQ is great! - Ramino, Austin, TX

2/21/16   Good food, convenient location. 

2/21/16   I love the food. - Carrie, Austin, TX

2/21/16   The food is wonderful. - Latesha, Austin, TX

2/21/16   Reliable brisket & service. - Mark, Oakland, CA

2/21/16   Great flavor & service.

2/21/16   Your sausage gives an explosion of taste in my mouth. - London, Austin, TX

2/20/16   Worth the drive, my brother recommended & we will continue to come! - Naomi, Dallas, TX

2/20/16   Awesome, love it the best! - Kent, The Woodlands, TX

2/20/16   I like the meat.

2/20/16   Meat is served hot & fresh, the sides are delicious too. - Tim, Manor, TX

2/20/16   Love the sausage. - Pat, Taylor, TX

2/20/16   The food is great.

2/20/16   Love the BBQ. - Tessie, Taylor, TX

2/20/16   We love your food. - Anna, Austin, TX

2/19/16   Like the BBQ, Good prices. - Castillo, Austin, TX

2/19/16   Yummy brisket. - Samantha, Dallas, TX

2/19/16   Traveling through, saw the sign made the right choice.

2/19/16   Food is delicious, Pork Ribs were sooo tender! - McBride Family, Elgin, TX

2/19/16   Great food. - Randy, Tomball, TX

2/19/16   You guys are the bomb. - Daniel, Round Rock, TX

2/19/16   You have Hot Links.

2/19/16   Great food & service. - Carisa, Elgin, TX

2/18/16   I love it! - Rojas Custom Paint, Austin, TX

2/18/16   Outstanding Brisket & Sauce. - Gualberto, Havelock, NC

2/17/16   I love your brisket.

2/17/16   Great food.

2/17/16   This is my second time - I love it! - Monday, Elgin, TX

2/17/16   Good food.


2/16/16   It's good. - Janet, Killeen, TX

2/16/16   Been to other places & we keep coming back. We love the Ribs. - Mary-Alice, Austin, TX

2/16/16   I like the food. - Bryan, Manor, TX

2/14/16   Came all the way from Killeen to eat here. - Diane, Killeen, TX

2/14/16   Delicious, really good. - Genie, Temple, TX

2/14/16   We enjoy the Sausage & Beans.

2/14/16   Great BBQ. - David, Taylor, TX

2/14/16   The BBQ & Customer Service is great! - Kenisha, Killeen, TX

2/14/16   Your food is good, we come for the Sausage & Brisket. - Austin, TX

2/14/16   Great BBQ. - Alfred, Kempner, TX

2/14/16   I grew up in Elgin & Southside Market still has the best Sausage.

2/14/16   Sausage.

2/13/16   Good food.

2/13/16   Tradition & good BBQ. - Jesse, Taylor, TX

2/13/16   Family Tradition, good food, Blue Bell, Tom, Austin, TX

2/13/16   Always stop at lunch or dinner when traveling to/from Houston area. - Ricky, Lampasas, TX

2/13/16   Good food, good serving size. 

2/13/16   I used to live in Austin, now I come for business & on my way home, Yummy! - Ricardo, Houston, TX

2/13/16   Good food. - Coupland, TX

2/13/16   Good food, good service. - Raymond, Round Rock, TX

2/13/16   Love BBQ!

2/12/16   Great Sausage, friendly counter service, perfectly marbled Brisket. - Tim, Houston, TX

2/12/16   Visiting family, referred by a friend - A+ - Kristen, Uvalde, TX

2/12/16   Good food. - Pflugerville, TX

2/12/16   Friendly service at the counter & food was delicious. - Houston, TX

2/12/16   Sausage is that good.

2/12/16   The BBQ is really good. - Ana, Thrall, TX

2/12/16   We enjoy eating BBQ at clean and friendly places. - Alex, Elgin, TX

2/11/16   Good location.

2/11/16   We come every time we drive thru from Houston, good food. - Michelle, Hockley, TX

2/11/16   Recommended by brother-in-law, visiting from out of state, Excellent food & service. - Nikki, Rush, CO

2/11/16   Good food, good meat, always ready to eat.

2/11/16   Love the food. - Jackie, Aurbundale, FL

2/10/16   From the past, went downtown 30 years ago. - Lee, Forney, TX

2/10/16   Have been eating here for years with my 87 year old Mother. - Martha, Thorndale, TX

2/09/16   I was greeted & helped by Manager - Angelica. - Amanda, Houston, TX

2/09/16   Was helped very well even after hours. Thank you guys for the delicious food. - Megan, Austin, TX

2/09/16   Lost my phone & they called to tell me they found it. - Randal

2/08/16   Family has been coming for years.

2/08/16   Love the food.

2/08/16   Good BBQ. - Sam

2/07/16   It's yummy. - Janie & Benny, Austin, TX

2/07/16   Food is great! - Flores, Austin, TX

2/07/16   Love the taste of the BBQ.

2/07/16   Food is good, quick service, reasonable prices, plenty of seating. - Pflugerville, TX

2/07/16   I love the friendly service, quick line, & of course, the flavor of the food.

2/06/16   Sausage & Hot Sauce. - Amanda, Hutto, TX

2/06/16   Great food. - Ray, Austin, TX

2/06/16   Meat was great!

2/06/16   Been coming since I was a kid.

2/06/16   Because of the meat & sausage - it's the best in Austin.

2/06/16   The food is great!! Been coming for years.

2/06/16   This is my first time & it was great! - Angela, Austin, TX

2/06/16   Love the flavor. - Elgin, TX

2/06/16   Been coming since childhood. - David, Arlington, TX

2/05/16   I like the brisket. Etc.

2/05/16   I love the BBQ & service.

2/05/16   The food is very tasty & the atmosphere is friendly. - Connie, Houston, TX

2/05/16   The Sausage & Beef are very good. - Billy, Austin, TX

2/05/16   Taste!

2/05/16   Love the Pork Steak & of course the rest of the food. - Terry, Taylor, TX

2/04/16   Sausage - I remember coming as a kid & my dad would always get the Sausage - it is still as good. - Eric, Austin, TX

2/04/16   Pulled Pork sandwich was awesome! Tea is great too! - Debra, Tomball, TX

2/04/16   Always enjoyed eating here.

2/03/16   Great food! Mac N Cheese & Banana Pudding! - Taylor, TX

2/03/16   Is good.

2/03/16   For the good food. - Jesse, San Antonio, TX

2/03/16   Best Hot-guts ever! - Alan, Katy, TX

2/02/16   I like the food.

2/02/16   Best Brisket! - Peter, Bastrop, TX

2/02/16   Good food. Jenny, Austin, TX

2/01/16   Enjoy this place, it's always my go to place for BBQ. - Jackson

2/01/16   Always welcomed with a bunch of smiles & awesome food & customer service. - Joseph, Giddings, TX

2/01/16   Very good customer service & very good food. - Erica

2/01/16   It is most definitely worth the drive. - Myranda, Round Rock, TX

1/31/16   Love the Brisket.

1/31/16   Amazing food.

1/31/16   Delicious BBQ & you clearly mark gluten free options. Eric, Austin, TX

1/31/16   The food is yummy! - Bob, Austin, TX 

1/31/16   The food is good. - Linda, Austin, TX

1/30/16   Great food. - Billy & Charla, San Antonio, TX

1/30/16   My first time, loved the sweet flavor of the sauce on the Brisket! - Judith, The Woodlands, TX

1/30/16   Excellent BBQ.

1/30/16   Good people & good BBQ! - Barb, Austin, TX

1/30/16   Life-long customer.

1/30/16   Because the food is great & awesome every time we come. - Alicia, Austin, TX

1/30/16   Customer since you were downtown. - Van, Austin, TX

1/30/16   The flavor & variety of the BBQ. – Audrey, Austin, TX

1/29/16   Great food. - Afro, Pflugerville, TX

1/29/16   Ed was super friendly, it’s delicious, Love the food and atmosphere. - The Dereros Family, Round Rock, TX

1/29/16   It's delicious! Love the food.

1/29/16   Like the food. - Mike, Austin, TX

1/29/16   Best BBQ on the side of Austin, TX

1/29/16   Great food & service. - Mark, Austin, TX

1/29/16   Great BBQ & Sausage, the best!

1/29/16   The food does not taste 133 years old, Amazing. - Jean, Austin, TX

1/28/16   I like the Sausage.

1/28/16   Great food for many years. - Jerry, Mason, TX

1/28/16   Have been for 40 years, drive from Rogers. Always good. - Stephie, Rogers, TX

1/27/16   Best Chopped Sandwich, ever.

1/27/16   Have always come here. - Judy, Salado, TX

1/27/16   Love the food. - Harry, Humble, TX

1/26/16  Good BBQ - Rhonda, Austin, TX

1/26/16  Great sausage, my favorite! Great courteous & professional service, not a long wait, love the crackers & am glad ice cream is back. - Debra, Austin, TX

1/25/16  Good food, price & customer service.

1/25/16  Food & service. - Tina, Austin, TX

1/25/16  Has been my favorite BBQ since I was a kid. - Robert

1/25/16  My husband loves this place! - Rebecca, LaGrange, TX

1/25/16  I try coming once a week on my lunch break - it's so good. - Andrea

1/24/16  Love the food & the fact that you offer salads. Love chocolate milkshakes. - Jessica, Manor, TX

1/24/16  The food & staff are great!

1/24/16  The all-beef sausage is the best in the world. - Douglas, Seattle, WA

1/24/16  Great BBQ, fast service, Sunday greatness. - Austin, TX

1/24/16  Convenient location & good food.

1/24/16  Because it tastes good. - Iris

1/24/16  This was my first time - I loved it. - Iris, Austin, TX

1/23/16  I love the service & good food. - Jeremiah, Elgin, TX

1/23/16  Best BBQ around!

1/23/16  I love the food here. - C. Elgin, TX

1/22/16  The potato.

1/22/16  My boyfriend shared it with me, tastiest brisket I've ever had. - Celia, Austin, TX

1/22/16  Food is good & staff is warm & friendly. - Stan, Elgin, TX

1/22/16  Enjoy the food.

1/22/16  Cuz, this is home!!

1/22/16  Greatest BBQ in Texas.

1/22/16  I've enjoyed this place for years.

1/22/16  I've heard about this place for years. - Audris, Georgetown, TX

1/22/16  Cause, the food is amazing!

1/22/16  All my life. - Clarence, Waxahachie, TX

1/22/16  I love the BBQ here.

1/22/16  Been coming since 1975 - Always great. - Bernie, Volente, TX

1/21/16  Very friendly & helpful staff! Found you on TripAdvisor.

1/21/16  Love the food.

1/21/16  Have been for years, love the sausage & brisket. - The Johnson Family, Bertram, TX

1/21/16  Love that staff took the time to ask & learn some signs to communicate w/my deaf brother. Food rocked!

1/20/16  Great BBQ! - Clay, Hutto, TX

1/20/16  Location & food is good.

1/20/16  Friend brought me years ago, I loved it so I brought a friend today. - Gene, Houston, TX

1/20/16  It's pretty good, the best.

1/18/16  Passing through, 1st time here, SUPERB food. - Louis, Houston, TX

1/17/16  We love it! Everything is always top quality!

1/17/16  The sausage is awesome! - Andrea, The Woodlands, TX

1/17/16  Quality of food is good & customer service is great! - Austin, TX

1/17/16  The food is the #1 reason, but, also because of the service, last but not least the prices. - Rick, Round Rock, TX

1/17/16  Friend referred us - everything was good.

1/17/16  You have the best food I've ever eaten, Shhhh… better than my mother's.

1/16/16   Good food. - Ruthie, Belton, TX

1/16/16   Good food. - Earnestine, Belton, TX

1/16/16   We were traveling & stumbled across ya'll & so happy we did! - O'Sullivan Family, Ireland

1/16/16   The food & service, always satisfied, always clean. Courtesy of the staff & food. - Virginia, Austin, TX

1/16/16   Great environment & friendly people enhance every meal.

1/16/16   Like the brisket & sausage. 

1/15/16   the food is great & plentiful. It's a family tradition. - Katherine, Taylor, TX

1/15/16   Great food, good atmosphere, nice people. - Lynn, Cleburne, TX

1/15/16   It is good. - Evalinda, Austin, TX

1/15/16   Good food, good sausage. - Georgetown, TX

1/15/16   Love the sausage, like the brisket, chicken was cooked to perfection. - Mike, Austin, TX

1/15/16   It taste good.

1/15/16   Loved how friendly all of the staff was, general environment was great! Loved the Texas Bold Sauce.

1/14/16   We want to eat the best BBQ & it is here. - Rodriguez Family, Austin, TX

1/14/16   Great food, atmosphere, tradition & taste! - Carlos, Thrall, TX

1/13/16   Long time customer, always stop when on the way.

1/13/16   Love the Sausage - #1, love the atmosphere, love the customer service, and love talking to the employees.

1/12/16   It's the best! - Davila, Austin, TX

1/12/16   Have always enjoyed the sausage. - Rick, Pearsall, TX

1/12/16   Love all the meat, especially the sausage. - Chris, San Angelo, TX

1/12/16   Love the food.

1/12/16   It's all good!

1/12/16   I enjoy the food and people.

1/11/16   The brisket & Mac & Cheese. - Beth, Austin, TX

1/11/16   Good BBQ. - Roger, Austin, TX

1/10/16   Family tradition, good food. - Chris, Georgetown, TX

1/10/16   Love the sausage. - Charles, Round Rock, TX

1/10/16   Brisket & sausage and great people.

1/10/16   Best BBQ, love the open dining & atmosphere! - Stephanie, Austin, TX

1/10/16   Family BBQ spot. - Melissa, Leander, TX

1/09/16   Food is good. - Austin, TX

1/09/16   Like the food. - Roshon, Austin, TX

1/09/16   We liked the 1882 Sausage. - Billy, Taylor, TX

1/09/16   Great food, great customer service. - Lewis, San Antonio, TX

1/09/16   It's very good. - Mary, Austin, TX

1/09/16   Pork was great, plenty of room, love desserts. - Bastrop, TX

1/09/16   The food is amazing, it's nice & easy BBQ. - Matthew, Austin, TX

1/09/16   Delicious food, great customer service. - Larry, Cedar Creek, TX

1/09/16   Good BBQ & fast, friendly service. - La Grange, TX

1/08/16   Good BBQ. - Charles, Austin, TX

1/08/16   Best BBQ. - Tom, Lincoln, TX

1/08/16   Everyone very helpful. - Kent, Houston, TX

1/07/16   Great food, great prices. - Joyce, Austin, TX

1/07/16   BBQ is always good, everyone is nice & friendly. - Joan, Austin, TX

1/07/16   Like the BBQ. - Keith, Houston, TX

1/06/16   The turkey sandwich.

1/06/16   The best in Texas, been coming since I was a little boy. I will always eat here. - Danny, Taylor TX

1/06/16   I like great BBQ. - John, Bryan, TX

1/06/16   We love it here. Stowe, Elgin, TX

1/05/16   Born & raised in Elgin. - William, Elgin, TX

1/05/16   Good food. - Dave, Conroe, TX

1/04/16   Love the food.

1/04/16   Good food, great service. - Jenna, Austin, TX

1/04/16   Good & delicious meat, I like the country. - Rosa Family, Round Rock, TX

1/04/16   Like the food, good service, fresh meat & plenty of eating space. - Andrews Family, Shepherd, TX

1/03/16   Good BBQ. - Pflugerville, TX

1/03/16   I love the food & service. - Michael, Temple, TX

1/03/16   Great food, great service. I drive from Austin & San Antonio to enjoy the food. - John, Austin, TX

1/03/16   Raised on it, will raise my kids on it. - Pflugerville, TX

1/03/16   I believe that it's the best BBQ in the great State of Texas. - Rick, Austin, TX

1/03/16    I'm a loyal fan, been coming for 30 years. - Dee, Austin, TX

1/03/16    Ed, the Manager is always helpful in making sure we are happy. - Dee, Austin, TX

1/03/16    I have been since you were located downtown. - Richard, Austin, TX

1/03/16    It's the best if you don't want to do it yourself. - Vickie, Austin, TX

1/03/16    Quality is good. - Currie Family, Llano, TX

1/02/16    Good food, fun place. - Joe, Weimer, TX

1/02/16    Enjoy the sausage, good food choices, plenty of parking. - Peggy, Bartlett, TX

1/02/16    Love the pork ribs. - Debbie, Hempstead, TX

1/02/16    The food is very good. - Austin, TX

1/02/16    Great food, great service. First time, had a great experience. - Tori, Nashville, TX

1/02/16    The food is good, customer service is great! - Julie, Dallas, TX

1/02/16    Like the sausage & brisket. - Linda, Austin, TX

1/02/16    Love the food & atmosphere. Love, love LOVE IT!! - Louisa, Austin, TX

1/01/16    Excellent food, always!

1/01/16    Sausage & beans were great!

1/01/16    Love the sausage & brisket.

1/01/16    It's a good place, all the meat is great & beans!

1/01/16    Great portions. - John, Industry, TX 78944

1/01/16    My kids love to come & it's delicious. - Rosa, Austin, TX

1/01/16    Sausage only. - Garlon, Round Rock, TX

1/01/16    Great food. - Ronnie, Austin, TX

12/31/15  Recommended by a friend, didn't disappoint even though you were out of brisket & baby back ribs.

12/31/15  Good BBQ, service is a 10! - Gene, Taylor, TX

12/31/15  Love juicy meat & potato salad. - Jak, Austin, TX

12/31/15  One of the best BBQ places I've been too.

12/30/15  Brisket was wonderful.

12/30/15  The sausage!

12/30/15  Good food!

12/30/15  Third generation customer.

12/28/15  Best BBQ in Texas! - Randy

12/27/15  It's a landmark.

12/27/15  I like the food.

12/27/15  Always good. - Amy, Georgetown, TX

12/27/15  Good food, good service.

12/27/15  Food is great! Customer service is awesome!! - Debbie, Taylor, TX

12/27/15  BBQ is just that good. - Collins Family, Round Rock/Georgetown/Austin, TX

12/26/15  I like the meat & the people here are very friendly. - Jenny, The Woodlands, TX

12/26/15  I love the BBQ - Great Sausage! Sharleen, Georgetown, TX

12/26/15  Great food, great atmosphere! - Josie & Eli, Austin, TX

12/26/15  Quality of food & service. - Ray, Round Rock, TX

12/24/15  Good food, courteous staff. - Nike, Elgin, TX

12/24/15  Good food, wonderful smell. - Jon, Elgin, TX

12/24/15  We just love it - my friend recommended & this is our 2nd visit. - Claire, College Station, TX

12/24/15  Born into the tradition & as an adult I still love it. - Elly, Round Rock, TX

12/23/15  Great food. - D. Robinson, Dallas, TX

12/23/15  Consistency good food! – - Tina, Thrall, TX

12/23/15  Reputation & quality.

12/23/15  Sausage taste great. Family tradition. - Mike, Fort Worth, TX

12/22/15  Love good BBQ.

12/22/15  It's perfect.  - Dianna C., Elgin, TX

12/22/15  The sausage. Grew up eating here. *Memories* 

12/21/15  The food is good.  - Janine, Taylor, TX

12/21/15  Pork Steak and friendly service.

12/21/15  Love the brisket.  - Amanda J., Bryan, TX

12/21/15  Best BBQ.  - Robert E.

12/20/15  We have always enjoyed coming here. Good food, good service.  - Raul R., Austin, TX

12/20/15  Everything was perfect. Mac-n-chz was the BOMB! First time here, actually.  - Israel M., Pflugerville, TX

12/20/15  Love the brisket. Love the friendly staff. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Even the girl at the ice cream

12/20/15  The best BBQ around.  - Jason P., Taylor, TX

12/20/15  I like the food.  - Lorie C., McDade, TX

12/20/15  Food is awesome as well as service.  - Tiffany & Elaine, Beaumont, TX

12/20/15  Love the food and service.  - Barbara, Austin, TX

12/20/15  Because sausage is good.  - Manuel H., Hutto, TX

12/20/15  Good food - Austin, TX

12/19/15  The food is good.  - Gil, Austin, TX

12/19/15  Have been eating here since the 80's. Convenient when driving in and out of Austin.  - Kate A., Houston, TX

12/19/15  Been here before. Drove from Spicewood to go dancing at the SPJST. We brought my mom and 2 granddaughters. - Norma W., Spicewood, TX

12/19/15  Good food.  - Charles L., Round Rock, TX

12/19/15  Outstanding. If God made a better BBQ place, he kept it for himself.  - Norris H., Spurger, TX

12/19/15  Brisket - Great char and marbling (obviously moist). Mac-n-chz pretty good. Sausage to die for! Way better than Kruez. First time here and

12/19/15  Because it's good.  - Austin, TX

12/19/15  Jalapeno cheese sausage was great. Passing through.  - Cedar Park, TX

12/19/15  It's really good and we are travelling through.  - Austin, TX

12/18/15  1) Your reputation 2) The best BBQ 3) Excellent service 4) Friendly atmosphere  - Austin, TX

12/18/15  Yummy food and great service.  - Pflugerville, TX

12/18/15  It was on the way. 

12/18/15  Could not be better. BBQ tastes great.  - A. Saldana, Manor, TX

12/18/15  My parents brought me here when it was located downtown. Still one of the best.  - Donna S., Austin, TX

12/18/15  Because we love BBQ. Southside delivers.  - Hutto, TX

12/18/15  Every time I come here, I leave a happy customer. The service and great food.

12/18/15  Because it's really good.  - Raul, Elgin, TX

12/18/15  We came for the Christmas tree farm and loved our lunch afterwards. Sausage was awesome! - The Hutchinsons, Buda, TX

12/17/15  The Ranch Hand is fantastic! Quick and friendly service. My 1st visit was exceptional!  - Sue O., Killeen, TX

12/17/15  Enjoy the BBQ & comfortable atmosphere.  - Doug B., Georgetown, TX

12/17/15  Good food!! Numerous stops here over the years.  - Jim & Sue J., Austin, TX

12/17/15  Love Elgin Sausage.  - Pauline M., Austin, TX

12/17/15  We enjoyed the food. Just stopped by for BBQ.  - Arvo P., New Jersey

12/16/15  Consistent product

12/16/15  The sausage is good.  - Elgin, TX

12/16/15  Food & Atmosphere.  - Jim, Bob, Mary & John, Elgin, TX

12/16/15  The sausage is not soggy. It snaps when you bite it!  - J.R., Austin, TX

12/15/15  Good sausage.

12/15/15  Best BBQ in Texas. - Adriana, Round Rock, TX

12/15/15  My family loves this! - Taylor, Elgin, TX

12/15/15  Sausage the best! The service is excellent. - David, Austin, TX

12/14/15  Great food & service. - Monique, Taylor, TX

12/14/15  Food & Service are great! - Walton, Taylor, TX

12/13/15  Great BBQ! - Susan, San Antonio, TX

12/13/15  It was my first time, great quality, good price, great service. - Caitlyn, Round Rock, TX

12/13/15  Great smoky flavor without being overpowering.

12/13/15  It is good.

12/12/15  Great meat.

12/12/15  Like the food.

12/12/15  Love the BBQ & Sides.

12/12/15  Brisket is good. - Audrey, Austin, TX

12/12/15  We love the food & friendliness of the people. - Amy, Manor, TX

12/11/15  I love your Brisket & Potato Salad.

12/11/15  Great Customer service & food. - Shakira, Taylor, TX

12/11/15  Sausage & Brisket. - Frank, Austin, TX

12/11/15  Really like it! - Chris, Austin, TX

12/11/15  Like the food & ambiance. - Roger, Dimmitt, TX

12/11/15  Love your food, Pork Steak is awesome! - Maria, Austin, TX

12/10/15  I love the brisket.

12/10/15  Because of Bryan Bracewell & Family. Foods, great! Employees are always nice & helpful.

12/10/15  Great food.

12/09/15  Tradition

12/09/15  First time here, Loved it!

12/08/15  Ribs & Brisket. - Henry, Austin, TX

12/08/15  We love your Sausage, Brisket, & Ribs, very tasty, juicy & delicious. - Fran, Austin, TX

12/08/15  Food & service were awesome! It was my first visit, I'll be back! - Kevin, Temple, TX

12/08/15  We love the food especially the dessert! - Ivelisse, Round Rock, TX

12/04/15  Best Pork Ribs. - Abigail, Taylor, TX

12/04/15  The taste keeps you a customer.

12/04/15  Love the food. Been coming for 23 years.

12/04/15  Great food! - Jorge, Austin, TX

12/03/15  First time, but the food rocks! It's fantastic. Best potato I've ever had. - Julia, Houston, TX

12/03/15  It's the best BBQ place! - Florinda, Austin, TX

12/03/15  Love it! - Trey, Austin, TX

12/03/15  Great service, great BBQ, very accommodating service. Overall exceptional!

12/02/15  Warm, Friendly, great atmosphere!! Love it! - Hudson, Anchorage, AK

12/02/15  Good food.

11/30/15  Good turkey!

11/30/15  Love the Sausage & Potato Salad. - Ronda, Houston, TX

11/29/15  All great, we will be back! - Talia, Austin, TX

11/29/15  Good food & atmosphere. - Sandra, Fredericksburg, TX

11/29/15  The food & customer service is great! - Veronica, Austin, TX

11/29/15  Come every year when we get our Christmas tree, love the food.

11/29/15  Food & atmosphere are great!

11/29/15  Big, juicy sausage. D'John

11/29/15  It's good! Ed's customer service. - Finch, Round Rock, TX

11/28/15  My boys like the Brisket, I like the Pork Steak. - Lopez Family, Austin, TX

11/28/15  It was great. - Round Rock, TX

11/28/15  We love good ol' fashion BBQ. - Round Rock, TX

11/28/15  I love BBQ & had to try the best! - Sabrina, Buda, TX

11/28/15  It's tradition after we get our Christmas tree. - Johnny, Austin, TX

11/28/15  Love the food & environment! - Gonzales Family, Buda, TX

11/28/15  Food was great! Love the Ranch Hand.

11/28/15  Tradition. - Phillip, Cedar Park, TX

11/27/15  The Beans, Brisket, Sausage, Ribs & Cheese are the best! - Troy

11/27/15  It's really good BBQ, & I've heard great things about it! - Austin, TX

11/27/15  Best Sausage I've ever had, been coming as long as I can remember. - Anthony, Chicago, IL

11/27/15  It's excellent, Chicago guests always love it! - Gloria, Austin, TX

11/27/15  Great authentic Sausage after Christmas tree shopping.

11/27/15  Love the food since 1981. - Meador Family, Austin, TX

11/27/15  Great BBQ.

11/27/15  Generations of family have been customers, the food is fantastic. - Shiflett Family, Pittsburgh

11/23/15  Great people, Better BBQ. - Tom, Manor, TX

11/23/15  Brisket. - Miles

11/23/15  People who work here are top notch. - Brannam Family, Manor, TX

11/22/15  Good BBQ & good desserts & love the people. - AnnaMarie, Houston, TX

11/22/15  Sausage & Brisket is the best! - Auburn

11/22/15  Good food, good prices. - Sean, McKinney, TX

11/22/15  Brisket. - Miles

11/22/15  Everything is good. - Joe, Fentress, TX

11/22/15  Tradition - Thrall, TX

11/22/15  Friend recommendation. - Kristina & Tyler, Texas

11/21/15  I grew up on Southside, the BBQ is great, no need to go anywhere else. - Serena, Austin, TX

11/21/15  My family recommended it, I love the "good ol' boy mentality.

11/21/15  It is delicious, the bold sauce is one of the best BBQ Sauces! - Ruth, Porter, TX

11/21/15  Taste! - Andy, Lakeway, TX

11/20/15  I like the chicken & sausage. - Kristen, Taylor, TX

11/20/15  Delicious food. - Marcia, Taylor, TX

11/20/15  Food & Sweet Tea is good.

11/20/15  Food is delicious, & plenty of it for the price. - Melissa, Elgin, TX

11/20/15  Good food & Big Red on top. - Johnny, Austin, TX

11/20/15  It's always delicious, never miss it when coming through. - Steve, Austin,/Houston, TX

11/20/15  Great food & courtesy. - Weimer, TX

11/20/15  First time, will come back next time I come through Elgin.

11/15/15  Heard it was excellent BBQ!

11/15/15  Great food, great place to meet & visit.

11/15/15  Good BBQ, favorite place to stop on our way home from Scout Camp. - Tommy, Pflugerville, TX

11/15/15  Good service & food.

11/15/15  Favorite place! Love the Brisket & Sausage. Most of all the Blue Bell afterwards! Enriquez Family - Austin, TX

11/15/15  Good food. - Johnny, Elgin, TX

11/15/15  The BBQ was delicious & the services was great! We will definitely come again with the entire family. - Puentes Family, San Marcos, TX

11/12/15  Location, Consistent product.

11/11/15  Grew up in Austin, been coming here since I was a kid - I still do even though it's a 2 hour drive. - Juan

11/11/15  Delicious! - Katie, Mike & Brandi - Austin, TX

11/11/15  Good BBQ! - Kevin, Georgetown, TX

11/09/15  Convenient, good food, grew up on it.

11/09/15  It's generational thing! Always provides good classic BBQ! - The Montemayor's, Elgin TX

11/08/15  Good food. - Austin, TX

11/08/15  It's delicious & it's Grandma's 96th Birthday. - Becky, Cedar Creek, TX

11/08/15  Great place to eat.

11/07/15  BBQ! - Round Rock, TX

11/07/15  Chopped brisket baked potato. – Clark Family, Round Rock, TX

11/07/15  Great BBQ & close to home. - Chris, Elgin, TX

11/07/15  Heard about it & decided to try it, glad I did! It's so tasty! - Delia, Pflugerville, TX

11/07/15  It's dang good. - Tina, Pflugerville, TX

11/07/15  I enjoy the food & service.

11/07/15  The BBQ is awesome! - Pete, Cleveland, OH

11/06/15  First time - I like it.

11/06/15  It's Darn good BBQ! - Anthony, Georgetown, TX

11/06/15  Love your BBQ! - Austin, TX

11/06/15  I've always loved your food.

11/06/15  I love this place. - Ralph, Temple, TX

11/06/15  Great sausage! - Brandon, Temple, TX

11/06/15  Because I love your BBQ!

11/06/15  The food is yummy!

11/06/15  Long time customer. - Joe, New Braunfels, TX

11/06/15  It's the best! - Rebecca

11/05/15  You are doing everything right! - Alison, Austin, TX

11/05/15  Baked Potato is awesome, the BOLD BBQ Sauce holds up to his name.

11/04/15  Southside BBQ is my fav. - Hans, Elgin, TX

11/04/15  The Sausage & Staff.

11/04/15  It's good & been around a while.

10/27/15  Delicious food.

10/27/15  Like to eat here. - Leonard, Austin, TX

10/27/15  Been coming here for years, it is great! - Dale, Lott, TX

10/27/15  My dad was, now I am, & so will my son. - Marlon, Hutto, TX

10/26/15  Always have come here. - Amanda, Elgin, TX

10/26/15  Love this place. - Joseph

10/26/15  Love the sausage. - Opticio, Taylor, TX

10/26/15  Like it a lot. - Frank, Manor, TX

10/25/15  Great food. - Alex, Elgin, TX

10/25/15  Chopped beef is amazing & staff is friendly plus Blue Bell. - Brooks, Round Rock, TX

10/25/15  The food is great, even the day we came & the power was out.

10/25/15  Family tradition. -

10/25/15  Best BBQ in town. Yum. - Patterson Family, Elgin, TX

10/25/15  Good food. - King, Lexington, TX

10/25/15  You guys have great BBQ! - Paul, Austin, TX

10/25/15  Great food!

10/25/15  Been coming since 1974. - Lee, Manor, TX

10/24/15  Family tradition. - Maggie, Austin, TX

10/24/15  Taste!

10/24/15  Good food, great customer service. - Austin, TX

10/24/15  Awesome! - Will, Corpus Christi, TX

10/24/15  BBQ is life.

10/24/15  Always stop on the way to/from Houston. - Skylar, Austin, TX

10/23/15  Stopped by on our way home to Houston, will definitely be back - Jose, Dayton, TX

10/23/15  Great food.

10/23/15  My brother Ryland worked here, so we came to try it and now we are hooked. - Brianna, Manor, TX

10/23/15  Delicious BBQ, friendly staff. - Adam, Elgin, TX

10/23/15  First time here, we will be back. - Heather, Hutto, TX

10/23/15  It's delicious. - JT - Round Rock, TX

10/22/15  Have been a customer for years. - Georgetown, TX

10/22/15  Like the new products.

10/21/15  Consistent & quick.

10/21/15  Amazing food, & service.

10/21/15  Have been for 50 years.

10/21/15  The best. - Austin, TX

10/20/15  Taste, Food, Location & Hospitality. - Steven, Austin, TX

10/20/15  Food is great, Employees are friendly. - Matt, Elgin, TX

10/20/15  Good food. - Jasmine, Hutto, TX

10/20/15  Service is good & friendly & BBQ is wonderful. We've been customers for 40+ years. - Fay, Elgin, TX

10/19/15  Food is amazing! - Lydia, Elgin, TX

10/19/15  Brisket is amazing, love the Hot Sauce.

10/18/15  Great BBQ. - E. - Bastrop, TX

10/18/15  Love the food.

10/18/15  Good food. - Valerie, Schulenburg, TX

10/18/15  Longtime customer. - Janice

10/18/15  Amazing BBQ. - Samantha, Victoria, TX

10/18/15  Long time customer - Tammy, LaGrange, TX

10/17/15  Drove by, came in & loved it! - Ivelisse, Round Rock, TX

10/17/15  Best Brisket & Sausage.

10/17/15  Perfect place. - Deborah, Magnolia, TX

10/17/15  Our favorite BBQ when we're driving through. - David, Austin, TX

10/17/15  Good BBQ, reputation.

10/17/15  Food & Sauce are always great. - Josh, Elgin, TX

10/17/15  Great place to eat. - Fort Worth, TX

10/16/15  Great food. - Austin, TX

10/16/15  It's good. - Lourdes, The Woodlands, TX

10/16/15  Great BBQ, great atmosphere, meat market.

10/16/15  Everything is so smoky & good!!

10/16/15  We enjoy the food, it's delicious. - Elias, Taylor, TX

10/16/15  Driving through, stopped & promptly fell in love with your Banana Pudding. - Flynn, Spring, TX

10/16/15  Good food. - Felix, Austin, TX

10/16/15  I love it! - Dee Dee, Taylor, TX

10/15/15  Slammers!

10/15/15  Always great food. - Scott, Salado, TX

10/15/15  Food is great, friendly service Novelty of how you eat… Paper, bread, pickles onions. & MEAT! - John, John & Joan. - Houston, TX

10/15/15  Great service, great food and a hometown setting. – Melinda, TX

10/15/15  Yummy, always good, Thank you. - Salado, TX

10/14/15  Born & raised on Southside & my daughter is a Southside lover. - Laura, Austin, TX

10/14/15  Cause the BBQ taste like my BBQ. - Louis, Austin, TX

10/14/15  Good food. - McDade, TX

10/13/15  Came here all my life, good, consistent quality.

10/13/15  The food is always amazing & hot. We come from Taylor twice a month for this great food. - Taylor, TX

10/13/15  Good BBQ! - Larry, Austin, TX

10/13/15  Best in Elgin. - Elgin, TX

10/13/15  Best in Elgin.

10/12/15  the BBQ is very delicious. - Mary, Austin, TX

10/11/15  Good BBQ. - Manor, TX

10/11/15  First trip here, I became a fan of the sausage.

10/11/15  The food is good & love the drive here. - Austin, TX

10/10/15  Good people & good food. - Gail, Balch Springs, TX

10/10/15  Good food. - Bill, Cedar Park, TX

10/10/15  First time, the food was great!

10/10/15  Great BBQ!

10/10/15  The brisket & sausage, tried the new Mac & Cheese it was good & loved the Slammer.

10/10/15  Been since my Grandpa took me downtown in the 1960's.

10/09/15  We love the sausage, we've been coming for 2 decades.

10/09/15  Great BBQ. - E. - Bastrop, TX

10/09/15  Meat Perfectionist & the best customer service. - LaToya, Del Valle, TX

10/09/15  Been coming since I was a kid with my Grandfather. - Matt, Manor, TX

10/09/15  Great BBQ, family atmosphere.

10/09/15  Good food.

10/09/15  Best BBQ anywhere. - Kerry

10/07/15  Good food & service.

10/07/15  Great BBQ!

10/07/15  Excellent food, always consistent.

10/07/15  Great food.

10/07/15  Great food, the people. - Daryl, Gustine, TX

10/06/15  Brisket & sausage are excellent. - Frank, Austin, TX

10/05/15  The quality of food every time. - Larry, Austin, TX

10/05/15  It's awesome.

10/05/15  It's a family tradition. - Tracie, Georgetown, TX

10/05/15  I love BBQ!

10/05/15  Awesome BBQ & Sauce! - Madeline, Elgin, TX

10/04/15  Great food. - Rick, Austin, TX

10/04/15  Family tradition. - Keith, Cedar Hill, TX

10/04/15  BBQ is amazing. - Moses, Houston, TX

10/04/15  This place is the best. - Austin, TX

10/03/15  We enjoy the food & atmosphere.

10/03/15  The food is very good, & it's nice to have service with a smile.

10/03/15  Great BBQ & atmosphere. - Shana, Pflugerville, TX

10/03/15  The BBQ is always great!

10/03/15  You guys are pretty famous!! - Joseph, Austin, TX

10/03/15  Its great food, employees are very friendly, just love it! - Rosa, Laredo, TX

10/02/15  Love the BBQ, Food is great! - Vic, Pflugerville, TX

10/02/15  Fast service, great food, plenty of seating. - Marla, Hutto, TX

10/02/15  We live here & food and service is always good. - Phillip, Elgin, TX

10/02/15  Convenient & quality, eat here on every trip to Austin. - Curtis, Houston, TX

10/02/15  First time, will definitely be back. - Adrianna, Creedmoor, TX

10/02/15  The quality of food. - Havner Family, Austin, TX

10/02/15  Heard it was good & it was great!

10/01/15  Love the Meats! - Rex, Copperas Cove

10/01/15  Delicious food - sauce is the best.

10/01/15  Best BBQ in Texas.

10/01/15  Good food & service.

9/30/15    Nice flavor.

9/30/15    We enjoy the BBQ.

9/30/15    Raised on Southside!

