Everything you ever wanted to know about SAUSAGE but were afraid to ask.

What makes Southside Market different?

I guess you can just ask anybody who’s been here over the past 133 years or so. We’re the oldest barbeque joint in a state known for great barbeque joints. So I guess we must be doin’ somethin’ right.

What makes your sausage so popular?

It ain’t rocket science. It’s authentic TEXAS sausage. 100% beef, extra juicy, coarse ground, black pepper, and cayenne. Just about the same as it was back in 1882. People have been eating it up ever since, so we must be doing something right.

How HOT is Elgin Hot Sausage?

That depends on what you call hot. If you eat jalapeƱos for breakfast, you probably don’t think anything is hot. Ya see, in 1882, all sausage was called “hot sausage.” And the old timers around here still do. But today, our really hot stuff is reserved under our “1882 Recipe.” The sausage people eat in our restaurant is made the same way, but with a little less FIRE than it had back then.

What kind of wood do you use?

Look around. See them trees? That’s genuine 100% Texas Post Oak wood. That’s what we smoked with back in 1882, and that’s all we use today.

How do you get your sausages so juicy?

The secret ain’t really a secret at all. Our meat is, has been and always will be coarse ground. That makes it naturally juicy. No additives necessary.

Do your products contain MSG?

No sir! Some people use MSG to add a meaty flavor. We just prefer to add meat.

What is the “natural casing” on your sausage?

If you gotta ask, you probably don’t want to know. Suffice it to say, all real authentic sausage is made with a natural casing. Meaning it comes from a pig rather than manufactured from fibers, plastics, or collagen. Natural casings give sausage its signature “curve.” So if you ever see a sausage that ain’t curved, steer yer fork away from it.

Is the Southside sausage in grocery stores the same as the sausage in your restaurant?

Yessir. Since 1882, we’ve only served one kind of sausage in our restaurant. And that’s exactly what we send out to our favorite grocery stores, plus five other original flavors, just to keep your own barbeque pit smilin’.

What’s the best way to cook Southside sausage at home?

All you need is fire. We suggest a cast iron barbeque pit with real Texas post oak and indirect heat.

Why can’t I recreate the same thing on my pit?

Son, do you know how to light a fire? C’mon, now. We’ve been practicing since 1882. As long as you’ve got a real barbeque pit, real Texas post oak wood, and real patience – you’re on the right track!

Is sausage and barbeque bad for my health?

Well, too much of anything ain’t good for you. Still, our products compete nutritionally with any other sausage in the grocery store. So, put a little color on your plate! And put in a good day’s work. That way there’s always room for Southside!

Why does your sausage sometimes taste different?

If we made all our sausage at once, I guess it would all be the same. But we make it fresh every day. With fresh ingredients. And some parts of the year, peppers are naturally hotter than others. Some say we have sausage making down to a science, but to us it will always be pure art.

How has Southside been around so long?

Easy. We work hard. And we give our customers authentic, premium, memorable products day-in and day-out. Made by real Texans in a way that’s true to our history and our heritage.

Are there any other Southside Market locations?

We currently have two locations. One at 1212 Hwy 290 in our hometown of Elgin, TX and our newest restaurant at 534 Hwy 71 W. in Bastrop, TX. We sure do love sausage. So maybe someday we’ll open more locations to make room for more sausage.

Southside Market Hours & Locations

  • Elgin Hours

    M-Th: 8am - 8pm

    Fri-Sat: 8am - 9pm

    Sunday: 9am - 9pm

  • Elgin Address

    1212 Hwy 290 E
    Elgin, TX 78621

  • Bastrop Hours

    Dine-in & Drive-Thru

    Mon-Th: 10am - 8pm

    Fri-Sat: 10am - 9pm

    Sunday: 10am - 9pm


    534 Hwy 71 W
    Bastrop, TX 78602

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