Southside Country Style Hot Dish

Southside Country Style Hot Dish

Experience the comfort of a home cooked meal without a ton of effort. We’ve paired our Country Style Sausage, fresh veggies, and cheese with the convenience of frozen potatoes in this one stop, slow cooker supper. Set it early and have dinner on the table in no time. With our smoky pork sausage permeating the potatoes and cheese, you’ll be glad there’s plenty for seconds!

Servings: 6-8
Time Needed:
Prep: 10 – 15 minutes (including assembly)
Cooking Time: 4 – 5 Hours


Brown sausage with onion and mushrooms in large skillet over medium heat 6 – 8 mins.

Once browned and veggies are soft, set mixture aside.

In your crockpot, begin layering dish as follows:
Half of your Frozen tater tots
Half of the Sausage mixture
4 oz. Cheddar

Repeat for a second layer ending with cheese on top

Pour milk (or cream) over the dish, cover and cook on low for 4 – 5 hours.

Serve right out of your crockpot with a splash of Southside Original Hot Sauce for an extra jolt of flavor.

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