9/29/15    It’s so good! – Derrick, Austin, TX

9/29/15    Been stopping for several decades & have always enjoyed eating here. – Reese Family, Belton, TX

9/29/15    Location, & the food is good.

9/28/15    I love the BBQ!

9/28/15    I like the food! – Sharon, Taylor, TX

9/28/15    Great BBQ! – Eric, Austin, TX

9/27/15    Have been eating Southside when we were growing up, always good. – May, Bertram, TX

9/27/15    Ya’ll are awesome. Sides were awesome, corn & mac & cheese! – San Marcos, TX

9/27/15    Best BBQ, only one I know since being a kid & I’m 64. – Mary, Austin, TX

9/27/15    Food!

9/26/15    Love the food, brisket ROCKS! – Steve, Leander, TX

9/26/15    I really like the food!

9/26/15    Good food! – The Stewarts & Dixons, CA. & TX

9/26/15    Sausage

9/26/15    Mucho Bueno! – Joe, Austin, TX

9/26/15    Food is great! – Becky, Round Rock, TX

9/26/15    Great reputation! – Girl Scout Troop 945, Austin, TX

9/26/15    BBQ is life & I love your chopped brisket sandwich. – Briana, Pflugerville, TX

9/26/15    We think this is the best BBQ place & a very nice atmosphere to bring family. – Kyle, Cedar Park, TX

9/25/15    First time here from Houston, LOVE IT!!! – Nancy, Elgin, TX

9/25/15    We love the BBQ! Something for even a picky eater! – Emily, Elgin, TX

9/25/15    The food is great! – Oran, Pflugerville, TX

9/25/15    Passing through, I’d love to come back! – Jude, Boyne City, MI

9/25/15    Been a customer for over 20 years, don’t live in the area but every time we come through we stop. – Mark, Wharton, TX

9/25/15    You all have Blue Bell, Love the food & the history. – Hatty, Buda, TX

9/25/15    Love BBQ!

9/25/15    Service was excellent, good food, convenient. Thanks for the Jalapenos.

9/24/15    I grew up in the old location, going with my folks & plan on doing the same w/my 2 yr. old son. – Randy, Elgin, TX

9/24/15    Great service!

9/24/15    Delicious food & good service. – Rick, Houston, TX

9/23/15    Good brisket & chicken. – Georgetown, TX

9/23/15    Quality & friendly staff. – Georgetown, TX

9/23/15    there is no other place to eat the best Sausage other than Southside. – Sandra, Elgin, TX

9/22/15    Great food & service, Dakota was awesome! – Lisa, Austin, TX

9/22/15    The sausage. – McKinney, TX

9/22/15    Your meat is the best in Texas!! – Sarah, Temple, TX

9/21/15    Jalapeno/Cheddar Sausage, good brisket & ribs.

9/21/15    The BBQ is awesome! – Raul, Elgin, TX

9/21/15    Favorite brisket.

9/21/15    Great food. – Adam, Taylor, TX

9/20/15    Been coming for years, love the BBQ flavor. – Del Valle, TX

9/20/15    Love the food. – Jim, Austin, TX

9/20/15    Because the food is great, we love it! – Melanie, Manor, TX

9/20/15    Love the BBQ, this is what I wanted for my Birthday meal w/ Mama & Papaw – Kensley

9/20/15    It’s the 1st time, & the meat was perfect, tender, juicy & delicious. – Jacob, Bryan, TX

9/20/15    The best I’ve had in Texas; I will be back. – Michael, Memphis, TN

9/19/15    The best sausage anywhere. – Jeanne, Austin, TX

9/19/15    Love the food & friendly customer service. – Wesley, Stephens, AR

9/19/15    It all rocked!

9/19/15    Great environment, great people, location & food.

9/18/15    Quality food, good service. – Rebecca, Coupland, TX

9/18/15    Great tasting food! – Trinidad, Pflugerville, TX

9/18/15    Food is awesome!

9/18/15    Been coming since I was a child I am 59, I love the sausage! – S. Guzman, Austin, TX

9/18/15    The best sausage in the state!!

9/17/15    The BBQ is the best!! – Olivia, Elgin, TX

9/17/15    Sausage! The brisket was good! – Bobbi, College Station, TX

9/16/15    Been coming for 50 years. – Austin, TX

9/15/15    Best food in Elgin. – Jordan, Austin, TX

9/15/15    Love it! – Amanda, Elgin, TX

9/13/15    Great BBQ & good service. – Joyce, Austin, TX

9/13/15    We love the taste, quality, & friendliness. Good job. – Amados, Hutto, TX

9/13/15    Nobody makes sausage like Southside, I’ve tried a lot and nobody compares. – Lucie, Round Rock, TX

9/13/15    Great food. – AJ, Conroe, TX

9/13/15    Your ribs are the best we’ve ever eaten. I come for the sausage & chicken too. – Joe. Round Rock, TX

9/13/15    Love your sausage, brisket, turkey. Good portions on your plates. – Sue, Round Rock, TX

9/12/15    Ginormous portions.

9/12/15    Best BBQ in Central Texas. – Xavier, Kingwood, TX

9/12/15    Cause it’s good. – Andy, Round Rock, TX

9/12/15    Because you’re awesome, the food is consistently amazing, & service is friendly. – Forgey, Austin, TX

9/11/15    Brisket, sausage & bold sauce were great! – Brandon, Wimberley, TX

9/11/15    Good food. – Sean, Pasadena, TX

9/11/15    Love the Slammers. – Michael, Cypress, TX

9/11/15    I love your food. – Bailey, Austin, TX

9/11/15    Cause it’s good! – James, Houston, TX

9/11/15    Good food. Scott, Coupland, TX

9/11/15    Good food.

9/10/15    My husband loves the brisket. – Amanda, Elgin, TX

9/10/15    Family tradition.

9/10/15    Love the sausage.

9/09/15    Sausage!

9/09/15    Smell it from the highway! – Earl, La Grange, TX

9/09/15    Grew up here. – Jessica, Elgin, TX

9/09/15    Best BBQ

9/09/15    Good food, Great job!!

9/08/15    Your flavorful brisket, really good!

9/08/15    Been a customer for 50 years. – Gonzales family, Taylor, TX

9/08/15    Consistent sausage & ribs. – Hutto, TX

9/07/15    For the brisket & sausage.

9/07/15    Great food & service.

9/07/15    Love the beef.

9/06/15    First time, loved the BBQ & people were wonderful!! – Conroe, TX

9/06/15    I love the sausage & BBQ sauce. – Jerald, Austin, TX

9/06/15    Smells good, tastes good, on the way home to Houston. – Moffitts, Conroe, TX

9/05/15    Great location, heritage, & fast service. It’s our first time & will try again. – Kalya & Joe, Houston, TX

9/05/15    Great food. – Austin, TX

9/05/15    Have been coming since downtown existed.

9/05/15    It’s always quick & delicious. – Oufner Family, Round Rock, TX

9/05/15    the food, service & atmosphere. – Joe, Manor, TX

9/05/15    Love the sausage & baked potatoes. – Debra, Manor, TX

9/04/15    Great job!

9/04/15    Have been since 1959. Hobert

9/04/15    Good food & sausage. – San Leon, TX

9/04/15    We love the ribs!

9/04/15    BBQ is good!

9/04/15    Good BBQ, no MSG, nice people, smells great! – Pflugerville, TX

9/03/15    Been coming since I was a child. – Ralph, Austin, TX

9/03/15    The meats. – Al, Austin, TX

9/03/15    Great food! Good location! – Carla, Austin, TX

9/02/15    Great reputation, great food & great customer service. – Mike, Dallas, TX

9/02/15    Been one since 1970. – John, Austin, TX

9/01/15    Food is great!

9/01/15    Food is good.

9/01/15    Food consistency & great service. Excellent BBQ!

8/31/15    Pork Steaks are incredible.

8/31/15    Sausage!

8/31/15    First time & I love it!

8/30/15    I enjoy the turkey. – Nathan, Austin, TX

8/30/15    Good food, clean dining area.

8/30/15    We love the Elgin sausage & atmosphere. – Roy, Austin, TX

8/30/15    Good sausage. – Jeff, Austin, TX

8/30/15    Amazing food, been coming for years, I remember the original market downtown. Pam, Thrall, TX

8/30/15    This is our first time, we’ll be back. – Johnson Family, Austin, TX

8/30/15    We love the food. – Beverly, Smithville, TX
8/29/15    My Dad started bringing me in 1960 every Monday.  – Steve, Leander, TX

8/29/15    Food is good.

8/29/15    Saw you on Food Paradise & drove 3 ½ hours to try, it was worth the trip. – Riki, Dallas, TX

8/29/15    Him cause he married me, me I was born & raised on only the best. – Portillo Family, Taylor, TX

8/29/15    What’s NOT to like? – Martone, Jarrell, TX

8/29/15    It’s the best. – Joe, Georgetown, TX

8/29/15    Good BBQ! Good family atmosphere. – Celia, Georgetown, TX

8/29/15    Because you rock!

8/18/15    Delicious place to stop when driving through Elgin. – David, Austin, TX

8/18/15    Food is awesome, customer service is great! – James & Mary, Round Rock, TX

8/18/15    Tradition, great food! – Jones Family, Manor, TX

8/17/15    Great food, great service, very friendly staff, we love Ed. – September & Jaime, CA

8/17/15    Been coming since I was a kid, best brisket on the Earth. – Tyler & Tanner, Austin, TX

8/17/15    Because we love the food. – Vicki, Hutto, TX

8/17/15    Saw your online ad, had to come in & try the food, it was great!

8/16/15    Sausage is great!

8/16/15    Because it is good & convenient.

8/16/15    I love BBQ. – Gracie, Leander TX

8/16/15    The food & service are the best in Texas. – Thomas, Bryan, TX

8/16/15    Cause I love great BBQ! – Round Rock, TX

8/16/15    Food is tenderly cook & great flavor. – Hernandez Family, Central, TX

8/16/15    Been a family tradition since I can’t remember, more than 44 years. – Tori, Texas City, TX

8/15/15    Keep doing what you are doing, it’s the best. – Debbie, Austin, TX

8/15/15    Love the food, love the customer service.

8/15/15    Food is great. – Green Family, Tow, TX

8/15/15    Just stopped – first time, will be back!  Ronnie, Bryan, TX

8/15/15    Good sausage. – Hubbard Family, Round Rock, TX

8/15/15    Heard it was amazing, it is! – Judy, Corpus Christi, TX

8/14/15    All of your BBQ is wonderful. – Ronnie, Pflugerville, TX

8/14/15    Tradition.

8/14/15    We have been customers since it was downtown, we love to eat here. – Tina, Manor, TX

8/14/15    Because we know it is good.

8/14/15    Good food. – Theresa, Milano, TX

8/14/15    I love BBQ. David, Thorndale, TX

8/13/15    We love to eat here, the BBQ is very good. – Margaret & Angel, Manor, TX

8/13/15    Great food!

8/12/15    Great food, friendly people. – Fairfield Family, Elgin, TX

8/11/15    Hungry & satisfied. – Harold, Salem, IN

8/11/15    Loved it since I was a kid, drove from Austin. – Tom, Austin, TX

8/11/15    Finger licking good! – Gary, Pflugerville, TX

8/11/15    Been eating here with my family since I was in diapers. Even @ the old location. – Allen, Normal, IL

8/11/15    Great food & service. – Tommy, Bryan, TX

8/10/15    Sausage!! – Bobby, Lubbock, TX

8/09/15    All is so awesome! I test the food & it’s delicious. – Mundo, Round Rock, TX

8/09/15    Great sausage, good food.

8/09/15    Delicious food, good customer service. – Flora, Granger, TX

8/09/15    Love the sausage!

8/08/15    Amazing sausage & great staff, our favorite! – Susan, Round Rock, TX

8/08/15    Good food.

8/08/15    Because we love the good BBQ you serve! – Gloria, Kyle, TX

8/08/15    Good service! – Crystal, Kyle, TX

8/08/15    The food is delicious, people are courteous, and they make sure you feel welcome. – Carolyn, Anderson, TX

8/07/15    Because the food is pretty awesome! – Jesus, Austin, TX

8/07/15    Very good food at a good price.

8/07/15    Food & service are awesome! – Kare, Spring, TX

8/07/15    Amazing BBQ! – Verenica, Austin, TX

8/07/15    I love the Sausage! – Mario, Laredo, TX

8/07/15    Service is pretty good, fast & efficient. – Adrian, Austin, TX

8/06/15    Brisket is great! – Justin, TX

8/05/15    History, taste & atmosphere. – Brandon, Austin, TX

8/04/15    Close & good food.

8/04/15    Best sausage!

8/04/15    Food is great! Prices are good, & beef ribs! – Jorge, Austin, TX

8/03/15    Delicious food! Friendly atmosphere. – Dana, Austin, TX

8/02/15    68 years of great sausage! – Larry, Round Rock, TX

8/02/15    Reputation, you definitely lived up to it!

8/02/15    Good BBQ, best I’ve ever had! Sugarland, TX

8/02/15    Great stuff!

8/02/15    Always great, people are friendly & nice, family tradition. – Ochoa Family, Austin, TX

8/02/15    Food is delicious, great customer service, everyone was very kind & welcoming. Very Clean.

8/02/15    Good BBQ & sweet tea! – Bill, Spearman, TX

8/02/15    Always have been, always will be.  

8/01/15    Great brisket!

8/01/15    Keep up the good cooking! – Maxine, Austin, TX

8/01/15    The food is great! Been coming for 30 years! – Christine, Wimberly, TX

8/01/15    Meat & sauce are great! – Fun environment! – McGriff Family, Georgetown, TX

7/31/15    The BBQ is good!

7/31/15    The food is great, the service is even better!

7/30/15    Great service, great food! – Bob, Houston, TX

7/29/15    Been coming since 1981, the food is always cooked just right! – Linda, Austin, TX

7/28/15    The food here is fabulous! The employees were exceptional. Everyone needs to eat here. - Marla, Hopkinsville, KY

7/28/15    Because your food is the BEST!!- Don, Houston, TX

7/28/15    Easy to get off of 290 & the food it very good. - B. Alsworth, Seguin, TX

7/27/15    Best BBQ on the way to and from Houston. Been coming since 1998. - Samantha, Houston, TX

7/27/15    Because it is good food and been coming here 50 years. - Ray, Taylor, TX

7/27/15    My wife loves it. - Randal

7/27/15    Great Sausage.-Lilianna, Austin, TX

7/26/15    Atmosphere.

7/26/15    FAMILY TRADITION, as for most people in Texas, you're either Southside or Lockhart. - Sam & Elly, Pflugerville, TX

7/26/15    My grandfather used to bring us here going to Bartlett, TX. My entire family love's it!!!- D. Bradshaw, Katy, TX

7/26/15    It's the best!

7/26/15    Been here several times and I LOVE it. - Robert, Bastrop, TX

7/26/15    My dad worked in Elgin 25 yrs ago, so we've been coming that long on his lunch. Bethany, Atlanta, GA

7/26/15    We love the BBQ!-Kenny, Hutto, TX

7/25/15    I'm Elgin alumni that lives in Hutto- I always come here. - Monica, Hutto, TX

7/25/15    It's good. Easy to get to.

7/25/15    Word of mouth. My Mom loves this place.

7/25/15    Been coming for years, food tastes the same- always good.

7/25/15    Always have excellent food. - Anthony, Killeen, TX

7/25/15    This is my first time trying it here, will be back. - Rose, Pflugerville, TX

7/24/15    Love your BBQ. - Hulisher, Bastrop, TX

7/24/15    The food has awesome flavor. - Dewayne & Mary, Waller, TX

7/24/15    Excellent food and other products. - Charisse, Houston, TX

7/24/15    Came to come and see some great sausage! - Joanna, Shrewsbury, England

7/24/15    Love their food!!!

7/24/15    I like the ribs and cobbler. - Alma, Elgin, TX

7/24/15    Because I love the way the BBQ tastes.

7/24/15    We love BBQ here. - Ty, Austin, TX

7/23/15    Wonderful B.B.Q. Great staff. - Rhoades, Elgin, TX

7/23/15    The food and service were great!

7/23/15    Been coming through here for years on trips to Houston. Love the food. - Paul, Austin, TX

7/23/15    The sausage is good, good, good. - Eva, Dallas, TX

7/22/15    Robert runs everything very well, helped us first timers decide what to get. - Josephine

7/22/15    We love the meat here. We're from Mississippi & we come here every 2 months. - Henry

7/22/15    We like the sausage.

7/22/15    I crave it sometimes. I really enjoy it, it hits the spot.

7/21/15    We love the BBQ & beans! – Joseph, Austin, TX

7/20/15    Grew up with Southside sausage! – Amanda, Elgin, TX

7/20/15    I always leave with a huge smile on my face. – Alina, Taylor, TX

7/20/15    Very good sausage.

7/20/15    I love you guys & the food. – Elgin, TX

7/19/15    Great sausage!

7/19/15    The food is great & the people are nice.

7/19/15    Best BBQ ever! The Ireland Family, Fort Worth, TX

7/19/15    Visiting from CA. we will be back. – Kenneth, Hayward, CA

7/19/15    The food is delicious & great customer service. Good attitude!

7/19/15    Because great prices for a lot of food for my BIG family. – Marissa, Del Valle, TX

7/17/15    Good food!

7/17/15    Best BBQ in Texas!

7/16/15    Good food, best sausage anywhere! – Mike, Austin, TX

7/16/15    BBQ is good! – Kimberly, Austin, TX

7/16/15    Chopped beef sandwich! – Finn, Elgin, TX

7/16/15    Quality food, fair price, convenient location. – Mark, Salado, TX

7/15/15    Fresh meat & great service! – Andrea, Manor, TX

7/15/15    Great food, close to home. – Brittney, Taylor, TX

7/15/15    Duh… Best BBQ this side of Heaven. – Mike, Hutto, TX

7/14/15    Great food!

7/14/15    European transplant, husband introduced me to this historical place, I’ll be back for the awesome loaded baked potato! – Elena, Austin, TX

7/14/15    I have never been more satisfied with customer service, great customer service!

7/14/15    BBQ is good, the place is CLEAN!

7/13/15    Best BBQ between Houston & Austin.

7/13/15    Glad you serve Mutton – Love it! – Elgin, TX

7/12/15    It’s the best BBQ n the way to Houston/college Station. – Brett, Bryan, TX

7/12/15    Yummy, family atmosphere. – Pflugerville, TX

7/11/15    Great BBQ! Best Hot Guts! – Ernie, Austin, TX

7/11/15    Love the sausage.

7/11/15    Because of the food & customer service. Your staff is soooo friendly. – Melissa, Austin, TX

7/11/15    The best sausage. – Tony, Austin, TX

7/11/15    Great food & service. – Kim, Cedar Park, TX

7/11/15    Enjoy the beef ribs. – Round Rock, TX

7/10/15    Love the taste! – Jim, Marlin, TX

7/10/15    Very nice people, feels like home cooking & great sauce!!! – Cody

7/10/15    Great food! – Georgetown, TX

7/10/15    Food tastes great! Atmosphere is appropriate, customer service is top notch, can’t ask for anything more. – Friedrich Family, Georgetown, TX

7/10/15    It’s good. – Glen, Rosanky, TX

7/10/15    Best in Elgin.

7/09/15    First time & loved it.

7/07/15    We enjoy yummy BBQ! – Vicki, Hutto, TX

7/07/15    Simply love it! – Claudette, Cedar Creek, TX

7/07/15    Because it’s my favorite place to eat! – Margie, Leander, TX

7/05/15    Best brisket! – Olivia, Taylor, TX

7/05/15    Amazing BBQ place! – Kelsey, Houston, TX

7/05/15    Family tradition since I was 10! – Hannah, Elgin, TX

7/05/15    Awesome! – Smith Family, TX

7/04/15    The sausage & brisket are second to none! – Smith Family, Virginia/Texas

7/04/15    Sausage, price is right, smells good! – Paula, Washington, DC

7/04/15    It is simply great!

7/04/15    The brisket & sausage are absolutely amazing, good customer service, relaxing eating area!

7/04/15    Best sausage ever! – Sandie, Georgetown, TX

7/04/15    Good food!

7/03/15    Good food, friendly atmosphere!

7/03/15    Sausage! 56 years & don’t remember a time without it! – Round Rock, TX

7/03/15    I love the sausage! – John, Austin, TX

7/03/15    Love the taste, great customer service, prompt courteous service! – Orel, Temple, TX

7/03/15    Love the BBQ! – Charlene, Manor, TX

7/02/15    Great food!!!! Convenient location, good parking! – Sarah, Brooklyn, TX

7/02/15    Love the food! – Chelsey

7/01/15    The food is delicious! – Tyler, Austin, TX

7/01/15    I’ve been coming here for 40+ years, its authentic BBQ! – James, Cedar Park, TX

7/01/15    Great BBQ, love everything! Tricia, Seabrook, TX

7/01/15    Love your sausage & hospitality, that’s why we come to Elgin. – Karen, Brenham, TX

6/30/15    The food is awesome, everything is good. – Luis, Houston, TX

6/30/15    Because of the quality of the product.

6/29/15    Like the BBQ taste. – Svehlak, Granger, TX

6/29/15    Love the sausage (hot guts)

6/29/15    Food & service. – Tim, Elgin, TX

6/29/15    Great BBQ! – Randy, Austin, TX

6/28/15    Been coming since location was downtown. – Taylor, TX

6/28/15    Been coming with family for years. – Bastrop, TX

6/28/15    Brisket is delicious!!

6/28/15    First visit, great friendly service. – David

6/28/15    It’s consistently good, worth the drive. – Lyssa, Round Rock, TX

6/28/15    It’s among the best brisket & sausage in Texas, Eric, Houston, TX

6/28/15    Potato salad & turkey. – Corey, Elgin, TX

6/27/15    Great food! – Tony, Austin, TX

6/27/15    Passing through on the way to Houston, Great food! – Kristen, Pearland, TX

6/27/15    Ya’ll are awesome & your BBQ sauce is its’ own food group. – JW, Giddings, TX

6/27/15    Love the BBQ! – Manor, TX

6/27/15    Your food is good, customer service is good. – Fred, Hutto, TX

6/27/15    Love the food. – Debbie, Bartlett, TX

6/27/15    It’s good.

6/26/15    We love the food & atmosphere. – Diane, Austin, TX

6/26/15    The best BBQ in Texas. – Carol, Phoenix, AZ

6/26/15    The food is great & the customer service is even better. Eve is fantastic.

6/26/15    Always a treat on our way to our hometown, to stop & eat or carry back. – Arnold, Austin, TX

6/26/15    First BBQ joint on Google. It was awesome! – Corbin, Texarkana, TX

6/26/15    Love the meat.

6/25/15    Decades of experience. – Jim, Burnet, TX

6/25/15    Love the sausage. – Jordan, Austin, TX

6/24/15    The staff is friendly & most of all the food is MMM good. – Sammie, Austin, TX

6/24/15    Good food.

6/23/15   Great food, good dessert, enjoy the atmosphere. – Manor, TX

6/23/15   We love your sausage. – Frank, Oakley, CA

6/23/15   Excellent homelike hospitality, terrific meats & portions.

6/23/15   Best BBQ on 290, perfection on a plate. – Justin, Round Rock, TX

6/22/15   Love the food & friendly service.

6/22/15   Everything is great.

6/22/15   Great service. – Lisa, Taylor, TX

6/21/15   Sausage was excellent, friendly customer service.

6/21/15   We love the brisket!

6/21/15   Great quality food for a good price.

6/21/15   Good – good people/employees. – Darrin, Omaha NE

6/21/15   Best BBQ in the county. – Lexington, TX

6/20/15   Good BBQ!

6/20/15   Excellent food & service from Pony! – Laura, Austin, TX

6/20/15   Good food & excellent service.

6/20/15   Great food & wonderful service. – Alford Family, Austin, TX

6/20/15   We love it! – Carlos, Manor, TX

6/19/15   Good BBQ. – John, Buda, TX

6/19/15   Good food. – Ed, Round Rock, TX

6/19/15   It’s the best!

6/19/15   Born & raised! – Jase, Austin, TX

6/19/15   Because of your great reputation, saw you on TV. – Keith, Dripping Springs, TX

6/19/15   Food is great every time I come. – Liz, Austin, TX

6/19/15   Very good food. – David, Austin, TX

6/19/15   Taste!

6/18/15   First time, great food! – Mike, Houston, TX

6/18/15   Love the brisket & hot BBQ sauce. – Richard, Houston, TX

6/17/15   Heard good things, had brisket & sausage, it was awesome, loved this place! – Dustin, Arizona

6/17/15   Good food, good service. – Temple, TX

6/17/15   Great service. – Byrd Family, Austin, TX

6/17/15   Really good food & service. – Austin, TX

6/16/15   Food is great & location. – Kristen, Bastrop/Elgin, TX

6/15/15   Your food is amazing!! – Manor, TX

6/15/15   It is always delicious.

6/15/15   Consistency good food! – Tammy, Spring Branch, TX

6/14/15   Great food, friendly service. – Paige, Beaumont, TX

6/14/15   The food is always top notch! – OG, Hutto, TX

6/14/15   Sausage! – Michele, Manor, TX

6/14/15   Great food! – Todd, College Station, TX

6/14/15   Traveling from Houston to Austin, it’s a great place to stop!

6/14/15   Family has been coming to Southside for 50 years, we love it! – Les, Leander, TX

6/14/15   Strong reputation. – Bill, Georgetown, TX

6/14/15   Love the sausage!! – Frances, Taylor, TX

6/13/15   We love BBQ.

6/13/15   First time, when I drive through again I will have to stop for another Slammer! – Sam, Houston, TX

6/13/15   Best BBQ place I’ve been too. – Destiny, Baytown, TX

6/13/15   Because I love you guys! I love the way you treat me every time I come. – Johnni, Austin, TX

6/13/15   Tradition to stop on our way to Austin to visit family. – Roxie, Ocean Springs, MS

6/13/15   Lots of variety, good BBQ. – Peter, Cypress, TX

6/12/15   Best food ever! – The Stewart Family, Tyler, TX

6/12/15   Food & service is always good! – Austin, TX

6/12/15   Good food. – Bobby, Alexandria, LA

6/12/15   Great Q!! – Lindsey, Cedar Park, TX

6/12/15   I love the food. – Nat, Austin, TX

6/12/15   Good food, service & value. Yuri is a fabulous employee, must retain & promote, thank you, Yuri for a great visit. – Tom

6/12/15   I love coming here. – Bobby, Manor, TX

6/11/15   Brisket, Sausage, Friendly service & personnel. – Austin, TX

6/11/15   Good food.

6/11/15   My grandfather, dad & uncle have been bringing me since 1960. – Brad, Canyon Lake, TX

6/11/15   Love the food & customer service. – T. Lesesne, Montgomery TX

6/10/15   I like good BBQ!

6/10/15   Great staff, good food, fast service. – Elgin, TX

6/10/15   Delicious food! – Irene, Austin, TX

6/10/15   Great meat.

6/09/15   Old school, life time customer. – Lee Canales, Taylor, TX

6/08/15   Love the BBQ!

6/08/15   Quality of food, food of choice is brisket. – Claude, Dallas, TX

6/08/15   The regular BBQ sauce is perfect. Like the food. – Austin, TX

6/07/15   The delicious food. – Christine, Round Rock, TX

6/07/15   Ed Weiss, Comedian. – Nancy, Taylor, TX

6/07/15   Quality stop, Thanks Ed for dinner & the show!

6/07/15   Best BBQ around Austin. Bold sauce is awesome!

6/07/15   This was one of the best feasting experience of my 30 year life. – Chris, Miami FL

6/07/15   Food is consistently delicious, we drive from Round Rock to eat here. – Angie, Round Rock, TX

6/07/15   Food is delicious. – Jaclyn, Baytown, TX

6/06/15   Good food. – Lamont, Pflugerville, TX

6/06/15   Elgin gal = Southside junkie! – Amanda, Liberty Hill, TX

6/06/15   Fair prices & good food.

6/06/15   Been coming since I was a kid. – Adriana, Austin, TX

6/06/15   Excellent BBQ! – Gaye, Shepherd, TX

6/06/15   Good eats!

6/06/15   The friendly service. The ice cream is great! – Ella, Buda, TX

6/05/15   Cause it’s good. – Anna, McGregar, TX

6/05/15   Because you guys Rock! We love the food, & staff is friendly, love you guys! – Trish, Austin, TX

6/05/15   Driving through, love this place. – Mari, Round Rock, TX

6/05/15   The staff is extremely friendly! – Melinda, Kyle, TX

6/05/15   Great food, simple ingredients, friendly staff!!

6/05/15   Tasty BBQ, quick service, friendly environment. – Round Rock, TX

6/05/15   Quality of food, Good taste, excellent customer service, great atmosphere. – Round Rock, TX

6/04/15   Been here before good stuff! – Tom

6/04/15   Great food, very fresh! – Leopoldo, Elgin, TX

6/03/15   The brisket was good! – Tina, Coupland, TX

6/03/15   Food is so good! – Tony, Dallas, TX

6/03/15   Because the food is great!

6/03/15   We love their BBQ and sauce, turkey & sausage. – Penny, Taylor, TX

6/02/15   Hunger & the best BBQ anywhere in my book. – Terrie, Austin, TX

6/02/15   Brisket & great atmosphere. – David, Nemo, TX

6/02/15   Have been for years, love the sausage & baby back ribs. – Larry, Kyle, TX

6/02/15   Return customers, back to back, the sausage was my favorite. – Esmeralda, Rockdale, TX

6/01/15   Sausage, location, history, consistency.

6/01/15   Good food, sweet tea!

6/01/15   The jalapeno/cheddar sausage & smoked chicken salad. – Morgan, Elgin, TX

6/01/15   Best sausage anywhere. – Kandy, Midland, TX

5/31/15   Best BBQ around Central Texas.

5/31/15   Great tasting brisket & sausage.

5/31/15   Delicious beef & good prices. – Vicky, Azle, TX

5/31/15   Great! Best BBQ around, customer since 1965. – Carolyn, Austin, TX

5/31/15   Love the food, like the old country atmosphere.

5/31/15   The BBQ is wonderful, service was great, dining is easy going but well-organized. – Ryan, Bellville, TX

5/31/15   We like the food. – Edward, Austin, TX

5/26/15   Good BBQ, good price, good distance from home. – Jon, Manor, TX

5/26/15  Worth the drive, awesome food, reasonably priced. – Debbie, Milano, TX

5/26/15   Live nearby & love the BBQ from Southside.

5/25/15   It’s a staple!! Wonderful food & customer service! – T. Davis, Elgin, TX

5/25/15   Lifelong customers, great food!

5/25/15   There’s no BBQ like Southside. – Jane, McDade, TX

5/25/15   I like the BBQ!

5/24/15   Love your food, hot sausage, brisket & ribs. – Diana, Dallas, TX

5/24/15   Very good food & good prices.

5/24/15   Good food & great hot sauce. – Jason, Houston, TX

5/24/15   Sausage, food is great & it’s a family tradition. – J.R., Houston, TX

5/24/15   Good food, the real Texas experience.

5/24/15   We love this BBQ, Awesome sausage, brisket, ribs, plus sides are really good. – Mary, Round Rock, TX

5/24/15   Love the sausage & the service! The Young Family, Round Rock, TX

5/24/15   Chopped brisket baked potato. – Austin, TX

5/23/15  Food, atmosphere, customer service all are phenomenal. – Rosalind, Round Rock, TX

5/23/15  Delicious food, ample seating.

5/23/15  Sausage & meats are the best we have eaten, keep up the great cooking. – Marceline & Hope, Austin, TX

5/23/15  People like Hank & the awesome food. My family even thanks me for sending them here. – Perez Family, Austin, TX

5/23/15  Taste great! – John, Richardson, TX

5/22/15  Customer service, family atmosphere & people like Hank.

5/22/15  The food is great! – Marcos, Pflugerville, TX

5/22/15  Love the BBQ, sides are great, especially the cole slaw. – Alan, Buda, TX

5/22/15  Best BBQ, Excellent customer service, attractive pricing. – Kersten Family, Pearland, TX

5/22/15  It tastes great! Great customer service, Katelyn stood out with her cheery attitude! – Angela, Manor, TX

5/21/15 Love BBQ!

5/21/15 Delicious, close to perfection. – Mary, Austin, TX

5/21/15 Over 30 years of good BBQ!

5/20/15 We are never disappointed in the service or taste here, it’s a safe bet.

5/20/15 Because the BBQ is great!

5/19/15 I enjoy the brisket & Cole Slaw.

5/19/15 Been coming here for years, I enjoy the food. – Taylor, TX

5/19/15 Friends invited us & we’re thankful – it was great! –Doug, Charleston, SC

5/18/15 Good sausage & brisket. – Shawn, Brenham, TX

5/18/15 Best BBQ in Texas.

5/17/15 Love the flavor of the food. “Well cooked.” – Kathy, Austin, TX

5/17/15 Great managers like April Doss & Hank Carroll. Best BBQ place around. Paul, Elgin, TX

5/17/15 Food & service are the best. – Jesse, Austin, TX

5/17/15 Good food. – Cathy, Bedford, IN

5/17/15 Excellent service, the food is always cooked to perfection.

5/16/15 Excellent meat, very good ambience, excellent BBQ sauces. – James, Austin, TX

5/16/15 Excellent ribs. – Houston, TX

5/16/15 Best BBQ in Texas. – Flores Family, Texas

5/16/15 Hungry & the food is great. – Dan, Texas City, TX

5/16/15 We like the BBQ & the service.

5/15/15 Because it is good.

5/15/15 Great environment, friendly service, delicious food. – Emma, Los Angeles CA

5/15/15 Good BBQ! – Bobby,

5/15/15 Great BBQ, Friendly staff, Lots of room. – Kent, Georgetown, TX

5/15/15 The food! Never disappointed! – Laura, Hutto, TX

5/14/15 Love the food, pork steak. – Sparky, Round Rock, TX

5/14/15 I come for the Pork Steak & Brisket.

5/14/15 Taste.

5/14/15 The food is great, staff is supper friendly.

5/13/15 Obvious… Great food. – Matthew, Jonestown, PA

5/13/15 Good food, brisket.

5/13/15 Great food & atmosphere.

5/12/15 Well prepared meat, especially the pork steak. – Pat, Pflugerville, TX

5/11/15 Been coming since 1997, pork ribs are my favorite, love the sausage & brisket. – Bill, Georgetown, TX

5/11/15 My Grandparents started bringing me 20 years ago. – Aaron, Taylor, TX

5/10/15 Food and customer service are great!

5/10/15 Value of the food & the friendly & quick service. – Juan, Austin, TX

5/10/15 The BBQ is so good. – Gilbert, Georgetown, TX

5/10/15 Delicious, been for years, good customer service, always clean. – Armando, Pflugerville, TX

5/10/15 Great consistent quality on all foods served. – Mike, Round Rock, TX

5/10/15 Because it is the best BBQ! – Elaine, Pflugerville, TX

5/10/15 Food is great & plenty on your plate. – Round Rock, TX

5/09/15 Great sausage, food and customer service. – LaShanda, Austin, TX

5/09/15 The food & service are good! – Christine, Austin, TX

5/09/15 Food, & I appreciate the allergy notification on signs. (Gluten)

5/09/15 Love the brisket & sausage! – Austin, TX

5/09/15 Best BBQ on Earth, nobody compares!!! – Sean, Austin, TX

5/08/15 Sausage & Mutton, BBQ junky! – Chris, Denver, CO

5/08/15 Came here with family as a kid. – A.J., Kyle, TX

5/08/15 The food.

5/07/15 I enjoy the good eats! – Stephanie, Austin, TX

5/07/15 Have been for a good 15 years, & will keep coming! – Austin, TX

5/07/15 Great BBQ!

5/06/15 Love the BBQ & Sausage. – David, Austin, TX

5/06/15 Good food! – Daniel, Leander, TX

5/05/15 The BBQ is delicious! – John, Calvert, TX

5/05/15 Awesome Sausage & Cole slaw, Friendly service & location. – Jay, Austin, TX

5/04/15 Grew up on Sausage, it’s always good!

5/04/15 The Sausage is excellent.

5/03/15 Been coming since I was 15, I’m 56 now this is my 2nd home. – Henry, Austin, TX

5/03/15 Good food, short lines, plenty of room, friendly staff. – William, Harlingen, TX

5/03/15 It’s the best Sausage in the world! – Paul, Austin, TX

5/02/15 Great customer service, great BBQ advice & most of all great food! – Anthony, Cypress, TX

5/02/15 We love the BBQ! – Claudia, Austin, TX

5/02/15 BBQ is very good!

5/01/15 Great Sausage! – J. – Georgetown, TX

5/01/15 I like the food & the service. – Fannie, Austin, TX

5/01/15 You’re the best! – Yvonne, Lockhart, TX

5/01/15 Always good food & service!

5/01/15 I love the sausage & ribs from here!

5/01/15 Love BBQ! – Finch Family, Lula, GA

4/30/15 You are great, service & food!

4/30/15 Delicious BBQ!

4/30/15 Good BBQ, service & prices.

4/29/15 Love the Sausage, it’s my favorite. – Eva, Brownwood, TX

4/29/15 The food is good.

4/29/15 Good BBQ!

4/29/15 History of good food & service. – Scott, Leif Johnson Ford.

4/28/15 For the great food! – Weldon, Skandia, MI 49885

4/28/15 Years of tradition.

4/27/15 Great food, customer service & atmosphere.

4/27/15 Good Brisket & sausage. – Taylor, TX

4/26/15 Because I like it. – Carlos, Austin, TX

4/26/15 Love the BBQ & free crackers. – Austin, TX

4/26/15 We enjoy the atmosphere, the meat is delicious, the pie, the buttermilk pie! – Kelley

4/26/15 Great meats.

4/26/15 We just love your BBQ! – Jose, Austin, TX

4/26/15 I’ve been a Southside customer for the past 50 years. – Bobby, Bastrop, TX

4/26/15 Love the BBQ & service. – Taylor, TX

4/26/15 Great food & service. Always taste fresh. – Terry, Richmond, TX

4/25/15 Good BBQ. – Harvey, Austin, TX

4/25/15 Saw the billboard, great food. – Houston, TX

4/25/15 Today was for the new slammers!!!

4/25/15 I’ve always like Southside, my Grandson always wants to come. – Austin, TX

4/25/15 Your BBQ is great! – Leo, Austin, TX

4/25/15 Sausage, good food. – Irene, Round Rock, TX

4/24/15 We love the meat & service! – Scott Family, Burnet, TX

4/24/15 I believe you have the best sausage! – Manuel, Austin, TX

4/24/15 The best BBQ Steak, Sausage, & Ribs! Exceptional customer service & reasonable price.

4/23/15 Elgin Sausage!

4/23/15 Saw your sign & thankful we did! – California

4/23/15 I love the sausage!!

4/23/15 This is the best BBQ I have ever had in my life, your staff is amazing! – Brandie, Round Rock, TX

4/22/15 Grew up not far from here, come here when I come down from Kansas. – E.J, Wichita, KS

4/22/15 Best sausage anywhere. Service is excellent & consistent. – Hernandez, Taylor, TX

4/22/15 Delicious BBQ.

4/22/15 Good food, good service. – Jan, Elgin, TX

4/21/15 My mom use to work here when it was downtown, been eating Southside ever since.

4/21/15 Because the food is good & the environment is friendly.

4/20/15 We like it! – Steven, Manor, TX

4/20/15 BBQ fan! – Mr. Salinas, Defiance, OH

4/20/15 Brisket & sausage. – Clayton, Austin, TX

4/20/15 My family’s been coming for years, we eat your sausage every holiday gathering. – Taylor & Dallas

4/20/15 50 years of good BBQ.

4/19/15 We love it! – Hernandez Family, Granger, TX

4/19/15 Best BBQ around, nobody holds a candle to Southside. – Ledesma Family, Cedar Park, TX

4/19/15 Great sausage, brisket was to die for. Wonderful employees too. – Kilpatrick Family, Round Rock, TX

4/19/15 BBQ was just delicious. – Morales, Family, Austin, TX

4/18/15 Excellent sausage. – Stephenson Family, Georgetown, TX
4/18/15 First time, I would refer a friend. Stockdale, TX

4/18/15 I enjoy the food. – Rudy, Austin, TX

4/18/15 The food was very good.

4/18/15 The food is good & good customer service. – Jose, Mercedes, TX

4/17/15 Love the brisket & ice cream.

4/17/15 Good BBQ! – Benito, Hutto, TX

4/17/15 Love the BBQ! – Gaskamp Family, Waco, TX

4/17/15 Good family cooking & the atmosphere. – Laura, Cypress, TX

4/17/15 Stopped on the way to Houston, will stop again, food was wonderful.

4/17/15 I come from all over the world. I am in the military & love this place. – Sergio, Milwaukee, WI

4/17/15 Good food.
4/16/15 Because the food & service are great! - Katy, TX 

4/16/15 It’s good!

4/16/15 Because you’re the best in preparing Brisket & Sausage. – Robert, Bartlett, TX

4/15/15 Everyone says you are great! – Conroe, TX

4/15/15 Great food & service, been a customer since 1988. – Hugo, Bastrop, TX

4/15/15 Awesome food! – Zack, Cedar Creek, TX

4/14/15 Good food! – Steven, Bastrop, TX

4/14/15 Because of the famous Sausage.

4/13/15 Best place to stop on the way to Houston from Austin.

4/13/15 Love the customer service.

4/13/15 We like good BBQ!

4/13/15 Local & delicious! – Samantha, Elgin, TX

4/12/15 It’s good & I’ve been coming for 20 years. – Jimmy, Nacogdoches, TX

4/12/15 Heritage & I like! – Detroit, MI

4/12/15 Food of course, I’m a long time customer since your downtown location. – E.W. Austin, TX

4/12/15 Great food! – Denise, Manor, TX

4/12/15 Love the food! – Juan, Austin, TX

4/12/15 We are from Houston, every trip to Austin we have to stop & eat. – Cardenas Family, Houston, TX

4/11/15 Everything is good!

4/11/15 The food is great, music is inviting & service is very good, easy access of the road. – Austin, TX

4/11/15 Best BBQ, & potato salad in Texas we are BBQ snobs & try a lot of places. – Coker Family, Huntsville, TX

4/11/15 We have been coming since childhood. – Reyna Family, Austin, TX

4/11/15 Excellent BBQ, like that you have 18-wheeler parking. – Charles, New Caney TX

4/10/15 I like the atmosphere, the BBQ & Sausage. – Stephen, Waco, TX

4/10/15 Food is good.

4/10/15 The BBQ is good!

4/10/15 I like the food, I order online & make it point to stop when in town. – Sue, Houston, TX

4/10/15 Love it! – L. Davis, Austin, TX

4/09/15 Good food!

4/09/15 Great sausage! – Ed, Austin, TX

4/09/15 Food & hospitality.

4/08/15 Good BBQ!

4/07/15 Great tasting, tradition. – Kurtis, Austin, TX

4/07/15 Tradition in the family since way back. – Ochoa’s, Taylor, TX

4/07/15 Because this is the best BBQ in Texas! – Israel, Bellaire, TX

4/07/15 The food is absolutely delicious. – Girolami, Austin, TX

4/06/15 Good food. – Sierra, Elgin, TX

4/06/15 Good food. – Austin, TX

4/06/15 Consistently good food, been coming for years! – Tillis Family, Spring, TX

4/06/15 Our Mom loved it & so do we. – Dartmouth Family, Odessa, TX

4/04/15 Top quality food. – Randy, Creedmoor, TX

4/04/15 Best Brisket in Central Texas! – Clayton, Pflugerville, TX

4/04/15 The food is delicious. – Liliana, Austin, TX

4/04/15 Great food, great service. – Lindsay, Beaumont, TX

4/04/15 It’s the 1st time & we liked it a lot, we will come again. – Mario, Pflugerville, TX

4/04/15 Enjoy BBQ!

4/04/15 Very delicious BBQ! Only a Southside market BBQ fan! – Kimberly, Austin, TX

4/03/15 We love the Pork Steak, everything tastes wonderful!

4/03/15 Just stopped by to try, I will return.

4/03/15 Great BBQ, reasonable prices. – John, Waco, TX

4/03/15 Happy accident. – Betty, Palm Bay, Fl.

4/03/15 The new Cole Slaw & Brisket. – McDade, TX

4/03/15 Grown up eating it & worked here. I know how stringent you are with cleanliness.
4/03/15 The food is great! The service is great! – Arnold Family, Manor, TX

4/02/15 Consistency of meat products.

4/02/15 Love the sausage! My grandfather and I would sneak over here for sausage way back on the  south side. – Sheila, Pflugerville, TX

4/02/15 Because you guys are great, - good food & good customer service. – God bless!

4/01/15 I enjoy the environment & the food is very good.

4/01/15 Word of mouth. – Mat, Salt Lake City, Utah

4/01/15 Good. – Mary, Round Rock, TX

4/01/15 Food is good all the time. – Austin, TX

4/01/15 The food is great! Tonnie, Manor TX

3/31/15 Consistently cooked meat & sides. – Bastrop, TX

3/31/15 Best BBQ in Texas!

3/31/15 We’ve been coming since the late 1990’s, still the best! The Slade Family, Round Rock, TX

3/30/15 My wife was raised in Elgin! – Jerry & Shannon, Pflugerville, TX

3/30/15 Best BBQ around. – Henry, Coupland, TX

3/30/15 Enjoy the food & relaxed atmosphere.

3/29/15 The quality of food is outstanding. Stephanie, Colleen & Melanie, Conroe, TX

3/29/15 Good food & cold beer. – Morgan, Courtny, Darlene & Bryan, Taylor, TX

3/29/15 Good food. – CL, Austin, TX

3/29/15 First time, good food.

3/29/15 Great BBQ! Consistently professional staff & clean facility. – Eddie, Webberville, TX

3/29/15 Love the sausage & slammers!

3/29/15 Because I love me some BBQ! – Lilly, Austin, TX

3/29/15 BBQ is very good, so are the slammers. Everything is delicious. Aleman Family, Austin, TX

3/28/15 Very good food. – Rudy, Austin, TX

3/28/15 Hungry for some good cooked brisket!! – Jonathan, Austin, TX

3/28/15 We’re from Austin & stop here every time we pass. We take home steaks, we love them. –Cindy, Austin, TX

3/28/15 Great atmosphere, Brisket & Sausage, local business that knows how to treat customers right. –  Charlie, Cedar Park, TX

3/28/15 Short, fun trip to meet friends & family. The quality is awesome. – Al, Hutto, TX

3/28/15 It’s very good food. – Ricky, Austin, TX

3/28/15 We love the food. Welch Family, Pflugerville, TX

3/28/15 We enjoy eating good BBQ at a good place! – Pflugerville, TX

3/27/15 Traditional – Ashley, Dallas, TX

3/27/15 Food has always been excellent.

3/27/15 It’s NEVER bad, always good! – Marilyn, Buda, TX

3/27/15 Great BBQ! Love the brisket potato!

3/27/15 Good quality, excellent service. – Rebecca, Austin, TX

3/27/15 Good BBQ!

3/27/15 Good food & atmosphere, friendly service. – Jen, Austin, TX

3/26/15 BBQ Heaven! – Paul, Pflugerville, TX

3/26/15 I love Southside, it’s always been my favorite place for BBQ! – Jose, Manor, TX

3/26/15 Love the food & the drive to Elgin. – Marcus, Austin, TX

3/25/15 Good brisket & sausage. – Louis, Austin, TX

3/25/15 Because y’all have the best BBQ in Texas!

3/25/15 It’s delicious! – Walker, Austin, TX

3/25/15 Good food!

3/26/15 I like the food! – Jack, Elgin, TX

3/25/15 The BBQ Turkey, everything was good! – Marie, Austin, TX

3/25/15 Great BBQ, great prices, great service!

3/25/15 Everything was good!

3/23/15 Great product! – Johnny, Round Rock, TX

3/23/15 We love your sausage, especially the 1882! – Dale, Pflugerville, TX

3/23/15 Like your brisket & sausage, Ya’ll have excellent employees, atmosphere is very comfortable, best peach cobbler ever! – Ronnie, West Point, TX

3/23/15 Sausage! – Bob, Austin, TX

3/22/15 Love the food! Excellent brisket, sausage Cole slaw & potato salad. – Bill, Round Rock, TX

3/22/15 Great BBQ at a great price! – Chris, Round Rock, TX

3/22/15 BBQ connoisseur, new place to try will be back! – Austin, TX

3/22/15 It’s my favorite tradition. – Austin, TX

3/22/15 Excellent customer service! – Tommy, Creedmoor, TX

3/22/15 Like the BBQ – Ken, Houston, TX

3/22/15 Everything is great & the sausage is amazing! – LaTresha, Houston, TX

3/22/15 Love the Food! Service is great & workers always have smiles! Keep up the good work!

3/22/15 Cause I love y’alls BBQ!

3/21/15 Good food! – Jose, Austin, TX

3/21/15 We have loved Southside since we were kids! Great BBQ! – Elgin, TX

3/21/15 Good sausage! – No# 1! – Mark, Elgin, TX

3/21/15 Great food! – Donavan, Bastrop, TX

3/21/15 We have been coming for a long time & the food is always good! – Alison, Dallas, TX

3/21/15 The food is great always fast & great customer service! – Juan, Austin, TX

3/21/15 Best BBQ ever! We always take some home too! – Jean, Pflugerville, TX

3/21/15 Great BBQ! – James, Houston, TX

3/21/15 Recommended by my niece. Well run operation, staff is very helpful– John, Silver Springs    

3/21/15 Quality & price! – Lester Family, Bryan, TX

3/20/15 Good food, good service, friendly people! – Michelle, Skandia MI

3/20/15 The servers listen to your every request. The food is always perfect! – Jesus, Fort Worth, TX

3/20/15 The quality of food! – Kelly, Skandia, MI

3/20/15 Food is good & so is the ice cream! – Bibi & Alice, Austin, TX

3/20/15 Very good food! – Starr & Tonia, Austin, TX

3/20/15 Very good flavor in 3-meat plate! – Darian, Evanston, IL

3/20/15 First timer by recommendation. Friendly, fast service, good portions, great meat!

             J. Heitzig, Jerseyville, IL

3/20/15 Craving good BBQ!

3/20/15 Food is great! – Houston, TX

3/19/15 Highly recommended. High quality, great service! – Mike, Houston, TX

3/19/15 This was our 2nd visit; 1st visit because we were hungry, 2nd visit because it was good the 1st time. – Mercer Family, Bryan/College Station.

3/19/15 Delicious food on our way through town. – Cathy, Spring, TX

3/18/15 Tradition!!

3/17/15 The BBQ is good, workers are polite & food is fast.

3/17/15 The Elgin Sausage. – Georgetown, TX

3/17/15 Like your Sausage.

3/16/15 Sides are good, BBQ is good.

3/16/15 The reputation.

3/16/15 Good authentic BBQ.

3/15/15 Quality food on the route home.

3/15/15 Love the food!

3/15/15 Good food, good service! Friendly & convenient. Love the country atmosphere. – Sharon, Tomball, TX

3/15/15 Because it is simply the best! – Crystal, Harlingen, TX

3/15/15 Because of the great food. The Original Sausage & Brisket are very delicious! – Sylvia

3/15/15 Great atmosphere & amazing food! – Maria, Dallas, TX

3/15/15 Have been for years! Consistently good and service is always good. – Eleanor, Austin, TX

3/14/15  Everything was good. - Jeff, Tahoka, TX

3/14/15  Excellent food & service. – JW, Austin, TX

3/14/15  I live in Elgin & this is good cookin. – Marion, Elgin, TX

3/14/15  For the good food! – Johnnie, Elgin, TX

3/14/15 Grew up coming to Elgin for Sausage. -  Cassie, Round Rock, TX

3/14/15 Awesome food! Great creation with the Slammer, so delicious! – Emily, Round Rock, TX

3/14/15 Mutton! – Dee, Frisco, TX

3/14/15 Because your food is good & the Ice Cream.

3/14/15 Been coming for over 40 years. Only place to eat sausage that we like. – Janet, Taylor, TX

3/13/15 Great food! – RT, Lago Vista, TX

3/13/15 Great place, great service & food was awesome!

3/13/15 Good food, good customer service!

3/13/15 Travel back & forth to Austin, always try to stop, love the food!

3/13/15 Mutton. – John, Houston, TX

3/13/15 Food!!! The Bracewells! Atmosphere, Friendly folks! – Denise, Elgin, TX

3/13/15 Food is great! Service is good! Line moved quickly, lots of options. – Ramu, Houston, TX

3/13/15 Great BBQ! – Salado, TX

3/12/15 First time and love it! – Mildred White, Fort Worth, TX

3/11/15 Love the food!  

3/11/15 Everything is delicious! People are always really nice! – Charlie, Austin, TX

3/10/15 Convenient, taste & politeness.

3/10/15 Excellent food, good service & atmosphere. – Doug, Atascosa, TX

3/10/15 Best BBQ around, we just love the sausage! – The Gonzales Family, Hutto, TX

3/10/15 Great BBQ! Friendly Staff, best place in Elgin to eat! – Carissa

3/10/15 Grew up eating here!

3/08/15 I like the BBQ! – Mike, Caldwell, TX

3/08/15 Finally tried it – it was good! – Austin, TX

3/08/15 Excellent service, fast & friendly, very good food!

3/08/15 Food is great!

3/08/15 My first time here, but I will definitely come back! – Fort Worth, TX

3/08/15 First time customers, Ribs were AWESOME! – Kelsey Family, Cypress, TX

3/08/15 The food is good.

3/07/15 Reputation. – Leander, TX

3/07/15 Good food. – Rob, Round Rock, TX

3/07/15 The BBQ taste so good we drove 2 hours to come eat.

3/07/15 The food is great! – Christine, Kyle, TX

3/06/15 Best BBQ in Texas! – Gregg family, Austin, TX

3/06/15 Best sausage, been eating here since 1971. – John, Austin, TX

3/06/15 Great & atmosphere! – Daryl, Kyle, TX

3/06/15 We love the food!

3/06/15 Good quality BBQ, quick service.

3/05/15 Been coming here for 40 years. – Anthony, Florida

3/05/15 I was born & raised on it. – Cerde Family, Elgin, TX

3/05/15 The food is the best I’ve ever had. – Thelma, Cameron, TX

3/04/15 Food & friendly folks. – Bennie, New Braunfels, TX

3/04/15 Family tradition.

3/04/15 Enjoyed the food & friendly service. – Darryl, LaGrange, TX

3/03/15 Food is awesome! – Eric, Austin, TX

3/03/15 Great food & even better service. – Jane, Austin, TX

3/03/15 Consistently good BBQ! – Sivils Family, Granger, TX

3/03/15 Friendly service & great food. – Austin, TX

3/01/15 The food is always awesome, it tastes great every time we come. Service is great! – Austin

3/01/15 Your food is delicious, I crave & miss it! – Mellie, Austin, TX

3/01/15 It’s all I know, been coming my whole life, this is BBQ!! – Adam, Austin, TX

3/01/15 Love to stop on my way back from Deer lease, excellent food. – Mike, Houston, TX

3/01/15 People like Trey make me feel welcome & relaxed. It makes me feel like I’m getting the     better end of the deal. – Luis, Austin, TX

2/28/15 First timer, delicious food, friendly service & fast! – Kerry, Conroe, TX

2/28/15 Been coming since childhood, LOVE YOUR FOOD! – Jennifer, Austin, TX

2/28/15 Mutton, Beef Ribs, friendliness, good taste & warmth. – Allen Family, Houston, TX

2/28/15 Been coming for over 40 years. Good BBQ. – John, Salado, TX  

2/27/15 The food is good. – Gilbert, Austin, TX

2/27/15  Love the food & service. Fan of the new Cole Slaw. – Corky, Buchanan Dam, TX

2/27/15  Best BBQ in the area. – Jorge, Austin, TX

2/27/15  Food was excellent. – Jon, Austin, TX

2/27/15  It’s the best! – David, Austin, TX

2/27/15  Food is great. – David, Austin, TX

2/26/15  The smiling faces, and it’s good. – Downtown, TX

2/26/15  My friend referred it and she was right! – Houston, TX

2/26/15  Food is good, access is awesome! – Newby Family, Austin, TX

2/26/15  The best sausage in the South & that’s why!

2/25/15  Food is good, Love it!

2/25/15  Food is delicious!

2/25/15  The BBQ is great! Food is good. – J. Lopez, B. Ware, Bastrop, TX

2/25/15  Enjoy the brisket, love the moist consistency & smoky flavor. – Nyles, Hutto, TX

2/24/15  The quality of food & service are great! Come to support local business & student employees. - Robledo Family, Elgin, TX

2/23/15  I enjoy eating here it’s a family friendly place. – Raymond, Austin, TX

2/23/15  We were brought into it by tradition. There’s no other like it! – Jennifer, Austin, TX

2/23/15  Great food! – Cliff, Elgin, TX

2/23/15  Sausage! – Jeff, Houston, TX

2/22/15  Good food & good service. – John, - Austin, TX

2/22/15   The food is good!

2/22/15   It’s really good! – Austin, TX

2/22/15   It’s been a destination spot for my family occasions since I was a kid. Oh, Great Customer     service! – Mark, Austin, TX

2/22/15   Good food, Sausage is excellent! – Chris, Johnson City, TX

2/21/15   Great food, great atmosphere, smiley faces! – Sylvia, Dickinson, TX

2/21/15   My favorite BBQ, taste is great! – Angelica, Austin, TX

2/21/15   The great food! – Kim, Taylor, TX

2/21/15   Great BBQ! – Galveston, TX

2/21/15   Great BBQ! Clean, Friendly workers! – Jeannie, Hempstead, TX

2/21/15   Cause it’s good!

2/21/15   Variety & consistent quality & flavor.

2/21/15   Great food! – Barry, Austin, TX

2/20/15   The food is always consistent & good! – Dave, San Antonio, TX

2/20/15   I like your beef sausage, potato salad & brownies, & coke products! – Marie, Taylor, TX

2/20/15   Great BBQ & Service! – Haisler Family, Rogers, TX

2/20/15   We love the Sausage & Brisket!

2/20/15   Always great!

2/20/15   Because it’s a great gluten free meal! – Steven, Bastrop, TX

2/20/15   Brisket, Sausage, & as of today the Ranch Hand! S. Muller, Jarrell, TX

2/19/15   I love the Sausage and friendly staff!

2/19/15   I have eaten here for 20 years & still the same. – Ruiz, Elgin, TX

2/19/15   Heard the sausage was worth a try & it was! – Will, Bethesda, MD

2/17/15   Excellent BBQ!

2/17/15   Good Food! – Norma, Houston, TX

2/17/15   Best food in Elgin, Love your vinegar coleslaw. – Lisa, Austin, TX

2/17/15   Because we love BBQ! – Bertram, TX

2/17/15   Convenient & friendly service! – Linnelle, Elgin, TX

2/16/15   Always eat here when we come through Elgin, good food!! – Cosper, Temple, TX

2/16/15   Great food & service all the time! Been coming as long as I can remember. Jackson Family, Manor, TX

2/16/15   Been coming here all my life. – Ron, Austin, TX

2/16/15   Taste, quality. – Michael, Houston, TX

2/15/15   Hank Rocks!

2/15/15   Sausage! Been eating it for over 40 years! – Pat, Dripping Springs

2/15/15   Best BBQ ever!

2/15/15   Food is great, convenient location. – Jana, Houston, TX

2/15/15   First time, Ribs & Brisket are perfect TX BBQ! – Archie, Baytown, TX

2/15/15   Love the sausage, your brisket & sausage are the bomb.com.

               Love Love the potato salad. – Allison Family, Austin, TX

2/15/15   Have been for years!

2/15/15   Cause I like it!

2/15/15   I like BBQ!

2/14/15   Live in Texas & love BBQ, enough said! – The Cortinas Family, Austin, TX

2/14/15   It’s good! – Jose, Austin, TX

2/14/15   The food is so good & the workers are so friendly & nice. – Renee’, Houston, TX

2/14/15   Always have been, tradition for 38+ years. – Martin, Kyle, TX

2/14/15   We love the food, competitive pricing, you get what you pay for, it’s all worth it! – Annette, Bryan, TX

2/13/15   Great customer service, staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable & has pride of the products. Thank you for the great experience & reminding me what customer service is, it’s been a long time. Keep up the great work! – Lorenzo, Manor, TX

2/13/15   This has been the place I have come to eat BBQ for 56 years! – Liz, Buda, TX

2/13/15   I’m from Texas & miss Elgin Sausage, I haven’t had it for 6 years. Great food, great serving sizes, & great service. – Jan, Columbia SC

2/13/15   It’s by far the best BBQ in Texas! You serve us at closing time! – Jillian, Houston, TX

2/13/15   I like Sausage, Wife likes the moist Brisket. – Barry, Pflugerville, TX

2/13/15   We like the food & friendly service. – Houston, TX

2/12/15   Great BBQ! – Mike, Austin, TX

2/12/15   Good food, friendly service.

2/12/15   Love the food!

2/11/15   Good food, convenient location, friendly people. – Travis, College Station, TX

2/11/15   Delicious food, friendly people.

2/11/15   1. Sausage – David, Magnolia, TX

2/10/15   Great food!

2/10/15   Enjoy the atmosphere, the service is great & the food is awesome! – Liz, Georgetown, TX

2/10/15   Love the Ranch hand – delicious! Always good food when we visit. – Vanessa, Georgetown, TX

2/09/15   Because I love this amazing place! – Tanner

2/09/15   The food!

2/08/15   Been coming here since I was a youngster. – Beto

2/08/15   We love the service & the food! – Elba, Austin, TX

2/08/15   Good food, classic Texas BBQ atmosphere. – The Carter Family, Conroe, TX

2/08/15   Good food, spices, etc.

2/08/15   Quality, Consistency.  – Brian, Manor, TX

2/08/15   The consistent excellent quality of food & customer service. – Round Rock, TX

2/08/15   Excellent service! Hank & the staff were outstanding! – James, Austin, TX

2/08/15   Great BBQ! – Michael, Austin, TX

2/07/15   The food is great! – Ken, Austin, TX

2/07/15   It all started way before we got married in ’74… True fans! – Austin, TX

2/07/15   The brisket!

2/07/15   The BBQ is the best I’ve ever had! I’ve never had a bad experience here!

2/07/15   Because my kids love this place “way better than McDonald’s! – Josh, Liberty Hill, TX

2/07/15   My wife & I eat here at least once a month because we love the food! – Dave, Rockdale, TX

2/07/15   The sausage! – Alexandria, Hutto, TX

2/07/15   The flavor of the BBQ, the sausage is not too greasy. – Rachel, Lockhart, TX

2/07/15   Because we love the BBQ & the great atmosphere!

2/06/15   Because the food is good! – Killeen, TX

2/06/15   Always great! – Joyce, Austin, TX

2/06/15   I’m an American, enough said. – Ed, Austin, TX

2/06/15   Because I love the ribs & sausage!! – James, Manor, TX

2/06/15   Good food!

2/06/15   Service, speed & food were all amazing! – Austin, Bastrop, TX

2/06/15   The food is just too good to not come back! – Angelica, Taylor, TX

2/05/15   Delicious – Henry, Austin, TX

2/05/15   Perfect Brisket Sandwich. – Sue, Elgin, TX

2/05/15   I believe in good food values, & local business. – Kevin, Elgin, TX

2/05/15   Tradition. Local legend. – Steve, Grand Prairie, TX

2/05/15   Love the BBQ – from out of town but, stop in when we can.

2/04/15   Delicious BBQ Chicken!

2/04/15   Friendly people, great service & great food! – McDade, TX

2/04/15   Good customer service & food! – Austin, TX

2/04/15   The BBQ is good.

2/04/15   Good food, friendly service!

2/03/15   Tasty!

2/02/15    Multi-generational customer! – Roddy, Taylor, TX

2/01/15    Best food! – John, Thrall, TX

2/01/15    I was born in Elgin, lived here for 78 years, I always at the sausage, very good eating! – Clara, Elgin, TX

2/01/15    Beef Ribs. – John, Ohio

2/01/15    Have been coming for years, the food is great! – Micky, Austin, TX

1/31/15    Because the BBQ is tremendously good. Brisket was lean. – Al, Corpus Christi, TX

1/30/15    First time to visit Elgin, sure glad we came to Southside. – The Gonzalez Family, Sachse, TX

1/30/15    Ate here once & now it’s a regular stop when in the Austin area. – Michael, Houston, TX

1/30/15    BBQ is good enough to put you in a coma.

1/30/15    Good food, good service.

1/30/15    Been eating the sausage for years, Love it! – Austin, TX

1/29/15    Amazing service! Great Food! – Lilly, Muldoon, TX

1/29/15    Best BBQ in Elgin, Great portions, friendly service! – Matthew, Elgin, TX

1/29/15    The food! – M.L. – Elgin, TX

1/28/15    All of the people that serve us are very nice, Thanks! – Dorothy, Coupland, TX

1/28/15    Because I love your BBQ, I have been coming for years!

1/27/15    My Mom loves your sausage, she’d eat here every day if she lived close by.

1/27/15    Good service, good food! – Bill, Pflugerville, TX

1/27/15    Love the food. – Molly, Elgin, TX

1/26/15    Delicious smoked meats!

1/26/15    Good food!

1/25/15    The quality of meat & your sweet tea!! And it’s always fresh! – Adriana, Manor, TX

1/25/15    Great Ribs! – Mike, Temple, TX

1/25/15    Speaks to me on a spiritual level, awesome food!

1/24/15    On a BBQ adventure. – Schulz Family, Sycamore, IL

1/24/15    Because it’s the best BBQ! – Desiree, Rockdale, TX

1/24/15    Food is awesome! – Martha, Colorado City, TX

1/24/15    Food & service are awesome! Stop every time I go home from Austin. – Melanie, Missouri City, TX

1/24/15    My parents introduced us to Southside at a young age, I am hooked! – Lynn, Granger TX

1/24/15    Sausage

1/24/15    Good food and a good price point!

1/23/15    The food is good!

1/23/15    Service, Price, Quality! – Fred, Austin, TX

1/23/15    The food is good, the service is good! – Taylor, TX

1/23/15    We really enjoy the food, the environment & service! The BBQ is delicious. – Fabian, Round Rock, TX

1/23/15    Been coming since 1930! Been customers for generations! – Joyce, Thorndale, TX

1/23/15    Great food & service! – Mike, Taylor, TX

1/23/15    It’s good!

1/23/15    Good BBQ!

1/22/15    Cause it is the best BBQ ever! – Rodriguez Family, Austin, TX

1/22/15    Taste, Courtesy. – Bob, Houston, TX

1/21/15    My Dad introduced me to “Hot Guts” in the 1960’S, I keep coming back! – Sandy, Elgin, TX

1/21/15    Second time here, will come back! Clean! – Jesse, Timpson, TX

1/21/15    Best BBQ! – Stella, Kyle, TX

1/20/15    Because of our childhood memories. – Vectoria, Austin, TX

1/20/15    Great stop for great food & service!

1/20/15    Because the BBQ taste so good! – Marilyn, Manor, TX

1/20/15    Meat Market, food, everything is so great! – Alicia, Taylor, TX

1/20/15    First time trying, absolutely love it! Will be back for sure! – Larry, Austin, TX

1/19/15    I have been coming for years, I love Southside! – Dee, Austin, TX

1/18/15    We love this place!

1/18/15    I love your BBQ!

1/18/15    Food is delicious! – Paredes, Austin, TX

1/18/15    Always good food! Line moves quickly, good for big parties, Authentic! – David, Round Rock, TX

1/18/15    I love the food!

1/18/15    Great food & service! – Michael, Austin, TX

1/17/15    Addicted to the Sausage! – Kevin, Austin, TX

1/17/15    Very good food, juicy sausage & brisket! – Adam, Austin, TX

1/17/15    Word of mouth! – Robert, Elgin, TX

1/17/15    Great food! – Robert, Pflugerville, TX

1/17/15    I’ve been eating here for over 60 years, it is still the best! – Frank, Irving, TX

1/17/15    I like it very much and will be back! – Alice, Austin, TX

1/17/15    BBQ is great! – Robert, College Station, TX

1/17/15    Great food! – Miguel, Austin, TX

1/17/15    We’ve always been!

1/16/15    Been coming since ’75, still loving it! – Pflugerville, TX

1/16/15    Because the food is good, and when the food is good you continue going! – Christopher

1/16/15    Great food! – Brenda, Austin, TX

1/16/15    OMG! Best sausage in America! – Manor, TX

1/16/15    It was really yummy!

1/15/15    Sausage is great! Atmosphere super!

1/15/15    I love your consistently good food! Hank is an asset your better keep! – Brent, Blanket, TX

1/15/15    I have been coming since the mid ‘60’s and like your sausage. – Glenn, Leander, TX

1/15/15    Food is great, clean and friendly staff.

1/14/15    Enjoyed! Clean, good customer service & food.

1/14/15    Hungry, I grew up here, legacy.

1/14/15    Because of the great food! – Rick, Houston, TX

1/14/15    Drove from Buda to try and love it! We will drive back again to eat! – Maria, Buda, TX

1/13/15    Been here for years! – Kathy

1/13/15    Because of the sausage! – Kilgore, TX

1/13/15    Best BBQ in Elgin/Bastrop. Excellent Brisket & Sausage. – Christina, Austin, TX

1/13/15    We love the space & food.

1/12/15    Great Customer service, food is great!

1/12/15    Have been coming for over a decade, great! – Ashley, Taylor, TX

1/12/15    It was suggested that I try, your BBQ was good even without the sauce. – Adam, Stratford, NJ

1/12/15    Best sausage! – Michael, Austin, TX

1/11/15    Because we love you all’s BBQ.

1/11/15    “Treatition” for my family, we have been eating here since my siblings & I were little kids. – Valerie, Austin, TX

1/11/15    Very good food.

1/11/15    Realtor showing homes in the area, always stop to eat and introduce clients to some good food. – Kathy, Austin, TX

1/11/15    Love the taste & we always see someone we know eating or working here! – The Fields, Elgin, TX

1/11/15    The Cashier was super friendly (Dian and made a great recommendation for the Turkey w/bold sauce, Yummy! – Erika, Elgin, TX

1/11/15    Quality food, service, & staff appreciation. – James, Richmond, TX

1/10/15    As a third generation Austinite, this is some of the best BBQ around! – Sonia, Austin, TX

1/10/15    Love the food, the employees are great! – James, Bastrop, TX

1/10/15    2nd visit, liked the brisket potato I ordered it again, friendly people. – Melinda, Austin, TX

1/10/15    Live close, good atmosphere, good food.

1/10/15    We enjoyed the brisket.

1/10/15    Great sausage! Great overall food! – George, Kyle, TX

1/10/15    You guys have the best sausage. – Austin, TX

1/10/15    We are a Southside customer because it is the best BBQ. – Miguel, Elgin, TX

1/09/15    I love Texas BBQ. – David, Fayetteville, NC        

1/09/15    Good food.

1/09/15    Great service & excellent food! – John, Nebraska

1/08/15    Great customer service & great food! – Jennifer, Austin, TX

1/08/15    Good BBQ.

1/08/15    Been coming since I was a kid, will come until I can’t anymore. – Jennifer, Hutto, TX

1/07/15    The good is great! – Dianne, Cedar Park, TX

1/07/15    We love the BBQ! We mailed sausage to our military son for Xmas. – Gebhardt, Copperas Cove, TX

1/06/15    Food is good! – Ray, LaGrange, TX

1/06/15    Good food, & great service! – Laura, Manor, TX

1/06/15    Because it is good! – Paul, Taylor, TX

1/05/15    Great BBQ!

1/05/15    I enjoy the food, the people are friendly, & customer service is great!

1/04/15    We like the food, saw TV Show about your sausage, Yum, Yum! – Sheri, Cedar Park, TX

1/04/15    I think this is the best BBQ. – Linda, Elgin, TX

1/04/15    Good food, friendly wait staff, nice atmosphere, quick in and out. – Larry, Pasadena, TX

1/04/15    Love the BBQ – sliced beef was out of this world! – Rick, Houston, TX

1/03/15    Because it is the best sausage served Texas style. – Ray, Dripping Springs, TX

1/03/15    Great tasting BBQ! As well as great Texas hospitality.

1/03/15    Awesome BBQ! – Austin, TX

1/03/15    Sausage! – Jami, Coupland, TX

1/03/15    The food tastes great! – Austin, TX

1/02/15    Great BBQ! – Janette, San Jose, CA

1/02/15    Because it is delicious! – Michelle, Elgin, TX

1/02/15    Great food, fresh, reasonable prices.

1/02/15    Good food, lots of places to sit, friendly staff, fast! – Bryan, TX

1/02/15    Great brisket! – Jimmy, Green Cove Springs, FL

1/02/15    Good food, & friendly people. – Belton, TX


1/01/15     Good food and friendly staff.  – Ron P., Austin, TX

1/01/15     I was passing through back to Richmond and was told to come here.  – Garrett L., Richmond, VA

1/01/15     It’s local. The food is good and the pork steak is very good.  – Tabor, Elgin, TX

1/01/15     Cause I grew up on Southside Market. I love y’all’s sausage.  – Guadalupe R., Austin, TX

12/31/14   Southside was recommended to me while at a bar on 6th Street. I was told it was life-changing. I’ll have to agree! Delicious brisket and the sausage is incredible. Great service and a good place in general.

12/31/14   Because I was hungry and the food is absolutely superior!

12/31/14   Quality food. Consistent quality.

12/31/14   The food is amazing!  - Richard D., San Antonio, TX

12/30/14   Good Food 

12/30/14   Been coming here for 50 years.  – Pflugerville, TX

12/30/14   We stopped while coming home from a trip to Houston. Love that Bold Sauce! Thanks!

12/30/14   Really good people and good food.  – Aaron S., Round Rock, TX

12/29/14   Keep up the great work.  – Charles H., Buffalo, NY

12/29/14   Good Food  - Billy D., Kyle, TX

12/29/14   BBQ is amazing! 

12/28/14   Fantastic chopped beef. Plus, the meat market – great steaks!  - Clay, Taylor, TX

12/28/14   Love the BBQ  - Round Rock, TX

12/28/14   Been coming for over 30 years. Always great.  – Buda, TX

12/28/14   Enjoyed the chop beef and sausage. Friendly.

12/28/14   Like the food.

12/28/14   Great Food

12/28/14   Continue to give outstanding service and you will continue to have our good word-of-mouth advertising.  – James P., Fort worth, TX

12/28/14   Cause it’s good eatin’. Better brisket than some of the other places (Lockhart) - Jesus A., Pearland, TX

12/28/14   Always loyal to Southside. Love the brisket. Love the chicken. Love Everything. And good service, too.  – Bill S., Elgin, TX

12/27/14   The best BBQ in Texas

12/27/14   Been coming here for years.  – Jessica S., Austin, TX

12/27/14   My family has been coming since I was a kid. I love it, my husband now loves it, and now my son!  - April A., Austin, TX

12/27/14   Great brisket!  - Taylor, TX

12/27/14   Brisket  - Taylor, TX

12/27/14   Really good food.

12/27/14   Wanted to try for years and finally stopped.  – Frank & Roni, Jackson, MS

12/27/14   Driving through Elgin on the way back from Houston.

12/27/14   My father ate here recently and loved the mutton. I agree! It’s great!  - Ana B., Kansas City, MO

12/26/14   Best sausage around. Drive from Austin at least once a month.  – Gary C., Austin, TX

12/26/14   I’m a Southside customer because it is delicious! And we’ve been coming here since I can remember.  – Gisell R., Austin, TX

12/26/14   Trying something new. I usually go to Meyer’s. I liked the chopped beef better here.

12/26/14   I tried the best, why would I try the rest. Wouldn’t change a thing. I love your products and your customer service. It feels like home. Hank is doing a heck of a job and the whole team!  - Azalia P., Austin, TX

12/26/14   Tradition  - Katie, The Woodlands, TX

12/26/14   Grew up eating here.  – Julian, Elgin, Tx

12/26/14   Keep up the great work. I’ve been a customer since 1995. Great job, good service.  – Ann, Austin, TX

12/26/14   Love the taste and quick service.  – Robert V., Austin, TX

12/26/14   Delicious Food  - Evergreen, CO

12/26/14   Tradition and in town for business.  – Taylor, TX

12/23/14   Because this place rocks! Great food and staff. Thank You April!  – Michaela, Lincoln, NE (Originally from Czech Republic)

12/23/14   Excellent service. Very good food.  – Dewey M., Austin, TX

12/23/14   Good job. Nice place for a ladies lunch.  – Ladies from Galveston

12/23/14   Recommendation from a friend. Thanks Veronica & April!  - Stan

12/22/14   Referred by a friend.  – Adriana Z., Austin, TX

12/22/14   Rebecca was very good at serving and she came to check on us at our table. Excellent!

12/22/14   Love the sausage! Been eating it for over 45 years. 1st ate here downtown.  – Jim J., Austin, TX

12/21/14   Because we enjoy the food and the atmosphere.  – Medina, Austin, TX

12/21/14   Home Town – 1961 Graduate

12/21/14   Friendly staff. Family has been eating here for generations. Best sausage around. 

12/21/14   My dad lives in the area and spoke highly of the quality of your food.

12/21/14   Good Food

12/21/14   Y’all have good BBQ

12/21/14   The Best Sausage! 

12/21/14   It’s a tradition in our family. We love it!  - Ochoa Family, Austin, TX

12/20/14   Good service. Good BBQ. Cleanliness.

12/20/14   My dad used to bring us here.  – Ralph R., Horseshoe Bay, TX

12/20/14   I grew up her from ’80-’88 and have always loved this place.  – Matt M.

12/20/14   Good Food  - Johnnie M., Austin, TX

12/20/14   Love it!  - Rochelle M., Austin, TX

12/20/14   Great foo, love the sausage.  – Jason L., Brentwood, TN

12/20/14   Was raised that way. It’s in my blood. Best in Texas.  – Patsy R., Elgin, TX

12/20/14   Great food!  - Patty, New Braunfels, TX

12/20/14   First time with my family and we will return.  – Whitney L., Austin, TX

12/20/14   I’ve been hearing the hype about the sausage for years. DELICIOUS! 

12/20/14   Love your food! 

12/20/14   Love the food!  - Barbara M., Weir, TX

12/20/14   Like It            

12/19/14   Great Food

12/19/14   Great food, wonderful customer service. Thank you!  - Lacey E., Bastrop, TX

12/19/14   Great flavors and friendly staff.

12/19/14   Local Resident  - James P., Coupland, TX

12/19/14   Keep doing what you’re doing by showing Southern Hospitality - smiling faces, respect, sense of humor.

12/19/14   Sausage and beans are great!

12/19/14   Longtime Elginite. Been coming her 30 years. Know the family. Like the new cole slaw.

12/19/14   Like good BBQ!  - Brown, Hilton Head, SC

12/19/14   Great flavor. Convenience. Customer service.

12/18/14   Love the meats!

12/18/14   Family tradition.  – Brianna, Austin, TX

12/18/14   Sausage is the best. Been coming for years.  – Chuck B., Austin, TX

12/17/14   Keep up the good service.  – Joe M., Austin, TX

12/17/14   Great tasting food.  – Gerard C., Austin, TX

12/17/14   Good barbeque. Enjoyed it.  – Becky S., Coupland, TX

12/17/14   Good food. Love the potato salad.  – Austin, TX

12/17/17   I live in Louisiana and have been to Southside every time I’m in Elgin.  – Anthony S., Alexandria, LA

12/16/14   The turkey was amazing.

12/16/14   We come because the customer service and food are great.  – Willie T., Austin, TX

12/16/14   Because the people and food are great. 

12/15/14   Been coming here for 40 years!  - Kathy M.

12/15/14   Great Food!  - Bryan V., Huntsville, TX

12/15/14   It was Wonderful!

12/15/14   It’s the Best!

12/14/14   We have been coming here for 20 years. It’s just fun to come here. Smells good, people are nice, it’s part of tradition.  – Tim M., Cedar Park, TX

12/14/14   Every year at Christmas we drive to Elgin, cut down a Christmas tree and eat Southside BBQ, only. No Meyers.  – Chris C., Liberty Hill, TX

12/14/14   Good Food

12/14/14   Better than Meyer’s  - Lee G., Round Rock, TX

12/14/14   Family tradition.  – Robert W., Austin, TX

12/14/14   Best BBQ in Texas. Keep up the good work.  – Scott, Austin, TX

12/14/14   Tradition – Good Food  - Justin A., Liberty Hill, TX

12/14/14   When we have a reason to drive out from Austin, we always stop here for great BBQ.

12/14/14   Family brought me here. Sausage and service are awesome!  - Jennifer S., Georgetown, TX

12/14/14   Great food all the time.  – Danny M., Round Rock, TX

12/13/14   Keep it up! Maintain your professional and excellent customer service. We stopped by on our way to state playoff game due to your reputation. – Danielle, Houston, TX

12/13/14   Because, who wouldn’t want to be a Southside customer?

12/13/14   Tradition after cutting a Christmas tree for 24 straight years!  - Don V., Austin, TX

12/13/14   Been coming here for years. Now working on 5 generations.  – Robert M., Austin, TX

12/13/14   It’s a tradition when we get our Christmas tree or any time we are near Elgin.  – Doug D., Austin, TX

12/13/14   Just driving by.  – Gary S., Houston, TX

12/13/14   Great food. Enjoyed it. Thank you from Westfield High School.  – Royal H., Houston, TX

12/12/14   Started back in 1956. Had to ask my future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage! Cashier and counter help today were very friendly. Makes lunch an enjoyable experience.

12/12/14   Great Food

12/12/14   Pork Steak is awesome!  - Trey P., Burnet, TX

12/12/14   Good Food

12/12/14   Been one since 1995  - Lynn, League City, TX

12/12/14   Because we were really hungry and discovered the greatness that is Southside!  - Hawkins, Indianapolis, IN

12/12/14   Came with Chet and the Daytrippers and my sister.  – Pam B., Temple, TX

12/12/14   Because of the service, the food and the Bracewell family. Best brisket we’ve ever had!  – Muery, Coupland, TX

12/12/14   It’s good BBQ

12/12/14   Sausage was great. Friend referred me.

12/12/14   Been here several times. Today was great. Keep on doing it your way.  – Harry J., Navasota, TX

12/11/14   I’m a customer because Southside is all about quality.  – Pamela C., Manor, TX

12/11/14   Good Food

12/11/14   Like the brisket.  – Keith B., Taylor, TX

12/11/14   Love the sausage and pork steak.

12/10/14   Passing through Elgin on my way to Giddings and heard the BBQ was good!  - Gayle, Austin, TX

12/10/14   Good Food

12/10/14   Excellent food. Consistently good. Clean Restaurant, friendly employees and good service. Love the spices and meat. -


12/10/14   Good Food

12/09/14   Food is good and friendly employees that I’ve met. Ice cream is great when leaving.  – Regina B., Austin, TX

12/09/14   Food, customer service, friendliness, enjoyment of just eating!  - Dora G., Austin, TX

12/09/14   Met a business associate here.  – John M., Jacksonville, FL

12/09/14   Enjoy the food.  – Bernice, Austin, TX

12/09/14   The meats are top stuff.  – Arnold A., Austin, TX

12/09/14   Great barbeque.  – Diane G., Austin, TX

12/09/14   Our friend that lives here has been bringing us for years.  – Nell A., Bryan, TX

12/08/14   Good Food  - Joel S.

12/07/14   For the BBQ

12/07/14   The food and customer service are one of a kind. The food is unbelievable! Food, family and friends.  - Daniel R., Austin, TX

12/07/14   Delicious! Sausage is the best.

12/07/14   Great food, fast service.

12/07/14   Been coming here since y’all were downtown. 

12/07/14   Good BBQ. On the way to the tree farm.  – Sandra V., Hutto, TX

12/07/14   Have been coming since I was a little kid. Now we make it a tradition to come every year

when we get our tree. We live an hour away.

12/07/14   Location on 290 on the way back home. Good BBQ, friendly service.  – Matt, Bryan, TX

12/06/14   Because we meet here as a family.

12/06/14   Food! Nice people, feel welcome!  - W., Austin, TX

12/06/14   In the area and it looked good.  – Michelle S. Austin, TX

12/06/14   The food is so delicious. Customer service is excellent. Thank you for all you do!  Irma, Round Rock, TX

12/06/14   Family tradition. Great food.  – Christopher, Georgetown, TX

12/06/14   First time. Will come again.

12/06/14   Delicious all the time. Elginite. – Shirley W., Elgin, TX

120/6/14   Christmas tradition. Cut the tree and get Southside!  - Wade V., Georgetown, TX

12/06/14   My in-laws brought me and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s always clean and service is fast. Food is amazing!  - Valerie F., Georgetown, TX

12/05/14   Good reputation, good food.

12/05/14   Travelling from Houston. I will stop again.  – Steve, Sugarland, TX

12/05/14   Grew up in Elgin and I’ve always enjoyed Southside.

12/05/14   We love your food and because you care about your employees.  – Jorge F., Kentucky

12/05/14   Love the brisket, sausage and the beans are really good!  - Ana H., Thrall, TX

12/05/14   The BBQ is awesome. Service is friendly.  – Bob W., Lexington, TX

12/05/14   Because the beef and you are very kind people.  – Fernando L., Tamaulipas, Mexico

12/04/14  Great food, been a customer for over 40 years.

12/04/14  Overall quality is good or better than most.

12/04/14  Good food & friendly people.

12/03/14  Good food. – Hoe Family, Austin, TX

12/03/14  I like the food, especially the Brisket & Sausage.

12/03/14  Good food. – Robert, Hutto, TX

12/03/14  Good food. – Frank, Bob & Bill, Austin, TX

12/01/14  Been coming here for years. – Jerry, Hutto, TX

11/30/14  The food.

11/30/14  Love BBQ!

11/30/14  April is the best with good customer service! Very, Very good food! – Victor, Austin, TX

11/30/14  Great food & good service. – Hal, Georgetown, TX

11/30/14  We have been coming here since we were small, always love & enjoy it. – Garza Family, Austin, TX

11/29/14  Good food!

11/29/14  First time after the Christmas tree farm, we will be back! – Leander, TX

11/29/14  Excellent Sausage & Brisket. – Paul, Burnet, TX

11/29/14  Consistency of Sausage & Brisket, always good! – Todd, Cedar Park, TX

11/29/14  Tradition after Christmas tree shopping, good food. – Kevin, Dripping Springs, TX

11/29/14  Food is great! Customer service is great & so is the atmosphere. – Jeannie, Austin, TX

11/29/14  Good food – Ronnie

11/29/14  Good food.

11/28/14  We have been for years. Best BBQ around. – Steve, Hutto, TX

11/28/14  Love the sausage.

11/28/14  The good food.

11/28/14  Like the food & the people. – Houston, TX

11/28/14  Great BBQ! – Thomas, Kyle, TX

11/28/14  Love the Sausage.

11/28/14  Food is awesome! – Mr. & Mrs. Hawkins, Texas

11/28/14  Good BBQ!


1/01/15    The food is delicious and the staff is friendly. The place is clean!

11/28/14  BBQ is great & potato salad is second to none. –Eric, Austin, TX


11/26/14  Love the Sausage and Chopped Beef. – Jimmy, Round Rock, TX

11/26/14  Quality & selection. – Austin, TX

11/26/14  It is delicious, we just discovered it today.

11/26/14  Sausage is the best around. –Austin, TX

11/25/14  Meat has good flavor. Easy access. – The Godoy Family, Pflugerville, TX

11/24/14  Great BBQ!

11/24/14  BBQ is always good! – Alberto, Manor, TX

11/24/14  I am from Houston & drive to Austin all the time, great food & customer service. –Bryan, Houston, TX  

11/23/14  Good food, nice people, the old time feeling.

11/23/14  April is awesome saw we had a need & helped. She is a customer service champ.

11/23/14  For the BBQ & customer service.

11/23/14  Love the BBQ for years, pork steaks are seasoned well. – Christina, Elgin, TX

11/23/14  Great meeting place for Aggies & Grandparents.

11/23/14  Meet & talk to old friend while chowing down on Hot Guts. – Jean, Elgin, TX

11/23/14  You have the best quality & quantity of meat. Sauces are awesome, service is amazing, & we feel at home here. Thanks for the great service!! – Sherry, Pflugerville, TX

11/22/14  Excellent food, great service. – Austin, TX

11/22/14  Love beef! Love BBQ! This is a comfort food & place. – Anna, Taylor, TX

11/22/14  Good brisket & sausage. – Brandon, Houston, TX

11/22/14  Love the food, service & atmosphere! Been coming for at least 36 years. – Pflugerville, TX

11/22/14  Best BBQ around, faithful Elginite & love the Bracewell family. – Jennifer, Elgin, TX

11/22/14  Best BBQ on the planet. – Amanda, Austin, TX  

11/22/14  Family tradition for 50 years & counting. Love the food! – Dennis, Leander, TX

11/22/14  First time here! Heard good things!

11/21/14  Because the sausage is excellent. – Austin/Manor, TX

11/21/14  Been coming here for about 10 years. We are from Houston & this is our pit stop to Austin. Arthur, Dayton, TX

11/21/14  Have been for 50 years. Yummy!!!

11/21/14  First time here & will be back! – Austin, TX

11/21/14  Excellent brisket! – Dalia, Elgin, TX

11/21/14  Enjoy the food! Buddy, McDade, TX

11/20/14  Just passing through, would definitely stop again.

11/19/14  Good food.

11/19/14  Because the food is great & Hank did a great job of making sure I was satisfied with my ribs. – Shira, Houston, TX

11/19/14  First time eating here, excellent food & fast service. – Pflugerville, TX

 11/19/14 I love the tender chicken, sausage & brisket. Janie – Austin, TX

11/18/14  Good food, gluten free. – Elgin, TX

11/18/14  Born & raised on Southside Market & BBQ.

11/18/14  Love BBQ & the environment. – Rachel, Hutto, TX

11/17/14  Been eating here for more than fifty years. – Brien, San Antonio, TX

11/17/14  Food is great! – Elenore, Round Rock, TX

11/16/14  Food is great & everybody greets you with a smile. – Felix, Manor, TX

11/15/14  Quality of the food. – Jack, Harker Heights, TX

11/15/14  Good environment, fast & friendly service. – Amy, Temple, TX

11/15/14  A friend suggested it, & it was great! – Kourtney, Georgetown, TX

11/15/14  I love your BBQ. – Emilio, Austin, TX

11/15/14  The ice cream girls are my favorite. – Anthony, Elgin, TX

11/15/14  I like Elgin Sausage. – Belton, TX

11/15/14  Awesome sausage & BBQ. – Andy, Pflugerville, TX

11/14/14  Taste, quality, location. Terah & Renee, Kingwood, TX

11/14/14  Good food & service. – Johnny, College Station, TX

11/14/14  I like the food & service. – Ricky, Bastrop, TX

11/14/14  Always good food, loved the stuff potato. – Karla, Elgin, TX

11/14/14  Enjoy brisket, potato, “Ranch Hand” regular stop for us.

11/13/14  Good food & quick service.

11/13/14  Food is good & prices are good too!!

11/12/14  Just this once – visiting from Alaska. Loved our visit, food & tour! Thank you! – The Young’s,  Anchorage, Alaska

11/11/14  Tradition for 20 years! – Al, Austin, TX

11/10/14  Because we love your food it is fantastic! – Perez Family, Austin, TX

11/10/14  The food is excellent.

11/09/14  First time here, I will be back!

11/09/14  The sausage is yummy! The brisket is yummy! Potato salad too!

11/09/14  I like the variety of meats, brisket, sausage, pork steak, ice cream, atmosphere, 2 serving lines. – Paul, Elgin, TX

11/09/14  Good BBQ, nice staff. – Willman Family, Austin, TX

11/09/14  The food is good & the people are nice, you can’t ask for anything else. – Angie & Homero, Corpus Christi, TX

11/09/14  The food is high quality. I know I will always get the best while at Southside. – Dianne, Navasota, TX

11/08/14  Lived in Elgin for 20 years no place like Southside. – Richard, Elgin, TX

11/08/14  Love it!

11/08/14  Love the food! – Amy, Pflugerville, TX

11/07/14  Food is Awesome!

11/07/14  Great BBQ, close to home!

11/07/14  Love the Sausage & Brisket! – Kristen, Georgetown, TX

11/07/14  Decent BBQ, nice atmosphere, convenient.

11/06/14  It was great, all good!

11/05/14  Food is amazing!

11/05/14  Clean interior, good food, good service. – Jake, Austin, TX

11/05/14  Because it’s the best in Texas!

11/04/14  Good BBQ! Taste great! – Jordan, Austin, TX

11/04/14  I like your product & the atmosphere. – Dale, Elgin, TX

11/03/14  For the sausage & brisket, it’s a short drive from Austin, TX.

11/02/14  Good food & atmosphere. – Clay, Hutto, TX

11/02/14  Been coming since I was a girl, food is great & service is pleasant.

11/02/14  The food is good, great service!

11/02/14  Because the food is excellent; especially the Beef Rib. – Mason, Austin, TX

11/02/14  I like your brisket & bold sauce.

11/01/14  Taste & good environment. – Austin, TX

11/01/14  We love it! – The Scott Family, Granger, TX

11/01/14  Awesome food, friendly service, this is truly the best!

11/01/14  Great food, glad you are coming to Bastrop.

11/01/14  Good food, great service. – Austin, TX

11/01/14  Good food & great service. – Lee, Austin, TX

11/01/14  The quality of the meat and presentation. Flavorful & moist. Keep it up, the mutton is superb.

10/31/14  Good food & friendly atmosphere. – Rio Hondo, TX

10/31/14  The food & great customer service! – Laurieann, Hutto, TX

10/31/14  Good food & open friendly atmosphere!

10/31/14  Because the food is good. – Daniel, Elgin, TX

10/31/14  Because it is the best BBQ around!

10/31/14  Delicious sausage, brisket & chicken. – Josh, Cedar Park, TX

10/31/14  Great BBQ & unique sausage/brisket sandwich.

10/29/14  Love it and live close! – Ima, Elgin, TX

10/29/14  Yummy food! Awesome owners! – Kris, Bastrop, TX

10/29/14  Taste bud party and the friendly staff. – The Alyson Family, Raleigh, NC

10/28/14  Awesome brisket & turkey, great service too! – Kim, Hutto, TX

10/28/14  Best BBQ on 290. – Alan, Cedar Park, TX

10/28/14  Have been all my life!

10/27/14  Been coming since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

10/27/14  The food is good & the service is great! – Janie, Elgin, TX

10/27/14  Love the food! – Jim, Houston, TX

10/26/14  Great food, friendly staff, good friends always meet here. – Paula, Pflugerville, TX

10/26/14  The food is great! Longtime customer will continue to support! – Trey, Hutto, TX

10/25/14  We drove 200 miles to eat today, moist meat, delicious potato salad & beans, great customer service! –
  Bobbie, Corrigan, TX

10/25/14  The food is always good! – Jessica, Taylor, TX

10/25/14  The great service and the food is amazing. – Jay, Cass & Brandon

10/25/14  Been coming since I was a kid, I am now 52, best BBQ in Texas. – Austin, TX

10/25/14  Good food, good people. – Roy, Austin, TX

10/25/14  Ed was awesome! _ Naeemah, Philadelphia, PA

10/24/14  Great food, friendly staff, Blue Bell completes the meal. Good prices. – Ken, Taylor, TX

10/24/14  Consistently good BBQ, keep it up! – Austin, TX

10/24/14  I have been a customer for 5 years, great food & great service. – Jerry, Pflugerville, TX

10/23/14  I like good BBQ! – Jeff, Paige, TX

10/22/14  It just taste good! – Harvey, Lockhart, TX

10/22/14  I live close by and the food is great! – Martin, Coupland, TX

10/21/14  The best BBQ, period! Shane, Pflugerville, TX

10/21/14  Food is top notch. – Luis, Manor, TX

10/21/14  Great Brisket & Beans. – Walter, Killeen, TX

10/20/14  The food & service! – John, Austin, TX

10/20/14  Like BBQ, Always leave full, the atmosphere is great, you can be yourself.

10/20/14  Rebecca was very helpful in guiding us around. She is a sweet, friendly girl, we’ll come back!

10/20/14  Good food & great service! – Jim, Taylor, TX

10/20/14  Food & service. Tommy, Bastrop, TX

10/20/14  The food, why else! – Jenna, Austin, TX

10/19/14  Enjoy the environment & sausage.

10/19/14  The food is great & so is the service. You can’t beat the sausage. – J, Conroe, TX

10/19/14  The food has always been tasteful, the service has always been friendly, & always clean. – Deborah, Austin, TX

10/19/14  We love Southside! Excited for the Bastrop location to open. – Mary, Bastrop, TX

10/19/14  I have been coming to Southside most of my life, I really love the sausage. – Arturo, Austin, TX

10/19/14  It’s very popular. – Isidra, Austin, TX

10/19/14  We love the sausage & mutton. – Beatrice, Granger, TX

10/19/14  The food & service.

10/18/14  Because it is so yummy! Pregnant woman heaven!

10/18/14  Great BBQ! Thanks for the gluten free menu. It makes eating w/my family a lot easier. – T., Manor, TX

10/18/14  It tastes good.

10/18/14  The food always tastes good & fresh.

10/18/14  Love the food! – Finley, Pflugerville, TX

10/18/14  You are just awesome! Happy you are building one in Bastrop! – Jeane, Austin, TX

10/18/14  Good food! – Jim, Portland, OR

10/18/14  Family tradition. – Steve, Austin, TX

10/18/14  We were passing through, one draw is the amazing BBQ! – Stephanie, London

10/17/14  The food was great and we enjoy the family style seating. – Amanda, Elgin, TX

10/17/14  Everything was great, love the BBQ.

10/17/14  Service is great! – Cathy, McDade, TX

10/17/14  Love the sausage. – Cleveland, TX

10/17/14  We have been Southside customers all our life! – Fred, Houston, TX

10/17/14  Because the food is very good. Especially sausage & brisket. All your employees are friendly. –
  Tomas, San Antonio, TX

10/17/14  We have been coming for over 30 years, it is a must stop. – David, Decatur, TN

10/08/14   Brisket was very tender & flavorful. Pork steak had a good crust. – Mark & Debi, Bastrop, TX

10/08/14  Love brisket! – James, Thorndale, TX

10/08/14  Heard you are the best, you are! – Scott, Bastrop, TX

10/08/14  Love the turkey, sliced beef, and friendly people. – Diane, Smithville, TX

10/08/14  Great food, great service with a smile! – Elaine, Waco, TX

10/06/14  We enjoy the brisket, my in-laws also. They invite us and we drive from Taylor. – Yvonne, Taylor, TX

10/06/14  BBQ & having Blue Bell Ice Cream is a plus. – Debbie, Elgin, TX

10/06/14  Good food! Consistent.

10/06/14  Like BBQ.

10/04/14  First time here. – Barbara, Austin, TX

10/04/14  Good food.

10/04/14  Consistent good taste.

10/03/14  Because of the food y’all serve.

10/03/14  Consistently good quality meat selection.

10/03/14  It is delicious & worth the drive. – Jennifer, Cedar Park, TX

10/03/14  Been coming for over 24 years. – Rashad, Hutto, TX

10/03/14  Cause it’s good.

10/03/14  I love it. My grandparents came here when I was younger.

10/01/14  BBQ is amazing, best sausage I’ve ever tasted. – Dez Family, Manor, TX

10/01/14  Brought by a friend but, I will be back. – Kyle, Bryan, TX

10/01/14  Good food and good clean place. – Mike, Gatesville, TX

9/29/14  Good food & service. – Taylor, Austin, TX

9/29/14  Customer for life. – Austin, TX

9/29/14  This is my 2nd time and the food is just excellent. – Jenny, Taylor, TX

9/28/14  It is great! – Jason, Austin, TX

9/28/14 We have been coming since we were little.

9/28/14 Sausage.

9/28/14 I live HERE, Love’em! – Ruthie & Ceolia, Elgin, TX

9/28/14 I love the sausage been coming for over 30 years.

9/28/14 Been eating here since I was a kid. Food is great, especially the sausage.

9/28/14 Because we drove all the way from Conroe to eat here. – Harlie, Conroe, TX

9/28/14 A friend recommended it. – Adam & Diann, Jarrell TX

9/28/14 I like the food & service. – Taylor, TX

9/27/14 We come on a 100 mile round trip to eat here. It is worth it. – Hal, Caldwell, TX

9/27/14 My husband grew up on SS Sausage.

9/27/14 Referred by friends. – Zieliski Family, New Zealand.

9/27/14 I love Southside.

9/27/14 Great food, super people, great value.

9/27/14 The BBQ was awesome, always good food and great place to eat! Kathy, Taylor, TX

9/26/14 Great sausage! – Kent, Buda, TX

9/26/14 Heard it was good and I am a BBQ fan.

9/26/14 Enjoy the Food. – Thoene, Taylor, TX

9/26/14 First time, great turkey! – Katelyn, Austin, TX

9/26/14 I deliver Creek Stone Meats here & try to get this route every time cause the BBQ is amazing. – James, Ada, OK

9/26/14 Like the pork steak & sausage. Been a customer for 40 years.

9/25/14 Because the food beats anything around. – Kimberly, Austin, TX

9/25/14 The food is excellent and the customer service is awesome! – Arielle, Austin, TX

9/25/14 Great brisket.

9/22/14 Great meat! – John, Austin, TX

9/22/14 Love the sausage. – Jenna, Austin, TX

9/22/14 Great food. – Tina, Houston, TX

9/22/14 Great! Everything is great! – Janise, Taylor, TX

9/22/14 Love the food, been coming here for four years. – Jasmine, Elgin, TX

9/21/14 Food and service are great! –Clarissa, Round Rock

9/21/14 Your sausage is the best! However, I always enjoy your friendly staff, Leslie did a wonderful job. – Rachel, Del Valle, TX

9/21/14 Been here many times, enjoy it every time. – Wayne, Temple, TX

9/21/14 Been coming here since there was sawdust on the floor. – Manchaca, TX

9/21/14 Best spot in the Manor/Elgin area. Customer service is outstanding. – Danilo, Manor, TX

9/20/14 Good food, good service. – John, Giddings, TX

9/20/14 Referred by a friend, excellent! – Anita, Austin, TX

9/20/14 The sausage & the people. – Deborah, Pflugerville, TX

9/20/14 Great food, friendly & fast service. – Chuck, Thorndale, TX

9/20/14 The sausage is wonderful. – Harry, Georgetown, TX

9/19/14 Love your food. Very delicious. – Yvonne, Austin, TX

9/19/14 Been coming since we were kids. – Ronnie & Linda, Coupland, TX

9/19/14 It’s good, always good service.

9/19/14 Your food has the right taste. – Rafael, Bastrop, TX

9/19/14 Best BBQ on 290. – Matthew, Houston, TX

9/19/14 The BBQ here is really good.

9/18/14 On the way back to Houston and was craving BBQ, wasn’t disappointed. – Charles, Houston, TX

9/18/14 I stopped one time 8 years ago and really liked the food so every time I come through I stop. – Sergio, Houston, TX

9/17/14 The employees are very nice & professional, Ed does a great job with all customers. – Toby, Round Rock, TX

9/17/14 Passing through & it was recommended to stop. – Kevin, Austin, TX

9/17/14 You are the best! – Jason, Brownwood, TX

9/17/14 We had been here before & knew it was good. – Caldwell, TX

9/15/14 I really love the food. Can’t wait for Southside 2! – Joe, Bastrop, TX

9/15/14 I like the environment & people. – Diana, McDade, TX

9/15/14 Friendly people & great food. – Tina, Austin, TX

9/15/14 I like the food.

9/15/14 Great food & great service. – Janelle, Taylor, TX

9/14/14 Like the food, been eating Southside since it was Downtown. – Marshall, Rockdale, TX

9/14/14 Drive 30 miles out of the way to eat here. Great BBQ & Sausage. – Jerry, Buckeye, AZ

9/14/14 We enjoy the food. – Celia, Kyle, TX

9/14/14 I love Southside! – Carmen, Bastrop, TX

9/14/14 Best Sausage ever!

9/14/14 We love the food!

9/14/14 We have been coming since I was a child w/family. We love it! – Cecilia, Liberty Hill, TX

9/14/14 Because the food is great! – Castillo Family, Manor, TX

9/14/14 Food is the best.

9/13/14 Because y’all have the best BBQ & great customer service. – Yvette, Round Rock, TX

9/13/14 The awesome food! – Cynthia, Austin, TX

9/13/14 Been coming since I was a kid, over 35 years. – T. Lopez, Bertram, TX

9/13/14 In town for a conference & wanted to go home with a full stomach. Food is superb!  – Shelley, Brenham, TX

9/13/14 Love the food.

9/13/14 Great BBQ! – Austin, TX

9/13/14 The flavor of the brisket was great. The sausage was the best ever. I will be back. – TJ, Austin, TX

9/13/14 Have been for over 30 years. – John, Houston, TX

9/12/14 Been coming for years, consistently delicious! – Tami, Round Rock, TX

9/12/14 I love the brisket & sausage. – Jimmy, Round Rock, TX

9/12/14 Great BBQ, solid, quick service, brisket melts in your mouth. – Austin, TX

9/12/14 The sauce is the boss! – Matthew, Bastrop, TX

9/12/14 Down here for a football game, always stop.

9/12/14 I am a lifelong customer. – Ray, San Marcos, TX

9/12/14 The food is awesome! – Cedar Creek, TX

9/10/14 You can thank our grandfathers for bringing us to your location, now we bring our own. Thank you for all of the wonderful generations at Southside. Thank you for opening one in Bastrop. – Richard and Cathleen, Burnet, TX

9/10/14 Keep up the good work. – Ramirez Family, Georgetown, TX

9/10/14 Everything is great! – Ed, Austin, TX

9/10/14 Good food. – Bastrop, TX

9/9/14   BBQ is delicious. Denise, Elgin, TX

9/9/14   Best BBQ been coming for 3 years and love it. – Jose, Austin, TX

9/9/14   I live in Elgin & it’s convenient, & of course the food is great!

9/8/14   Been coming here since 1973.

9/8/14   Good food and great service. – Tim, Taylor, TX

9/6/14   Been eating here since a child it never gets old. – Austin, TX

9/6/14   Local, good meat, nice staff. – Hollingsworth family, North Wales.

9/6/14   It’s worth the drive from Austin. – Joel, Austin, TX

9/6/14   Friends & family brought me here, it is amazing. – Denton, TX

9/5/14   Love the sausage and steak. – Latius, Austin, TX

9/5/14   You have good BBQ at a great price. – Round Rock, TX

9/5/14   Repeat customer. Love the BBQ!

9/5/14   Good food.

9/5/14   Good food, supporters of the community, does business with my company. – Dan, Elgin, TX

9/5/14   Southside was recommended. – Angie, Charleston, SC
9/4/14   Cause it is good.

9/4/14   Good food!

9/4/14   Been coming here for over 30 years, BBQ is great!

9/4/14   Because the food is amazing!

9/3/14   I love meat.

9/3/14   Fast, good, variety.

8/31/14 The food is good and the people are nice.

8/30/14 It is a family tradition.

8/30/14 The good food!

8/30/14 Been coming since I was a kid. The food prices are great, wish there was one in Round Rock.

8/30/14 Heard it was good and was passing through so I stopped.

8/30/14 Recommended by my handsome stepson.

8/30/14 I can enjoy a great plate without an insane wait.

8/29/14 From Memphis TN first time here and first time I had beef BBQ in TX and LOVED IT!!!!!

8/28/14 Been coming for over 15 years and we love it!

8/28/14 I like it the food is good.

8/28/14 I have liked your sausage for 40+ years.

8/28/14 Thank you for the cheerful greeters and employees. They make coming a pleasure, especially Shannon.

8/24/14 Been coming here every time I pass for over 30 years.

8/24/14 It's the best!     

8/23/14 Tradition, came here with family as a little kid.

8/23/14 Because it is so good.

8/23/14 Because I love your food. It is just amazing.

8/23/14 Good food, good service.

8/23/14 Great food. Close to home, good prices, great everything.

8/23/14 Have been since I was little, it is a tradition.

8/21/14 Good food.

8/21/14 Really good brisket and potato.

8/20/14 Pork Steak and the best BBQ I’ve had in Central Texas.

8/19/14 Driving through town and was told this was a great place. I totally agree. Thanks for a great experience. – Robyn, Houston, TX

8/19/14 Love the brisket.

8/19/14 Love it! – Meagan, Wimberly, TX

8/19/14 Love the food!

8/18/14 The food & the service! – Tommy, Austin, TX

8/18/14 Family tradition. – Jamie, Taylor, TX

8/18/14 Family always comes. – Tina, Elgin, TX

8/17/14 To eat great BBQ!

8/17/14 I love the BBQ!

8/17/14 Good Food. – Esteban, San Antonio, TX

8/17/14 The best!

8/17/14 I like BBQ! – Kendall, LaGrange, TX

8/16/14 Best sausage in Texas! – Speedy, Austin. TX

8/16/14 Taste great! – Jackie, Georgetown, TX

8/16/14 Because we love it! – Brenna, Elgin, TX

8/16/14 We got stranded on our bikes and your meat saved our lives. – Austin, TX

8/16/14 Good BBQ.

8/16/14 Good brisket, sausage & sides. – Round Rock, TX

8/15/14 First time here & loved it! – Kant Family, Manor, TX

8/15/14 Excellent food! – Taylor, TX

8/15/14 Great food & price.

8/15/14 Heard great things, buy the sausage in stores in Austin. Very good! – Ryan, Austin

8/14/14 Good food!

8/14/14 I love good BBQ you are the best! – Margaret, Pueblo CO

8/13/14 Best BBQ in Central Texas. – Austin, TX

8/13/14 Good food. Family friendly atmosphere! – Marvie – Elgin, TX

8/13/14 Great food and location for stopping when visiting Austin! Great job!

8/13/14 Food is good! Love the customer service & the ice cream! – Paul, Temple, TX

8/12/14 First visit & enjoyed it thoroughly.

8/12/14 I like the food. The people here are very friendly!

8/12/14 Good Food. – Carolyn, Austin, TX

8/12/14 Use to live here & enjoy coming back, Good Food!! – Pat, Caldwell, TX

8/12/14 First time, loved it! – Cortnee & Tanner

8/11/14 Good food & good service. – Jake, Austin, TX

8/10/14 I love the food!

8/10/14 Love it, been coming for years! – Manuel, Hutto, TX

8/10/14 I love BBQ.

8/9/14   I love the chicken & chopped beef. They are the best around. – Downey Family, Austin, TX

8/9/14   Great atmosphere & great food! – Geoff, Sydney Australia

8/9/14   Because it is good & the people are great! – Amber, Del Valle, TX

8/9/14   I love BBQ. It’s the best BBQ on the way to Taylor from Houston.

8/8/14   Just like it, been coming since I was a kid. – Judy, Round Rock, TX

8/8/14   Pork rules. Southside is the only place to eat sausage. – Allison, Austin, TX

8/7/14   We drive 3 hours just to come here & eat and go back home. – Ashley, Jacksonville, TX

8/7/14   Great BBQ!

8/7/14   Delicious food & Ice Cream! – Eleanor, Elgin, TX

8/7/14   Love Southside. – Rusty, Elgin, TX

8/6/14   First time here, we really enjoyed it!

8/6/14   Very tasty & delicious.

8/5/14   Great tasting food.

8/5/14   Because we love your food! Love it!! – Laura, Houston, TX

8/5/14   Love the brisket & sausage. – Austin, TX

8/5/14   Good food & good service. – Tammie, Giddings, TX

8/4/14   Good food!

8/4/14   Five generations of my family have enjoyed Southside. – J.J, Elgin, TX

8/3/14   The food is good!

8/3/14   Good food, excellent service service! – Jannine, Taylor, TX

8/2/14   My father use to bring me here when I was 10. Now I am 51. – David, Hutto, TX

8/2/14   Good flavored meat.

8/2/14   the atmosphere is fabulous & lots of memories w/family. Food is so good! – Greg, Austin, TX

8/2/14   Been coming for 60 years! Our family favorite! – Hardi/Engling Family, Coupland, TX

8/1/14   Elgin girl!!! Grew up on this stuff, come back every chance I get. – Eva, Round Rock, TX

8/1/14   Reputation, I heard great things!

8/1/14   BBQ is the best!!! – Paul, Nixon, TX

8/1/14   Price value & the food is delicious.

8/1/14   Great food!

7/29/14 Everything is perfect the way they are. – Edward, Houston, TX

7/29/14 I love the brisket! – Sharic – Elgin, TX

7/28/14 Good Food.

7/28/14 The food is always fresh! Always! – San Antonio, TX

7/28/14 Good Food.

7/27/14 Love the food.

7/27/14 Because we love the food here. – Buzz, Taylor, TX

7/27/14 Because the food is great and the service is amazing. – Jose, Austin, TX

7/27/14 Family tradition. – Jamie, Elgin, TX

7/27/14 Love, Love, Love, the food. Been coming here since I was little. – Loretta, Houston, TX

7/2714  Food is very good and good customer service. – Giddings, TX

7/27/14 We are a five generation customer who lived in the area. Now reside in Pasadena and still come. Good food, always,            Houston can’t touch this place. – Irene, Pasadena, TX

7/27/14 Because it is a good place to eat. – Alderete Family, Taylor, TX

7/26/14 We have been coming here since 1980. It is the best BBQ I have ever eaten. – Clarence, NY

7/26/14 Delicious, Consistent.

7/26/14 Food is great. – Round Rock, TX

7/26/14 We love the brisket, been coming here for years.

7/26/14 Been coming for over 40 years, my grandparents brought me now I bring my kids. – George, Marlin, TX

7/26/14 Tasty Food. – Troy, Houston, TX

7/25/14 For the amazing sausage! – Hutto, TX

7/25/14 The food & service are awesome! – Lisa, Pflugerville, TX

7/24/14 We love your food! We come here all the time! Keep it up! -  Freddie, Lincoln, TX

7/23/14 Wonderful sausage and chicken, keep it the same! - Paula, Round Rock, TX

7/23/14 Our family has been a loyal customer since 1927. – The Pena Family, Houston, TX

7/22/14 I like the meat! – Pat, McDade, TX

7/21/14 Food is great and customer service is excellent! – Floyd & Lyla, Blue, TX

7/21/14 Friendly servers, excellent food and good prices. – Shannon, Houston, TX

7/20/14 Delicious food, nice people & ice cream. – John, Austin, TX

7/20/14 Good place to get together with family. – Austin, TX

7/19/14 Great food, customer service is great! – Bridgette, Hamilton, TX

7/19/14 Best tasting BBQ! – Austin, TX

7/19/14 Passing through to Houston, we always stop.

7/19/14 We enjoy the food. We come from San Antonio. – The Phillips family, San Antonio, TX

7/18/14 Best ribs, cobbler & brisket I’ve ever had. Lived in Texas for over 30 years. – Matt

7/18/14 Great food! Love the Cole Slaw & cobbler. All the meats are fantastic.

7/17/14 Born & raised in Elgin, PROUD!

7/17/14 Thought the food and atmosphere were good!

7/16/14 Simple food done right! – Sara, Dallas, TX

7/16/14 Consistent quality and quantity of food, particularly brisket sandwiches. – Smiths, Friendswood, TX  

7/16/14 Good food, great service. – Janine, Austin, TX

7/15/14 Great service, Thanks! Great food! – Hope & Toni, Bastrop, TX

7/13/14 Best BBQ in Texas!

7/13/14 Have been a customer for decades. Because it’s the best BBQ and Sausage around. – Raul, Taylor, TX

7/12/14 Enjoy the experience every trip from Austin. – Frank, Austin, TX

7/12/14 Because we like the food. – Leonardo & Maudie, Austin, TX

7/12/14 The sausage and potato salad are the bomb!

7/12/14 Love the food but most importantly, the friendly faces and positive staff.

7/12/14 Delicious BBQ and Excellent service! – Robert & Cruz, Austin, TX

7/11/14 Good food and service.

7/11/14 Best in Texas, Love the food and people! – Fran, Manor, TX

7/11/14 Live in Elgin, Good food and offer great value. – Al, Elgin, TX

7/11/14 Best BBQ in Texas! – Ben, Midland, TX

7/11/14 The people, food and the place. Been coming for 60 years. – Austin, TX

7/11/14 The brisket was awesome!

7/10/14 I really like the food. Great BBQ sauce. – Jul, Buckholts, TX

7/9/14   Because we love it!

7/9/14   Good Food, great prices! – Bastrop, TX

7/9/14   Because of the food! – Jose, Pflugerville, TX

7/8/14   Word of mouth. – Dave, Austin, TX

7/7/14   Love to eat here, especially the ice cream.

7/7/14   Great brisket & sausage! Friendly service.

7/7/14   Like the food.

7/6/14   Great brisket, nice to have blue bell ice cream too; Potato salad is awesome! – Conroe, TX

7/6/14   The great BBQ, very good! Thank you!

7/6/14   Great food and service! – Amy, Taylor, TX

7/6/14   Great food. – Kayla, Thrall, TX

7/6/14   First time here with a friend, taste really good, people very friendly. – Kevin, Houston, TX

7/6/14   Food is awesome! Customer service is great!

7/6/14   Family tradition, awesome food, amazing ice cream, great customer service, and the staff was awesome! – Lisa, Georgetown, TX

7/5/14   Perfection. – Chuck, Hutto, TX

7/5/14   Born into it, since 1894. – Danny, Elgin, TX

7/5/14   We like the sausage and pork steak. – Joe, Austin, TX

7/5/14   Brisket & Sausage. This is seriously the best tasting BBQ! – Leticia, Del Valle, TX

7/5/14   Because it is the best place and feels good to be here. – Jaime, Austin, TX

7/5/14   Sausage, brisket, Blue Bell Ice Cream. – Mona, Gonzales, TX

7/5/14   Good BBQ. – South Austin, TX

7/5/14   The sausage and great service! – Elizabeth, Hutto, TX

7/4/14   I love it! – Victor, Kyle, TX

7/4/14   Because of the sausage of course. – Denice, San Antonio, TX

7/4/14   Great food and service! – The Smith Family, San Marcos, TX

7/4/14   Great food and friendly service! – David, - Waco, TX

7/4/14   Yummy BBQ!

7/4/14   The food and service is GREAT! – Koko, Austin, TX

7/4/14   Love, love the BBQ, combo plate, brisket & sausage. – Cynthia, Houston, TX

7/3/14   Great brisket. Love the sauces. – Ray, Houston, TX


7/3/14   Best BBQ. – Jamie, Austin, TX

7/3/14   The sausage and brisket are great! – Nancy, Georgetown, TX

7/2/14   Love the atmosphere and food! – Brandon, Elgin, TX

7/2/14   Love the food and staff. – Jasson, Bastrop, TX

7/2/14   Love the links.

7/2/14   Taste great! Tea, sauce and customer service are awesome! – Tom, Manor, TX

7/1/14   Love BBQ and Southside! – Ana, Manor, TX

7/1/14   The sausage and chicken are very good! Seasoned just right! – The Sheltons, LA CA

6/30/14  I smell it when I drive by and it calls me! Tastes wonderful too! – Tara, Lago Vista, TX

6/30/14  Food is tasty.

6/29/14  Best food, and Angelica is the best. She made our experience awesome. – Jason, Brownwood, TX

6/29/14  Because of the way everything is done. It is just real good.

6/29/14  Always friendly smiles, make people feel welcome. – Lisa, Kyle, TX

6/29/14  Because it is so delicious! – Daisy, Austin, TX

6/29/14  Good food, great service.

6/29/14  Love your sausage. – Austin, TX

6/29/14  Pork steak, brisket, chicken, sausage, Cole slaw and potato salad were the best ever.

6/28/14  Been coming here for years. Love the food and BBQ sauce. – Austin, TX

6/28/14  Southside taste! – Brown family, Fagan, MN

6/28/14  Love BBQ! – Andrey, Russia.

6/28/14  First time, but it was awesome! – Corey

6/28/14  I am from Dallas, we always come to eat here when we come to visit family. – Sally, Dallas TX

6/28/14 Grew up here, come from Dallas for Western Days. Been coming for 85 years – Always a customer. April was so nice to stop at our table to offer us her assistance. She was awesome! – Boone Family, Dallas, TX

6/28/14  Because we like Southside sausage very much.

6/27/14  Good food & atmosphere! Eat local. – Jenna, Bastrop, TX

6/27/14  Great food! Great service! – Jason, Cedar Park, TX

6/27/14  It is good, I grew up with it!

6/27/14  Been coming here for years! Still very good! – Arthur, Austin, TX

6/27/14  You guys do a great job, been coming here for 55 years! – Manuel, Buda, TX

6/27/14  Love it! – Lopez, Austin, TX

6/26/14  Always good food. - Nicholas

6/26/14  Was referred by a friend, Great food! Excellent customer service! – Vicki, Jay, OK

6/25/14  Serve one of the best sausages in the state! – Jacob, Manor, TX

6/25/14  The food is great and friendly service. – Alfred, Del Valle, TX

6/25/14  I have been for 30 years. – Stacy, Austin, TX

6/25/14  Love BBQ!

6/24/14  Because it is the Best!! – Alexis, Austin, TX

6/24/14  Fast Service, big room seating area to fit my whole family. – Austin, TX

6/24/14  Because of the taste!

6/23/14  This was the first time, it was great! – Michael, - Waco, TX

6/23/14  The food and service are awesome!

6/22/14  Family tradition. – Walter, Tomball, TX

6/22/14  Consistent!! Always the best. – Edward, Round Rock, TX

6/22/14  Food and customer service. – Austin, TX

6/22/14  Good brisket and sausage. – TC & Cody, McDade, and Austin, TX

6/22/14  Referral from local and Austin residents. – Lydia, Edinburg, TX

6/22/14  Keep up the good work, love the employee friendly environment. Best place in town! – Janine – Elgin, TX

6/21/14  I love your food!

6/21/14  Love the food! – Yvonne, San Antonio, TX

6/21/14  Love the food.

6/21/14 I have been coming to Southside since I was 5. It’s a family tradition. – Taylor, Austin, TX

6/21/14 Love your sausage and ribs! Service was excellent, especially the meat market.  – Houston, TX

6/21/14 Good food, always!

6/21/14 We have been coming for over 50 years. Everyone is so nice here! – Krantz Family, Edinburg, TX

6/20/14 Good customer service.

6/20/14 Good food, good atmosphere, good people. – David, Round Rock, TX

6/20/14 Excellent food/friendly service, awesome décor.

6/20/14 It’s always great BBQ!

6/19/14 I’m a BBQ Connoisseur & have tried BBQ all over the country. First time here and your sausage is amazing. – Juan, Denton, TX  6/12/14 Because of the great taste and friendly service. – Steven, Killeen, TX

6/18/14 It’s the best BBQ. – Lisa, Round Rock, TX

6/18/14 Good Service.

6/18/14 Sausage!!! – Deanne, Elgin, TX

6/18/14 Awesome customer service!

6/17/14 Good brisket. Tasted unlike anything I’ve tasted before. Very clean, very friendly employees, ready to serve and the best BBQ! God bless the new location in Bastrop. – McDade, TX

6/15/14 Delicious food! – Oscar, Houston, TX

6/15/14 I came back to Southside because the meat is super delicious and you improved your sauce. Thx.

6/14/14 Great food! Clean facility! Great customer service! Well-Staffed. – Dawn, Elgin, TX

6/14/14 We have read & seen the history of this place, it’s phenomenal, and it is always great! – Mata family, Austin, TX

6/14/14 Love the beef brisket, sausage and the hospitality. – Reyes family, Austin, TX

6/14/14 It’s awesome!! – Hicks Family, Bastrop, TX

6/14/14 A cab driver in Austin recommended this place.

6/14/14 Quality, Affordable & great customer service. – Charles, Austin, TX

6/14/14 Clean environment, fast service and the #1 reason is the sausage! – Baeza family, Andrews, TX

6/13/14 It is always good and the service is good. – David, Hutto, TX

6/13/14 Great BBQ. We really do enjoy the food here! – Villarreal Family, Austin, TX

6/13/14 Good food, service. – Sandra, Round Rock, TX

6/13/14 Local, great food and friendly staff. – Amber, Elgin, TX

6/13/14 Food Quality and atmosphere.


6/12/14 Because it’s an easy place for the family to spread out and visit, your chicken is the best! T-Shirt prices are great! – Kari, Taylor,6/12/14 Good food, easy parking. – Phil, Lakeway, TX

6/12/14 First time and I highly recommend. – Manor, TX

6/12/14 Family members would tell us about this tasty food. – Wilson

6/11/14 Enjoy the BBQ and the customer service is good. – D, Elgin, TX

6/11/14 The meat melts in your mouth. – Heimbuck, Gatesville, TX

6/9/14   I love the brisket. – Trudi, LaGrange, TX

6/9/14   Food is really good. Best BBQ around!

6/9/14   I love Southside.

6/8/14   My grandma brought us when we were children, and we’ve never stopped.

6/8/14   Great food, great people, JJ is the best! – J.R., San Antonio, TX

6/8/14   Best BBQ, Tender and flavorful. – Marcus, Houston, TX

6/8/14   We have enjoyed your sausage for 50 years and want other people to enjoy. – Theo, Upland, CA

6/8/14   Ribs were great, so was the cole slaw. – Austin, TX

6/8/14   The meat is always good & tender. The food is always fresh! – Anna, Maxwell, TX

6/8/14   First time, this was a special stop for us on our way to Gatesville, LOVED IT! Ice cream attendant was super nice.

6/8/14   I am a Southside customer because the BBQ is amazing.

6/7/14   Food is great!

6/7/14   Enjoy the taste and getting out of Austin. – Gary, Austin, TX

6/7/14   The courtesy to the customers. – Round Rock, TX

6/7/14   Sausage, brisket & turkey tasted delicious, coleslaw was fresh.

6/7/14   Everything was perfect. – Pauline, Baytown, TX

6/7/14   The food is the best in town. – Elgin, TX

6/7/14   Best BBQ in Central Texas – Alex, - Austin, TX

6/7/14   We love to eat here. – Nina, Austin, TX

6/6/14   The food is delicious, the meat is very soft and easy to bite. – Samantha, Austin, TX

6/6/14   You’re the best! You’re the best! You’re the best.

6/6/14   You can always count on the place being clean and the food good. – Paula, Pflugerville, TX

6/6/14   Love the sausage and the brisket. – William, Pflugerville, TX

6/6/14   Never disappointed!

6/6/14   Awesome food and service.
6/5/14   Food is great and always fresh and customer service is good. – Manor, TX

6/5/14   Love the Barbecue. – Melvin, Round Rock, TX

6/5/14   Saw it on TV as one of the places in America to eat.

6/4/14   BBQ Fan!!!

6/4/14   Great Food and atmosphere.

6/4/14   We drove from Manor because the food is awesome!

6/2/14   Because it is good and not that far from home. – Camelo, Manor, TX  

6/1/14   Yummy BBQ, Brisket & Sausage. – Blankenburg, Pflugerville, TX

6/1/14   Your BBQ is great! – Daniel, Austin, TX

6/1/14   We have been coming since 1980.

6/1/14   Always stop on our way home from the Hill Country. 100% satisfied. – Houston, TX

6/1/14   Quality of meats – super lean, smoked to perfection, wonderful!! – Ron & Glenda, Pflugerville, TX

6/1/14   Very good.

6/1/14   Have been coming to Southside since late 60’s because the food is good and the best sausage ever. – Ricky, Round Rock, TX

6/1/14   I have lots of family and friends who eat here often. – New Hope Baptist, Austin, TX

6/1/14   The brisket is very tender. I’ll kill for the BBQ sauce. – Janet, Austin, TX

5/31/14  Came in one time traveling from Austin to Houston, fell in love with your turkey sandwich.

5/31/14  Good food, Ice cream, excellent customer service. – Alfred

5/31/14  We are on a tasting tour of well-known spots in Central Texas. Southside was highly recommended. – Dallas, TX

5/31/14  Quality & taste.

5/31/14  Good food & portions. – Darlene, Georgetown, TX

5/31/14  Heard amazing things about this place so had to try it, I was not disappointed. – Jeremy & Amber, San Diego, CA

5/31/14  Good Food!

5/30/14  Because of your customer service and your sausage is sooo good! – Amber, Austin, TX

5/30/14  Pork steaks were great. Service was friendly. – Patrice, Austin, TX

5/30/14  Pork steaks are so good. – Sherry, Austin, TX

5/30/14  Good variety and quality of meats. – Soto, Pflugerville, TX 78660

5/30/14  Have been for 50 years! – Charlotte, Manor, TX 

5/30/14  The food is good and so is the service.

5/30/14  Saw ad on TV. – William, Cypress, TX

5/30/14  My friend brought me here, I will bring my family back. Mike – Waco, TX

5/29/14  I like the taste and the big parking lot.

5/29/14  Love the food. – Christina, Buda, TX

5/29/14  Driving through town from Austin to Houston, will drop by next time.

5/29/14  First time customer from out of town, everything was great.

5/29/14  I like the taste and the big parking lot.

5/29/14  Love the food. – Christina, Buda, TX

5/29/14  Driving through town from Austin to Houston, will drop by next time.

5/29/14  First time customer from out of town, everything was great.

5/28/14  Because the food is the best! Cooked just right! – Maria, Elgin, TX

5/28/14  Good food, good atmosphere.  - Elgin, TX

5/28/14  Been eating here all my life. I remember going to your downtown location with Grandpa. Southside is the best! My    grandson and I love your brisket! I sincerely appreciate the kindness & service I received this day & always. Fred, Austin, TX

5/28/14  I love to brag about Southside. Let’s keep it that way. – Cheryl, Elgin, TX

5/27/14 Your BBQ taste’s good. – Mike, Houston, TX

5/26/14 You have quality food and a welcoming atmosphere. The Ice cream employees were awesome!

5/26/14 BBQ is awesome! We are weekly customers. – Margaret, Austin, TX

5/26/14 In town visiting. Service was excellent! Jennifer & Linda were excellent. Thank you!

5/26/14 Food & atmosphere were good. Good customer service.

5/25/14 We have enjoyed your good food in the past. – Anna, Livingston, TX

5/25/14 Looked like a family friendly place. – Hansen, Houston, TX

5/25/14 Great food, Great customer service. – Milton, Austin, TX

5/25/14 Because of the taste, of course! But, also because of the memories. I have been coming since was a kid with my dad who is now deceased. You were located downtown. – Elly, Austin, TX

5/25/14 Good food!

5/25/14 We love good BBQ & Southside is not just good it is AWESOME! – Rutledge’s, Killeen, TX

5/25/14 Best BBQ in Central Texas.

5/24/14 Saw it on a BBQ show. – Phyllis, Murfreesboro, TN

5/24/14 Quality of food and service.

5/24/14 Really like the sausage. – Richard & Linda, Austin, TX

5/24/14 I grew up in the area, great food!

5/24/14 It’s really great food!

5/24/14 Nobody else comes close to Southside service, it is top notch. – Arrellano Family, Kyle TX

5/23/14 Southside is the best BBQ, next to my own anyway. – Don, Hutto, TX

5/23/14 Always stop when we are passing through. – Eva, Round Rock, TX

5/23/14 Great food, Great service! We stop every time we come through town. – Ken, Houston, TX

5/23/14 Great food!

5/23/14 Grew up in Elgin been eating at Southside since the 50’s. – Richard, Pflugerville, TX

5/23/14 Saw restaurant on BBQ Crawl and wanted to try it out.

5/23/14 Been coming here since I was a baby. Best BBQ I’ve ever had. – Brooke, Tomball, TX

5/23/14 The food is great.

5/21/14 We are from San Antonio, but my parents used to live in Elgin years ago. - Garza family.

5/21/14 Previous Elginnite. Been coming since I was young in 1950’s. – Mrs. Russell, Austin, TX

5/21/14 Best BBQ in Texas.

5/20/14 Good Service, good food. – Eduardo, Elgin TX

5/20/14 Jalapeno Sausage was really good & customer service was great. – Jordan, Austin, TX

5/20/14 Because it is good!

5/18/14 I use to live in Elgin.

5/18/14 Love the BBQ. – Glenda, Lexington, TX

5/18/14 Good food.

5/18/14 Brought by a regular. Delicious!

5/18/14 Have eaten here all my life. – Dunbar family, The Woodlands, TX

5/18/14 Love your BBQ! – Carolyn, Taylor, TX

5/18/14 Driving back & forth to Austin and stopped. Will continue too, wonderful job, great service! – Braulio, Houston, TX

5/17/14 Great customer service! Fast, friendly, the guys really interact with customers, it is wonderful! – Ernesto, Austin, TX

5/17/14 A Friend brought me here, he grew up here and said I have to come! – Kendall, Honolulu, HI

5/17/14 Grew up in Elgin have always loved this place. – Melinda, Round Rock, TX

5/17/14 Great BBQ, Friendly service, easy to get here, park and no wait. – Mr. & Mrs. Taylor, Taylor, TX

5/17/14 I love BBQ! – Laura, Austin, TX

5/17/14 Yummo! Only get through here a few times a year. – Stephanie, Liberty Hill, TX

5/17/14 Friendly service and great products. – Chad, West Columbia, TX

5/17/14 Because it is all good! – Josie & Amado, Kingsbury, TX

5/17/14 Good food, great price! – Joyce, Austin, TX

5/16/14 Family tradition. 

5/16/14 I came for the great BBQ & Sausage.

5/16/14 Awesome BBQ!

5/16/14 Love the food, worth the drive! – White family, Bartlett, TX

5/16/14 Friendly atmosphere, great food! – Blake, Georgetown, TX

5/15/14 Good food! Great atmosphere!

5/15/14 I love the BBQ! – Houston, TX

5/15/14 Jalapeno cheese sausage is the best in Texas! – Shane, Cedar Park, TX

5/15/14 We were driving by when the hungry hit. Can’t get better than perfect! The beans and potato salad are the best I’ve ever had!

            Great compliments to the outstanding BBQ! - Jennifer, Deer Park, TX

5/14/14 Been coming here for years! Keep the same atmosphere! – Raul, Elgin, TX

5/14/14 Because you are famous and have been coming here for 86 years. – Tony, Chicago, IL

5/14/14 Visiting and recommend. Buy your sausage at HEB.

5/14/14 It is so yummy! We love the Bracewells’ Very impressed with April. Very sweet and friendly. Great customer service.

            – Crista, Bastrop, TX

5/14/14 We asked customers leaving your restaurant after he ate here, he said this is the best BBQ around. – John, Laferia, TX

5/13/14 I have been coming since I was 5 years old. That was 40 years ago. – Johnny, Manor, TX

5/13/14 We love the sausage and your friendly service. – Alice, Manor, TX

5/13/14 Good food. – Montgomery, TX

5/13/14 I like the BBQ.

5/12/14 Driving by and seen the sign. Very good! – Eddie, Houston, TX

5/12/14 AWESOME FOOD. Everyone is always smiling. I love how you guys keep it traditional. Neat place! – Anthony & Katie.

5/12/14 Very good service!! Amazing food! Delicious ribs!! And very friendly employees! – Veronica Austin, TX

5/12/14 Good stuff. - Manor, TX

5/12/14 Love the Chopped brisket sandwich! – Pearland, TX

5/11/14 Good food!

5/11/14 Keep it coming! Consistently good BBQ.

5/11/14 Love the sausage! – Adrian, Kyle, TX

5/11/14 Parents brought us when we were kids and we are still coming! – Jose, Cedar Creek, TX

5/11/14 My favorite BBQ place to eat! It’s perfect! – Austin, TX

5/10/14 I like the BBQ

5/10/14 Quality of food is great! – Ashley, Austin, TX

5/10/14 Fabulous food! – Ed, Hutto, TX

5/10/14 Southside Sausage.

5/10/14 Keep doing what you’re doing! Great food and Great People works! – Jesse, Austin, TX

5/10/14 Greatest BBQ I have ever eaten. – Cody, Sweeny, TX

5/10/14 Because I love BBQ! Food was good Service was fast. Keep up the good work. – Oscar, Pflugerville, TX

5/10/14 I love the food!

5/9/14   Love the food and sauce.

5/9/14   Everything was great! Clean, neat and everyone was so helpful. - Angela, Cedar Park, TX

5/9/14   Keep doing what you’re doing! – Dell, Inc. Round Rock, TX

5/9/14   Service is great!

5/9/14   I have been a Southside fan for 35 years! We bring our visitors to eat at Southside. – Ed, Bastrop, TX

5/9/14   It was great! – Houston, TX

5/9/14   It’s the best! Everything was great as usual.

5/9/14   I have been a Southside customer since I was a child. I always recommend Southside. - Forrest & Frances, Taylor, TX

5/8/14   Come here once a week, great food! – James, Elgin, TX

5/8/14   Good food, good, friendly service. – George, Plainview, TX

5/8/14   Food and service is very good.

5/8/14   Your fresh sausages are the best. I serve them at my B&B and your rubs are great.

5/7/14   Good Food! – Earl, Smithville, TX

5/7/14   Been a customer for over 30 years, love the texture of the sausage. – Austin, TX

5/7/14   Best BBQ in the State of Texas. – Baton Rouge, LA

5/6/14   Love the sausage! – Anthony, Bastrop, TX

5/6/14   Food is great!

5/6/14   Excellent customer service!! – MaryAlice, Elgin, TX

5/5/14   Love the BBQ!

5/5/14   Brisket is great! Love it!

5/4/14   We are neighbors, Best BBQ in town!

5/4/14   Good Blue Bell ice cream!

5/4/14   Good BBQ.

5/4/14   Good food and friendly staff. – Warren, Pflugerville, TX

5/4/14   Love the BBQ and sauces. – Darice

5/4/14   Awesome BBQ Brisket is amazing. Fat is at a minimum, - Kristine, Austin, TX

5/4/14   Love the sausage. I buy it at HEB all the time!

5/4/14   Jalapeno & Cheddar sausage is amazing! – Lesley, Bastrop, TX

5/3/14   Food is good! Employees are friendly! We love Southside! - Rey, Hutto, TX

5/3/14   We really enjoy the food. - David, Round Rock, TX

5/3/14   Very nice place. Friendly people, good food! - Miranda, Schulenburg, TX

5/3/14   This is my second time here and I love it! Definitely would refer and come again. – Jennifer, Midland, TX

5/3/14   Because it is good! – Anna, Austin, TX

5/2/14   We enjoy Southern BBQ. – Sanchez family, Houston, TX

5/2/14   Great BBQ!

5/2/14   Good Food. No BBQ in Bastrop

5/2/14   Good BBQ.

5/2/14   Good Service. - Francisco, Pflugerville, TX

5/2/14   Keep up the good cooking. – Glenn, Marble Falls, TX

5/2/14   Food and Customer service is great!

5/2/14   It is very good! - Barbara, Rockdale, TX

5/2/14   Very good quality of food.

5/1/14   Quality of food, customer service, and people. - Donna, Elgin, TX

5/1/14   Good food, nice place to invite friends!

5/1/14   The food is awesome! - Ameigh, Thrall, TX

4/30/14  Wish you were closer! Love the sausage! - New Braunfels, TX

4/30/14  Closer locations to Austin! Best BBQ ever! – Mandy, Austin, TX

4/30/14  Delicious BBQ! – Eleanor, Elgin, TX

4/30/14  April was very helpful and friendly! We commend her on her work ethic she is a great asset to your company! – Ariel,
             Fort Meyers, FL

4/29/14  Love the Elgin Sausage! - Ty, Austin, TX

4/29/14  Best brisket and freshest sausage in the world! - Laura, Elgin, TX

4/29/14  The meat is great! – Frank & Denny, Tallahassee, Fl

4/28/14  Because Southside is original Texas BBQ. – James, Elgin, TX

4/28/14  Meat is great! – Sarah

4/28/14  Everything is great! Been coming here for years! – Katy

4/28/14  The food is really enjoyable and they serve ice cream! – Nicholas, Hutto, TX

4/27/14  Good Food! – Kirsten, Seattle, Washington

4/27/14  Lived in Elgin for 5 years & moved, Consider Southside the best around, Keep it up! - Richard, Manor, TX

4/27/14  Best BBQ around! Longtime customer. - Thomas, Lake Jackson, TX

4/27/14  Wife loves it, kids love it, mother-in-law loves it! Keep doing what you are doing! - Saul, Manor, TX

4/27/14  Everything is great! Fast service and clean facility. – Omar, Blanco, TX

4/26/14  Keep doing what you are doing! – Denton, TX

4/26/14  Great job, Jim made us feel welcome and gave us a tour! The food is excellent! – Mike, Elgin, TX

4/26/14  Delicious food, friendly service, good atmosphere, mentioned the family pak to save us money, nice!

4/26/14  Hubby suggested it & he was right it was worth the drive! – Nolanville, TX

4/26/14  Food is Great!! – Oscar

4/26/14  Family tradition. We have been coming from West Texas just to eat at Southside for years. Love the Sausage! –  
             Jess & Rose, Clovis NM

4/26/14  Good BBQ. BBQ lovers. - Shirley, Temple, TX

4/26/14  BBQ is Great! Great Atmosphere! - Rose, Austin, TX

4/25/14  Food is good and service is friendly.

4/25/14  Great tea! Friendly staff, clean, greeted when we came in and great serving team! – John & Linda, Elgin, TX

4/25/14  I love the BBQ.

4/25/14  We come to Elgin & Bastrop to barrel race & you are our stop. – Hannah, Lago Vista, TX

4/25/14  We have been coming for over 40 years! – Samarripa, Plainview, TX

4/25/14  It is the best BBQ!

4/25/14  The experience was great! It is delicious!

4/25/14  Food is yummy & you have Big Red and Cobbler.

4/25/14  Always liked the food! – Nancy, Pflugerville, TX

4/24/14  Do a great job! Excellent food! – John, Austin, TX

4/24/14  Excellent food!

4/24/14  Phenomenal customer service! It is a tradition to visit Southside every year with our team. Amazing food and service with
             a smile! – Coach, Cedar Creek, TX
4/23/14  The food is always great here! – Melissa, Round Rock, TX

4/23/14  I like the chicken! - Alexis, Lexington, TX

4/23/14  Great food! Haven’t found anyone that can beat Southside so we keep coming back. –Chante’, Taylor, TX

4/23/14  Don’t change a thing! A friend brought us and we had to come back before we went back to California! – J, San Diego, CA

4/22/14  I like your sausage.

4/22/14  Good food! – Tamy, Elgin, TX

4/22/14  Continue the great service, BBQ is always great! – Jenny, Elgin, TX

4/22/14  Everything was excellent! Thank you!

4/21/14  Quality of food and service. Ice cream girl was a champ! – Pflugerville, TX

4/21/14  Food is great!

4/21/14  Food is great and everyone is nice! You have salad now!

4/21/14  Food is great! - Don, Elgin, TX

4/19/14  Was hooked on the ribs on the first vacation to Texas. We order your ribs and sausage online. – Pamela, Marshville, NC

4/19/14  Family tradition, good food and service, keep doing what you are doing. – Marco, Austin, TX

4/19/14  Good Food! – Jesse, Seguin, TX

4/19/14  Food is very good. – Norma, Hutto, TX

4/19/14  First time here, Awesome customer service! Thanks! – Steve, Austin, TX

4/19/14  Food is terrific! Customers are treated with a smile! Love it! - Josie, Taylor, TX

4/19/14  Really like the baked potatoes.

4/18/14  Annual Texas vacation during Easter. – Javier, Chicago, IL.

4/18/14  Friendly employees, family environment, and amazing food. - Janet, Austin, TX

4/18/14  It’s awesome! – John, Austin, TX

4/18/14  Convenient when traveling to Houston, like the chopped beef baked potato! – Luke, Austin, TX

4/18/14  Food and service are awesome! Fast and Quiet! – Jack, Austin, TX

4/18/14  I have been a fan of Southside for 40 years. – Alvia, Dallas, TX

4/18/14  Love the sausage! Enjoy the family atmosphere. – David, Temple, TX

4/18/14  Food is great! Come here for the pork steak and sausage. – Rosie, Hutto, TX

4/17/14  I like to eat your delicious food. Yum!

4/16/14  Better than Meyers.

4/16/14  It is a family favorite, we come here when we can. Sausage is the best!

4/15/14  Good meat, great taste! Friendly service and always a clean environment. – Kristin, Austin, TX

4/15/14  Because it is so good here and you all are so friendly. – Dolores, Manor, TX

4/15/14  Great BBQ! – Katherine, - Round Rock, TX

4/15/14  Good! – Raul, Austin, TX

4/13/14  I love the sausage! – Estrada family, Austin, TX

4/13/14  Been coming here since 1992, I like the sausage recipes. – Robert, Austin, TX

4/13/14  I like the food. – Leander, TX

4/13/14  Regular stop on our way home. - Houston, TX

4/13/14  Like the sausage, like to stop and eat here when I travel. - R.C.C, Austin, TX

4/13/14  I love the BBQ! – Stephen, Ovilla, TX

4/12/14  Nice to get fresh sausage rather than HEB. – Austin, TX

4/12/14  Consistently excellent food and service. – Bastrop, TX

4/12/14  Been eating here since the 60’s. Stay as you are. Love everything you do! Love the paper - Steve, Fairview TX

4/12/14  Service was great! Love the food. – Aaron, Pflugerville, TX

4/12/14  Been eating here for 45 years.

4/12/14  I lived in Elgin as a child and ate here regularly. Love the sausage. – Paul, Lockhart, TX

4/12/14  It was great to have BBQ at 10 am. Manager was cooperative.

4/12/14  Good reputation.

4/11/14  Tradition to stop for BBQ every time we go through Elgin. – Eric, Austin, TX

4/11/14  Great Food, Great Employee’s and service. – Marisa & Jasmine, Austin, TX

4/11/14  It is convenient.

4/11/14  Don’t change anything, Always a great experience food is good as always.

4/11/14  Food is great! I tell everyone! Been coming here since 1970. Can’t get enough. - Joey, Austin, TX

4/11/14  Love it! Grew up eating it and it is always good. – David, Hutto, TX

4/11/14  Convenient. – Cayenne, San Antonio, TX

4/11/14  It is good! Big giant sign. – Austin, TX

4/11/14  I love BBQ and your open late. – Jessica, Austin, TX

4/10/14  The food is always good. - Castillo family, Manor TX

4/10/14  Purchased food from the meat market. Michael gave above and beyond exceptional service. I am a new customer of 
             Southside.– James, Austin, TX

4/10/14  Loved the brisket and pork steak! Great sides too! - J.B, Manor, TX

4/9/14    Food was very good. - Joyce, Johns Creek, GA

4/9/14    Great Sausage! Yummy potato salad. – Renee, Austin, TX

4/7/14    Best BBQ in Bastrop County. – Bill, Giddings, TX

4/7/14    BBQ is good!! Open a store in Austin.

4/7/14    Great food, great service, excellent sweet tea and BBQ sauce. - Fran, Elgin, TX

4/6/14    Home town friendliness, and great food. – Richard and Carolyn, Elgin, TX

4/6/14    I have been coming for 20 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

4/6/14    Love BBQ

4/6/14    I am a Southside Customer because it is Yum Yum good. – Diana, Buda

4/6/14    This was our first visit and we loved it! Met our expectations. – Scott, Houston, TX

4/6/14    Because the brisket was really good, -  Visitor, Los Angeles, CA.

4/6/14    We like the chopped brisket on bun. – Ortiz, Taylor, TX

4/6/14    We enjoy the food.

4/6/14    Great Food, price and sweet tea. Friendly management. - Brian G., Manor, TX

4/5/14    Food is amazing.  – Byron M., Lakeway, TX

4/5/14    Have been for 20+ years. 

4/5/14    My family loves the food from here, plus the way we are treated. Lots of happy faces. We have been coming for years.
             Once we walk in we feel welcome by everyone working here. Keep up the good business. Will be back soon. 
              – Gloria M., Kyle, TX

4/5/14    Traveling and was craving bbq.  – Cindy H., Sweetwater, TX

4/5/14    Good BBQ and the service is great.  – Alvarez Family, Brownsville, TX

4/5/14    Good BBQ

4/5/14    I was referred by a friend. – Solis Family, Houston, TX

4/5/14    Loved the Brisket! Great quality. – Monse, Austin, TX

4/4/14    We happened by and were hungry, glad we did! Wonderful service from April and everyone else. The food was terrific. 
             - Andrea and Brett, St. Paul MN

4/4/14    Friends recommended.  – Don L., Thrall, TX

4/4/14    Peach cobbler & Turkey!  - Hope L., Austin, TX

4/4/14    Word of mouth.  – Houston, TX

4/4/14    Because we drove through & wanted to visit the meat market. The brisket is delicious.  – Houston, TX

4/4/14    Everything was perfect.  – Lula C., Austin, TX

4/4/14    Good food. Good Service. 

4/4/14    Have been a customer since you were located in downtown Elgin. Grew up with your good sausage. Have remained 
             your customer because sausage is still the same.  - San Antonio, TX

4/3/14    Because your meals are delicious.

4/3/14    Good Food

4/2/14    I love Southside’s BBQ.  – Lexi B., Austin, TX

4/2/14    It’s all good.  – Juan C., Manor, TX

4/2/14    Everything was great. We’ll tell everyone about the BBQ. 

4/2/14    Husband ate here last year. We’re from Colorado!

4/1/14    Love the sausage  - Austin, TX

4/1/14    Like the friendly atmosphere!!

4/1/14    Sausage

4/1/14    Going to Houston

3/31/14  Best BBQ in Texas!  - Felix H., Devine, TX

3/31/14  Because the bbq here is delicious. We are from Taylor and Taylor is known for their bbq BUT we make the drive to Elgin because our entire family enjoys the food, ice cream, environment, etc.  – The Nira Family, Taylor, TX

3/31/14  Good brisket and pork steaks.  – Stan A., Manor, TX

3/31/14  Because you raised the bar of this company over the last few years. Meyer’s is no longer my favorite Elgin BBQ.  – Justin K., Elgin, TX

3/31/14  Close to home and good reviews.  – Elgin, TX

3/30/14  Very good. We love it. We come from Austin to eat here.  – Julia A., Austin, TX

3/30/14  My son has been here and said it was the best!  - Alma F., Pflugerville, TX

3/30/14  The smell is great. Quick line. 

3/30/14  Food is very good. Mutton ribs are outstanding.  – M.H., Birmingham, AL

3/30/14  Sausage Sausage Sausage  - Ed T., Houston, TX

3/30/14  I wanted some good bbq and hear good reviews. 

3/30/14  Very good food and very clean. Also, I drive a long way to eat it but I would refer anyone who likes good BBQ.  – Lakeway, TX

3/29/14  We love your sausage. Ed really helped us with getting a t-shirt smoked for our military family to send the smell of TX BBQ! 
             We love to stop in every time we are in Texas.  – Bob A., Folsom, CA

3/29/14  Great Food

3/29/14  Because we love Southside BBQ!  - Bastrop, TX

3/29/14  We have eaten here several times traveling and just love the food and your friendly servers!  - S.L. Marek, Round Rock, TX

3/29/14  Invited by someone after visiting Sherwood Faire.  – Preston, Leander, TX

3/29/14  Excellent BBQ. Flavor is outstanding. Fast service. Easy in/out.  – Gary M., Austin, TX

3/29/14  Love the food. Five generations.

3/28/14  Because I’ve heard this place is an absolute must for the real deal BBQ. It is excellent!  - Melanie R., Austin, TX

3/28/14  Word of mouth. Referred and heard about SSM in the book “Prophets of Smoked Meat”.  – Greg, Culver City, CA

3/28/14  Because you have the best bbq in Texas and we love the owners Bryan & Rachel Bracewell.  – The Whitfills, Bastrop, TX

3/28/14  A regular stop when coming from the Austin area.  – Richard S., Houston, TX

3/28/14  Meat tastes good.  – Mari, Round Rock, TX

3/28/14  We were referred by a local patron. April gave us great service. So personable and friendly. She is a great employee. I asked if she 
             was the owner’s daughter. She said no but that she admired him and wanted to work like him. What a great work ethic! 
             - R. Ulbrich, Mt. Shasta, CA

3/28/14  Ramone at our campground (Buena Vista) recommended we come here. We’re glad we did. Very friendly & helpful staff.  
             – B. Ulbrich, Mt. Shasta, CA

3/28/14  The food is awesome.  – Eloisa L., Comanche, TX

3/27/14  Delicious Sausage  - Johnny G., Taylor, TX

3/27/14  Love the Bold BBQ Sauce!  - Krystal A., Austin, TX

3/27/14  Good meeting spot.  – Gerard B., Mexico City

3/27/14  Can accommodate large groups of people easily and good location. Sausage was very delicious!  - Houston, TX

3/27/14  Good food. Was brought here by my fiance’s family.

3/26/14  Meal was great!  - NY

3/26/14  Good Food

3/26/14  We like BBQ.

3/26/14  When I was a kid my mom & dad would bring me to Elgin to eat BBQ at Southside. I was 6, now I’m 75!  - Tony A., Austin, TX

3/24/14  It’s a family tradition since 1969!  - AJ, Elgin, TX

3/24/14  Since I was 10 years old. Now I’m 49! Best ever!  - Mura V., Taylor, TX

3/24/14  On the way to Houston.

3/23/14  Love the food and casual atmosphere.  – Cedar Park, TX

3/23/14  Because the BBQ is darn good. We drive 70 miles one way to come here. And April is my cousin! – Zaragoza Family, Troy, TX

3/23/14  Because I like good BBQ and you are a rare find.  – Amy, Cedar Park, TX

3/23/14  On my way from Independence, TX to Manor, TX

3/23/14  Driving from Sherwood Festival. Thought we would eat BBQ. It was between Southside and Meyer’s. Southside is more well known.

3/22/14  Referred by a friend. Everything was good.  – Liz J., Fort Worth, TX

3/22/14  We love BBQ! 

3/22/14  I am a first timer! Will be back.

3/22/14  It is so consistently good!  - Mrs. Manuel, Pflugerville, TX

3/22/14  Because we like good food.

3/22/14  I have been eating here since my early teens. Many years. The food is always delicious!  - Lydia, Austin, TX

3/22/14  Driving back to Houston. Parking lot was full. Must be good!  - Dixon Family, Houston, TX

3/22/14  The BBQ is very reasonable and tasty.  – Lelonda R., Austin, TX

3/22/14  Good food. Good Prices.

3/22/14  Yummy Stuff!

3/21/14  Best BBQ in Texas! Even better potato salad.  – Codi P., Bastrop, TX

3/21/14  Great Food  - J. Friday, Paige, TX

3/21/14  First time visiting. Food was great. Brisket & sausage were wonderful! Pintos were the perfect texture too. We will definivisit again.
              – Chris S., Houston, TX

3/21/14  The food is amazing.

3/21/14  Cause the food is great and service is great.  – Clayton D., Leander, TX

3/21/14  The food is excellent along with the staff.

3/21/14  Always fresh – Friendly service.  – Maggie V., Taylor, TX

3/21/14  Food is always great.  – Taylor, TX

3/21/14  Rumor says you have good food. New to the area.

3/21/14  Because I’ve always come here. Since I was little.  – Monica & Family, Austin, TX

3/20/14  Enjoy the BBQ & Ice Cream  - Rachel Z., Taylor, TX

3/20/14  This is the best BBQ around. Taylor has bbq places but they aren’t as good as Southside. We’ve been eating bbq here 
              since our childhood  – Stephanie & Daniel, Taylor, TX

3/20/14  Tradition  - Kendra L., Elgin, TX

3/19/14  We like to try different specialties in towns across America. Food was great!  - Bob P., Roseburg, OR

3/19/14  Sausage & pork ribs are amazing.  – Charissa R.,

3/19/14  I drive 15 miles out of the way on my way home from Austin just to grab your BBQ!  - Travis J., Katy, TX

3/19/14  Because it’s awesome!  - Kathleen Y., Austin, TX

3/19/14  Passing through from Houston. Thanks!

3/18/14  Your place has the best sausage. 

3/18/14  Have been for about 5 years.  – P. Hicks, Bryan, TX

3/18/14  Best sausage ever!  - Roy L., Bertram, TX

3/18/14  Excellent BBQ. Going to refer all my friends and co-workers. Drove all the way from South Texas to have some Southside.  
             – Berto R., Brownsville, TX

3/18/14  Great BBQ. Like most folks, we come here all the way from Austin.  – Susie, Austin, TX

3/17/14  Food is great!  - Carolyn P., Pflugerville, TX

3/17/14  It’s good. Been coming here for years.  – Cilest D.

3/17/14  Good Food  - Jake H.

3/17/14  Good Food

3/16/14  Great BBQ. Love the sausage and the kids love the Blue Bell ice cream.  – Cody, Austin, TX

3/16/14  Continue your good customer service.  – Houston, TX

3/16/14  My family brought me as a kid. Grew up on it! 

3/16/14  Because the BBQ is great.  – Maya D., Austin, TX

3/16/14  Tradition  - Matt & Colton, Austin, TX

3/16/14  Like the food.  – Scott S., Austin, TX

3/16/14  1st TX BBQ place I ate at when I moved here. Tasty Brisket & Sausage.  – Tyler, Austin, TX

3/16/14  Referred. Saul, Rebecca & Bob are what hospitality are all about!  - Ton y H., Harker Heights, TX

3/16/14  Referred by a friend.  – W. Waite, Houston, TX

3/15/14  From Round Rock driving to Houston. Had to stop at the iconic Southside Market.

3/15/14  Like the 1882 Sausage  - John, Elgin, TX

3/15/14  Food and service are very good.  – Robert T., Austin, TX

3/15/14  Because my husband loves your bbq. Says it’s the best in the Austin area.  – Hollio A., Austin, TX

3/15/14  Good food Great Service  - Twyla N., Elgin, TX

3/15/14  Because it is good.  – Olga H., Austin, TX

3/14/14  Heard good things.

3/14/14  1ST visit but I will be back. Friend recommended. Great barbeque. 

3/14/14  Google recommended.  – Smith, Spring, TX

3/14/14  Close to home  - Shon C., Manor, TX

3/14/14  Passing through town. Saw it on the way in. Needed to try it on the way out.  – Denise, San Antonio, TX

3/14/14  Because it’s the best BBQ around besides doing it myself!  - Patrick H., The Woodlands, TX

3/13/14  Keep Ed happy! He’s almost as good as your brisket!  - Ken C., Dallas, TX

3/13/14  Meat was excellent. Ribs, Sausage, Chicken and Chopped Beef.  – Barbara B., Georgetown, TX

3/13/14  Because the BBQ here is amazing. 

3/13/14  Very good BBQ and close to home.  – Ron, Thrall, TX

3/13/14  Love the food. Courteous service, family atmosphere and friendly staff.  – Rita B., Snow Bird

3/12/14  Good service and outstanding food. 

3/12/14  I’ve been coming here for years. I drive from Austin. I love the brisket!

3/12/14  Keep up the great work. It can’t get better!

3/12/14  The bbq is good and the music is comforting.  – Michael D., Austin, TX

3/11/14  Good Food  - Jasmine G., San Marcos, TX

3/11/14  Love the brisket!  - Stanley, Houston, TX

3/11/14  Don’t Change a Thing!  - Collin, TX

3/11/14  Love the sausage and mutton!  - Jamie R., Austin, TX

3/11/14  Love the sausage!  - Michael W.

3/10/14  Because our stomachs refuse to digest anything else!  - The Hastings Family, Elgin, TX

3/10/14  Passing through. Always a treat getting to eat here.  – C. Duncan

3/10/14  Referred  - Brittany, Austin, TX

3/10/14  It’s good.  – Elgin, TX

3/10/14  Driving By  - Yorba Linda, CA

3/9/14    We are bbq enthusiasts.  – Kaitlyn, Katy, TX

3/9/14    So good and my family like you too much!  - Enrique G., Dale, TX

3/9/14    Excellent food and even better people working here. Thanks guys!  - Bryan B., Kingwood, TX

3/9/14    I’ve been referring friends for years! Southside has been a family favorite for 3 generations.  – Dale B., Hutto, TX

3/9/14    It’s Awesome!  - Austin, TX

3/9/14    We were hungry for good BBQ. 

3/9/14    Have been coming here since I was little.  – Erin B., Elgin, TX

3/9/14    Grew Up On It!  - Amber G., Thorndale, TX

3/9/14    I grew up in Elgin. My mom worked for Southside when there was sawdust on the floor. A tradition!  - Laura C., Elgin, TX

3/9/14    YELP

3/8/14    Always very welcoming!

3/8/14    Family loves it!  - Cecelia A., Round Rock, TX

3/8/14    Good Food

3/8/14    It’s all good. Convenience, High Quality Food. Even the sides are delicious. Fast friendly service.

3/8/14    Driving by and saw you from the road.  – Andrew, Houston, TX

3/8/14    I wouldn’t change a thing. The people seem to be very friendly. I came when the store was downtown and it was good. Still is! 
              - M. B. Church, Rosebud, TX

3/8/14    Passing through, heard about you, wanted to stop.

3/8/14    Been coming all my life. Always good.  – Alan S., Georgetown, TX

3/8/14    Love the Food  - Carmen E., Cedar Creek, TX

3/6/14    Staying in Elgin for SXSW.  – Alyssa, Des Moines, IA

3/6/14    Good Food  - Robert L., Austin, TX

3/6/14    Travelling  - Dan, Austin, TX

3/6/14    Good food, fresh, hot. You have everything I need right down to drinks of all kinds.  – Carmen A., Manor, TX

3/5/14    Always great barbeque!  - Len L., Austin, TX

3/5/14    Have been for many years.  – Jerry H., Salado, TX

3/5/14    Love the food and the friendliness of the staff at lunch.  – Jerrie, Austin, TX

3/5/14    Working at Austin Rodeo  - Katie B., College Station, TX

3/4/14    Sausage and chicken. Good stuff. Great BBQ, Great Price  – Rose L., Kyle, TX

3/4/14    Good Food  - Georgia D., Austin, TX

3/2/14    The sausage is the best. We’ve been eating here for many years.  – Stella & Jose D., Austin, TX

3/2/14    We have been coming here since we were kids. Love it!!  - Brittany H., LaGrange, TX

3/2/14    Good food and friendly service.  – Robert M., Austin, TX

3/2/14    The food is heavenly and everything is almost perfect and potato salad is amazing.  – Dana S., Elgin, TX

3/2/14    Chop beef sandwich and everything else is amazing. 

3/2/14    Love the ribs and brisket potato.  – Jessica, Webberville, TX

3/2/14    The sausage and brisket.

3/1/14    Great customer service always!  - Valerie, Austin, TX

3/1/14    Enjoy the brisket and sausage. Then the ice cream! 

3/1/14    Driving through and heard it was good. Agreed!  - Sherrie P., Kingwood, TX

3/1/14    Passing through on motorcycle ride. Smelled the BBQ.  – Bill W., Clifton, TX

3/1/14    Everything is great and we will keep coming back.  – Chris C., Austin, TX

3/1/14    Good Taste  - Dan D., Austin, TX

3/1/14    The best food & service around.  – Wayne O., Round Rock, TX

3/1/14    It’s so good and the price is very reasonable. We have been long time customers.  – Benita M., Taylor, TX

3/1/14    Heard good things. Live close by in Manor.  – Katie & Sean, Just moved here from NY!

3/1/14    Great food and customer service.  – Chelsea G., Lexington, TX        

2/28/14  Everything was great. Food and people are wonderful.  – Dennis W., Humble, TX

2/28/14  Passing by on the road.  – Sandra S., Houston, TX

2/28/14  I like the food.

2/28/14  I have been since I was a child, over 50 years ago.  – Pasadena, TX

2/28/14  The BBQ is Great!  - Brad P., Taylor, TX

2/28/14  A friend suggested it.

2/28/14  It’s the best bbq. That’s why we’ve been coming here all our lives.  – Tyler T., Round Rock, TX

2/28/14  Because it’s good and the tradition of it all! 

2/28/14  Sausage & Ribs  - Zapata Family, Austin/Pflugerville, TX

2/28/14  The Sausage!  - Julian L., Giddings, TX

2/27/14    I love the brisket here.  – Ashley R., Pflugerville, TX

2/27/14    Couldn’t have done anything different. The entire experience was great. Brisket!  - Mary E., Round Rock, TX

2/27/14    Great Job  - Austin, TX

2/26/14    Truck Driver  - Mike R., Natchez, MS

2/26/14    Great food!  - Maria N., Taylor, TX

2/26/14    Location is convenient.  – Josie G., Waxahachie, TX

2/25/14    Excellent food, hot bbq sauce. 

2/25/14    First time here and will be coming back.  – Clayton D., Austin, TX

2/25/14    I live here. Very good!

2/23/14    Great food and customer service.  – Rev. Dr. TJ White, Pflugerville, TX

2/23/14    Anytime going or coming from Austin, we stop here.  –Pasadena, TX

2/23/14    Your manager came and gave me brisket with no fat. I really appreciate your attention to detail.  – Karen H., Yakima, WA

2/23/14    Have been from the very first. Class of ’62. Gig ‘em!  - Jerry W., Rio Hondo, TX

2/23/14    Great food. Best sausage. Best new item – The Ranch Hand. Delicious!  - Randy C. Round Rock, TX

2/23/14    Lifelong Customer  - Michael G., Austin, TX

2/23/14    Passing through town.  – Alan M., Austin, TX

2/22/14    Great bbq. Raised on Southside Market. Love it!  - Jamie L., Austin, TX

2/22/14    Great food. Very tasty. 

2/22/14    I love the food.  – Carlos, Austin, TX

2/22/14    We always stop when driving through.  – The Lee Family, Magnolia, TX

2/22/14    Passing through. Saw you online.  – Austin/Ft. Hood, TX

2/22/14    It looks delish!

2/22/14    First time here but will definitely be back.  – Manor, TX

2/22/14    Brisket, sausage and great customer service. Jim was very helpful and nice! Great service from him. – Amonda G., Elgin, TX

2/21/14    Your bbq speaks for itself! Best bbq outside of my mom and dad’s.  – Joyce B., Kyle, TX

2/21/14    Best BBQ in area.

2/21/14    Good BBQ  - Travis P., Austin, TX

2/21/14    Convenient and I specialize in BBQ on Hwy 95. Great parking for truckers!  - Chuck L., Bastrop, TX

2/21/14    Came with a friend that has eaten here in the past.

2/21/14    Lovely surroundings. Very clean. Read a Trip Advisor. First time in Texas.  – Alma, The Netherlands, Europe

2/21/14    Coming here with my grandfather.

2/20/14   Because the food is good and the service is awesome!  - Emma D., Austin, TX

2/20/14   I love the sausage. The food is great.  – Sierra G., Austin, TX

2/20/14   Customer service is great. The food is awesome. Like the bald guy!  - Stephanie N., Manor, TX

2/20/14   Brought in by a friend.  – Chris, Houston, TX

2/20/14   Good place to eat.  – Rob B., Denton, TX

2/19/14   Everything we had was better than expected. Doing a road trip. Saw your place on the Travel Channel and made 
               a point to stop and eat. You have a real diamond working here. April Doss is a great asset to your operation. She 
               made our visit here the best ever. And the food is good too!  - Ruth & Janet, Chicago, IL

2/19/14   The best BBQ! April Doss was an excellent Southside rep!  - Toni L., Bastrop, TX

2/19/14   Haven’t been in years but remembered the food and had to come back!  - Sam, Austin, TX

2/19/14   Good food and good service. Long time customers.  – Joe & Anita, Austin, TX

2/19/14   The food is amazing!  - Mary J., Manor, TX

2/18/14   Everything is so good. We’ve been coming here since ’99 and refer a lot of people. It’s great and very country like.  – Austin, TX

2/18/14   The food is amazing.  – Elijah M., Round Rock, TX

2/18/14   Everything was good. Just stopped on our way back to Houston.  – Maria T.

2/18/14   Sausage

2/17/14   First time here. I’ll be back!  - Yvonne N., Leander, TX

2/17/14   Because it was on the way home and I love BBQ.  – Ed S., Elgin, TX

2/17/14   BBQ is awesome!  - Frankie S.

2/17/14   Like the food.  - FL

2/16/14   Good food, potato salad, beans & baby back ribs!  - Ben F., Austin, TX

2/16/14   Passing through and saw the sign. Since 1882!

2/16/14   Because it is better than Meyers and beef ribs rule!  - Jason P., Taylor, TX

2/16/14   Love the food!!  - Lilliana T., Austin, TX

2/16/14   Because the food is very good.  – Mae C., Elgin, TX

2/16/14   Love the sausage.  – Charles J., Leander, TX

2/16/14   The food is good and good service.  – R. Cordova, Austin, TX

2/16/14   I have been coming here for many years!  - Emily A., Austin, TX

2/16/14   We love your food and have been coming here for years.  – Eddie R., San Francisco, CA

2/16/14   The BBQ is Great  - Austin, TX

2/15/14   Amazing Food!  - Houston, TX

2/15/14   Food is always good. I will always keep coming back. I have a large family and we all gather here because it’s the 
               best!  - Esther T., College Station, TX

2/15/14   Like the Food

2/15/14   Love it and close to home.  – James H., Elgin, TX

2/15/14   Repeat Customer  - Craig W., Denton, TX

2/14/14   Been coming here since I was a kid with my family. Now I bring my kids/family.  – Miranda D., Manor, TX

2/14/14   For the BBQ! Daughters always enjoy it. Friendly staff.  – Devin H., Georgetown, TX

2/14/14   Love the BBQ 

2/14/14   Like the BBQ  - John & Annell, Austin, TX

2/14/14   Convenient on the way from Austin to Houston. Great food & good price.

2/13/14   Enjoy the atmosphere. Employees are always nice and food is good.  – Alayna A., Manor, TX

2/13/14   Referred by hotel.  – Robert K., Livingston, TX

2/13/14   Because the sausage is supreme compared to the place down the street.  – Lynn H., Austin, TX

2/12/14   Great BBQ. Excellent service.  – Ron C., Bastrop, TX

2/12/14   Best bbq for an out of towner. Excellent, friendly service.  – Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

2/12/14   Good food and locals.

2/12/14   Good food and service.  – Josh B., (Red Hot Welding Works), Elgin, TX

2/12/14   Very grateful for the help April Doss gave us. Fixing the food during my father’s passing was very helpful. 
               We’ll come back soon.  – Valerie Q., Austin, TX

2/10/14   Tradition  - Matt P., Austin, TX

2/10/14   Family & friends have always come here.  – Janie S., Austin, TX

2/9/14     The food brings me back.  – Danielle F., Round Rock, TX

2/9/14     You don’t run out of meat like Meyers. Your brisket is the best!  - M. Cortez, Georgetown, TX

2/9/14     I’ve been coming here since I was a kid.

2/9/14     Everything is good. Manager had beautiful personality. That’s very important. You care about the customers.  
               – Amanda G., Manor, TX

2/9/14     Everything was great!  - Sharon J., Round Rock, TX

2/9/14     Because I love the atmosphere and the food. Plus it’s a great place to gather with family.  – Kim, Manor, TX

2/9/14     The food is good.  – Mariana V., Taylor, TX

2/9/14      I like how y’all have added new items to the menu. Keep up the good work. My dad was the one that would bring 
               us here when we were younger. Now I bring my family.  – Austin, TX

2/9/14     Wonderful job tonight. Topped my list thanks to outstanding service. I’m actually a Meyer’s convert. Your manager 
               Jim was outstanding with the customer service. Really won us over. From making suggestions at ordering all the 
               way through checking on us later. Even going so far as to bring my daughter a pen & paper to draw on. Food was 
               awesome but Jim definitely went above and beyond. Will now come here instead of other place.  
               – Caleb B., Elgin, TX

2/8/14     Everything is great. Food, clean tables, professional staff, clean restrooms, clean floors. We drove from South 
               San Marcos just to eat at Southside. It’s worth the 50 miles (one way). And, we’re going to buy a little to take       
               home.  – Nick & Sylvia M., San Marcos, TX

2/8/14     We enjoy the sausage.  – Buda, TX

2/8/14     Best sausage ever!  - San Antonio, TX

2/8/14     Great food, casual atmosphere.  – Mark K., Bastrop, TX

2/8/14     Heard about it from a friend.  – Houston, TX

2/8/14     My family has been coming here for years. And my aunt also works here.  – Estevan & Annette, Taylor, TX

2/8/14     Driving through Elgin.  – Morgan, Houston, TX

2/8/14     Been coming since I was a kid.  – Jenavie, Austin, TX

2/8/14     I absolutely love the pork steaks and spicy bbq sauce.  – Charles S., Hutto, TX

2/8/14     Because the food and service are ‘A’ quality. Great atmosphere!  - Monica C., Taylor, TX

2/7/14     Good food.  – Silverio M., Austin, TX

2/7/14     Everything is great. Been coming here for over 25 years.

2/7/14     Best barbeque in the area. I’ve been eating at Southside since I was little.  – Morgan S., Bastrop, TX

2/7/14     Tradition since I was a kid.

2/7/14     Grew up eating Southside!

2/7/14     Good Food

2/7/14     Just driving by.

2/7/14     Good Stuff

2/6/14     Good BBQ  - Wailen S., Tomball, TX

2/6/14     Excellent Food  - Esther V.

2/6/14     Word of Mouth  - Houston, TX

2/6/14     The food is excellent.  - Trent H., Taylor, TX

2/5/14     Family Tradition  - The Alba’s, Round Rock, TX

2/5/14     Friend Recommended

2/3/14     It’s Good  - Kelly S., Pflugerville, TX

2/2/14     Quality of meats and sides and desserts. Friendliness of staff.  – Keith Y., Bryan, TX

2/2/14     The BBQ and the wonderful workers. My family enjoys gathering here.  – Erlinda C., Austin, TX

2/2/14     Because it is delicious.  – Angelica R., San Diego, CA

2/2/14     Great food.  – Andrew L., Austin, TX

2/2/14     Great!! Fast service. Relaxed style. No fluff. And we love the “paper plates”.  - TX

2/2/14     I love the food.

2/2/14     My father suggested you.  – Alex G., Austin, TX

2/2/14     We heard the sausage was good and decided to come try it out. 

2/1/14     First time visit.  – Julie C., Porter, TX

2/1/14     Enjoy brisket & sauce.  – Gilbert, Bastrop, TX

2/1/14     It’s good food.  – Ashley F., Austin, TX

2/1/14     Travelling & saw the store. Great food and excellent service.  – Speedy & Diane, Manchester MO

2/1/14     Good BBQ. Friendly staff. 

1/31/14   I love sausage!  - Taylor, TX

1/31/14   Because I like BBQ. Good Stuff!

1/31/14   Great atmosphere and great food.  – Adam C., Oak Hill, TX

1/31/14   In from Austin. Came for wife’s birthday.  – John & Ida, Del Valle, TX

1/31/14   I’ve been a customer since 1988 & now I am passing this tradition on to my kids.  – Christine C., Austin, TX

1/31/14   Been coming forever. Good Food!  - Carolyn P., Pflugerville, TX

1/31/14   Good service and good bbq.  – Vicente & Mary, Austin, TX

1/31/14   It’s good!

1/30/14   Great food, great atmosphere, friendly folks.  – Daniel C., Coupland, TX

1/30/14   I have eaten at other BBQ places and your chicken and bold sauce are the best!  - Edward B., Houston, TX

1/30/14   Been coming here for 20 years.  – Manuel F., Austin, TX

1/30/14   When we’re in Elgin, we make it to Southside. Love this place!  - Raul S., Monterrey, Mexico

1/30/14   Just driving through and stopped to eat.  – Austin, TX

1/29/14   We were referred by someone from our hotel (a Hyatt diner). He said the food was great!

1/28/14   Food is Great  - Eli C., Pflugerville, TX

1/27/14   Coming here since ’92. Outstanding brisket!  – Steve N., Indianapolis, IN

1/27/14   Read about it when living in Houston.  – Carol N., Indianapolis, IN

1/27/14   It’s awesomely delicious!  - Katy G., Elgin, TX

1/27/14   Great Food  - B. Norton, Elgin, TX

1/26/14   The food is incredible. The staff is definitely customer friendly, accommodating & focused. The atmosphere is
                great. For 15 years I’ve been a Meyer’s customer and have been saying that I needed to try this place. I was brought 
                here 3 months ago and I’m kicking myself for not coming sooner. I’m a Southside customer for life now and will 
                never go back. I make sure all my friends know that Southside is the best.  – Mark W., Bryan, TX

1/26/14   Grew up near Elgin. Have eaten here since meat market was downtown.  – Bill B., Danbury, TX

1/26/14   Been coming here since we were little.  – Alex, Houston, TX

1/26/14   Because I was raised here in Elgin so I’m faithful to great tasting bbq.  – Round Rock, TX

1/26/14   Eat here when driving through to Austin. Good BBQ.

1/26/14   The barbeque is great!  - Cynthia R., Austin, TX

1/26/14   Driving home to Houston from Austin.  – The Bromleys, The Woodlands, TX

1/26/14   Better than Meyers

1/25/14   On our way home from Austin to Houston. Good, good food. Smiling, friendly faces!  - Deb, Houston, TX

1/25/14   Great Food  - A., Pflugerville, TX

1/25/14   Love the food.  – Miguel R., Llano, TX

1/25/14   Tried it last year and came back.  Ann I., Houston, TX

1/25/14   Good Meat!  - Shirley J., Round Rock, TX

1/25/14   Because we like to eat!  - Cornelio R., TX

1/24/14   The brisket, the sausage and the owners.

1/24/14   No one can make BBQ like you.  – Charlie A., Kyle, TX

1/24/14   We like BBQ and the pork, turkey, brisket & sausage were delicious.  – Cheryl & Jeff, Bryan, TX

1/24/14   Great Food!

1/24/14   Location, value, service and flavor of meat and sauces.  – Lexington, TX

1/24/14   Drive by every few weeks and finally got a chance to stop. We’ll be back!

1/24/14   It’s good food!  - Pete H., Smithville, TX

1/24/14   Family tradition. Five generations have eaten at Southside.  – Ann N., Kerrville, TX

1/24/14   The food is great. The service is friendly & polite.  – Webb’s, Austin, TX

1/24/14   The sausage was great!

1/24/14   Because we like the food and the place is always clean and we like the service.  – Brianna T., Austin, TX

1/23/14   1) Service  2) Very good BBQ and vinegar based sauce  3) Sweet Tea is top notch

1/23/14   Great food and friendly service.  – LeeMeisha D. Austin, TX

1/23/14   Love it. Been coming here for a long time.  – Kaycee, Bastrop, TX

1/23/14   Good food, good prices, great service!  - Alicia M., Round Rock, TX

1/23/14   Working out of town & love good BBQ.

1/22/14   Beans and great service. Brisket is also good.  – Steve E., Elgin, TX

1/22/14   Good food and good location.

1/22/14   Been coming for years for quality food and outstanding service.  – Lisa & Greg, Burnet, TX

1/21/14   SAUSAGE

1/21/14   The brisket is amazing. 

1/21/14   Love It!

1/21/14   I love the BBQ

1/20/14   Best food in Texas! If I lived across country, I’d still come to Southside!  - Heather G., LaGrange, TX

1/20/14   We come in here every trip to Brenham from Austin to eat the fantastic brisket!  - Leander, TX

1/20/14   Went online.  – Jennifer W., Omaha, NE

1/19/14   Tradition

1/19/14   Great BBQ  - Craig M., Austin, TX

1/19/14   Have been for 45 years.

1/19/14   The sausage is yummy in my tummy. Quality BBQ. Ice Cream.  – Ernest, Austin, TX

1/19/14   Our mom & dad were customers years ago. We came as kids and it was very good.  – Betty B., Bud, TX

1/19/14   Because I like the BBQ

1/19/14   Been coming since 1976. Old family tradition.  – Gilbert M., Grand Prairie, TX

1/19/14   The food is great. Plus, you helped me take care of/fed my friend when her father passed away.  – Abby, Pierre, SD

1/18/14   Great food. Came here in 1986 and refer friends traveling to Texas.  – Denver, CO

1/18/14   Very Good Food  - L. Reyes, Austin, TX

1/18/14   I’m a local though I’ve been away for 20 yrs. You never forget your favorite spots! 

1/18/14   Love BBQ  - Doug S., Elgin, TX

1/18/14   Been a customer for 30 plus years. Always awesome!  - Roxann V., Richmond, TX

1/18/14   Born a customer. Delicious!  - Tewana H., Austin, TX

1/18/14   Food is Good

1/18/14   Enjoy the taste of food, environment and staff. Looking forward to store coming to Austin!  - George, Austin, TX

1/18/14   On drive to visit family. Like to stop here. Always good BBQ.  – V. Moreno, Troy, TX

1/18/14   Delicious Meat  - Steve A., Gladewater, TX

1/17/14   Reputation and past experience!  - Dallas, TX

1/17/14   I grew up in Georgetown. Always made trips here at least 3-4 times a month to eat. – Sofie M., Georgetown, TX

1/17/14   My family likes it.  – Norma G., Georgetown, TX

1/17/14   Best option for BBQ  - Frances C., Manor, TX

1/17/14   Sausage is the best!  - Vernon J., Elgin, TX

1/17/14   Pork Steaks are the best. Friendly staff.  – Taylor M., Humble, TX

1/17/14   Hungry Traveler  - Ashley, Austin, TX

1/16/14   Love the sausage. The new cole slaw is great!  - Ben, Austin, TX

1/16/14   Love BBQ  - Charlie J., Round Rock, TX

1/16/14   The food and service are great.

1/16/14   Brisket Yummy  - Nicole A., Taylor, TX

1/15/14   I like the food and the price is reasonable compared to eating in Austin.  – Winston C., League City, TX

1/15/14   Best BBQ in town. Hands down.  – Joe S., Austin, TX

1/15/14   Plenty of seating. Great beans and sauce. BBQ good too.  – Mark W., Brenham, TX

1/15/14   We love Elgin Sausage

1/15/14   Good food. Friendly staff.

1/14/14   Great food and service.  – Amy H., Elgin, TX

1/14/14   Good food, good folks.  – Russel S.

1/14/14   Meat, sausage, turkey, pork, bbq sauce! Need I say more?  - TX

1/13/14   Baked potato is the best!

1/13/14   Love the sausage.  – Oralia M.

1/13/14   Food is Great!  - Shelby G., Elgin, TX

1/12/14   Heard it was sausage paradise.   – Brad, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1/12/14   Food is good. – Austin, TX

1/12/14   Great food and great customer service.  – George C., Austin, TX

1/12/14   Love the BBQ  - Raymond A., Austin, TX

1/12/14   Been coming for years. Love the ribs and sausage.  – Austin, TX

1/12/14   Tradition. I come here every year on my birthday because my grandfather brought me here in my youth and introduced me to your amazing food and service. 21 years and I still love this place.  – Xavier S., Taylor, TX

1/12/14   The food is great!  - San Antonio, TX

1/12/14   Passing through. – Anita S., Pflugerville, TX

1/12/14   Drove from Austin just to get a taste of Southside!  - Nikki G., Austin, TX

1/11/14   Great food, great service!  - Steve F., Austin, TX

1/11/14   Great food and service.  – Crystal G., Manor, TX

1/11/14   Been coming here 50+ years.  – Richard F., Pflugerville, TX

1/11/14   Hungry. Saw sign and stopped in. Great food and service.  – Montgomery, TX

1/11/14   My son told us to try your food. Outstanding.  – Sharron B., Port Arthur, TX

1/11/14   Meat is great!

1/11/14   Great beef sausage, potato salad, slaw and sweet tea. Lots of room for eating.  – Brian Z., Willis, TX

1/11/14   Great service & food.  – Jean, Hutto, TX

1/11/14   Good Meat  - Sam, Cedar Park, TX

1/10/14   I love the food. The cole slaw is extremely good.  – Andrea B., Elgin, TX

1/10/14   It’s sooo good. 

1/10/14   Heard it was good.  – Chad, Cypress, TX

1/10/14   A 30 year habit!  - Elgin, TX

1/10/14   Been around an long time and great food!  - Pflugerville, TX

1/10/14   Continue your path as you have for so many years. Good food, service, location.  – Athens, TX

1/10/14   Because it is the best bbq ever.  – Margarita C., Austin, TX

1/10/14   Good food and good prices. Friendly service.  – Dale M., Jarrell, TX

1/9/14     Friendly. And good food!  - Willis, Rexburg, ID

1/9/14     Great Barbeque!  - Pflugerville, TX

1/8/14     Love BBQ. Customer since early 80’s.  – Elgin, TX

1/8/14     Great pork steak and sliced beef. Everything is good.  – Taylor M., Humble, TX

1/8/14     Great Service

1/8/14     Grew up eating sausage at Southside. Still enjoy eating here.

1/8/14     Great service and great food! The BBQ is very good.

1/6/14     The Cobbler

1/6/14     Because you offer big rig parking.  – Clay, Hockley, TX

1/6/14     Enjoy stopping here when travelling to and from Austin.

1/5/14     Good food. Good People. Good atmosphere.  – Ray M., Round Rock, TX

1/5/14     Everything always tastes amazing. Friendly service.  – Abby R., Caldwell, TX

1/5/14     Driving through town. Had to get your sausage. Referred by family. Appreciate the clean bathrooms with changing 
                table. My kids like the sink!

1/5/14     Food is always great and fresh. People are friendly.

1/5/14     It’s good eatin’!  - John & Diann, Granger, TX

1/5/14     Always get great service!  - Jovita P., Austin, TX

1/5/14     Because we love the brisket. My first time being in Texas. I wanted some awesome bbq. My girlfriend’s
               mom brought us here. When I first walked in the smell was amazing. The brisket was unbelievable and the sauce 
               was the best I’ve ever had!

1/5/14     Love It  - David F., Austin, TX

1/5/14     First time to eat here. I pass by 6-8 times a year. Now I will be a return customer. Delicious peach cobbler. 
                – Toni H., Beaumont, TX

1/5/14     Great food and service. – Gregg, Austin, TX

1/4/14     Food is great

1/4/14     Good food, good service.  – Frank K., Austin, TX

1/4/14     Awesome food

1/4/14     Food tastes great!  - John M., Elgin, TX

1/4/14     Great Food

1/4/14     Great BBQ. Especially the sausage.

1/4/14     We’d love to have a Southside in Austin. There is no other bbq better than Southside.  – Megan M., Austin, TX

1/3/14     Because the food is amazing!  - Taylor, TX

1/3/14     Great service, great brisket, great atmosphere.  – P. McCaskill, Austin, TX

1/3/14     Been coming here since 1974. Good food. 

1/3/14     We’ve been coming here 25 yrs. That’s how much we like it. Meat is so tender. Sausage is so juicy.  – Bastrop, TX

1/3/14     Good BBQ  - Wayne W., Lago Vista, TX

1/3/14     Stopped on the way to Houston. Turkey is good but brisket is GREAT! Cole slaw is also very good. 

1/3/14     Have been for years. O.Connaway, Austin, TX

1/3/14     This was my first time and I will be making the stop from now on when I’m heading to Houston.  – Brian, Austin, TX

1/3/14     Love the place.  – Barry M., Columbia, SC

1/3/14     Years of good service.  – BC, Victoria, TX

1/2/14     The food is delicious. Everyone in the family can find what they like. The first time we came here was in 
               September 2013. We have been back many times since then. Coming from Cedar Creek, Bastrop & Pflugerville.

1/1/14     Great Sausage!

1/1/14     Food is good.  – Troop 234, Austin, TX

1/1/14     Because it’s so good!  - Mary S., Sheridan, TX

12/31/13 Good food, good surroundings, competent staff.

12/31/13 Been eating Southside since I can remember. Best BBQ in Texas. Like no other.  – Sandra W., Austin, TX

12/31/13 We drive out here from Pflugerville because it is so delicious.

12/29/13 I liked the freshness of the fare. Not overcooked, etc. Please keep it up. We felt welcomed when we first stepped 
               into the line. Immediately we were helped at the counter and, being our first time here, the servers patiently 
               explained the ordering process and the menu.

12/29/13 Because we love to eat sausage.  – Mary L., Taylor, TX

12/29/13 Great food, good service.

12/28/13 Love the food.  – Ponce, Manor, TX

12/28/13 The food and atmosphere are great. The employees are awesome!  - Linda H., Temple, TX

12/28/13 Food is very good and a nice atmosphere. Friendly service.  – Mary, Coupland, TX

12/28/13 We decided to take make the drive over here and try it out.  – Laura M., Lockhart, TX

12/28/13 Delicious food, nice workers, great location. Close to in-laws’ house. Love y’all. A must when visiting Texas!! 
                - Meg M., Nashville, TX

12/28/13 Wanted to try it. Pass by from Houston to Austin frequently and it always looks packed. Good service!

12/28/13 It’s the best in the country. I have been a customer for 40 years. I’ve eaten at all the places in Lockhart & Coopers 
               in Llano. Southside is the best in the world. – Martin H., Thorndale, TX

12/28/13 On our way to Austin from College Station. Was quite tasty!  - Liz & Mark, CS, TX

12/27/13 Drove down from Mesquite. Son was in from Georgia but lived in Austin 20 years ago and wanted Southside.  
                – Weldon C., Atlanta, GA

12/27/13 Food is great and the service is excellent.  – Maria R., Bastrop, TX

12/27/13 Best BBQ. Best ribs. 

12/27/13 Because we love the sausage. It’s better than Lockhart. We love the way you set everything up  – Veronica F.

12/27/13 Good food. Passing through.  – Joe G., Levington, NM

12/27/13 Because we love the sausage. We love the Big Red and Blue Bell too. Everyone is friendly and nice restrooms. 
                – Estella H., Austin, TX

12/27/13 Been eating here for years.  – Susan W., Florence, TX

12/26/13 We have been customers since we found Southside 11 years ago.  – Manor, TX

12/26/13 We love good bbq.  – Humble, TX

12/26/13 3rd Generation. Unique sausage taste.  – Wayne P., Bedford, TX

12/26/13 Great food, cleanliness and friendly service.  – Annie, Austin, TX

12/24/13 Because the food is excellent and we travel this way frequently.

12/24/13 Quality food, service and cleanliness.  – David & Melissa, Hutto, TX

12/24/13 Great BBQ. Best we’ve ever had!  - Leslie G., Austin, TX

12/24/13 Good food, good prices.  – Bastrop, TX

12/23/13 The food is great. The best I have ever tasted.  – Seguin, TX

12/23/13 Suggested by someone who lives locally. 

12/23/13 Visiting from Chicago and San Diego. Parents brought us here.  – Javier G., San Diego, CA

12/23/13 Good BBQ  - Washington D.C.

12/22/13 The sausage, the baked potato and the brisket! Ribs-Ribs-Ribs! Pork and Beef! The Peach Cobbler!  
               - G. Lasso, Leander, TX

12/22/13 I grew up eating your sausage and worked here years ago.  – Josie O., Cedar Creek, TX

12/22/13 I come through town a lot and y’all are good! 

12/22/13 We love this place. Food and service are great!  - Denise S., Austin, TX

12/22/13 Always stop in on the way to see family in Houston.  – D. Martin, Austin, TX

12/22/13 First time customer. I saw your billboard! 

12/22/13 Meeting family from Houston. 

12/22/13 Came here in college. Today I’m on my way to Houston from Killeen. Will be back!  - Major Blair, LA

12/21/13 I have been coming here for the last 30 years.  – J. Hernandez, Austin, TX

12/21/13 Passing by and familiar through reputation.

12/21/13 Great food. Good atmosphere. Excellent people.  – James H., Austin, TX

12/21/13 I’ve been coming here since I was little. The sausage is awesome! 

12/21/13 Good Food  - Shelly K., Pflugerville, TX

12/20/13 It’s moist and delicious.  – Derek F., Pflugerville, TX

12/20/13 I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. 20 something years.  – Erica N., Paige, TX

12/20/13 Brisket and great sausage!  - Michael R., LaPorte, TX

12/20/13 Becaue it is good quality food. A good family environment and a family tradition.  – Chelzy G., Austin, TX

12/20/13 Passing through on the way to deer lease. Heard good reviews.

12/20/13 Good Bar-B-Que  - Curtis T., LaGrange, TX

12/20/13 Food is awesome!  - Sherry D.

12/20/13 Visiting from out of town. 

12/20/13 Been coming since my childhood. Thank you!

12/17/13 Came from Lubbock, TX to try it and way deeply satisfied.  – Savanah W.

12/17/13 Because the bbq is good and today is a special day for our family. It’s my mom’s birthday!  - Taylor, TX

12/17/13 I was introduced by a regular customer. The food is great!  - Dave, Bryan, TX

12/17/13 Good food and good service. Love the Blue Bell bar too.  – Ed G.,Lola, TX

12/17/13 Good Food  - Doris B., Brazonia, TX

12/16/13 Because of the great service and the delicious bbq. Excellent staff.

12/16/13 The food is very good. Come here all the time.  – Marie H., Manor, TX

12/16/13 Food and people are great.  – Patti M., Georgetown, TX

12/16/13 Reputation  - Saginaw, WA

12/16/13 We love your BBQ!

12/16/13 The bbq is really good!  - Laurie & Michael, Austin, TX

12/15/13 Because I like the way your food tastes. 

12/15/13 Great food, friendly atmosphere. Weekly customer.  – J. Anderson, Lexington, TX

12/15/13 Better than Meyers

12/15/13 Always come with family. It’s the best.  – Elizabeth S., Kyle, TX

12/15/13 The food is great. New cole slaw tastes really good!  - Ron M., Round Rock, TX

12/15/13 Good BBQ  - Houston, TX

12/14/13 Because of the service and great bbq.  – John R., Austin, TX

12/14/13 Because the food is good and the people are great!  - Sandy & Nancy, Rockdale, TX

12/14/13 Because I like this place.The food and the service.  – Fernando R., Dale, TX

12/14/13 Good online reviews.  – Ross U., Austin, TX

12/12/13 The food is great. Seasoned just right.  – Renae, Houston, TX

12/12/13 Just passing through.  – Tim D., Norman, OK

12/12/13 Keep making superb bbq. Sausage and chicken are wonderful! Our brother-in-law brought us.  
                – Bill M., Rockdale, TX

12/12/13 Been a customer since the 70’s.

12/11/13 Because you have a good reputation and the food’s good.

12/11/13 Your BBQ is delicious!  - The Cano’s, Austin, TX

12/9/13   Good food, good atmosphere.  – Lavonne B., Bastrop, TX

12/9/13   Good food, good prices.  – Robert L., Bastrop, TX

12/9/13   The food is good. Always consistent.  – Tony M., Austin, TX

12/9/13   It’s good BBQ.  – Will D., Rockport, TX

12/9/13   Enjoying it for years.  – C. Bradley, Llano, TX

12/8/13   Grandpa always said “Let’s go eat a yard and a half of guts!”  - The Heath Family, Hutto, TX

12/8/13   Food is Good  - Angela H., Hutto, TX

12/8/13   Food is delicious.

12/8/13   We love the food.

12/8/13   The sausage. The atmosphere. The sweet tea.  – Teresa, Austin, TX

12/8/13   We love to come eat here. My mom is 85 and always wants us to bring her here.  – Sandi J., Temple, TX

12/8/13   Amazing BBQ. RC Cola on fountain!  - Z. Chad, Austin, TX

12/8/13   Because the food and the service are so good.  – Dora T., Austin, TX

12/7/13   Long time customers from San Antonio.  – Richard G., San Antonio, TX

12/7/13   Good food. Good services. Always clean. Very friendly.  – Rachel, Austin, TX

12/7/13   I love the potato salad. I grew up with this sausage and it’s the best in Texas.  – Austin, TX

12/7/13   The Beef  - Buda, TX

12/7/13   Great food. Best BBQ in Texas, Period. No one else comes close.  – G. Villanueva, Austin, TX

12/7/13   Food is awesome. I’d travel a million miles for it!  - Jerry A., Round Rock, TX

12/7/13   Good service. Nice manners and great food.  – Amber S., Manor, TX

12/6/13   Love the food.  – Maggie J., Hutto, TX

12/6/13   The sausage and beans.

12/6/13   We love the food.  – Joe V., Houston, TX

12/6/13   Best bbq in Texas. I run a route in Austin and surrounding towns and I stop here every chance I get.
                – David H., Waco, TX

12/6/13   I started coming here for the sausage.  – Jim F., Austin, TX

12/6/13   Driving through. BBQ sounded good and it was!  - Amy, Houston, TX

12/6/13   It’s always a tradition to come here after getting our Christmas tree. But I always find reasons to make a trip 
               out here. The food and the people are always amazing. It feels like home.

12/6/13   The Sausage

12/5/13   Been coming here for years.  – Leander, TX

12/5/13   Good Food  - Yolanda, Austin, TX

12/4/13   I wanted to see what everyone was talking about.  – Mitchell S., Hutto, TX

12/4/13   Great atmosphere, service, sausage and potato salad. Tender brisket. Good flavor.  – Juan R., Austin, TX

12/3/13   Quality. Over 30 years.  – Bill F., Georgetown, TX

12/3/13   1st time. Just driving by. Will be back!  - Mike C., The Woodlands, TX

12/3/13   Saw signs on the road. Great food, plenty of it and great service  – Phillip A., Alabama

12/3/13   Tradition on my way home from getting a Christmas tree.  – Shane, Cedar Park, TX

12/3/13   Food is delicious.

12/2/13   Been here before. Great food!

12/2/13   My family and I have been eating at Southside for 40 years. Best sausage in TX.  – Michael R., Hutto, TX

12/2/13   Love the BBQ. Always stop by on the way back from getting our Christmas tree.  – Cedar Park, TX

12/2/13   Close to Home

12/1/13   We come every year. It’s tradition.  – Melissa C., Nolanville, TX

12/1/13   Because it’s the best bbq ever!  - Lisa H., Austin, TX

12/1/13   Well cooked meats in a convenient location.  – Mark M. Bryan, TX

12/1/13   Because our family is originally from here. It’s part of our family!  - Felix S., Levelland, TX

12/1/13   Traveling and referred by family.  – Rob Y., Lubbock, TX

12/1/13   Live in Hutto. Drive over to Elgin for the best BBQ.  – Beverly M., Hutto, TX

12/1/13   Good food, good atmosphere, good prices.  – Andrew L., Tomball, TX

12/1/13   Saw billboard. Was here before on a trip to show cow so we wanted to come back.  – Shannon, Houston, TX

12/1/13   I have been coming here for 25 years. It started with my dad. The food and atmosphere are excellent. 

12/1/13   Elgin Christmas Tree Farm

11/30/13 Good food. Short wait.  – Chris R., Round Rock, TX

11/30/13 Family tradition and consistently good food.  – Damen C., Austin, TX

11/30/13 I like the BBQ.  – Jarius, Houston, TX

11/30/13 Flavor of the sausage and brisket.  – Gene, Austin, TX

11/30/13 We always bring our ‘out of state’ friends. Best bbq in Texas.  – Rosie R., Cedar Creek, TX

11/30/13 Good Food, No Plates, Generational, Customer Service.  – Issac M., Arlington, TX

11/30/13 Just stopped here on the way back to Austin years ago. Have been coming back ever since.  – Aaron, Austin, TX

11/30/13 Great Food  - Ralph D., Houston, TX

11/30/13 My husband’s family used to come here when he was a boy. Continuing that tradition.  – Tamara F., Austin, TX

11/29/13 It looked good going down the road.  – Houston, TX

11/29/13 Because it’s a family tradition to eat here. Service is awesome.  – Austin, TX

11/29/13 Love the sausage and the ambiance! We have an ‘After Thanksgiving’ tradition.  – Rosemary M., Austin, TX

11/29/13 Hunger led us here!  - Austin, TX

11/29/13 Good food and good customer service.  – Lisa, Bastrop, TX

11/29/13 It’s homey and awesome!  - George B., Cedar Park, TX

11/29/13 Wanted to try something new. Food is amazing. – Seth S., Mountain City, TX

11/29/13 The food is good.  – Lee G., Bastrop, TX

11/26/13 Good customer service. Love the brisket. 

11/26/13 Have been for years. Food is good every time!  - Buddy B., Kosse, TX

11/26/13 Been coming here for many years. You’re doing a great job. 

11/26/13 Good food!  - Terry P.

11/26/13 Consistent, good product.  – Alex R., Raymond, IA

11/25/13 Amazing chop beef. Best BBQ sauce in TX.

11/25/13 We love the food!!  - Ken & Bev, Elgin, TX

11/25/13 Great service great food. Grew up in Elgin and it’s the best.

11/25/13 Elignite. Love y’all’s bbq!

11/25/13 The service is good and the food is delicious.  – Pflugerville, TX

11/24/13 I grew up in Elgin. Periodically I return just to eat at Southside. This is my birthday celebration!  - Cedar Park, TX

11/24/13 Because the Elgin Sausage is Awesome!  - Vicky, Round Rock, TX

11/24/13 The food is delicious. I love the sausage.  – Breena S., Manor, TX

11/24/13 Food & Service  - L. Miesch, Austin, TX

11/23/13 Great Pork Steak  - Frank, Caldwell, TX

11/23/13 Have been for over 30 years. Love the potato salad!

11/23/13 Good food, good service and clean location.  – Michael S., Kyle, TX

11/23/13 Value and quality of food. 

11/23/13 The Southside BBQ place has amazing bbq and the workers are great here! 

11/23/13 Brisket and Sausage

11/23/13 Because it’s awesome. Don’t change anything.  – Jordan P., Round Rock, TX

11/23/13 Tastes good. Fair pricing.

11/22/13 Good atmosphere. The food is good and good customer service.  – Brian & Jessica, Elgin, TX

11/22/13 I love the ribs, brisket and sausage as well as the friendly atmosphere.  – Durden, Round Rock, TX

11/22/13 Because we love it! We come from Austin & Del Valle!  - Clarence T., Austin, TX

11/22/13 Sausage & brisket are outstanding!  - Bill S., Dallas, TX

11/22/13 Good Food  - Mike L., Manor, TX

11/22/13 Food is good. Service is awesome!  - Reese K., Pflugerville, TX

11/22/13 Great food, great service.  – Molly T., Elgin, TX

11/20/13 Love the way they welcome us. Food is always good and I love the ice cream variety. Thank you for being so kind. 
                – Mary, Manor, TX

11/20/13 Referred by a co-worker and we love the turkey and the blue bell.  – S. Davis, Austin, TX

11/20/13 Good Food  - Curtis, Manor, TX

11/20/13 Referred by a friend.

11/19/13 Live in Austin. I eat here every time I come through. 

11/19/13 Drove from Dallas today to come eat lunch & order sausage to take home. You guys are wonderful! 
               - Marissa, Grand Prairie, TX
11/19/13 Good food and best sausage in the country. 

11/19/13 I have been coming here as I pass through town for 24 yrs. The food and service have always been great!  
               - Mark A., Magnolia, TX

11/18/13 Love the BBQ. Could smell it before I even saw the restaurant. 

11/18/13 Good food. Close to work.

11/18/13 Love the sausage.  – Mary C., Manor, TX

11/17/13 Elgin is my home town and we always eat here.  – Joe W., Smithville, TX

11/17/13 Have been since 1978. Love it. The very best!  - Wendie W., Smithville, TX

11/17/13 Don’t change a thing. Keep doing everything the same. The food & service are spot on! We’ve been Southside 
               customers for more than 30 yrs. Awesome food! When friends and family want a “Taste of Texas”, we bring 
               them here.  - The Mora Family, Manor, TX

11/17/13 Love the BBQ. Good service.  – Kim W., Round Rock, TX

11/17/13 Love the brisket, sausage and pork steaks.  – J. Villarreal, Elgin, TX

11/16/13 Passing through and always have good experience.  – Leander, TX

11/16/13 First time visitor. Brisket, beans, potato salad and slaw very good! 

11/16/13 Good, consistent food.

11/16/13 On the way to Austin. Good food.

11/16/13 Past residents of Elgin. Moved away but we return for the food.  – John C., Austin, TX

11/16/13 We have been customers for years. We try to stop by whenever we are in town!  - Shelly G., Granger, TX

11/16/13 Referred by a local. I live out of town and was passing through.  – Houston J., Temple, TX

11/16/13 Great Sausage  - Bastrop, TX

11/15/13 Generations in

11/15/13 Parents have been eating here for years.  – Rachel M., Round Rock, TX

11/15/13 We have been coming here for years. Love the sausage!!  - Michael W., Austin, TX

11/15/13 Good sausage. Love the BBQ.  – Susan & Bill, Coupland, TX

11/15/13 I love the brisket and the beans!!  - Mary M., San Marcos, TX

11/15/13 Good Food

11/15/13 Because I don’t like Meyer’s and the food is better here.  – Martinez, Austin, TX

11/15/13 Quick service, good food. 

11/14/13 Friendly service.  – Lewis M., Austin, TX

11/14/13 Restrooms look great!  - Miriam P., Taylor, TX

11/14/13 Good Food  - James, Austin, TX

11/14/13 Love the sausage.

11/14/13 La comida es delisiosa  - Sofia P., Elgin, TX

11/13/13 It’s plumb good. Food and service excellent. New slaw is good too.  – Bill & Joanne, Elgin, TX

11/13/13 Service was great. Especially the awesome ice cream girl.  –

11/12/13 Great food, good price, friendly people.  – Jeff C., San Marcos, TX

11/12/13 History  - Ben, Wimberley, TX

11/12/13 A friend referred me.  – Chris G., Bloomfield, KY

11/12/13 Have been since 1983.  – Row, Holden, MO 64040

11/12/13 Put one in Conroe, TX. Love it!  - Wade

11/11/13 Because the food is really good.  – Oscar, Elgin, TX

11/11/13 Food is amazing. Customer service is great.

11/11/13 The sausage.

11/11/13 The food is excellent and the folks are nice.  – Karen O., Peoria, AZ

11/11/13 Just passing through but I’ll be back!  - Lauren F., Roseville, CA

11/10/13 Been loving it since I was 9 years old. I’m 52 now!  - Austin, TX

11/10/13 I like good BBQ.  – Heidi G., Elgin, TX

11/10/13 Love the food & atmosphere. Family friendly.

11/10/13 Passed by a bunch of times and decided to finally check it out.

11/10/13 It’s delicious!  - Erin K., Taylor, TX

11/10/13 HEB

11/10/13 Best sausage in the state of Texas. None other can compare. Elgin Hot Sausage/Southside the one & only!  
                 - Jose S., Austin, TX

11/9/13   Great food and atmosphere. Have been customers for 50 years. We bring each new grandchild and take a picture
                of them wearing a Southside printed napkin.  – Mike S., Leander, TX

11/9/13   I have always liked eating here rather than going to Lockhart.  – Carrie R., Bastrop, TX

11/9/13   Because your food is good and we like good bbq.

11/9/13   I grew up eating Elgin sausage.  – Betty, Elgin, TX

11/9/13   We’ve been coming here for 50+ years. Just loyal customers.  – Austin, TX

11/9/13   Love your BBQ!  - Anne D., Houston, TX

11/9/13   Good is Good  - Dana A., Bastrop, TX

11/9/13   Y’all are doing a fine job. Good food and good service.  – Garlos C., Austin, TX

11/8/13   Good Food

11/8/13   Great BBQ!

11/8/13   Because the food and service are outstanding!  - Robert C., Hutto, TX

11/8/13   Because it is delicious.

11/8/13   The food and service are excellent.  – J.W., TX

11/8/13   Nephews have a game vs. Elgin. Stopped by before the game because we’ve heard awesome things about this place.  
                 – Kim, Austin, TX

11/8/13   We always suggest Southside. It’s our favorite. Food is awesome!  - Rachelle H., Elgin, TX

11/7/13   Driving from Houston to Austin. Saw your billboards. Glad you’re open!  - Green Cove Springs, FL

11/7/13   We like your barbeque!  - Rauf J., Austin, TX

11/7/13   Good Food

11/6/13   A friend of mine in Arkansas told me to come here on my next business trip to Austin.  – Brian M., Branson, MO

11/6/13   Because I grew up eating here and love your food.  –  Anthony L., Austin, TX

11/6/13   Best BBQ Around  - Richard O., Portland, TX

11/6/13   I love good barbeque.

11/5/13   On my way to Spring and was HUNGRY!  - Tria S., Leander, TX

11/5/13   Great food/Reputation  - Susan M., Manor, TX

11/5/13   Brisket & Sausage are great! Worth the drive.  – Steve J., Austin, TX

11/4/13   Quality of food. Friendly people. Good service.  – Tom R., Elgin, TX

11/4/13   My mom and sister brought me here earlier in the year and it was great!  - Stephen S., Woodbridge, VA

11/4/13   We were referred here for good Texas BBQ.  – Susie M., Minneola, FL

11/4/13   I was born in Elgin, TX and raised on this sausage. I love it and look forward to eating it whenever I come to Elgin. 
                 – Yolanda Z., Austin, TX

11/3/13   Great service and great food!  - Donafa F., Austin, TX

11/3/13   Referred to Southside by a family friend and have been coming here ever since. The BBQ is delicious!  
                 - Edgar H., Manor, TX

11/3/13   Because I love BBQ ribs and sausage. I was driving by and saw the place. From now on, it’s going to 
                 be MY BBQ PLACE!  - Marcelina M., Houston, TX

11/3/13   1st time customer. We were driving through. It was good. Thank You! 

11/3/13   I’m going to tell everyone I know about this place. We heard about y’all from Donn’s Barbeque in Austin on 
                Weberville Rd. Keeping the BBQ sauce warm is a great idea.  – Kate & Carl, Manor, TX

11/3/13   On the road and had your bbq before at UT McComb’s School. Very good.  – Friendswood, TX

11/3/13   Good Food  - Andrew M., Austin, TX

11/3/13   Because the food is excellent.  – Gloria & Roman, Bastrop, TX

11/3/13   Because it’s great!

11/3/13   Better than most places I’ve been to.  – Chris G., Austin, TX

11/3/13   Best sausage in USA!  - Chapel Hill Sausage Co., TX

11/1/13   Driving through and hungry for BBQ.

11/1/13   Because the food is better than any other place.  – Austin, TX

11/1/13   The food is good.  – Lisa R., Austin, TX

11/1/13   Great Food  - Paul R., The Woodlands, TX

11/1/13   Good baked potatoes & BBQ. Friendly.  – Birthday Party, Pflugerville, TX

11/1/13   Loyalty. The company has been in business a long time.  – Rosemarie M., Del Valle, TX

11/1/13   We love your sausage and pork ribs. Always juicy. Blue Bell ice cream for dessert. Well maintained and
                 good hospitality. – Mary Ann, Taylor, TX

11/1/13   Great Sausage

10/31/13 Every year we come down for a women’s retreat in Round Top and always stop here to eat.  – Killeen, TX

10/31/13 Good BBQ. Country atmosphere and good music.  – Bobby, Drew & Angela, City of Georgetown Employees

10/31/13 Nice & comfortable. Nothing extra needed.

10/31/13 Great Food!

10/30/13 Recommended by a friend.  – Ken D., Watkins, CO

10/30/13 From out of town. First time at your location.  – Calvin K., Marion, TX

10/30/13 Great food, good service, and always friendly!  - Clayton J., Bastrop, TX

10/30/13 New to the area and wanted to try some bbq. 

10/30/13 Good Every Time  - Tina A., Austin, TX

10/29/13 The bbq is the best!  - Virginia G., Austin, TX

10/29/13 Driving to Austin from The Woodlands. I’ve been here before.

10/29/13 The quality food and good southern hospitality. 

10/29/13 Commuting from Austin to Houston and you were referred to me by a friend in Austin.

10/28/13 Good food and good service.  – May T., Austin, TX

10/28/13 Been coming here since I was little.  – Houston, TX

10/28/13 Family Tradition  - Ester B., Manor, TX

10/27/13 Great food and sensible prices. It’s worth the drive! Tried others. They aren’t as good as Southside. 
                 – Mike C., Austin, TX

10/27/13 Grew up in Elgin. I’ve eaten Southside sausage since I was a toddler. Moved away but always return for the sausage.  
                 – Doris L., Watagua, TX

10/27/13 Driving by, saw the billboards.  – Brandon, Beaumont, TX

10/27/13 On our way home to Houston from Austin. Your sausage rocks!

10/27/13 Came here to play baseball and heard from some friends that we should try it.

10/27/13 My father loved the sausage here.  – Linda, Georgetown, TX

10/27/13 Because the brisket is awesome. So delicious! The pork is also really good.  – Griselda & Scott, Spring, TX

10/27/13 Very good cut of brisket.  – Chris, Buda, TX

10/27/13 It’s Good!  - Kim & Ben, Ingram, TX

10/26/13 Love the ribs and sausage.  – Angel C., Austin, TX

10/26/13 I’m 58. I came with my parents as a kid and now I bring my grandkids. Love the sausage.  – Austin, TX

10/26/13 Go to Austin to see family. Stop here all the time to eat lunch/dinner and to take home.  – R. Arce, Magnolia, TX

10/26/13 Because it’s so Yummy!  - Melaine S., Houston, TX

10/26/13 Because there’s no other tastes better than Southside Market!  - Alicia G. & Family, Austin, TX

10/26/13 Great BBQ  - Thompson, Hutto, TX

10/25/13 I was referred by a friend and am very happy for that!  - Kelsey P., Bartlett, TX

10/25/13 It’s my form of worship.

10/25/13 Because the BBQ is Great!  - Tim G., Austin, TX

10/25/13 Because we like excellent food.

10/25/13 We love the bbq. Good atmosphere for a family. 

10/25/13 Great food and also – 15 years ago I came here with kids on a 4-H trip to tour your facility. I was impressed 
                 with the cleanliness!  - Elgin, Tx

10/25/13 Visiting Austin Area  - Spring, TX

10/25/13 Been coming here for 20 years. Even when I lived in Montana.  – Dion D., Austin, TX

10/25/13 I was referred by a friend

10/17/13 Adam was extremely friendly and a very good server! 

10/17/13 Been coming here for years. Good food.

10/17/13 First time. Family enjoys eating here.  – Cynthia C., Round Rock, TX

10/16/13 Love to eat your food. The manager is very nice. He makes the food right, for everyone. – Robert F., Austin, TX

10/16/13 Best turkey and pork steak.  – Bradly, R., Pickens, SC

10/16/13 Because we love the food and staff is always friendly.  – Robert. Flynn, TX

10/16/13 It’s Good!  - Chris, Easley, SC

10/15/13 Good Food  - Jay L., Pollock, LA

10/15/13 I heard good things.  – J.S., Chicago, IL

10/15/13 We love the jalapeno cheddar sausage and the brisket.  – William & Sharon, Elgin, TX

10/15/13 Sausage! Customer since 1970’s.  

10/14/13 Family Tradition  - Janine S., Taylor, TX

10/14/13 Because the food and service are good.  – Aaron M., Austin, TX

10/14/13 Good food and fast service.  – Martin J., Manor, TX

10/13/13 Longtime customer from Elgin.  – Pat W., Granbury, TX

10/13/13 Live in Elgin & like BBQ.  – Elgin, TX

10/13/13 Great Food  - Leonard P., Austin, TX

10/13/13 Great beef ribs and pork steak.

10/13/13 Lifetime Customer

10/13/13 Enjoy the food and atmosphere.  – A. Lewis, McDade, TX

10/13/13 Love smoke flavor of the meat.  – Mr. & Mrs. Livingston, Round Rock, TX

10/13/13 Good service. Been coming here for 21 years and still keep coming back.  – Max

10/13/13 Good BBQ

10/12/13 Lived in Austin 15 years ago. Always heard it was wonderful BBQ. Good job!  - Deedra, Nacogdoches, TX

10/12/13 Your food is very good!  - Round Rock, TX

10/12/13 I’ve been a customer since y’all were downtown!  - Richard, Austin, TX

10/12/13 It’s better than Meyer’s. 

10/12/13 Have been for generations.  – Jesse B., Elgin, TX

10/12/13 Food & service are great. Only place I know to get lamb ribs.  – Louis & Gayle T., Hot Springs, AR

10/12/13 I used to come here regularly when I lived in Austin. I moved to Dallas 6 years ago. I had to come by today! 
                 Just as good as I remember!  - Nina S., Irving, TX

10/12/13 Lifetime customers. The sausage and hot sauce keep us coming back.  – Sally & Robert, Austin, TX

10/12/13 Good sausage and brisket.  – Victor R., Round Rock, TX

10/12/13 Your food is very good.  – Round Rock, TX

10/11/13 Good is always consistently good.

10/11/13 Great food and BBQ. Been a customer every time I come through the area.  – Weldone C., Skandia, MI

10/11/13 I love the service and the food.  – Alex R., Pflugerville, TX

10/11/13 Very Good!

10/11/13 Meat was very tender.

10/11/13 Because I love it and the family does too.  – Andrea & Family, Austin, TX

10/11/13 Only bbq good in town and y’all have the best beans and potato salad.  – Paris T., Elgin, TX

10/11/13 Better food and good service. Nice atmosphere & friendly.  – Bill & Cathy H., Elgin, TX

10/11/13 Sausage

10/10/13 Yelp and Local Reference

10/9/13   I’m the one who suggested coming tonight! Great Meat  - Robert, Georgetown, TX

10/9/13   I love BBQ but I don’t live in Texas. So when I’m here, I look for the best BBQ I can find! And, your manager 
                 Robert Rocks!  - Dan W., Mill Valley, CA

10/8/13   The brisket is great.  – Richard R., Scott City, KS

10/8/13   Stopped once coming in from Galveston. Enjoyed the meal and came back for my birthday!  - Oscar C., Cedar Park, TX

10/8/13   Best sausage we’ve ever had.  – James L., Fort Worth, TX

10/8/13   Because you are the best in town. 

10/7/13   Everything was delicious! Been coming here for years. Bring visiting family to eat here and they have never 
                 been disappointed!  - Maria, Georgetown, TX

10/7/13   A friend told us to come. I am Celiac so I was thrilled that you cater to Gluten intolerance. Fabulous! 
                 - Rona L., Houston, TX

10/7/13   Good Food  - Ike G., Temple, TX

10/7/13   Because of the staff member at the meat market counter. He was very friendly.  – Kurt P., Brenham, TX

10/7/13   Local guy (John) recommended.  – Mike, Bee Cave, TX

10/7/13   Mom raised in the area. Used to bring us here as kids. Great food.  – Erma V., Fort Worth, TX

10/7/13   Reputation and previous service.  – Burnet, TX

10/7/13   Travelling through.  – Houston, TX

10/7/13   Best sausage for sure! Family in Elgin brought us here once so now we stop by whenever we’re passing through. 
                 – Pearland, TX

10/7/13   Love the food. Best BBQ!  - Librado S., Plainview, TX

10/7/13   Heard it was delicious.  – Austin, TX

10/7/13   The sauce, the food, atmosphere and great service.  – Gina & Keith, Houston, TX

10/7/13   Handy semi parking

10/7/13   Because the bbq is great. Every time I pass through Elgin, I’ve got to have me some Southside BBQ!  
                 - Antoine T., Austin, TX

10/7/13   All good. Great food. Great service.

10/7/13   Been coming here for 20 years!

10/7/13   Good Food

10/4/13   Grew up in Elgin. Always come here.

10/4/13   Driving in from Houston and saw the billboards on 290. Glad we stopped.  – Sonia & Mark, Houston, TX

10/4/13   Came from Austin to see my brother here in Elgin. We will be back!  - Cherry & Todd, Austin, TX

10/4/13   Because it tastes really good and because it’s fast so you don’t have to wait.  – Taylor, TX

10/4/13   Love the food. Ed Weiss and Angelica are awesome!  - Tami V., Austin, TX

10/4/13   It’s the best sausage I’ve ever had.  – Tim & Ann Marie, Georgetown, TX

10/4/13   It’s good! Better than down the street.  – Tito & Monica, Round Rock, TX

10/4/13   Stopped while driving from Austin to Houston. Very glad I did!  - Elayne H., Austin, TX

10/4/13   Good Food Every Time  - Kristin, Austin, TX

10/3/13   Y’all are great. I’ve been coming to Southside since childhood and will continue to come back. You offer quality food 
                at extremely affordable prices.  – Zameika L., Austin, TX

10/3/13   Because of your food. We live in Taylor and make the trip to Elgin just for it! 

10/3/13   I will be back!  - Phil

10/2/13   Great food and the handsome, bald guy is super nice.  – R. Gregg, Austin, TX

10/2/13   The lady at our hotel recommended Southside.  – Bruno J., Barretos, Brazil

10/2/13   Good food comfortable atmosphere.  – Joanne B., Rosebud, TX

10/1/13   This is the only place I stop heading to Houston. Service and food are consistently great.  – M. DuPreez, Austin, TX

10/1/13   I like your pork steak and Ribeye steak.  – Norman N., Victoria, TX

10/1/13   Nice atmosphere. Excellent customer service and delicious food.

10/1/13   Great food all the time.  – Willie C., Atlanta, GA

9/30/13   The food is good. People are friendly.  – Ruben B., Austin, TX

9/29/13   First time. Will be back.

9/29/13   Love the new sauce. Long time customer.  – Dovy P., Gilmer, TX

9/29/13   Excellent food.  – Larry R., Montgomery, TX

9/29/13   It’s really good sausage!  - Buda, TX

9/29/13   Grew up with it!  - Jeremiah R., Elgin, TX

9/29/13   Have been for 30+ years.  – Mike B., Austin, TX

9/29/13   Love brisket tenderness & ribs.  – Austin, TX

9/29/13   The Sausage  - Blake, Hutto, TX

9/28/13   The baked potato and salad additions are excellent. The new bathroom (ladies) is beautiful! Also because my husband 
               is so proud of Southside. When we eat at other places he complains and whines “We should have gone to Elgin”. 

9/28/13   Been coming here since 1980.

9/28/13   Family has been coming here for years so it’s kind of a tradition.  – Tammie A., Florence, TX

9/28/13   We like the sausage and the people. Fast service and we like the drive to Elgin.  – Janie S., Granger, TX

9/28/13   Because the food is great and the customer service is superb.  = Sandra D., Austin, TX

9/28/13   Because I love BBQ! 

9/28/13   Great food and service. Clean dining room.  – Joalyn C., Georgetown, TX

9/27/13   Food is the best.  – Bertha H., Austin, TX

9/27/13   Food is delicious. Pies are great. Wonderful service and theme.  – James Y., Elgin, TX

9/27/13   Been coming here for a long time.  – Janice N., Hutto, TX

9/27/13   1st time to eat here! Everything was very good.  – Susan P., Georgetown, TX

9/27/13   We enjoy the chopped brisket the most! And we enjoy the sauce and the general atmosphere of the restaurant. 

9/27/13   The food and the atmosphere.  – Austin, TX

9/27/13   First time here but excellent BBQ.  – Ortiz Family, Bastrop, TX

9/27/13   We are from Taylor and love this place.  – Sandy V., Taylor, TX

9/27/13   BBQ is Delicious  - Houston, tX

9/27/13   Saw that you’d been open since the 1800’s so you must be good!  - Curtis, Tammie & Drew, Cedar Park, TX

9/26/13   Like the sausage and meats.  – Round Rock, TX

9/26/13   I’ve been coming here for years.  – Katrina, Round Rock, TX

9/26/13   Tastes Great

9/26/13   I love BBQ

9/25/13   I love sausage and pork steak and ribs!  - Jane F., Sun City, AZ

9/23/13   Loyal. Been coming since I was a child.  – Tami V., Austin, TX

9/23/13   Good Food  - Russell B., Austin, TX

9/23/13   Because I like the BBQ.  – Federico, Houston, TX

9/23/13   Food is superb!

9/23/13   Good bbq on the road between Houston & Austin.

9/22/13   Sausage and customer service excellent. Great atmosphere and delicious food.  – Austin, TX

9/22/13   Food is great.  – Nick, Austin, TX

9/22/13   Great food and great prices.

9/22/13   Heading home to Cedar Park. Stopped by because we saw you on the T.V. show.

9/22/13   Great food! Hometown feel.  – Teresa C., Elgin, TX

9/22/13   Because I’ve been doing this since I was born. Literally!  - Sandra, Laure, Belinda & Pete, Austin, TX

9/22/13   The Good Food!!  - James L., Taylor, TX

9/22/13   It’s the best BBQ I’ve ever had.  – Luiz B., Spring, TX

9/22/13   1st time to eat here. We’ll make more visits. The food is great. My brother-in-law highly recommended Southside.  
               – Jana, Jacksboro, TX

9/21/13   Very good food and service. 

9/21/13   Because the food is great.  – Alex, Houston, TX

9/21/13   Excellent variety of meals. – J. Moore, Jacksonville, FL

9/21/13   It’s always good. Family tradition.  – Austin, TX

9/20/13   Best BBQ  - Rosa & George R., Pflugerville, TX

9/20/13   Everything is really good. I like all of the food and the service.  – Alvina O., Austin, TX

9/20/13   Love the bbq and atmosphere. Feel loyal to it!  - Jan R., Elgin, TX

9/20/13   Passing through and easy to stop.  – Dallas, TX

9/20/13   I like the sausage.  – Noel T., Georgetown, TX

9/20/13   Since I was little we have eaten Southside. From the old location. Grew up in Austin, moved here 17 years ago. It’s 
               a family tradition.  – Arlene A., Elgin, TX

9/20/13   Consistently excellent food. Also love the fresh meats.  – O’Neal, Manor, TX

9/20/13   The food is delish.  – Pflugerville, TX

9/20/13   Love BBQ  - Taylor, TX

9/20/13   1st time visit. Travelling to Austin.

9/19/13   Atmosphere. Good BBQ. Fast & friendly service.   – California

9/19/13   Because we love the sausage and brisket. We love this location. We come once a month.  – Lillian H., Thorndale, TX

9/19/13   Southside was mentioned at discoveramerica.com as a good place to eat.  – Ola N., Norway, Europe

9/19/13   The beef ribs are awesome! And love that chicken. Also, the pork steaks are to die for!

9/19/13   Nice place. Good food.

9/18/13   No one makes sausage like Southside. Been coming here since I was a small boy. I’m now 50.  – David R., Kyle, TX

9/18/13   Cause it’s so darn good!  - Jason B., Manor, TX

9/18/13   You are the best BBQ place on the planet!  - Lorie & Adam, Peoria, AZ

9/17/13   1st Visit. Saw your restaurant on the food channel. I travel from Houston to Austin often.  – Kurt K., Houston, TX

9/17/13   The food is good and I love your sausage.  – Russell M., Pflugerville, TX

9/17/13   The Meat  - Floyd D., Lexington, TX

9/17/13   1st time. It was great!  - Ernie F., Round Rock, TX

9/17/13   Just passing on my way to Houston.  – San Antonio, TX

9/16/13   Because of the sausage and customer service.  – Gerald C., Houston, TX

9/16/13   I always eat here when I’m going home to Houston.  – Naydean M., Houston, TX

9/16/13   Good food and great service.  – Jelanie J., Austin, TX

9/15/13   The food is delicious here.  – Gerry A., Round Rock, TX

9/15/13   Turkey and sausage were great! 

9/15/13   ecause this is a great place to eat and enjoy company when coming from the city.  – Bertha, Austin, TX

9/15/13   Great BBQ and convenient location.  – Gary R., Magnolia, TX

9/15/13   Doing a pre-ride to check the place out before bringing my motorcycle club out on October 13th.  – Fred M., Killeen, TX

9/15/13   The food is truly excellent. The friendly atmosphere is great. Jim has a lot to do with that. We appreciate Jim and Tom 
               supporting community events. I wanted to thank you guys, and especially Jim for supporting our recent dove hunt! 
               Everyone loved the food.  – Russ & Michelle C., Pflugerville, TX

9/15/13   First time customers. Referred by yelp.com.  – Kim, Sunrise, FL

9/15/13   Born & raised around Elgin & Manor.  – Clyde N., Manor, TX

9/14/13   Been coming here since I was a little kids. Only place I knew to eat BBQ. Great bbq sauce and food. 
               – Maribel &  Eric, Bastrop, TX

9/14/13   Love the food/hometown.  – Alicia, Austin, TX

9/14/13   Been a long time customer and enjoy the food. 

9/14/13   The bbq is delicious! Your staff is pleasant and helpful. Thank you!  - Amy, Austin, TX

9/14/13   As a 1st time customer I will be back whenever possible. Sausage and brisket melt in your mouth. Love the bold
               bbq sauce.  – Melissa L., New York, NY

9/13/13   We travel to Austin from Houston every other month and always stop by for the best BBQ and friendly staff.  
               – Audrey C., Spring, TX

9/13/13   Because y’all are great!  - Sophia S., Elgin, TX

9/13/13   Referral. Excellent food and excellent service.  – Bryan D., Bastrop, TX

9/13/13   Because it’s so good! 

9/13/13   It’s good. Realy good!  - W., Austin, TX

9/13/13   Because my husband brought me. Better than Blacks!  - Austin, TX

9/13/13   I love it! – Gloria C., Austin, TX
9/12/13   When I’m in Elgin, I only stop at Southside. You’ve got the best bbq and customer service.  – Terry F., Austin, TX
9/12/13   Been coming here since I was a kid and the food is amazing.  – Stephanie L., Austin, TX
9/12/13   Great Food  - Austin, TX

9/12/13   Best BBQ in the area.  – Rebecca, Manor, TX

9/11/13   You can tell somebody in the back gives a darn about Good BBQ!  - Johnie M., Castroville, TX

9/11/13   Good brisket, good location

9/11/13   I’ve been coming here 39 years. Since I was about 10 and the food is still great!  - Esmeralda A., Round Rock, TX

9/11/13   Good Food  - Eduardo S., Austin, TX

9/10/13   It’s good. Been stopping in here for years.  – Dirk P., Houston, TX

9/10/13   Love the BBQ. Love the chopped beef. 

9/9/13     Because the BBQ is amazing.  – Debbie S., College Station, TX

9/9/13     Because it’s the best!  - Carmen H., Austin, TX

9/9/13     I have been since 1955 and my family who are from Elgin since the 1800’s.  – Susie R., Austin, TX

9/8/13     Pork steaks and glass bottled sodas. Dad brought me & brother here when we were little.

9/8/13     One of a kind. Not a chain.

9/8/13     Good quality food. Always come to Southside Market.  – Stephanie, Austin, TX

9/8/13     I like BBQ. You make it right!  - Bertha M., Pflugerville, TX

9/8/13     Like the sausage especially. Nice drive from River City.  – Viola J., Sprinkle, TX

9/8/13     Enjoy the food.  – Josh, Austin, TX

9/7/13     Great food and on our way to A&M from Austin.  – Amanda, Austin, TX

9/7/13     Best BBQ!  - Ricardo C., Austin, TX

9/7/13     Because we love the FOOD!  - Daniel M., Austin, TX

9/7/13     Family tradition and great sausage.  – Taylor, TX

9/7/13     First time but we will return!  - Misty & Oz, Austin, TX

9/6/13     We love it here. You’re doing a great job. Great service and top notch BBQ!  - Angela C., Austin, TX

9/6/13     This is our first time here and the stuff is awesome. Kept smelling the goodness everyday passing by and decided to 
               finally stop in. We just moved here from New Jersey. So far this state is friendly and has great food.  – Mitchell, Elgin, TX

9/6/13     I first came here with my father 40 yrs ago and still come whenever we are in Elgin.  – Dr. John R., Georgetown, TX

9/6/13     Thanks to Hank in the Meat market #1!! Came looking for sausage seasoning. Couldn’t find anything this good in Austin. 
               – Caesar M., Austin, TX

9/6/13     Because I love good sweet tea.  – Dolores, C., Austin, TX

9/6/13     Because the bus driver listened to the manager who was referred by a friend. We were extremely pleased with our visit. 
               The service here was excellent and the food was very good. Thank you for running such a great establishment.
               Please keep me in mind if you are ever hiring (but I might eat the profits).  – Catherine M., Caldwell, TX

9/6/13     Service was excellent. Tea was excellent.  – Angela R., Austin, TX

9/6/13     We come here a lot. Potato salad is yummy! Good food, easy, fast, good value.  – Kevin D., Austin, TX

9/5/13     Been a customer for over 40 years.  – Joe L., Kyle, TX

9/5/13     Because it is awesome! We appreciated the tour of the BBQ pit. My parents & Mother-in-law were visiting from out of 
               state. Y’all made it a very special dinner! Thanks to the Bald Guy.  - Elizabeth, Elgin, TX

9/2/13     We heard about Southside on The BBQ Crawl and we wanted to check it out for ourselves.  
                – Scott Family, Pasadena, TX

9/2/13      Food is great and service is good. Saw you on Food Network. The good food keeps us coming back. Thank you for a 
                great experience.  – Frank C., Killeen, TX

9/2/13      I enjoy the food and the portions are reasonable.  – Reggie D., Hutto, TX

9/2/13     Visiting from South Carolina  - Marlene H., Beaufort, SC

9/2/13      Drove over from Bastrop after a day at the ranch. Two Dads & Four Boys (15, 15, 12, 12, 9)  - Walker M., Austin, TX

9/2/13      Someone referred us!  - Friendswood, TX

9/2/13      Visiting the area.  – M. & V., Tucson, AZ

9/1/13      I want to blog about your BBQ. The FAMOUS into Southside Market. Your BBQ brisket, sausage, pork and chicken 
                are fabulous. Will always come because of your consistency to quality products. Your cole slaw (vinegar) is the best I’ve 
                ever eaten. I’m a foody, retired teacher, author of two cookbooks. In my opinion, none can compare. Southside Market
                is unique BBQ and that makes them rare!  P.S. – JT is the greatest. Very proud of his job here!  
                - Julia S., Friendswood, TX

9/1/13      Love the food and the workers treat us very nice.  – Rose Marie O., Pflugerville, TX

9/1/13      Because the food here is great.  – Austin, TX

9/1/13      My dad used to bring us here when we were kids. I’m 57 now and it’s still great!  - Steve J., Hideaway, TX

9/1/13      I love the products and service.  – Tina C., Fort Worth, TX

9/1/13      It’s delicious!  - Mr. & Mrs. Nunez, Houston, TX

9/1/13      Good Sausage

9/1/13      First time guest. Came with friends whose father grew up here. We’re originally from South Carolina. Good BBQ here!  
                 - Jonathan H., San Antonio, TX

8/31/13    I like BBQ sauce. Lockhart doesn’t have sauce.  – Motorcycle Mark, San Antonio, TX

8/31/13    Excellent food  - Sandra, Austin, TX

8/31/13    I was raised on it. Been coming here for 30 years.  – Marcus R., Taylor, TX

8/31/13    Best BBQ Ever  - Lisa, Jarrell, TX

8/31/13    Great Food  - Jeff D., Georgetown, TX

8/31/13    Great sausage and brisket.  – Juanita Y., Round Rock, TX

8/31/13    Friend has been coming here for many years. – Kenneth C., Conroe, TX

8/31/13    Delicious. Consistent. Something for everybody.  – Tommy, Austin, TX

8/30/13    Great food. Friendly staff.  – Taylors/Tinneys, Brady, TX

8/30/13    Been coming to SSM since I was a child. It’s in the bood! Good Food!! 

8/30/13    I was referred by a friend.  – Gil, Reynosa Mexico

8/30/13    The staff and, of course, the BBQ!  - Sammie S., Austin, TX

8/30/13    Sausage!  - Martin M., Austin, TX

8/30/13    Because you’ve got the best BBQ in Texas!  - Lindee & Margo, Austin, TX

8/30/13    It tastes like God cooked it himself.  – Ken M., Austin, TX

8/30/13    I like the sausage and brisket.  – Brends W., Austin, TX

8/30/13    Heard it was great BBQ and it was!  - W.J., Humble, TX

8/30/13    Great brisket! Fantastic Sausage!  - Jim Z., Montgomery, TX

8/29/13    The food is always fresh and hot and the customer service is outstanding.  – Sharon & Kennth, Manor, TX

8/29/13    Food and service are great. Your manager Robert is a really friendly person to talk to. 

8/29/13    Manager Robert was very cool.  – Luis & Donna, Brownfield, TX

8/28/13    I come from Bastrop. Wonderful BBQ!  - Olga C., Bastrop, TX

8/28/13    Because we came to visit a friend in Elgin.

8/28/13    Because the sausage is great and the sauce.  – Sofia M., Elgin, TX

8/27/13    Delicious food!  - Martin & Rose & Mike, Fort Pierce, FL

8/27/13    Like the BBQ & hot guts. Eat here about twice a week!  - Sam D., McDade, TX

8/27/13    Referred by a regular patron and brought friends with me.  – Jon H., Bastrop, tX

8/27/13    Good Food Good Service  - Melvin C., Bryan, TX

8/26/13    I live in Elgin. Food is always great. Great atmosphere too!

8/26/13    Love the sausage and ribs. Comfortable.

8/22/13    Y’all know how to que!  -Manor, TX

8/22/13    Good BBQ, Good Sweet Tea

8/22/13    Awesome food and great atmosphere.  – Rusty A., Giddings, TX

8/22/13    Keep making great tasting meat. Great flavor and easy to eat! Better tasting than Meyers.

8/21/13    Best sausage in Texas. We get 3 lbs. of sausage to take home every time we come to Austin.  – Dale C., Kemp, TX

8/21/13    Been coming to Southside for 40 years. You can’t beat it!  - Monroe M., Salado, TX

8/21/13    Visiting relatives. Enjoy the food. Good bbq and excellent service.  – M. Diaz, Austin, TX

8/21/13    Because it’s the best!  - Clarissa K., Taylor, TX

8/20/13    The food is awesome and the sides are not the typical sides.  – Paula, Round Rock, TX

8/20/13    You guys have the best bbq ever!  = Brittany S., Galveston, TX

8/20/13    Awesome Experience!  - Trish F., Spring, TX

8/19/13    We have always been pleased with everything from the flavor to the service.  0 Clara R.

8/19/13    Visiting from Utah and had a local recommendation. Loved it!

8/19/13    Because of the brisket and friendly service.  – Amanda P., Pflugerville, TX

8/19/13    Excellent Food  - R. Boyles, Temecula, CA

8/19/13    Great BBQ  - James J., Marble Falls, TX

8/19/13    Good Sausage

8/18/13    Tried it once. Can’t stay away!  - Daniel V., Houston, TX

8/18/13    Great BBQ, great people. P.S. Don’t have to cook. Love the Meat Market.  – Austin, TX

8/18/13    Sausage is always good.  – Jerry R., Hutto, TX

8/18/13    Always good food and friendly atmosphere. We eat here at least twice a month. Open weekends. Thanks for 
                remodeling the bathrooms. Love the sink. David & Pattie T., Rockdale, TX

8/18/13    I have been coming to SSM for about 60 years.  – Travis J., Round Rock, TX

8/18/13    Love BBQ  - Houston, TX

8/18/13    Always serving good brisket and sausage and ribs.  – Ramiro, Austin, TX

8/18/13    Traditional  - John G., & Friends, Del Valle, TX

8/18/13    Very good – Awesome!  - Dolores T., Austin, TX

8/17/13    This is our first time here but the food and service were outstanding. Love that you serve Blue Bell ice cream too!
                Go Texan!  - Ann & Jen, Cypress, TX

8/17/13    Flavor is awesome!

8/17/13    Passing through town and have been referred by family members several times. Finally decided to stop by. 
                – Ana C., Bryan, TX

8/17/13    Best BBQ in Texas. Feels like home!  - Robinson Family, Austin, TX

8/17/13    We bought the Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage at HEB and love it!  - Andrew H., Austin, TX

8/17/13    50 years of good BBQ  - George Y., Austin, TX

8/17/13    Authenticity * History * Chopped Beef  - Dexter B., Pflugerville, TX

8/17/13    Honestly, my kids are fans of your sausage. I’m more into the ribs.  – Marco O., Taylor, TX

8/17/13    The food is consistently good. You get volume for your buck. Variety!  - Austin, TX

8/17/13    Awesome food and people.  – Knox F., Cedar Park, TX

8/16/13    The food is great! – Harris W., Austin, TX

8/16/13    Consistent. Excellent quality.  – Brian T., The Woodlands, TX

8/16/13    Good sausage and hot sauce.  – Andrew P., Spring, TX

8/16/13    Best BBQ – Great Service – Fair Prices   - Patty, Houston, TX

8/16/13    Enjoying some TX BBQ and was referred by a friend.  – Philadelphia, PA

8/16/13    Everything is awesome. Best potato salad.  – Jade D., Elgin, TX

8/16/13    Best BBQ I’ve ever tasted in my life. 

8/16/13    Tasty food. Customer since 1976.  – Hamilton, Pflugerville, TX

8/16/13    Read about it in a magazine. Wanted to try.  – Barbara & Bruce, Austin, TX

8/15/13    After getting off the plane we drove over here specifically because we had to try the sausage we’d heard so much about.
                Excellent food / Texas Atmosphere.  – Robert A., Folsom, CA

8/15/13    Stop every time we come through Elgin. We love BBQ and yours is top notch!  - Andy T., Round Rock, TX

8/15/13    Family grew up eating here.  – Vickie & Rosetta, Austin, TX

8/15/13    Smells Yummy  - Darlene, Magnolia, TX

8/14/13    I come through town once a month and always stop to eat. Ribs are awesome.

8/14/13    I really like the chopped beef.  – Joe B., Norman, OK

8/14/13    Love the BBQ & Cobbler & Cole Slaw.  – Rose, Elgin, TX

8/14/13    Grew up with it!  - McFarlin

8/13/13    Because I enjoy the meats and sides that you offer. Prices are good and service is great. Best stuffed potatoes around.  
                – Edward B., Houston, TX

8/13/13    Because the BBQ is fresh and cooked to perfection. Very good and great place to sit and eat.

8/13/13    Who else offers your taste? No one! So we drive from Austin to eat with JOY!  - David G., Austin, TX

8/12/13    Traveling musician. SM is always on the schedule!  - Kennan Shaw, North Hollywood, CA

8/12/13    Great food and customer service.  – Tony, Copperas Cove, TX

8/12/13    Wait staff very accommodating when I made the wrong choice. Great food. We stop anytime in Elgin. 
                Actually detoured to come in for lunch!  - Judy & Tom, Magnolia, TX

8/12/13    Great Food.  – Brian, Waco, TX

8/12/13    Grew up in Elgin. Always like coming back to eat bbq! 

8/11/13    Your food is awesome. The new BBQ Bold sauce is incredible!  - Austin, TX

8/11/13    Have been for over 25 years. We live in the area and nothing beats SSM sausage.  – McDade, TX

8/11/13    A friend told me that it was awesome!  - Lazarus R., Houston, TX

8/11/13    Good Food Good Service

8/11/13    The homemade products!  - Daniel P., Elgin, TX

8/11/13    Good food. Good customer service. Affordable prices.  – Tiffany, Austin, TX

8/10/13    Great Food  - Corey P., Elgin, TX

8/10/13    Been a Southside customer since it’s opening. Good Food.

8/10/13    Sausage is spectacular.  – John F., Carrollton, TX

8/10/13    Eating this sausage since childhood.  – Leo G., Dallas, TX

8/10/13    Food is awesome!  - Austin, TX

8/10/13    We wanted to try Texan meat in an authentic atmosphere.  – Victor, Le Havre, France

8/10/13    Because we visited friends in Elgin and they recommended Southside.  – Paris, France

8/10/13    Good Food  - Camila P., Austin, TX

8/9/13      Old Friend

8/9/13      Family Tradition

8/9/13      We’ve been loyal customers for years. We know a good thing when we see it!  - Bryan & Amy, Cape Cod, MA

8/9/13      Because it’s amazing!  - Sylvia A., Hutto, TX

8/9/13      Friendly service. Any time we have a get together we all come here. The best BBQ all around. If you send out coupons,
                please send us some. – Elba & Albert G., Austin, TX

8/9/13      We love the food. Awesome atmosphere and most of all, customer service rocks!  - Brian O., Muldrow, OK

8/9/13      It is delicious!

8/8/13      I am from California and your place was highly recommended.  – Daniel T., Whittier, CA

8/8/13      Close, Convenient, Excellent Food  - Shane B., Elgin, TX

8/8/13      Passing through. We live in Georgetown. Very friendly. My husband has cancer and I needed help getting his food, 
                drink, etc. JT was so kind and helpful.  – Mary Lee C., Georgetown, TX

8/8/13      Good Brisket 

8/7/13      Just to try new things!  - Bradford A., Georgetown, TX

8/7/13      First time here. My sister said we had to come eat the BEST bbq in TEXAS!  - Michael E., New Orleans, LA

8/7/13      Good Food  - Bandas, Elgin, TX

8/7/13      We love the food.  – James, Manor, TX

8/6/13      We smelled it from across the street! 

8/6/13      Great BBQ

8/6/13      Love the sausage.

8/6/13      Love the BBQ

8/6/13      Because it’s convenient and good. I really like the food.  – Shane B., Elgin, TX

8/5/13      Keep up the great work. Awesome!  - Lenny P., College Station, TX

8/5/13      Good selection.  – W. Hohl, Pflugerville, TX

8/5/13      Good BBQ  - Austin, TX

8/4/13      We have heard about Elgin sausage and wanted to try it.  – Austin, TX

8/4/13      Keep up the advertising and great service up front. Southside has a reputation for hospitality.  – Houston, TX

8/4/13      Keep the food good and affordable Been coming here for over 50 years! Love the country music and the atmosphere. 
                - Damon W., Buda, TX

8/4/13      Love the sausage and everything else!  - Monzingo, Frisco, TX

8/4/13      Tradition. Each year after our summer District Convention in Belton, TX. Good ribs.  – Judy L., Seguin, TX

8/4/13      Wanted good bbq and saw the location while on the highway.  – Eva S. Cypress, TX

8/4/13      Because the taste is unique.

8/4/13      We have been coming here for years.  – Nabarrette, Taylor, TX

8/3/13      It’s delicious and fast!

8/3/13      Live in Austin and wanted to try.  – Austin, TX

8/3/13      Because it’s GOOD!  - Gaby, Bastrop, TX

8/3/13      We love our TX BBQ!  - Belinda E., Pflugerville, TX

8/3/13      Love the food here.  – Bee, Austin, TX

8/3/13      Been one since the early seventies.  – Gene L., Kyle, TX

8/3/13      Because of the good customer service and the fantastic manager Jim.  – Gloria E., Round Rock, TX

8/3/13      We like sausage.

8/3/13      BBQ is the best as is the sauce. Great atmosphere. Customer service.  – David & Joyce, Pflugerville, TX

8/2/13      I am a BBQ fanatic and Southside is fantastic!  - Ryan S., Austin, TX

8/2/13      Everything seems to run very well here. Friendly staff, clean environment, tasty food. All things that will keep us 
                coming back!  - Gabbie & Andrew, Conroe, TX

8/2/13      Great Service

8/2/13      We stop here every time we go down to Houston. It’s a great bbq place for our family. Great service too!  
                - The McCraws, Leander, TX

8/2/13      Good food and people. First time. Really good. Will stop in again.  – Michael W., Houston, TX

8/2/13      Good food and good service.  – Rosie A., Del Valle, TX

8/2/13      I have been coming here for years. A lot of good foot and good people.  – Don R., Montgomery, TX

8/2/13      Wonderful service and great food.  – Taylor, TX

8/2/13      Because my family has always been Southside customers.  – Dianna M., San Jose, CA

8/2/13      Love Meat!!  - Ryan, Austin, TX

8/1/13      Love the Food!  - Northlake, IL

8/1/13      Good food and family tradition. Requests from siblings in San Antonio and Houston.  – Charles & Nicole M., Austin, TX

8/1/13      Consistently good. Been eating hot guts since the downtown location.  – Russell M., Kyle, TX

8/1/13      Because you have the best sausage of any place I have ever been!  - M. Cullins, Dayton, TX

8/1/13      I like meat!  - RJ, Elgin, TX

7/31/13    This place is so adorable and the guy behind the counter so sweet! Robert suggested pork steak – YUM OMG! 
                First time out. Was recommended by fellow BBQ sausage lover!  - Christina & Angelica, Austin, TX

7/31/13    Service was efficient without being rushed. Staff did not quibble about making a substitution. Food Good. Clean.
                Decent Bathrooms.  – Langlitz, Katy, TX

7/31/13    Good food. Friendly service.  – Devin, Menfee, CA

7/31/13    On the way to Elgin Vet.

7/30/13    Great bbq!  - Austin, TX

7/30/13    Reputation

7/30/13    Food always good. Fresh!  - M. Gonzales, Austin, TX

7/30/13    Keep doing what you’re doing. Fantastic food and service.  – Michael F., Universal City, TX

7/30/13    Everything is great. Way better than Meyers. Love the food. Nice people. Very enjoyable.  – William W., Elgin, TX

7/29/13    Good Service

7/29/13    ove the food.  – Anna G., Austin, TX

7/29/13    First time visiting. Saw your restaurant on a TV show.  – Stephanie M., Round Rock, TX

7/29/13    Good food. Good Service.  – Jenny, Austin, TX

7/29/13    Good bbq and I work in the area.

7/28/13    We love the food.  – Kyle, TX

7/28/13    Southside has a good reputation. 

7/28/13    The food was amazing. Choices were plenty and sauce was excellent. Keep it up. Stopped in by chance on our way from
                Austin/Houston. Will certainly stop by again.  – Travis K., Visalia, CA

7/28/13    Well known name. First time here. Excellent BBQ!

7/28/13    The best BBQ we have had in our whole lives.  –

7/28/13    The food is awesome!  - Michelle B., Austin, TX

7/28/13    The brisket and sausage are good.  – Manor TX

7/28/13    The BBQ & Sausage are always excellent! Have enjoyed it for years.

7/27/13    Cause the food is good and the restaurant is clean.  – Mario, Austin, TX

7/27/13    Good service, food always good.

7/27/13    Because the chopped beef sandwiches are huge and the sausage is perfect.  – Jennifer L., Bastrop, TX

7/27/13    Because I love meat and sausage.  – Richard M., Round Rock, TX

7/27/13    Because we did not like Louis Mueller BBQ. Good food, nice drive.  – Tom C., Austin, TX

7/27/13    The excellent sausage & brisket.

7/27/13    Can’t beat the food.  – Sherman W., Barger, TX

7/27/13    Keep up the good job. Doing great. Wish you’d move to Austin.  – Ceclia S., Austin, TX

7/27/13    Love it! Best BBQ ever!  - Alyssa C., Austin, TX

7/26/13    Yummy Food  - Austin, TX

7/26/13    Heard about you from a friend.  – Denise S., Houston, TX

7/26/13    Heard about it on a program on TV about best BBQ places.

7/26/13    We live in Austin and love good bbq. We’ve been customers for 20 years.  – The Gallegos Family

7/26/13    Driving this way to Tomball.  – Strauss Family, Midland, TX

7/26/13    Born and raised on Southside.

7/26/13    Because I am from Elgin and I love sausage.  – Dianna H., Elgin, TX

7/26/13    Very hungry for your delicious bbq. Drove in from San Antonio/Bastrop.  – Rachel K., Bastrop, TX

7/26/13    Whenever we are in the Austin area and have time, we drive to Elgin to have your wonderful sausage. We have been
                coming for over 20 years.  – Robert C., San Angelo, TX


7/25/13    Grew up in Elgin on your food, I really enjoy keeping it a tradition in my family. – Elgin, TX

7/25/13    Saw you on the travel channel; BBQ Crawl.

7/25/13    Yummy food, great brisket & sausage ☺ love the BBQ sauce. ☺ - Miguel R, Manor, TX

7/24/13    Heard about you guys from friends.

7/24/13    Good taste- price, atmosphere. – Paul M, Magnolia, TX


7/22/13    I LOVE BBQ. – Robbie, Austin, TX

7/22/13    Sauce and Brisket is awesome. – Michele, Del Valle, TX

7/22/13    Friendly people that smile. – Scott S, Austin, TX

7/22/13    ED, BLUEBELL, CHOPPED BEEF. – Bobby B, Austin, TX

7/21/13    Great food.

7/21/13    Family has been coming for years. Good food, good memories. – Merlinda C, Brookfield, FL

7/21/13    Every time we’re in the area we stop by for the flavor, taste, & quality of the sausage, especially the taste.
                – Joe, Corpus , TX

7/21/13    Saw you all on the travel channel. – Dan E, Austin, TX

7/21/13    Convenient, reputation and great food. – David T, Houston, TX

7/21/13    Longtime customer, awesome brisket. #1 REASON; JALAPENO/CHEDDAR SAUSAGE<<<THE BEST.
                – RAY Q, Houston, TX

7/20/13    Highly Recommended.

7/20/13    Great food & service.

7/20/13    The love of the BBQ. – Patti & Hector, Austin, TX

7/20/13    Great food!

7/20/13    1st time customer; will be back. – CA, Fort Worth, TX

7/20/13    Been coming for years.

7/20/13    Love BBQ.

7/20/13    The meat is awesome. ☺

7/19/13    I’ve been hooked on your BBQ since my 1st taste, over 40 years ago. – John C, Montgomery, TX

7/19/13    Best BBQ in Texas. – Bradley M, Elgin, TX

7/19/13    We like BBQ and yours is good.

7/19/13    Everything- the Brisket, Ribs, and SAUSAGE! – JP, TX

7/19/13    Great BBQ, Great customer service! Angelica is awesome. – Kevin S, Cobbings

7/19/13    Sausage + Chopped beef + ice cream…..IM IN HEAVEN! * Ed rules, Noah rules. – Ryan H, Round Rock, TX

7/18/13    I  love the food..

7/18/13    Grew up in Elgin, eating Southside. – Amanda M, Elgin, TX

7/18/13    Family tradition! – Elvira R, Manor, TX

7/17/13    Saw your sign, decided to stop for lunch. ♥ it! Spring, TX

7/17/13    Love it ☻

7/16/13    Great food & great service. I’ve been eating here since I was a little kid. – Kyle R, Hendersonville, TN

7/16/13    Everything is always great. – Wayne H, Aransas Pass, TX

7/16/13    Drove by and ive heard good things about the food. – Kimberly, Houston, TX

7/16/13    I am 44 years old & I’ve been coming since I was 14 years old. – Steven H, Los Fresnos, TX

7/14/13    Keep doing what your doing nice. First time tasted great from Houston loved it. Thank you. – Tony V, Houston, TX

7/13/13    Location, good food, fast service, and great service. – Austin, TX

7/13/13    Robert Wells gave excellent customer service that Ed followed up on! I appreciate both of ya’ll!

7/13/13    Friend; Family best BBQ in Texas. – Tyler R, Woodlands, TX

7/13/13    Food is great, I liked the sausage. – Austin, TX

7/13/13    Grew up near here, ate at South Side as a kid also. Saw top 22 BBQ places to eat on Food network. 
                – Heather T, Lake way, TX

7/13/13    Best pork steaks & sausage! – Roxann & Kevin M, Elgin,TX

7/13/13    Brisket potato- the BOMB! 1882 sausage-awesome! 1$ links- great deal.

 7/13/13   Friends recommended. – John F, TX

7/12/13    It was grand, 1st time; coming back. _ Tammy B, Marble Falls, TX

7/12/13    I love the barbecue. JC, Pflugerville, TX

7/12/13    Love the quality, community feel, and the BBQ sauce.

7/12/13    Great option for a wedding. – Greg F, Austin, TX

7/12/13    Everything is great don’t change a thing. –Inez, Columbia, SC

7/12/13    You have great food. – Rohnda C, Austin, TX

7/12/13    Quality & Taste. – Andres V, Austin, TX

7/12/13    Sausage!!!! <<< Great! – Edward C, Marble Falls, TX

7/12/13    Good sausage, good ribs, good location. – Rosalie C, Manor, TX

7/11/13    Food good. – B. C, Austin, TX

7/11/13    I will come again on my next trip; on vacation here. – J Mareshall, El Paso, TX

7/11/13    Service & food is excellent. The staff is friendly.

7/11/13    Convenient, good brisket, allergen free food opitions. – C Haines, Taylor, TX.

7/11/13    ♥ the food . – San Antonio, TX

7/10/13    Visiting from out of town, friends told us it was a must have. – Tye, Borger, TX

7/10/13    Good food, reasonable prices.

7/10/13    Stopped for the BBQ

7/10/13    I love the great BBQ. J Mc Guirs, Bayon, TX

7/9/13      I really enjoyed the chopped beef bun. – B Shults, Elgin, TX

7/9/13      We brought our entire family and friends to Southside today; everyone loved it. – Hutto TX

7/9/13      Love the set-up , the food , and service. J Manor, Austin, TX

7/8/13      Great food & service.

7/8/13      Love the staff.

7/8/13      We love the food! Angelia is great!

7/8/13      The food is good. – Jared, Manor, TX

7/7/13      Repeated generation of family; since 1900’s – Austin, TX

7/7/13      The food is always good here.

7/7/13      Coming since I was a kid.

7/7/13      Meat is very tender and moist. Great food, good atmosphere; Friendly staff.

7/7/13      Grew-up eating here. – Hutto, TX
7/7/13      Coming here for the past 40 years.

7/7/13      The BBQ is always good; great atmosphere, very friendly. – R Quiroz, Austin, TX

7/7/13      Great food, relaxing environment, love the volume of music.

7/6/13      I have heard about South Side for years; finally I get to eat here. Love it!      

7/6/13      Best BBQ in Town. – K Reid, Elgin, TX

7/6/13      Great food. – Austin, TX

7/6/13      I was referred by a family member. – A Torres, La Feria, TX

7/6/13      Childhood; family favorite; from multiple generations. – Pflugerville, TX

7/6/13      Food taste great and the food line flowed.

7/6/13      Good quality food, convenient to highway area.

7/6/13      Jalapeno/cheddar sausage. ☻ - C Rivera, Austin, TX

7/5/13      Everything was great, wouldn’t change anything. Been coming for years & quality has always been first class.

7/5/13      Saw the billboards on the way home to Houston. – Kingwood, TX

7/5/13      I’m an out-of-state visitor and wish that Southside Market would move to the East coast. – Maryland

7/5/13      The food is delicious friendly service. – Connie & Preston Beard, Temple, TX

7/5/13      It is the best ever!! The people are great and helpful. – Almasver, Houston, TX

7/5/13      I always come here to eat. – Johnson, Austin, TX

7/5/13      My brother in law coming here for 40 years- We are from CA and wanted great BBQ. – Smith, Bakersfield, CA

7/5/13      BBQ is delicious.      

7/4/13      Like the food variety. – Debbie E, Austin, TX

7/4/13      Everything was so so great. The food, service, etc.; Born and raised in TX. This is the best BBQ place in Texas. – 
                Alvarado Family, Austin, TX

7/4/13      Great food been coming for 20 years. – Thomas B, Austin, TX

7/4/13      Been coming since I was a toddler. – Gloria J, Hutto, TX

7/4/13      Continue the awesome customer ser, cleanliness of restrooms, amazing BBQ and great, atmosphere. – Jasmin O, Elgin, 

7/3/13      Love the food. Grew up on it. – Barbara J, Austin, TX

7/3/13      Good food and support with your local business.

7/3/13      Very good food. – Becky V, Fort Worth, TX

7/3/13      Been coming here for years and still coming ☻. – Mary F, Austin, TX

7/3/13      It was our first time and we wanted to try the food, good job on the sausage.

7/2/13      Love it!

7/2/13      I eat it about twice a week. ☻

7/2/13      Great food and service. – Ma’ Kayla S, San Jose, CA

7/2/13      I am always SATISFIED HER and I refer often; only comfortable place with real BBQ. – Connie B, Pfugerville, TX

7/2/13      I really like the new manager, the way he comes out and ask about your meal; love it! – Rhonda E, Pflugerville, TX

7/1/13      Fist time customer, loved it! – Jessica, Taylor, TX

7/1/13      My favorite place to eat.

7/1/13      Been eating here since the 90’s. - George Town, TX

7/1/13      A place for family.

7/1/13      Long time customer. – Eddie, Elgin, TX

6/30/13    Good tasting food! Great customer service. Great food

6/30/13    No ones perfect but you guys are! - James  & Sylvia R, Cedar Park, TX

6/30/13    Keep up the good work. – Barry M, Houston, TX

6/30/13    Food consistently good; hot & fresh, friendly service and great value. – Maggre V, Taylor, TX

6/30/13    EVERYTHING IS GREAT! – Linda G, Austin, TX

6/30/13    Best sausage in Texas & great brisket. – Vera O, Austin, TX

6/30/13    Recommended by many. – Charlie, Austin, TX

6/30/13    BBQ is great! Jarrell, TX

6/30/13    Good food , awesome potato salad. Thanks! – Leanard, TX

6/30/13    We love BBQ and we love YOU! ♥ ; passing through , we stop when we can. – Liberty Hill, TX

6/29/13    Do what you do! Location, sausage, ice cream + atmosphere: BRINGS ME EVERY TIME. – April B, Leander, TX

6/29/13    Keep up the good work, very delicious! I came all the way from Carlstad New Mexico to eat your great food. S.R, NM

6/29/13    We love the food! – Tracy F

6/29/13    Good service. ☻- Janis, Austin, TX

6/29/13    Family tradition. – Milce, Manor, TX

6/29/13    Love the sausage and ribs. H, Austin, TX

6/29/13    Years of enjoying south side. Austin, TX

6/28/13    Like the food. – S.R, Manor, TX

6/28/13    Good variety and great food. – Glen R, Mc Dade, TX

6/28/13    Stop here 2 – 4 times a yer on my way through; restrooms ; much better. The meat was fantastic. – Murray W, Austin, 

6/28/13    Love the sausage flavor. – Fred & Reatha T, Austin, TX

6/28/13    Been a customer for 57 – 58 years. – James A, Hutto, TX

6/28/13    Passing through, had to stop.

6/28/13    Love the food! – O.D, Austin, TX

6/28/13    Cause I love it. – Janie S, Austin, TX

6/28/13    The food speaks for itself! Southside has the BEST ice cream girl EVER…. She just needs a name tag. (: - Camilla, 
                Hollywood, CA

6/28/13    Walk in after trying the othe BBQ on the other side of town; YOU WIN! – Derek T, Tombaff, TX

6/27/13    Love the food, came from Austin to eat. (: - Eve R, Austin, TX

6/27/13    The food and people are great! Bastrop, TX

6/27/13    We like the food, the service and of course eating the delicious food. – Richard N, Austin, TX

6/27/13    Loving the famous BBQ! – Matt G, Houston, TX

6/27/13    Everything I tried taste great.

6/26/13    Good food.

6/26/13    Good food. – Joe E, Taylor, TX

6/26/13    Love the sausage and brisket was nice and tender. – Kc A, Austin, TX

6/26/13    Read too many good reviews and article, couldn’t pass it up. – Chris, Rowlett, TX

6/26/13    Recommended by friends; great. – M.V, George Town, TX

6/25/13    Sausage! Brisket is great also. – Traci R, Greenville, TX

6/25/13    Good food, people are great; wonderful and sweet, and I could go on but won’t. – Calissa, Mc Dade, TX

6/25/13    We love the meat! – Erika, Manor, TX

6/24/13    Keep up the good work.

6/23/13    We like the food, service and prices. Round Rock, TX

6/23/13    The children love to come and have sausage with your hot sauce. Brenham, TX

6/23/13    The food is excellent! – Diris, Austin, TX

6/23/13    To eat at one of the best BBQ restaurants in the nation is a pleasure. – Ty C, Willis, TX

6/23/13    Drone by the lovely smell.

6/23/13    It’s the best place to come eat BBQ. – John, Austin, TX

6/23/13    Great food - Mark P, Austin, TX

6/23/13    Great BBQ. – Jim H, Round Rock, TX

6/23/13    Great food! – David and Clifton L, Elgin, TX

6/22/13    Love the pork steaks they are the best. – Sandra S, Bastrop, TX

6/22/13    Just passing through; but I will be back!

6/22/13    Family introduced and I have been eating here for about 20 years know.

6/22/13    Parents have been coming here for decades. – Victor C, San Antonio, TX

6/22/13    Good food. – Kathy S, San Antonio, TX

6/22/13    Great food; family environment.

6/22/13    I grew up on s.s sausage; since the 70’s – Brad, Saxon and Cynthia, Gladewater, TX

6/22/13    Great food at good prices. – Tim C, Corsicana TX

6/21/13    Always loved the pork ribs. – John W, Austin, TX

6/21/13    Good food, good folks, plus brownies and bluebell; yummy!

6/21/13    Good food, great service; Great work, keep it up. – Ron R, Austin, TX

6/21/13    I love the sausage, s.s is the best!

6/21/13    Excellent food and service. – Edward J, Houston, TX

6/21/13    Raised 18 years on your BBQ; best BBQ anywhere. – Delores M, Taylor, TX

6/21/13    Good BBQ ; especially like the new Texas bold BBQ sauce. – Jason N, Elgin, TX

6/21/13    Taste great- been coming for many years. – Michelle, Harper, TX

6/20/13    It’s delicious!

6/20/13    My a-pal likes this food, know I do too. – Lafordyahh, Austin, TX

6/20/13    BBQ is in my blood (: - Marie G.

6/20/13    The BBQ is awesome. – Minnie V, Cedar Park, TX

6/20/13    All my life I have been coming and you all have great sausage since 1996. – Chrystihnna V, Austin, TX

6/19/13    Choosing here to throw a birthday party was perfect for the kids and family. – Mony R, Manne, TX

6/19/13    Food is good. – Andrew M, Manor, TX

6/19/13    Have been coming here every since I was a kid; 65 know.

6/19/13    Referred here; loved it. – Nancy A, Kuna, ID

6/18/13    Love the BBQ. – Austin V, Manor, TX

6/18/13    Like coming her, like the food; brisket and sausage. – Delia P, Austin TX

6/18/13    The ribs were great. Matokia J, Durham, NC

6/18/13    Good food; sausage was great , and a “way of life’ for our family. – Frano. S, Austin, TX

6/18/13    Fantastic brisket. – Norma G, Sareil, TX

6/17/13    Good food. – Tyler

6/17/13    Visiting family, had to stop. – Janie

6/17/13    Driving through asked a woman at a gas station the best place to get good food, she recommended Southside
                Market & BBQ and my family and I loved it. - John

6/17/13    Family tradition. – Cole

6/16/13    Bluebell and BBQ; I’m in heaven. – Mike, Austin, TX      

6/16/13    I have been a customer for about 50 years and you serve a very good product. – Buddy L, Mc Dade, TX

6/16/13    The food here is delicious very friendly environment, we always make it a point to stop here on our drive from Austin to 

6/15/13    It’s good! – Garza F, Cedar Park, TX

6/15/13    I love that I can have a salad here; even though I don’t usually eat BBQ I did this time! (:

6/15/13    Like the food and the atmosphere, workers are very friendly, feel like home! – Mary G, Round Rock, TX

6/15/13    Seen it no billboards, look great; was great!

6/15/13    Foods great! – Laren M, Austin, TX

6/15/13    A friend told me they stop here to eat a lot, so we tried it out and every since then we have been coming. It’s been 6
                years. – Jeff, Houston, TX

6/15/13    Been coming here 23 years and it’s the best service you could every receive! – Gonzales, Hutto, TX

6/15/13    The sausage and brisket is great. – Leslie C, Austin, TX

6/15/13    Riding by one day smelled the smoked BBQ stopped and loving it.

6/14/13    Great food, great service. – Mike G, Liberty Hill, TX

6/14/13    Family lives in town; they recommended we come. – Carlos C, Austin, TX

6/14/13    Been coming since childhood great memories awesome food. Austin, TX

 6/14/13   We love it. Gail H, Elgin, TX

6/14/13    Great brisket and sweet tea; we were traveling , smelled the smoke and had to try the food. – Bice P, Baytown, TX

6/14/13    Have been a customer for years! Great food.